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Daniel Radcliffe: 'Gay People Should Have Equality Everywhere'

Daniel Radcliffe: 'Gay People Should Have Equality Everywhere'

Daniel Radcliffe strikes a pose on the cover of Attitude UK magazine’s March 2012 issue.

Here’s what the 22-year-old English actor had to share:

On teen suicides: “It’s not surprising when you consider how accessible a bullying victim is now. You used to be able to escape at the end of a day: now you can be hunted by mobile phone, Facebook, Twitter. It’s terrifying.”

On sexuality: “Don’t define as straight or gay, define yourself as people and help another person if they’re in trouble.”

On marriage equality: “The ultimate reason gay marriage should be legalized everywhere is because, as a kid, you look to your mum and dad and they’re married; then you look at the gay couple who’ve been together for the same amount of time, but because they can’t get married their relationship doesn’t seem the same. Yes, gay marriage is about symbolically blessing a relationship, but the larger issue is about transmitting a fundamental message about equality. Gay people should have equality in law everywhere.”

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  • elle

    Well said Dan!

  • Boston61

    It’s even bigger than that. By not legalizing gay marriage you also strip couples of their legal rights. There are many legal rights that go with marriage. For the life of me I can not understand what business it is of anyone who a person chooses to love.

  • maila

    Very well said by Daniel, he is a truly awsome guy :)

  • annabelle

    “Don’t define as straight or gay, define yourself as people and help another person if they’re in trouble.” just beautiful and wise words love this man!!

  • OK

    Dan remains to be fantastic.

  • Kathryn

    I don’t think I could be any more attracted to him than I am right now. If only more people could think the same way.

  • http://website david ouellette

    Daniel Radcliffe, at age 22, is the voice of the New Generation-both he and his young counterparts are accepting of gays and want everyone to have equal rights.But it’s important to say it-and he did.So good for him. Out with old and in with the new-Daniel is a wave of the future.

  • whatever….

    You know I always find it amusing when some guy like this tries to preach “tolerance” to me. As it turns out his rather intolerant of other’s yet he wants other’s who disagree with him to be “tolerant” whatever the F@$% that means in this PC age. And yes OK,david ouellette,annabelle, Boston61,elle I don’t seem moronic Hollywood elitist preaching tolerance to me. Wave of the future no more like the wave of the past but retooled in a PC light and a talk of “tolerance”. Frankly if people are homosexual they should keep it in the bedroom….not on a magazine cover…

  • blah

    he is bi definitley? Can’t wait for him to come out :)

  • Capella

    Daniel is one of the very few men, where the more he talks, the sexier he gets.

    Love him more and more. Especially now that he is able to find his own voice beyond Potter!

  • reba

    I totally agree. That being said… Daniel needs to come out of the closet and be proud he is gay too+

  • whatever….

    Im going to take the thumbs down as a compliment :) I say what I think I don’t give a F#$^ what you politically correct suck ups say. I would rather homosexuals keep it in the bedroom not out in the open like those pride parades.

  • Jenna

    He’s got a great view on this topic! Thumps up for Dan!! He’s awesome.

  • anonymous

    You are seriously old school and NOT in a good way. Why is it wrong and disturbing when a gay couple show affection by giving a kiss but it is totally ok for a straight couple to do the same? What makes us so different… it doesn’t matter if you are gay, straight, black, white, asian, hispanic, muslim, jewish, christian, hindu, Buddhist. These titles separate us from who we are, and we are HUMANS and instead of fighting, hurting, destroying each other we should be helping, teaching and befriending each other.

    “I would rather homosexuals keep it in the bedroom not out in the open like those pride parades.”
    That is such a huge and bad stereotype about gay people! Look at some famous gay couples.
    -Elton John and David Furnish
    -Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka
    -Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi
    They are normal people and don’t put it up our face.

    Times are changing and people like you should be more accepting! Look at the road of history! There are no more areas that separate the races! Women vote! It is time for the rights of the gays!
    It is just close minded people like you who don’t want his/her perfect little perfect popular high school world being changed.

    Radcliffe says a beautiful statement and you should listen to it. “Don’t define as straight or gay, define yourself as people and help another person if they’re in trouble”

    blah, reba
    JUST because someone supports gay men and women’s right doesn’t mean that they are gay. I believe he has a long term girlfriend. Not every guy who does broadway is gay… think Hugh Jackman.

  • whatever….

    @anonymous: Times are changing yeah right….im certain they where changing back in ancient Greece and Rome to. Unlike you im not sexist,racist,bigoted, politically correct C@$%&sucking suck up. I find it amusing how you act like homosexuality is something new its not its been around for a while. Closed minded?? this coming from a closed minded politically correct suck up really your one to talk to me about closed minded. Im not in the mood to listen to some C#$^sucker call me closed minded when im ok with homosexuals but I don’t like them trying to force their perverse choices on me. Like you call me closed minded F@$^ you whatever the F#$^ closed minded means to you it doesn’t mean the same thing to me. Its subjective language ment to try to shut me up because im not PC enough for your dumbA@$^. Do me a favor don’t F@$% talk to me about closed minded you bigot and don’t talk to me about “equality” ever as its subjective and changes from person to person.

  • al

    It is people like you who make people feel trapped under their own skins. It is people like you who make your peers feel small and unworthy.

    Though I do not know you I know people like you who have tormented me just for being a little different to the rest of the people in my school. Though it is wrong to just judge people from a bunch of words I can just tell from all the censored swearing that you are not a fan of people like me and @anonymous. To further put an opinion on you… teen, angry, rebellious, pretty, queen bee. (just a guess…)

    But I want to support @anonymous with this because I agree that times are changing and it should be changing into a more positive future.

    But what I mean to say is, though the internet is a place of freedom please keep further aggressive comments elsewhere because it might make others upset since the grounds here are just as similar as grounds around the workplace, school, bar, etc. Not saying you can’t say your message but just try to make is a little bit less aggressive.

  • whatever….

    @al: Im not the type who cares what other people think I may make people feel small and unworthy. Listen when you have the California court’s going against a amendment that say’s marriage is between a man and women and some Elitist snob judge smacks it down. I was bullied as a kid although I didn’t take torment from bullies considering I stabbed one. Not a fan of people oh how wrong you are I do like people I just don’t like being called closed minded by some a$$hole who is closed minded. Now your train of thought is more of the 70′s free love nothing new but you think its new BS right? Also way to try to change the subject into a homosexual bullying subject I don’t care if you screw guy’s or girl’s just don’t force it around like you do. Really I don’t want to know but it seem’s you don’t understand that do you?? You seem to think you can talk to me about judging when you judge by politically correct standards of victim hood. Which is what the homosexual minority card is play the victim then compare it to race of all thing the choice of homosexuality is a choice. Yet I hear advocates of homosexuality compare it too race which is just a travesty and just wrong. And Daniel could do himself a favor stop using homosexual issues to get publicity and to try to ignite controversy. I took care of my bullies through various tactics besides stabbing which I don’t endorse. As for my age older then you likely as for my way of speaking involving foul language and none political correctness that I won’t apologize for. Cause frankly when I get called closed minded by some cocksucker online when I really am not anti homosexual rather they should keep their sex lives to themselves.

  • Tim

    @whatever….: You’re seriously stupid and ignorant. Just stop posting your crap, ok?

  • Möbel

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