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Halle Berry: Moving to Europe?

Halle Berry: Moving to Europe?
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  • teri

    I hope the judge doesn’t give into her demands. She’s trying to seperate Gabriel from his daughter that’s her only goal. Selfish witch.

  • sillyme

    Wow, that Halle Berry is such a b**tch. She’d go through all of that just to keep her daughter from seeing her father. Be careful, Olivier, or the same thing could happen to you. I hate women like her who use their children like that.

  • Serena

    Halle Berry probably paid off the nanny to lie about Gabriel to pave the way for her move to France. She really is a completely crazy, selfish hag of a woman isn’t she? She is trying to alienate her daughter’s Father and she should be ashamed of herself. If the judge goes along with her demands and rewards her for this blatant parental alienation, he will be doing a terrible disservice to her daughter. I have always thought Halle was unstable, but now I know she is also a vindictive b1tch as well.

  • Totalitarian Hwood

    She has the resources to screw over this Aubry. She played the Violence card, the abuse card and the Race Card.
    An honest judge would check her into a mental institution instead.

  • CrazyBerry

    She allows Martinez to kiss her daughter on the lips which is very disturbing.
    If he Cheats on her which is just a matter of time ,she will use that against him too later.

  • Emma

    I did like Halle, but now she is HALLE BERRY THE SEFISH WITCH

  • Mimi

    @CrazyBerry: I agree! I don’t think Halle has realized that the common denominator to all her man “problems” is HER! She’s such a drama queen. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she moves to Europe. If I were Olivier I’d run now and FAST!!!!!

  • Mimi

    @sillyme: Agreed. Gabriel was good enough when her biological clock was ticking. She’s such a passive agressive manipulator!

  • ali

    Cruel woman

    has no heart

    carma will be a b**** one day .

    i cant belive she wants to deprive her OWN daughter
    a loving father .

    you obviously dont think about your child best interest
    very selfish .

    Shame on you Halle !!!


  • ali

    be careful people who you choose to have children with .

    because this looks like a nightmare !!!

    Good Luck to you Gabriel , you need it .

  • HalleTheWitch

    Psycho! Run Olivier run as far as you can. It’s only a matter of time before she starts fabricating stories about you. Her daughter will hate her guts once she’s old enough to realize what a c(_)nt her moNSter is.

  • teri

    I couldn’t move to another state let alone country for a great job opportunity because the father wouldn’t allow my son to move to another state. He could move where ever he wanted to China if he wanted. I think Gabriel should have a say in this.

  • trash

    she’s so classless..

  • csa

    She is such a bitch! I wished her ex had got the custody of their child!

  • Oh

    If I were her and Gabriel Aubry tried to embarrass me by going on a public date with Kim Kardashian( a KNOWN WHORE), I would do everything in my power to make sure he knew he messed with the wrong person..she can’t kill him for humiliating her but she can make his life HELL..when will guys learn that trying to manipulate and rub in anyone’s face that women like you will only backfire…

  • shay

    Can’t believe it! Halle is so selfish, she thinks about herself before her daughter needs!

    her little girl loves her daddy & Halle tries to separate her to him, such a mean, selfish move!

  • Halle’s true delusional colors

    Halle’s showing her true delusional colors and is in for rude awakening very soon.

    1-France/Paris fun to visit, big culture shock.

    2-Gabe has to give his consent since he is Nahla’s biological father, on the bc and court records as her father.

    3-A judge has to agree to the move, which is RARE when a bunch of
    custody hearings are in place regardless of Halle and whatever OM is , have been acting like the perfect family for the tabloids, courts and who knows if Halle’s smart enough to even include the French govt.

    4-Doubt Halle is planning to give up here US citizenship, checked into French immigration and VISA permit laws are. She’s too ghetto.

    5-Halle likes being the center of attention. The French pappis will have a field day.

    6-Gabe being Canadian has a better chance of getting around French immigration laws and securing employment because of Canada’s agreements with France.

    7-the DFCS supervised supervision for Aubry still needs to be implemented by a judge. This was already supposed to be put into play last year with both having a nanny present etc.

    8-Halle agreed to continue individual counseling (mandated by DFCS and the courts as to the length of time).DCFS also suggested the both do co-parenting classes together. Also mandated by them and the courts. Halle’s delusional if she think she can get out of this or Skype it in from Paris??? LOL

    Think I have mentioned enough…I could add more…

  • the other Liz

    @Halle’s true delusional colors: A bit long winded, a tad meritous. In Halle’s dreams she’s going to move to Paris!

  • engaged???

    Who knows???

    I hope the judge really thinks hard about this!

  • uhb

    She’s just grasping for things now. She slammed his name in public using abuse, (probably) paid off the nanny to talk sh*t, and is just an all around crazy bag of nuts! She is truly disgusting. The only person she’ll hurt in the future is her daughter because she’ll be able to read all this.

  • Hellooooooo

    I swear she really is pushing it too far , okay you’re ex dated Kim Kardashian for 15 days but is that a reason to make his life a living hell?
    Because let’s face it , all this drama was cause by the fact that Gabriel Aubry went from Halle Berry to Kim Kardashian let’s not be delusional here okay. I think she’ll not get the right too if Aubry doesn’t want too and if she does i think Aubry’s going too move there too , after all it will be way better for his career than living in L.A since Paris is the fashion world’s capital .


  • Nahla’s safety???

    Nothing wrong with protecting your child at any cost. This isn’t the first time that Halle’s been stalked, had death threats, or had someone on her property. Guess everyone’s forgotten about post Oscar stalkers with Eric, post Oscar death threats, pregnancy death threats, pappis in the bushes/trees leaking photos of Nahla etc. I hope Halle knows what she’s doing and she and Gabe can work things out for Nahla’s sake.

  • Reality Check

    Good-bye, Halle! Hopefully, the hit-and-run laws of Europe are much stricter and their judges won’t give a damn about your Hollywood status. By the way, in case I haven’t said this, I think you’re treating your daughter’s father disgracefully – it’s obvious you used him to give you a beautiful child and then dumped him when his purpose was over. Even the blind can see that he wants to be a Dad, but you won’t let him. Unless you put a part of your ego aside and learn how to compromise, you will never find a happy long-term relationship.

  • karen