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Madonna: iTunes Record Breaker!

Madonna: iTunes Record Breaker!

Madonna‘s upcoming MDNA album is breaking records!

Pre-orders ascended to the top spot on iTunes stores in 50 countries and was the largest one day pre-order of any album in iTunes history.

“Thanks for all the L-U-V!! from around the world” said Madonna.

Just this past Sunday, the Material Girl had largest halftime US viewership in Super Bowl history, peaking at 112.6 million viewers.

Madonna‘s ‘Give Me All Your Luvin’ ft. Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. was also the most added song at U.S. Top 40 Radio this week.

Can’t wait to hear MDNA in full!

Click inside for some Madonna by the numbers…


50 = Number 1′s Pre-orders for Madonna’s MDNA album on iTunes (biggest one day pre-order in ITunes (biggest one day pre-order in iTunes history) hit the top spot at iTunes store in 50 countries!

11,000,000+ = YouTube downloads of new Madonna video…and counting. The most searched subject on YouTube and Google during the Super Bowl

13 = Madonna’s new single catapults to the #13 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart

56 = “Give Me All Your Luvin’” marks Madonna’s 56th appearance on the Hot 100 according to Billboard’s Keith Caulfield

112.6 Million = Peak audience viewership during Madonna’s halftime performance – largest in Super

Bowl history – up 4 million from last year – surpasses Michael Jackson’s 1993 halftime performance

47.1 Million = Households saw Madonna’s Super Bowl Performance

#6 = Trending at No. 6 on European Airplay Charts

#2 = iTunes Single, jumped from previous spot 11 after the Super Bowl

2500 = Spins in less than 48 hours at Top 40 radio

25 = “Give Me All Your Luvin’” single’s chart debut

51 = Global Tour Dates Announced by Live Nation

1600 = Clear Channel Digital Billboards Around the Globe aired Madonna’s “Give Me All Your Luvin’”


320 = Hours of rehearsal prior to performance

750 = Hours to create and complete the Givenchy gold cape Madonna arrived in

4 = Special guests: Nicki Minaj, M.I.A., LMFAO and Cee Lo Green

1 = Slackliner

20 = Dancing Dolls

17 = Core Dancers

200 = Members of Gospel Choirs from Indianapolis area

150 = Gladiators carried Madonna onto the stadium with 280 feet of custom made 3 inch rope

1200 lbs. = weight of Madonna’s golden throne designed by Madonna and Jimmie Martin in London. Throne included 2 specially designed specially designed sphinx heads covered in Swarovski crystals.

100 = Members of Drumline

250 = Volunteers who assembled and took down stage during half time in 6 minutes (go Hoosiers!)

27 = Carts which carried the stage were wheeled in by the volunteers

36 = Projectors hung from ceiling of stadium to create light show

120 = Individual lashes applied to each of Madonna’s eyelids per eye

18k = Rose gold ground down and added to Madonna’s eye shadow and lips by makeup artist Gina Brooke

200 = Pairs of black briefs provided by Calvin Klein for the Gladiators (they got to wear them home)


MDNA = Title of Madonna’s upcoming CD (scheduled for March 26th release)

W.E. = Title of just released film directed and co-written by Madonna

L.U.V. = Madonna

Y.O.U. = You Wanna?

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  • Mark

    What else is new? :)

  • jesslyn

    wow cool.
    not surprised tho.
    it’s madonna.

  • Antony

    I’m not surprised at all!! I also just bougth VIP tickets to her show in Vancouver!! L U V Madonna!

  • bae

    Don’t ever count this woman out…

  • Gossip Girl

    And People Still Believe Gaga is a bigger hit than she is..LOL! That’s a Joke, Born This Way only landed at number one in, get ready for it, 22 Countries ! Haha ! Bow Down Before the ORIGINAL and TRUE QUEEN of POP! Madonna forever !!!

  • Madonna Queen of iTunes

    I feel bad for Monsters..I mean at 53, Madonna looks great, 100 million people watch her performance during the halftime Super Bowl 2012 and she didn’t have to wear rotten meat or dead animal to break records. And today this news??? Hmnnn…lesson to learn !!!!

  • uhm

    It’s Madonna B*tch!!!!

  • Who’s That Chick


    R I P GAGA

  • Slaying Slaying Slaying

    I feel bad for Little Donkeys..I mean Little Monsters ! LOL

  • L U V

    People of the world call her The Queen of Pop for nothing!

  • ll


  • Katy Perrilicious

    ……effortless and yet classy lady she is! Unlike a copycat named like CaCa. :(

  • lola

    i wanna see wannabes doing this after 30 years.. madonna is amazing…. a genius


    Just in: GaGa is reportedly taking a notepad and pen !


  • MrsDestinyHope

    The only people from today’s society that I see having a huge career at her age would be like Beyonce + Timberlake. Gaga + Bieber, NOT A ChANCE! BOW BEFORE THE TRUE QUEEN OF POP

  • Wow

    She is a living icon!

  • fiona

    it’s not the best track, but it doesnt have to be. the spelling in the song is catchy a la B-A-N-A-N-A-S in Gwen’s Holla Back Girl.

  • cookie

    and yet some people call her irrelevant and ready for retirement. go figure!

  • Stay Tune

    Madonna will talk to Ryan Seacrest KISS FM about tour, MDNA & Superbowl tomorrow!!!!

  • Bob Hannah

    Don’t think much of her personally, but she is a great businesswoman. For once I would like to hear her REAL voice live…

  • pia

    really exciting, glad to have her back in MUSIC rather than other stuff like fashion, books, and movies.

  • alejandra

    LUV the track, it sounds awesome on Super Blast.

  • kendra

    if anybody was born to be a star it was her.
    her parents named her MADONNA for god’s sake.
    she didnt even need to change it!

  • isla

    @Bob Hannah: she sang live at the SB and sounded damn good.

  • Madonna The Best Selling

    Poor Lady Gaga..her album Born This Way is supposedly to be the album of the century yet turned out to be a collection of songs from the 80s Tampax-advert promo.

    ….sad isn’t it?

  • Snookie

    @Madonna The Best Selling:

    Lady??? That fugly? LOL

  • nev

    go on Mama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pedro

    Madonna please keep making music. The world wont be the same without you.

  • gab

    Still the original and still the best, ain’t nothing like the real thing… MADONNA.

  • MJ fans

    Impressive 2012..hope she will break more.

  • LaCroix

    After all these years she still brings it bitches! take that ..

  • Casual fan

    Her tour will do well too! Happy return.


    The one and only, Madonna!!!!!

  • Luna Maya

    ****comeback of the year*****


    Gaga is a trying-hard copycat & wannabe!


    FUK MADONNA…the single debuted at number 13. GAGA DEBUTED AT NUMBER ONE. MA-DONE-A won’t outsell BTW with that trash of an album. UGLY GAP TOOTH BIT##. It dropped down on itunes quickly. Call her your queen, but she damn sure isn’t mine. Madonnas fans are old as dirt anyway.

  • PetraUK

    Her album MDNA is going to open 500k in the US…according to music insiders.

  • Dan

    What’s funny is the only way for madonnas fans to love their tacky icon is to attack Lady Gaga, who is a lady not a cunt like madonna. Madonnas old wasted pussy is just capitalizing off the super bowl viewership….HER ALBUM SUCKS ASS. Let madonna have an HBO special and see if 112 million watch it….yeah right….edge of glory, new york born gaga song came on right after the commercial break from wrinkled madonna. And they won too.

  • Snookie

    My family just watched, ate, talked during her performance. The intro was very GAGA like. Madonna never did anything but spread her legs and steal other peoples style, class, accent, music, and young

  • Nomadic

    Lady Gaga is tacky. Period.

  • Live Well


    another little donkey who is pressed :(

  • My Vote Goes To (drum rolls)

    I choose Madonna over Gaga; hype with no substance !

  • Snookie

    Madonna has 7 Grammys
    Lady Gaga 5 Grammys already bit@@. And she wrote all her hits unlike madonna.

    Lady Gaga nominated 3 TIMES for Album Of The Year. 3 YEARS IN A ROW.

    Madonna only nominated once…too bad cause this new album is so trashy. Have you even seen the song titles? She has a song called I Fuc@@@ Up. Yeah, ya sure did winch. She thinks the super bowl was going to make GMAYL go number one. FLOPPED….FLOPPED..FLOPPED

    Let Princess GAGA perform at the super bowl with the single releasing the same time and watch her 18 million record breaking twitter followers take it to number ONE.

  • Lame Monster Delusional Farts


    Madonna The Best Selling Female Artist of All Time and The Queen of Pop.

    Save your drama to your mama .

  • Snookie

    and nobody said gaga has outsold ma-done-a. Madonnas fans are reaching. But I do know BTW debuted number one..Express peaked number two. Also, Bad Romance or Just Dance outsold any madonna single. Gaga has 25 years to rack up other accolades madonna won’t by that time. In 10 years madonna will be 60 plus and her dwindling ass fans will still hang on that wasted poosy. MIA FLIPPS FINGER AT MADONNA FANS…

  • Godney Spears

    cant stand lady gaga these days. she is just a disgusting vile p*g. her attitude are so fake and she is just using her fans to buy her garbage @ her music and art.

  • They Just Insecured

    see the only stand who is insecure is a monster from Gaga’s wet fart @ss.

  • Oh Well


    Gaga the copycat Xerox wannabe !

  • LISTEN by Beyonce



    Britney is the joke.