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Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes: Thai Twosome

Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes: Thai Twosome

Ryan Gosling shows off his biceps in a red tank while leaving the gym on Monday (February 6) in Bangkok, Thailand.

The 31-year-old actor has been working on his new movie, Only God Forgives, a crime thriller about “a Bangkok police lieutenant and a gangster [who] settle their differences in a Thai-boxing match.”

Later in the week, Ryan left his hotel en route to the set of the film, which is being helmed by his Drive director, Nicolas Winding Refn.

Girlfriend Eva Mendes is also in town with Ryan, where she enjoyed a solo excursion to pick up up some local street food.

15+ pictures inside of Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes in Thailand…

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ryan gosling eva mendes thai twosome 01
ryan gosling eva mendes thai twosome 02
ryan gosling eva mendes thai twosome 03
ryan gosling eva mendes thai twosome 04
ryan gosling eva mendes thai twosome 05
ryan gosling eva mendes thai twosome 06
ryan gosling eva mendes thai twosome 07
ryan gosling eva mendes thai twosome 08
ryan gosling eva mendes thai twosome 09
ryan gosling eva mendes thai twosome 10
ryan gosling eva mendes thai twosome 11
ryan gosling eva mendes thai twosome 12
ryan gosling eva mendes thai twosome 13
ryan gosling eva mendes thai twosome 14
ryan gosling eva mendes thai twosome 15

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  • Steph

    That is one hot couple! Perfect match

  • zz

    not good enough for him ..

  • Jil


  • Zou zou

    look at those veins in her arms… she lost a lot a weight…. is everybody trying to look like angelina jolie?

  • Robsten_Fan

    Love those two… <3

  • Sue Denim

    If he hasn’t worked out by now that she is calling the paparazzi and it’s not just a coincidence then either he has a huge ego, is very delusional about her level of fame or he is a part of it.
    Oh well, at least he still looks hot.

  • amy

    I just can’t support this couple. I’ve tried, honestly. I just can’t.
    Eva’s beautiful, but she’s an awful person. If Ryan can’t see this, then he’s got a problem.

    On another note, “Hello Nurse!” Ryan, you look so so hot!!!

  • Steph

    @amy: U don’t even know her lol how can say she’s a horrible person

  • amy

    Ok, I was a bit harsh. She seem like not a very nice person. I don’t know her. But I’ve heard too many stories to dismiss it.

  • rona

    WOW! Hubba, hubba! Ryan could not be more sexy.
    The relationship is very strange though. I don’t know whats going on with them. Out of character for Ryan, anyway.

  • sj

    i’ve supported him so much. but with all that staff and “relationship” with eva he just lost all appeal to me. cant look at him the same anymore

  • pat

    I hope that street food gives her explosive diarrhea.

  • http://website david ouellette

    Ryan Gosling is a Canadian and so am I(we were born and raised onle 100 miles apart)He went through a lot-being bullied at school, being homeschooled by his Mormon mother,his parents divorcing,not having any close friends for a long time,etc.He strikes me as a benevolent soul who is still going through a lot of confusion.He’s almost too nice and too good to be true(translation:he hasn’t found his real self yet.)But he’s young and just needs some time.Don’t pay too much attention to his Hollywood romances-it’s kind of a mirror of what’s going on inside him.

  • ali

    He can do so much better than her. Now she will get pregnant on purpose to try and force him into marriage.

  • Thai

    @Steph: Imperfectly matched couple. How can he go from Rachel to this?

  • Evie

    Paparazzi on the day they met in Thailand. What a coincidence!

  • arlene

    I hope he wears a condom. Hopefully she didn’t poke any holes in it.

  • Bee

    Eva is simply milking this for publicity. She was fading into obscurity before they started this whole thing. Now she has gotten more press what what she has gotten in the past few years combined.

    I love Ryan, but I am starting to think he is in the dark about all this. He skipped out on the glamorous Globes and hide in Thailand just to be constantly photographed by paparazzi?

  • one

    I don’t even believe that Ryan Gosling is a fame whore like the woman he is quote unquote dating. I have yet to see one single luxury watch, suits, or cologne commercial he starred in. He is legit. Eva Mendes, I can’t say the same.

  • isla

    ugh… oh god……… cant wait til this one’s over.
    of all hsi female co-stars of late…… how can he work with michelle williams, emma stone, carey mulligan, kirsten dunst and opt for manface?
    u know what…… ryan likes older women……………

  • yolo


    omg, I said the same thing yesterday…give it 3 months and I bet we will hear that it’s true. Something about her is shady…can’t put my finger on it..

  • isla

    @Thai: im pretty sure he had women after rachel and before eva but ok……………

  • Bobo

    So he’s been in Thailand this whole time; no pap shots. She comes to “visit” him, now there are pap shots. How convenient.

  • shannon

    @arlene: @pat: these are really graphic & harsh comments. and i cant say i did not give them that green thumbs up………………………………………..

  • elly

    @Bobo: the paps and her probably shared the same plane on her dime.

  • Steph

    @Thai: People need to get over him and Rachel that was years ago move on

  • kara

    I agree that people need to get over McGosling, because I don’t think it will happen again. Rachel has moved on and seems very happy. But I just wish Ryan would date someone classier. She’s talentless, and I believe clinging onto him for exposure and publicity. He’s better than this.
    Is he blind?

  • inhumane

    Didn’t Eva said she uses a shock collar on her own dog in the last article JJ posted? Who here wants to bet she snaps one on Ryan to keep him there.

  • yolo

    I bet she has some crazy cuban voodoo curse on him

  • mkhay

    Omg look at his arms :o

  • Laurel

    She’s been in Thailand for over a week. That Life & Style article tipped off the paps that she’s been there with him.

  • Heather

    He is so gorgeous. I don’t know about any of you, but you should stop paying attention to Eva, because Ryan is the only person that I see in the pictures. He is so hot with those Tattoos. A PERFECT 10. Eva is one lucky women.

  • Heather

    I still see him with a Victoria’s Secret model like Alessandra Ambrosio or a sexy woman with brains.

  • K

    Dear Ryan Gosling,
    Did you somehow lose your memory and forget about THE VOW that you and Rachel McAdams made?! Get back together with her and leave this Mendes whore!

  • extra

    @Laurel: But these photos are not new and the article is basically purely constructed from tweets.

  • Laurel

    That’s what I’m saying. Life & Style compiled all the twitter sightings of them into a story. When the paps got wind of the fact that’s she’s been there since the beginning of last week, they sent some photographers over there.

  • olive

    This all seems like a bad dream. When is it going to be over?

  • one

    Ryan has to thank Eva for this extra unwanted attention. He stayed low for a whole month even when he was helping to promote a film fest start-up. Now that Eva is over the paparazzi managed to dig up where he trains and are probably hungry for even more photos.

  • Alexsa

    I love Ryan, but how come we haven’t seen any photos of him in Thailand until Eva gets there??? It’s kind of hard to think a celeb like Eva would call in the paps? I don’t believe it, its just the paps know they will make more money with the two of them photographed together or in the same country.

  • kiwi

    I actually like these two together. Bet I’ll get lots of thumbs down for this comment. Why do people have to be so mean? If the couple are happy who are you to judge?

  • Steph

    @kiwi: Thank you I love them together!

  • winnie

    I bet you a million bucks there will be coverage of their “exotic valentine’s day dream date in thailand” next week. So Pathetic.

  • giuseppe sallo

    Said it before, she has her own PR crew. Hollywood’s biggest secret is coming out… B listers hire there own photo ops to gain publicity. No doubt Eva is using Gosling. RG is not that comfortable with the spotlights, he’s a working man. He even said it; he likes to work. he also dissed the hollywood lifestyle, shame that Eva is pulling him in to her own cult.

    Gosling, do what’s right: Dump the girl! Hopefully his sister will get through his thick skull.

  • irene

    I agree with you #43. I really hope his mother and sister can knock some sense into him. I’d be very very surprised if Mrs. Gosling actually approved of this woman for her son.

  • Tommy

    She looks so worn and haggard. I don’t get it, Gosling could have girls ten times more sophisticated, nicer and more intelligent (and sexy). She is using him big time for her own PR, yet his reputation as a serious actor is suffering when his face appears on the cover of those cheap gossip magazines.

  • didi83

    @pat: your comment made me spit out my drink with laughter, lol!

  • OMD

    i cant believe ryan is in my homeland! eve fits right in with the trannies :)

  • Evie

    Please stop putting the blame on Eva. makes Ryan look stupid! He is also a famewhore!
    He is enjoying it. Both are using each other!

  • sigh

    Aren’t there more pictures of Eva Medes yelling and pointing at some random people in Thailand?

  • lola

    sign, yes there is. There’s a few where she’s totally going off on somebody. Waving her finger around, acting all diva. If this is who Ryan loves, it’s disappointing. Maybe he’s not the person we think he is, judging by the character of the person he’s chosen to be with.