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VS Angels Defend Gisele Bundchen's Super Bowl Comments

VS Angels Defend Gisele Bundchen's Super Bowl Comments

Lindsay Ellingson, Adriana Lima, and Doutzen Kroes celebrate Valentine’s Day a bit early at Victoria’s Secret‘s Soho store on Wednesday (February 8) in NYC.

The three models recently defended former VS Angel Gisele Bundchen, who caused controversy with some comments she made after Super Bowl XLVI.

“My husband cannot f—— throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time,” she said after hubby Tom Brady and his team, the New England Patriots, lost to the New York Giants.

“I think you always have to stand up for your husband, you’re a team. And you know if she did that, I would’ve done the same,” Doutzen told MTV News.

“Leave her alone!” Adriana added.

FYI: Adriana, Doutzen, and Lindsay are all wearing Herve Leger by Max Azria.

10+ pictures inside of Adriana Lima, Doutzen Kroes, and Lindsay Ellingson celebrating Valentine’s Day at Victoria’s Secret

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Credit: Andres Otero; Photos: WENN
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  • nicole

    Dear Adriana Lima,

    Please, drop off the face of the earth for a bit.


  • Cat

    Just pose and take the photo.
    I dont need to hear models’ opinions and if asked its actually smarter for them to just say no comment.
    They don’t know what kind of nonsense could pop out.

  • Cobb

    Airheads stick together Gisele is creating friction between Tom and the Patriots. Bostonians hate her.

  • Charlie

    Since when does the opinion of a model matter that much? I don’t get it.

  • @Charlie

    Hello? If a model`s opinion doesn`t matter why is everyone so worked up about Gisele`s comments / opinion? Regardless of what they said in her defense it`s pretty offensive to say that if someone is a model her opinion doesn`t matter. M*ron!

  • Mimi

    I’m not a fan of Gisele’s, but I think she was correct in her statements about the Super Bowl and had every right to make them.

  • fsd

    @Mimi: She doesn’t have the right to throw people under the bus like that. If the team is as shittyy as she says it was then how would they have made it to the super bowl? And how can you be a “fan” of Gisele? You like her sitting around and people taking pics of her reactions to her husband playing? Her career went downhill since she left VS and now she’s more relevant now as being Tom Brady’s wife and a bitch than anything else.

  • Rose&Sage

    splendid adriana lima team adriana

  • Yuli

    For some reason I read Adrianna’s comment in Sofia Vergara’s accent! lol. She’s funny! Her response was blunt it made me laugh. Atleast Doutzen was trying to make a point.

  • judy

    Did Gisele see the safety and the interception? The rest of us did.

  • Hanna

    Doutzen is gorgeous!!

  • Mimi

    @fsd: She didn’t say the team was s hitty. She said that Tom can’t throw the ball AND catch it. That was an ACCURATE statement. His teammates didn’t catch several passes.

  • http://MOIANU58@YAHOO.COM dari

    Adriana lima is so beautiful,i love her so much.

  • Lena

    Adriana is gorgeous as always!!

  • jesslyn

    the fact is is that it is not appropriate for a wife (or the reverse as well – husband to wife) to make public comments about anything to do with her husband’s job PERIOD. in the end, it just emasculates and makes your husband look bad and creates drama as it did here.
    it doesnt mean she doesnt have a right to have those opinions.
    she just shouldnt share them publically.

  • ugh

    now airheads speak..Please shut the mouthpiece & keep
    pervs turned on & prebuscent boys.

    I never dosliked GB till her reark about her husban’s Team.
    There is a code in American Football.
    Brazil lets wives speak out re” oyther soccer team?
    huh? huh?

  • Jen

    Yawn…Giselle should know you win as a team and lose as a team and kept her mouth shut. Did she really need her her model friends to chime in??

  • oh…

    Everyone is entitled to have an opinion and/or to defend her husband. What she said was correct. At the same time she should have said that private statement behind closed doors. Give her a break already. She made the loss even worse for her husband and I bet she is aware of that. Just let it go.

  • Sayer

    @nicole: You’re an idiot? Why should she drop off if many people want to see her?

    While I can’t stand Gisele because she’s narcisstic, I think this Patriots controversy is WAY BLOWN OUT OF BOUNDS.

    Ppl should move on.

  • Sayer

    @fsd: She makes more money now than when she was at VS. Bizarre but fact.

    Look, what she said was not right. She should publicly apologize, but people need to MOVE ON.

  • Rose&Sage

    @nicole: you who you are is a sure envious say that because you will be so horrible to your Victoria’s Secret which prefer to which Ahriman celebrities to parade BEST ADRIANA LIMA

  • Ms Ortiz

    too much pretty and no brains, this is not about defending her husband. She effin insulted the people he(HER HUS BAND WORKS WITH) If she HAD to say something, perhaps a rep would had been appropriate. who cares how much money she has. She messed up….period

  • Piper

    yeah, leave the pretty rich couple alone! can’t you see how difficult life is for them? god.

  • Piper

    but if they’re endorsing a product, don’t leave them alone. then, listen to them and buy everything!! sell your house if you have to!

  • Carla

    you didn’t understand, it was a joke in Brazil. Watch this video of Gisele with the Pele:

  • Yello

    The criticism of Gisele is over the top. But, she should apologize and people should move on.

  • Charlie

    @@Charlie: I’m not getting worked up. LOL. I just don’t think that a model should be taken that seriously about football. It’s ridiculous. Idiot.

  • Sayer

    Another note: what’s with the generic/balnd-looking BLONDE VS models?

  • vick

    @Yello: She should apologize; privately. No one will change their mind anyways if she did publicly so whats the point? Hecklers and bullies are atrocious. I agree with these girls, and its all beyond petty. Yawn. The girls are gorgeous as always.

  • Simon Lebon

    Just smile and no Talking….. Do what you do best.

  • magra

    WOW so its ok to be se*ist and tell women to shut up just because they’re models? Appalling!! I thought this was 2012 not 1920. I believe Adriana,Gisele,Doutzen etc are famous for more than their looks. Yes models get in the door from their physicality but to stay there and earn millions; they’ve gotta have something behind the door. and I guess so many people are threatened by attractive,successful,rich powerful women. How sad. Theyre human and get mad,sad,p*ssed,angry like the rest of us. They’re not robots and to treat them like they are in 2012 makes me cringe. So only Harvard grad,old frumpy smart looking women are allowed to say something? ugh.

  • Charlie

    @magra: Listen, I know nothing about football. So if I started talking and a football fan told me to stfu, I’d understand. This is what happened here, I wouldn’t try to win an argument with a model about clothes, photography, posture and so on. BECAUSE IT’S THEIR JOB. So it seems silly that she started to talk about the sport and while doing so throwing her husband’s colleagues under the bus. It’s unprofessional. And it’s not right, and she should apologize.

  • coop

    If the press asked her a question, and she answered that way, so what? She was upset at the loss and she has the right to show that she’s upset. Do you really care that much? People say shit all the time.

    I agree with her though, did you see the last 10 seconds of the game? When the receiver couldn’t catch it, there was another that was RIGHT THERE in the end zone that could have easily caught it and won them the game.

    In any case, she’s technically right. He can’t throw and catch the ball.

  • http://google DeCe

    boston hates gisele anyway no matter what she says or does. tom married the woman of his dreams, the love of his life, as oppose to the mediocre one they picked out for him ! these are the people who still have their heads up their a$$e$ and still believes that his ex girlfriend “just found herself pregnant” crap. so gisele is still paying for it and she is still standing by her man, now they have something new to hate her for. she did not trash anoyone, she did not name names, the media did that and they are hiding behind her as the cowards and hypocrites they are. wes welker knows her very well and i doubt he took it out context. brandon will pay for that comment. go get him gloria allred!

  • Amy

    What a couple of dumb broads. I’ll put money on the fact that Gisele hasn’t spoken to either of them in years.

  • okaay

    Gisele was wrong to criticise the team. She owes them an apology. However, did you guys hear the heckling and bullying she had to endure while walking down that hallway??? It was like a gauntlet of nasty, childish immature buffoons all yelling at HER when she is just the wife! Why should anyone be subjected to abuse like that, because of their HUSBAND’S game? It doesn’t make her right, but maybe she wouldn’t have blown up if people had been behaving decently towards her? Bulies suck! All the people involved need to grow up- a game is not worth lowering yourself for!

  • urbigfatass

    the new york media is blowing this way out of perspective, idiots, she was standing up for her man you bunch of comic strip losers stfu !

  • barbie

    Gisele is entitled to her opinions, and just because she’s a model doesn’t mean she is clueless about Baseball.

    Also, she didn’t shout out her comments; they were caught by the onsite videography, and then advertised to the public!

    This public slaying of Gisele is really what is disgusting. Have you guys ever been to any games, where the fans do not have heated arguments about what caused the win/loss? NO! Every fan attending any game, has an OPINION! The only difference here is that Gisele is well-known, very rich in her own right, and MOUTHY! Somehow, this combination of attributes polarised people: either adore or hate her!

    My two cents worth: we live in a free country, and people like Gisele SHOULD NOT BE AFRAID of expressing their views. Otherwise, we should have saved our BILLIONS and not initiated wars against the multitude of Arab countries, in order to supposedly ‘free’ them from oppression…

  • um, Charlie…

    # 32, do you seriously think that just because G. is a model that means she knows nothing about football? She’s married to a player, goes to his games, and probably knows more than the average football fan about how the game is played. And exactly how was she “unprofessional” ? She wasn’t at work, she was attending a game, and responded badly to a cruel verbal attack by bullies. She was probably really bummed to begin with and these dopes kicked her when she was down. That said, 2 rights don’t make a wrong, and she owes the team an apology, but doesn’t need to apologize to anyone else.

  • adrianagiselefan

    While Tom and Gisele haven’t spoke much about their private lives, I did hear him often say on his radio interviews she is a great support and she asks tons of questions about it while they are in bed at night, she is passionate and cares about her hubbies career, obviously! Is that such a crime???!!!!! Tom goes home to her every night and she obviously isn’t turning her back on him when he is down like you Bostonian so called “fans” ! what is new? some of you Bostonians have hated Gisele from the get go. nothing new AT ALL. I honestly hope she sues the Boston media for defamation of character and slander. That would be some great karma. Have you seen what the track gals look like? nuff said!

    oh and FYI: dont assume she knows nothing about sports either. true American football is only really important in well, America but she was about to become a professional volleyball player and loves soccer. You can see her in many games over the years cheering teams on way before Tom.

    the dumb model jokes are easy cheap shots my 12 year old cousin could come up with. cant you come up with anything more original? yawn. Oh btw; they must be doing something right considering they are filthy rich and living the good life not sitting all day hating on some website. I respect them more than any heckler or bully anyday.

    Adriana and Doutzen are gorgeous!

  • Equips

    so she showed a little competitive ness AND? who doesn’t? if anything that is exactly what helped make her successful! Push over women are NEVER CEOS or presidents of the companies. Im da*n sure Oprah was no push over and said what she had to say for anyone who tried to talk her down. mhh hmm. she said/did nothing wrong. The troll stalking her in a hallway with the shaky cell phone camera and those hecklers did however. Pushover women are the ones who sit behind a computer bashing other powerful women, because really you would kill to have the bold personality they had in real life.

  • nayla emanuele vieira

    adriana lindaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Marie

    Gisele is obnoxious and pretentious. She thinks the world revolves around her navel. And for those who will rush to say that I am envious, I tell you, quite simply, not really appreciate her. I can not stand the way she appropriates and appears in public with Moynahan’s son. Nothing is more sacred than a child, and she should know. The boy has a mother … and she is not his mother. She is stubborn to understand something so simple! A mother who can not understand this, can not understand anything … including football.

  • Leo Rolim
  • Charlie

    @um, Charlie…: Yeah, but why did she have to bash out on her husband’s team? Like, that’s what bothers me most.

  • Charlie

    @um, Charlie…: And that’s what I meant. She needs to apologize to her husband’s co workers. I know that it there was a lot of pressure and people were bashing her, but there were other better ways to handle the situation, then throwing the remaining team under the bus.

  • icefire

    they work in fashion, where no one cares about sports, so its really not a big deal

  • um, Charlie…

    As I said, Charlie, I do think she owes the team an apology. That said, her remarks were said to a friend, not to the media, while being tormented by a bunch of poor-sport losers. I am sure she regrets saying what she said.

  • Jennipoo

    @Charlie @ 02/09/2012 at 9:50 am
    I don’t think anyone is saying that she’s not right about what she said about him not being able to throw and catch at the same time, but she in essence threw his teammates under the bus. Brady’s philosophy is win as a team, lose as a team and she undermined him. Yes, she should defend her husband and she can squawk all she wants AWAY from cameras and mics. She’s been around long enough to know better. She could have just keep walking, she was just FEET away from being out of eyesight.
    The fact is the same players that had missed opportunities on Superbowl day, were instrumental to the team even getting there. Brady didn’t get there by himself. Besides, her HUSBAND made mistakes too, No one was perfect so for her to point fingers was unfortunate. .
    One of the reason I think she got so much flack is because she is not well liked and she goes out of her way to be snotty to the staff and players wives. As one player put it, some of the women are jealous of her, but she doesn’t do anything for people to like her. She likes to criticize them for anything from how they dress, how much make up they wear, to how much they weigh. I didn’t know she was that kind of b*itch. Frankly, it’s probably been because the team like Brady so well that you probably haven’t heard much about what the team and the fans think about her.
    The Patriots haven’t won a Superbowl since Brady started dating her and some consider her a jinx. I’m not saying that’s true, but it doesn’t have to be for people not to like her. This latest thing was just more fuel for the fire.
    She knew the cameras were rolling because she’d just previously answered a question by one of the reporters. Her sin is not what she said, but that she chose to make it public. It makes Brady looks bad too, he has to play with those guys. I’m sure he’s sat her down and explained to her where her error. From what I’ve heard about him, he’s a team player and they respect him. Her, not so much.

  • Frozoid

    @Mimi: No she did say the teammates dropped the ball. She said he threw it and they couldn’t catch it. Please do your homework next time.

    That’s why the Chicago Sun Times is reporting that the wives of the other players are angry with her. She’s already been snotty and rude to them before this and she is not liked by the other wives.