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Alexander Skarsgard: Soho Stroll

Alexander Skarsgard: Soho Stroll

Alexander Skarsgard takes a stroll while chatting on his cellphone on Friday (February 10) in the Soho neighborhood of New York City.

The 35-year-old actor kept it casual in a peacoat, jeans and long black scarf.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

The night before, Alexander hit up the DeLeon Tequila party held at the Boom Boom Room – an event that was part of New York City Fashion Week!

After the party, Alex made it over to the Standard Hotel, where he heard an intimate concert by the Kills, according to Rolling Stone.

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# 1

Hot dayum! Feast or famine with this guy. Thanks for the post! Hellllloooooo, luscious!

# 2
Prof. Nelly Fang @ 02/10/2012 at 8:01 pm

He thinks he is so cool. He really is NOT!!!

# 3

Hello there baby! You look fine!! More than fine….HOT!

# 4

@sky-blue: Yep, he’s in NYC, the paps can find him now. He may hate it, but he’s papped so little in the last 3 months.

# 5
Sexy time. @ 02/10/2012 at 8:11 pm

I wonder is Alex is arranging a date for some sexy time with some Swedish women. After all he was snapped with a Swedish fashion model Lol lol new possible girlfriend..

# 6

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# 7

@Sexy time.: Quite the fascination you’ve got there for where he’s putting his d*ck! Don’t you think that’s probably his business, not your’s?

# 8

Where are the fans?!

# 9
Not interested @ 02/10/2012 at 8:31 pm


Bit harsh, don’t you think? After all this is a gossip blog, is it not. Take it down a notch.

Arlene Moon Says... @ 02/10/2012 at 8:40 pm

Unfortunately people in H town thinks he is a joke. The Nelly Fang thing is not going away anytime soon.

Rachel():KateB the Philosopher @ 02/10/2012 at 8:45 pm

How is it, that Alex can look so friggin’ goofy holding his little cell phone in that way and still be SO attractive?!

Damn…he looks good.

Bombe sexuelle @ 02/10/2012 at 9:03 pm

Hot damn. I want a Swede for a husband. Is there any Swede here who could tell me if they like multi racial girls? XD

He is truly one of the most attractive men in all of HW, no matter what he wears, he literally is perfect.
At least now all the people that commented on the fact that he took his privacy a little to the extreme, are being proved correct, he cannot catch a break, if someone sees him with a woman. The poor guy cannot get a photo taken with some random girl without people starting false rumors. Give the guy a break, seriously. He wants to hangout with his family and friends, work his butt off (and what a cute butt), and make a name for himself in HW and if Melancholia is any indication, then he is succeeding. If I was HBO, I would lock him into a much longer contract for TB, because he is worth each and every penny.
I just wish some fans would give him a break, celebrities do pose for pictures with members of the opposite sex and it is just for publicity.
Let us just enjoy any and all photos we get of him, especially in black.

what is this Nelli Fang thing?

This chick @ 02/10/2012 at 9:12 pm

This is Alex he repeats his clothes alot, the same pants and clothes days in a room. He basically has like maybe 10 pieces of clothes at least I have counted 10 either ways no walk of shame just Alex being Alex. No caring that he wearing the same sh*t as last night. He looks better in daylight though very hot.
@10 This chick says STFU like you know anything pot stirrer

Skarsgards @ 02/10/2012 at 9:13 pm


@Bombe sexuelle: Yes, I’ve seen bi racial couples in Sweden.

@cali, its some blind vice crap from E.

My Valentine’s Day gift is here! Let’s hope he keeps strolling through NYC the entire weekend.

JJ is calls his coat a pea coat, but isn’t the same coat from this post from a year ago where he calls it a trench coat?
@Rachel():KateB the Philosopher, he’s adorkable, that’s how he can look hot yet goofy.

charhamblin @ 02/10/2012 at 9:32 pm

Yes, he probably is doing the “walk of shame” since those were the same clothes he had on the night before at the DeLeon party….but, who the f*ck cares? He is a brilliant actor. So, he may have partied a little too much in NYC and stayed over somewhere. Better than drinking and driving, isn’t it? And yes, he has wholly admitted he likes to drink. You can see that by how red his palms are and his face is. The bags under his eyes are do to all Swedes nature and probably from him working 24/7 and being tired. Again…Who The F*ck Cares??? As long as he shows up for work on time, puts in a great performance and does his job the best to his ability (and what a hell of a job it is too!) who are we to judge? He has been working non-stop on the TB set for the last 3 months. This was “his” weekend. Give him that!

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No walk of shame Folks @ 02/10/2012 at 9:39 pm

Sorry people there is no walk of shame here, if you look at the photos from now and his photos from last night he has on different shirts. The one from last night is a Grey and this one from today is Green or army green zoom into the photos they are both on JJ. I know you guys are dying for gossip but if we are talking about clothes it obivious to see that his shirt is different and his hair is brush so he shower and change.

@charhamblin: I agree with what you said, but he’s in NYC, and probably not driving anywhere anyway, alcohol or no alcohol. Walking or taxi.

I’m so Ready for True Blood to come back . He’s so Beautiful. Love, love, love him. : )

TEXAS SWEDE @ 02/10/2012 at 10:02 pm

@ladybug: You are correct. The coat from this post is a trench coat not a pea coat.
BTW From the previous thread….Betty White…..I love it. I bet she would too. ;)

Haha!! Oh him & Betty White would be hilarious!! I want that to happen.

Uh, I could be wrong but isn’t the Boom Boom Room at the Standard Hotel? He didn’t “make it over” to the hotel after the party, he was already there. Why doesn’t JJ do any research before he write this stuff? *rolls eyes*
I think it’s the same outfit, and he probably stayed with Fares partying it up all night. He and Fares seem to like to shut the places down, so I bet they just crashed together.
He’s going to need to rest up though, he was already looking tired. Though he doesn’t look as pale here in the natural light. He sure seems to like NYC better than LA though.

perfect man!! i want him!

I think it might be the same outfit too. Either way, who cares? He was out partying with his pal and having a good time. You’re right, Boom Boom is at the top of the Standard Hotel. JJ messes up once again, along with the jacket not being a peacoat. Haha!

So apparently him and Kate Winslet haas hooked up yo…

Alexander Skarsgard is balding @ 02/11/2012 at 3:30 am

Seeing V-day is coming up, I wanted to mention that red velvet cake made with real butter and a silky cream cheese frosting has more personality than old five-head. It is so much sweeter and sexier than baldy that you hags should sticking cake up your pieholes. Think about it … It’s much safer and you have a better chance of not getting gental herpes from it. : )

Alexander Skarsgard is balding @ 02/11/2012 at 3:35 am

Yeah, I heard he and Betty White hooked last week at her Uncle Olaf’s loft doing boom boom all night.
Better Betty White than that pretentious fat Beowtch.

Jennica Panettiere @ 02/11/2012 at 6:10 am

Wow am I the only one who thinks the way he is holding the phone is a tad effeminate? Lol.

What can I say. The man is pure perfection.

HAPPY V-DAY @ 02/11/2012 at 8:24 am



@Camille: I think it’s the same outfit. He’s a guy, he probably didn’t hang it up after he got back after the party and when he got dressed yesterday probably decided it still looked (and smelled) fine and out he went.
I suggested Betty White because if he’s going to be linked to every female he’s seen with he might as well roll with it and have fun. And you know she’d think it was a hoot. I wonder how she feels about going to Coachella?

beautifuk and amazing as always

Is Betty White?

Alex you handsome devil .I love every minute of these photos . what a gorgeous stud .

@Jennica Panettiere: Frankly, with hands the size of his, he’d need a phone the size of an Ipad for it to fit right in his hand.

Ahh I have missed him.

Stay beautiful, Alex

@#35—POGO—-You said it all in one sentence and said it perfectly. In the dictionary next to the word “perfection”, they should have his photo.
@#37—ladybug–You make two excellent points, the first with the outfit, which looked sooo good on him, he is a guy and why not wear it again if it looked good and the second point about Betty White, she looks like she could keep up with the Swedish Posse and would have them laughing none stop. Even George Clooney jokes around with her.
I will say it again, AS has to be one of the best looking men in all of HW, and his reputation only makes him seem even more gorgeous.

Haha! Betty would rock out at Coachella with the best of them. That would actually be quite hilarious to see.

@ladybug: It looks that way to me. Maybe he partied all night and wasn’t exactly feeling like digging into the old suitcase.

@Macy: I’d like to see her crowd surf at Coachella.
Also, she should go to Soder and participate in the Rollout.

@ladybug: LOL! OMG I can just see Betty White and Grandma Skarsgard drinking their shots together in the town square.

I hope we get photos of Alex ringing the NASDAQ bell. Maybe he won’t wear his kicks to that one. :)

@Camille: Should be photos and video. Hopefully he’ll wear a suit for that one.
As for recycling his clothing I suspect he figures he’s still presentable and if he doesn’t have to be doing anything truly public why not? At least we know he doesn’t spend hours figuring out what to wear before he walks out the door.

He lost some weight or is it my idea?

@loula: It may just be you! But really, he’s got too much clothing on to tell. Sadly, I don’t think he’s going to give us another gym clothing shot so we can compare to the one from January.

JennyCraig @ 02/11/2012 at 9:49 pm

He’s gay..and he is so skinny too..he needs to go to a clinic ASAP

Alexander Skarsgard is balding @ 02/12/2012 at 12:21 am

Betty White would probably not mind getting her old @ss pummelled once in a while. I can imaging Five-head sitting back in bed with her and telling her that she’s the best he’s ever had since Kate Bosworth.

From Swedish delish


What are the odds that we’re talking about Skarsgård and then goes into him in Soho?

plus fares fares, carolin winberg mm

Wow carolin winberg, is a 5ft 11 Swedish model.
Caroline Winberg was born in Sollentuna, Sweden. Winberg, a tomboy and aspiring professional football player in her youth for AIK from Solna a suburb north Stockholm, was en route to football training when scout Cesar Wintland spotted the 15-year-old and suggested that she consider a career in modeling.

You make the most of the models Alex whilst your in NY.and I love the fact she wanted to be a footballer, as football is alex’s passion.

Caroline Winberg has boyfriend. Her boyfriend is Fredrik von der Esch, good friend of Alex :)

@Blum: No! Don’t you understand, every female that Alex is seem with he must be dating/hooking up with, etc. :)
Doesn’t matter who it is, it helps they’re in the same age range and reasonably good looking, but no matter. If he were photographed with Anna Wintour a small cabal of people who think that they were together.

She’s quite ugly, too.

Get a grip. @ 02/12/2012 at 12:54 pm

@facebook Well you might as well add this chick, I suppose Alex must be dating or shagging her consider he gave her his chewing gum jeez people carnt Alex be seen with a chick without assuming it’s going to be his wife.

ArianeVRariane nutter roser
I am stoked to announce that I partied with Alexander Skarsgard…among others…last night #sweetbrag
1 hour ago

entylawyerEnty Lawyer
Alexander Skarsgard gave his half chewed gum to a woman at a party who then proceeded to chew it for the next 6 hours.
10 minutes ago

So some are just wondering on a gossip site about the females no one is thinking he’s getting married. How about the ones that say it’s just a friend then proceed to get all the info on the net and being it here. Hypocrites.

@Get a grip.: The gum thing is more than a little gross, I don’t care who’s mouth it’s been in before.

@Canuck: The gum story apparently originated with the NY Post, so I’m taking that one with a really large grain of salt.

Talk about hygiene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is dicusting that women has no shame
I dont care if the gum has been in alexander’s mouth, All that spit and food particles in Alexander’s mouth passed on to some women.

Alexander should no better and put the gum in the bin, I don’t care if he was being nice and to please the women.

According to TPF

Twitter has exploded: Alex and Liam Neeson are at the Ranger’s game. No pics, yet

@ladybug: I sure hope so, that was a bit disturbing.

@Twitter: Good thing the Rangers aren’t playing against a Canadian team or those guys would be sitting there watching the home team get their um… pucks handed to them. Hehehe

@Canuck: It’s cool that he spends time with his costars all the time. It speaks to a good working relationship. Liam seems like a cool dude too.
Too bad they weren’t watching a game yesterday, seeing as it was Hockey Day in Canada. Got it kicked off with my favourite team playing the Sens at noon. :)

As for the gum thing, yes it’s gross but is it any more gross than swabbing someone’s tonsils with your tongue? Maybe slightly but really it’s nearly the same thing, saliva and whatever’s in your mouth being transferred to someone else’s mouth. Though I am with ladybug, large grain of salt with that story.

@Canuck: I wonder if was the Islanders game, the Rangers game was earlier in the day.
@Camille, I’m hoping that Liam will be there for tomorrow’s NASDAQ opening, I’ve been a Liam fan for a long time. Plus, for whatever reason I find it amusing to see Alex next to someone who’s just as tall as he is.

10. Strange women throw their selves at Alexander Skarsgaard.
9. He smells like fresh laundry.
8. Sometimes he grabs the junk of his male friends and laughs like a child.
7. Women find that irresistible, too.

#68- Someone is sure being a party boy.LOL. Nothing new though. He is a sweetie but like someone said before he likes his partying and pals. I think sometimes he can be a different person when partying too hard. Tough boyfriend material but who wouldn’t like to try LOL.

@ladybug: I don’t think so, a lot of the tweets mentioned MSG and that’s where the Rangers play.
It would be cool if they were both there for the bell ringing. It would be nice publicity for the movie. I like Liam a lot too, I think he’s a great actor and he seems to be a decent person. I felt really bad when his wife died from that skiing accident.

@Camille: The Rangers game was on NBC, I’d could have watched, waiting for that one glimpse! :)
@LOL, he does enjoy his socializing.

@ladybug: I wonder if he was up on the jumbotron.

Arlene Moon Says... @ 02/12/2012 at 8:58 pm

Hey “This Chick” My best advice to you is to follow your own advice and so you need to “SHUT THE F@CK UP”. If you do not like what I have to post. Tough deal with it. You do not get to tell me to STFU. Understand?! No wonder most people believe that Alex”s fan base are “crazy”. It is post like yours that fuels that kind of perception.
Are you a 15yr old boy?

@Camille: And if he and Liam were on the Jumbotron how many women at the game suddenly lost all interest in the game?
@LOL as an added comment, I don’t think he’s a different person when he’s in heavy party mode. He strikes me as a happy drunk-sort of the way Fassbender was last week at the London party for Dangerous Method, where he was trying to waltz with Viggo. I’m not into drunkenness, but remembering my college dorm years I much prefer the happy drunks to all the other alternatives.

@ladybug: I bet! I know that LA always puts celebs up on the screen if they are there, but I don’t know about NY.
I think Alex would be a fun person to party with. He looks like a riot!

@75- I think he can be the happy but also the dark to the limit. Depends.

@Camille: The gum thing was gross mostly from the point of view of a) why would you give a strange woman your half chewed gum, if it wasn’t to make a point to your friends that some people are desperate to get any piece of you they can (which doesn’t seem like an ASkars move, too cynical) and b) the woman chewed it for 6 hours. In the hopes of what… that he’d get the point she’d put whatever piece of him he wanted into her mouth if only he asked? And it took her 6 hours to realize it wasn’t going to work? Eww for the implied lack of self respect.

That said, I agree with you two, it probably didn’t happen.

@Camille: Yes, they put celebs up on Jumbotrons in NYC. They did with Alex at the US Open, he looked very perplexed by that.
@Canuck, I can see him giving someone a new piece of gum to someone at the party, and she chewed it for 6 hours (which probably meant the party was long over), but I can’t really see him giving her a piece that he was already chewing. Even if he was drunk.

This woman is interviewing AS and Taylor, I hope AS doesn’t read her twitter, it might get a tad embarrassing for her:
MTV’s Hollywood Crush editor, ice cream lover and future wife of Alexander Skarsgård!/amymwilk

@ladybug: I can’t imagine chewing a piece of gum for 6 hours anyways. Especially if you’re at a bar drinking.

@Canuck: I can’t see most people chewing gum even near that length of time unless they’re Violet Beauregarde.
Alex must really love that shirt and scarf:

That scarf is ridiculous. If he is trying to show he is European. Then he failed. EPIC FAIL.

I agree, it doesn’t seem like something he would do. For one of his bros he might do it for a laugh, but not some completely random person.

@ladybug: I remember that, but I wasn’t sure if they did it at the hockey games. I imagine they would though. I see the scarf made an appearance at the bell ringing.

@Camille: He loves that scarf very very much. I think I’ve already seen the term ‘scarfsgard (or skarfsgard).

@ladybug: I’ve seen that too. He probably packed like 2 pairs of pants and 4 shirts. LOL!

@Camille: Just enough for a carry-on, it seems. I love that he’s at fashion week and he’s been in basically the same outfit since he got there.

I love the scarf. AS looks great in the scarf, so I say he wears it as long as he wants too.
What I love even more is that he packed what he wanted and needed and probably didn’t care what anybody said about his clothing. He wears what makes him comfortable and he looks amazing in whatever he wears.
I know I have said it before, but that man can wear black, like nobodies business.

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