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Angelina Jolie: Foreign Office Visit in Berlin

Angelina Jolie: Foreign Office Visit in Berlin

Angelina Jolie shakes hands with German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle at the Federal Foreign Office on Friday (February 10) in Berlin, Germany.

The 36-year-old had a meeting with officials where they discussed her role as a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador.

The day before, Angelina took three of her kids – Maddox, Pax, and Shiloh – to Legoland Discovery Centre where they enjoyed some fun in the indoor facility.

The kids played for about an hour and a half and also picked up some Lego toys from the gift shop, German tabloid B.Z. reports (via People).

The family is in town for the Berlin International Film Festival, where Angelina will show her film, In the Land of Blood and Honey.

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Credit: Henning Schacht/Pool; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Getty
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  • Capella

    Oh to be those kids! I don’t know if at their age they are enjoying the world travel, and constant Lego Land and international toy stores visits?

    I know I’d kill for that kind of life. Well, not literally, but maybe come back as Zahara in the next life! ;)

  • Lara

    Angie showing her dedication as always. Looking forward to seeing her and Brad tomorrow at Berlinale.

  • marie

    Angie is always trying to save the world. Amazing woman with a heart of gold. No wonder Brad fell in love with her when they first met and chased her all over the world. With all the pictures that we see and the interviews of Brad, there is no doubt he loves her very much.

  • teri

    I’ve died and gone to heaven, this has been a great day for B and A news. Love them.


    This woman has so much intelligence, courage, poise and natural beauty… many aspects that I admire about her. I don’t think she has to do much to maintain her beauty because it shines through from the inside… of her integrity for human issues, family and doing things that she believes in.

  • troll free thread

    Let us alll ignore the troll with several names. No need to defend Angie.
    She is untouchable. Can’t wait for Brad and Angie on the red carpet again.

  • The power of Jen

    Female first
    She’s not feeling the “love” there @ the Berlin Film Festival……the reviews are starting to come in and they are, as to be expected, HORRID.

  • teri

    Can’t wait to see ITLOBAH, have been waiting oh so patiently. spelling?

  • Shenae

    she looks beautiful, lovely hair.

  • Instead of hanging with CH

    She has better things to do than hang out with Chelsea Handler.

  • ashley rose



    yehey page one

  • Bumpit

    She looks happy. Love seeing her without the ball and chain. Oh,wait he hasn’t been man enough to become the official ball and chain. Lmao Angie said NO! Lmao

  • Rose

    Angie looks beautiful, gettyimages from previous page #411 are beautiful. She always find time to fulfilling her obligations. She is truly a remarkable woman. No wonder Brad loves her and his family so much. Brad is no fool, he knows a good thing when he sees one, GO ANGIE!!

  • Bill

    effortlessly beautiful!

  • Casi

    Thanks jared, so many B & A threads in one day. Angelina is a superwoman.

  • andu

    Jennifer Aniston when he falls in reality will end up as Demmi moore.
    is going to realize that there is 23 but is 43.
    and your dog the trick with a girl when he went to drink with chelsse volka

  • Lara

    New Brad Thread also!

  • andu

    Jennifer Aniston when he falls in reality will end up as Demmi moore.
    is going to realize that there is 23 but is 43.
    and your dog the trick with a girl, when she went to drink with chelsse volka


    very excited for brad to be on ITAS tonight! I can’t play the video at the link, but a commenter says there is lots of Angie in it, which is always a good thing :)

  • TeeHee

    More new pictures of Angelina in Berlin below. Credits to JJB Mega 10.

  • Lurker

    The Power of LaJolie, to be able to set up a meeting with practically anyone she wants, be it head of states, presidents, American and foreign dignitarires, anyone. That is POWER.

  • The power of Jen

    A German Review ITLOB
    A German Review ITLOB

    Postby Guest » Fri Feb 10, 2012 12:13 pm
    One persons thoughts of ITLOBH – German article translated using Google
    by: Christian Ihle

    First The film in one sentence:
    War is bad.
    Second That’s the point:
    Shortly before the outbreak of the Balkan War, the Bosnian girl in love in the Serbian police Ajla Danijel. When they meet up later after the initial chaos of war for half a year, he is the commander of a Serb entity and a prisoner in his prison-camp.
    Gradually, they develop back together tender bonds and Danijel Ajla locked into a single room to protect her – or to own. Or both. Meanwhile, many people die horrible deaths.
    For the statement “war is bad,” I personally would not need 127 minutes playing time. One may indeed count Angelina Jolie high that it diverts for her directorial debut no Eitelkeitsshow and attempted to translate a cruel, depressing war movie, but also for Miss Jolie is finally: good thought is not well made.
    On “In The Land Of Blood and Honey” is so much wrong! The atrocities – mass r**** of human shields to babies being thrown from balconies – are so dramatic that the film stops just short of war against pornography. That the only change to all the horrors of war and commander prisoner wild F*** around, it’s really no better.
    There are also craft weaknesses: the minor characters appear and disappear, as it fits the plot of emotional manipulation, especially in the stuff and the two main characters only simulate a development in their relationship to each other. Basically, the starting point of Danijel and Ajla is told after 30 minutes and despite many superficial back and forth changes in these positions until something dramatic obscurities end, hardly anything (after all, has Jolie consequently avoided any hint of a happy ending). The fact that the dialogue is sometimes frightening wooden (Says the commander with the prisoner. “This war is hard for me to stomach,” I Say: WTF This war only?) And the internal conflict between love and responsibility of Danijel ultimately by dealt with is that the poor just obey his father must be good then even the mundane concerns of Jolie seem daunting. The first non-starter of the festival.

  • Dc

    Just beautiful! Go Angie.

  • Anne

    Its amazing how intelligent celebrities use their fame, influence and money for good. I really admire it!

  • Bumpit

    @The power of Jen: Did you see your loves thread? I bet he tries to sue time magazine for that ugly photo. Lmao

  • Just a Lurker

    Video at link.
    google translation:
    Hollywood at the State Department: Westerwelle receives Angelina Jolie
    Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle (FDP) uses the occasion of the Berlinale and receives Hollywood star Angeline Jolie. The reason for their visit to the Foreign Office is primarily its commitment as a Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations.

    The wife of Brad Pitt is committed to a number of humanitarian projects, and made in recent years, more than 40 trips to war zones and refugee camps. Development Minister Dirk Niebel also participates in the meeting.

  • teri

    Brad and Angelina have won my heart over many times.

  • Amazing

    Angelina and Brad are a couple who tirelessly work on injustice issues in the world. Angelina on refugees and Brad on New Orleans. What an amazing couple.

  • Ooo

    @Brad TONIGHT ITAS: It’s gonna get low ratings. Nobody cares about boring old brad

  • from JJB

    Machine translation

    Berlin. Hollywood star Angelina Jolie (36) holed up since Tuesday with husband Brad Pitt and the kids at the Hotel Adlon in Berlin and was only briefly seen twice in public, without reaching the paparazzi snapshots.

    This afternoon there’s an official date in Bundesaußenminsterium and then with the necessary distance for a nice photo album’s family.

    Besides Westerwelle (50) also took the Federal Development Minister Dirk Niebel (48) in the Foreign Office in Berlin together with the goodwill ambassador of the United Nations Refugee Agency.

    Niebel said before the meeting: “The commitment of Angelina Jolie as Goodwill Ambassador, is highly commendable. Through their work they bring close to the fate of refugees, a large public. ”

    Westerwelle said: “We know from our own German history, such as painful, but also the need to focus on their own past is critical if successful a peaceful, shared future will be. Therefore we want to help keep the memory of the victims and survivors of the Srebrenica genocide alive and thus to contribute to reconciliation. The ‘Genocide Film Library, Bosnia and Herzegovina’, which is also supported by Angelina Jolie, will receive funds from the Foreign Office in order to realize this project. ”

    Jolie has set itself the task of creating the Bosnian Splaviste remaining 8600 refugees a home. The Federal Foreign Office supports projects annually for years to work up the consequences of war in Bosnia with about 3.5 million €.

    The actress is on at the gala “Cinema for Peace” Foundation 13th February 2012 with an honorary award for her work against war and genocide, and her directorial debut “In the Land of Blood and Honey” excellent, on the 62nd of Berlinale will be presented.

    In July 2005, Bosnian Serb forces murdered under the command of Ratko Mladic, the Bosnian town of Srebrenica, more than 7,000 Muslim prisoners of war and civilians. The largest massacre in Europe since the end of the 2nd World War II, the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, later rated as genocide.

    Following the example of Steven Spielberg’s Shoah Stifung wants the “Cinema for Peace” Foundation-run film interviews with 10,000 survivors of the genocide at Srebrenica, record and archive. The so over a period of five years resulting “Genocide Bosnia and Herzogovina Film Library” to educational institutions, museums, NGOs and research institutions will be made available.

  • Erika

    Wow….how many celebrities have the confidence to go without makeup when they know there will be close up photos taken of them?

    Angelina looks amazing without makeup!….wish I could say the same for other celebrities…

  • A proud troll

    Give me a break. So sick of these photo ops. Great, Angelina…it’s commendable to work on such noble causes, but no need to pose and preen for the world over it. Gag me.


    she give guido a fjwp
    biggest vvhore jolie
    vile stench
    lots diseased
    wear thickest rubber
    use gas mask

  • eva ( Love Angie)

    Someone can tells me what Olivier Martinez said about Angelina ? Because I know he has crush on her …thanks .

  • http://google sunflower

    @A SMART WOMAN: as well as believe in adultery?

  • Botoxed like brad

    I like the natural lines on her face. Rare too see a celeb male or female age like this. Jennifer garner is aging the same. No Botox please.

  • You will be judged the same…

    @sunflower: You are a judgmental, self-righteous little sunflower aren’t you? Have you considered a career as a judge? Your education would be from Enquirer and In Touch or tabloids at the grocery store.

  • Mental Patient #425311-Ang


  • From Paris

    to eva :

    And he said it’s very easy to fall in love Angelina or something like this but I don’t the quote exactly maybe someone can help you.

  • Awesome

    Cool that Angie brought her boys along.

  • gracie

    Hi JP fans. Love this pic, Angie looks incredible and sooooo happy. Just gonna read thru the read and try to catch on, I’ve missed a lot.


  • Yoco

    I’m so impressed w/ Angelina’s accomplishments as a Director, Producer, Actress , Activist , Philantropist. One day .I’m going to make a list of all the world leaders and notable figures who have met with and praise Angie including presidents Carter,Clinton and Obama. Colin Powell, Gen Petraius and General Wesley Clark, Gen , Jane Goodall, Chrisiane Amonpour, Dr Jane Aronson, Marianne Pearl. She has met with the President of the Dominican Republic, Indian Foreign Mister, Prime Minister of Pakistan….those of a few I can recall offhand.Today German Foreign Minister. BTW ignore the trolls. Angie’s success= trolls misery.

  • PIC 03 Caption

    That married guy over there is HOT!

  • Saffron

    @ eva

    Olivier didn’t have a crush on Angie but he liked & admired her as did his girlfriend at the time, Kylie Minogue.

    From 2006 – Contact Music

    French actor OLIVIER MARTINEZ has defended his TAKING LIVES co-star ANGELINA JOLIE, insisting there’s much more to her than just her stunning good looks. The heart-throb was falsely romantically linked to Jolie during filming of the movie in Canada two years ago (04), while he was dating his current girlfriend KYLIE MINOGUE.

    Martinez complains too many people misunderstand Jolie, who was portrayed as a ‘marriage-wrecker’ in the fall-out of her current boyfriend BRAD PITT’s marriage to J.A. last year (05). Martinez says, “Angelina’s much more than a ravishing beauty. “She’s an extraordinary woman who deserves to be loved for her humanitarian work and all she does for great causes.”

  • jjjjj

    @PIC 03 Caption:
    Guido Westerwelle?

    Are you insane? Btw he is gay.

  • silvia


  • annon

    Brad Pitt is on a roll, even for Brad Pitt. Arguably the world’s No. 1 male movie star, he is at the top of his game, enjoying widespread critical acclaim for his 2011 output Moneyball and The Tree Of Life — which he both starred in and produced through his Plan B production company. Both scored Best Picture Oscar nominations but were troubled projects that likely would not have seen the light of a camera if not for Pitt’s determination and ability to make them happen. He has already won New York Film Critics Circle and National Society of Film Critics awards for best actor in Moneyball, and now he’s up for an Oscar for that role as Oakland A’s GM Billy Beane. He has smartly created a lasting career by working with some of the best directors around — he calls himself a “director whore” — and has become a first-class producer in the process. He sat for a wide-ranging conversation with Deadline Awards Columnist Pete Hammond that took place a few days after he learned of his multiple Oscar nominations. Read the long interview at link.

  • ratched

    is that a designer straight jacket?

  • Passing Through

    Okay…Jared’s server won’t let me post the Brad interview I’ve been trying to post for the last 10 mintues…so go to -