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Blue Ivy Carter: First Pictures!

Blue Ivy Carter: First Pictures!

Beyonce and Jay-Z show off their newborn baby girl Blue Ivy on their brand new Tumblr page dedicated to their daughter.

“We welcome you to share in our joy. Thank you for respecting our privacy during this beautiful time in our lives – The Carter Family,” the 30-year-old singer and the 42-year-old rapper wrote on the page.

Blue was born naturally on Saturday (January 7) in New York.

Beyonce showed off her post-baby body earlier this week with two appearances in New York City.

FYI: Blue is using her aden + anais muslin swaddle!

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  • A

    I don’t care what any of you say, that baby looks creepy! And there is no way that is their spawn, something is off about the whole thing but still…the baby gives me the creeps.

  • Jessie

    I’m pretty sure that they announced that the baby was born naturally and not via C-section

  • jo

    Right before the Grammys. MTV Awards. They really do know how to steal other people’s thunder lol.

  • Nika

    Beautiful baby but isn’t she kinda white? Maybe B’s genes are stronger…or not :o))

  • solecito

    God bless this precious baby and her parents.

  • Courtney

    Blue is gorgeous and they aren’t the first celebs to do that for their baby either Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon did it for their twins last year. plenty of babies are born with a full head of hair and not all partially african american children are born with curly hair some have it when they’re much older due to chemical treatment such as perms

  • Chansavoir beyonce children. The girl is going to look like has her mother

  • Skys

    omg are u people serious….. Look at beyonce’s mother Tina, she is an black woman mix race woman of course her baby looks withe. Blue is of mixed race because of her mother. In about six weeks blu’s skin will become a bit darker. This is always the case in these situation.

    Look up a picture of mariska hargitay’s adopted daughter Amaya, she was really dark skined when she was born. If you compare that to now you will see her skin is lighter….will u be accusing her and her husband of bleaching their daughters skin. You people are so hateful, disgusting and disturbed. Please go and take your meds.

  • WhiteLatina

    She looks just like Beyonce.

  • yeahriiiight

    That gorgeous baby is both the product of Beyonce’s eggs and JC’s sperm molded in a petri dish and injected in a surrogate mother’s womb.
    There’s nothing wrong with Beyonce admitting to this fact but to deny this is a slap in the face for others who conceived through this method like Sarah Jessica Parker and Mathew Broderick. There’s no difference with this child as others children who were conceived and birthed through natural method, this is a child a life that was given as a gift. Beyonce does not have the look of someone who just recently gave birth too nobody has that glow and relaxed look after you ejected a life out of your womb.

  • .

    @anna: its baby hair :S all babies have straight soft hair !

  • Lona

    She looks so much like Jay-Z .. Can you believe the upper lip? it’s like a copy paste from Jay-Z’s lol

  • haha

    What a beautiful baby! Just gorgeous gorgeous. I can definitely both Beyonce and Jay-Z in her. aww…

  • she looks like an Indian baby

    that’s WEIRD
    am i the only one that sees that?

  • kate

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  • sdf


    My hair was straight when I was born as well…turned out curly. Her hair will not be naturally straight…Beyonce’s family all have curly hair..even the creole part.

  • Jane Patton

    She looks like Beyonce. A cutie.

  • Kat

    God bless them all

  • Luiza

    it is amazing how the stupid rumors about ‘fake pregnancy’ ended now. :) we are going to see pics of beyoncé’s baby bump soon, wait her next DVD

  • Little Beyonce


    I am African American, and my daughter had hair just like that when she was born.

  • Susan

    Such a beautiful little baby and she looks like her daddy. :)

  • Me


  • Sean

    At least the baby didn’t get Jay-Z’s nose.

  • yellow roses

    Oh my. That baby looks like a little Tina Knowles, and Beyonce.

  • V


    The answer is yes. Black babies are also born with straight hair and it starts to curl up after a few months. Depending on genes it becomes curly or tightly curled.

  • Dee

    That baby is beautiful, stop hating on these parents. It’s their child.


    LMFAO that baby looks Spanish you know beyonce baby couldn’t come out bald she had to buy the baby with the most damn hair ..girl bye

  • Frenchy


  • Missy

    LOL@ girl bye …the rumor was the baby REAL mom is from Brazil so i agree beyonce please !!!

  • Nika

    @yeahriiiight: agreed. I believe there’s nothing wrong with having someone carrying your child but why doesn’t she admit it? I mean she’d gain much more weight during the pregnancy and now her body looks like nothing ever happened…but it’s a one beautiful baby!

  • bh

    I read she gave birth naturally and now they are saying planned c section. Which is it?

  • emilia

    <3 beautiful

  • beauty

    Beautiful baby! Jay and Beyonce look like proud parents. Blue looks just like her beautiful mother when she was a baby. Congratulations Bey & Jay. Blue Ivy Carter is beautiful.

  • Zee


    The C-Section was a rumor. No one confirmed those statements.

  • Calvernette L Chevere

    All her fingers and toes she’s in good health God bless your family.

  • Anon

    My goodness that kid is gorgeous!!!!

  • ali

    the baby is adorable !

  • Dee

    Awe what a little sweet pea.she is absolutely beautiful. We all know how intimate & priceless those moments r..thank u 4 sharing. She’s an angel..may God cont. 2 bless u both & ur new bundle of joy! ~Blue Ivy~

  • Mary

    the baby is absolutaly gorgeous! but this baby is impossible to be their at least the two of them together…….. the baby is too white and the hair is too straight ….. and both B & Z are really black……. and don’t have the genes for that….. sorry guys to hit that on the face………. but it is a fact ! how could they think that this mixed baby would be passed buy as theirs…. with little nose and every thing.

  • http://yahoo the next bheyonce

    cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! baby u go b

  • c

    @ Anna
    Yes many black babies hair texture changes as they become older and skin-tone darkens. My daughter was born light-skinned, grey eyes and straight black hair. As she grew older, although she is still considered light skinned, she’s couple shades darker than when she was born , her eye color is now brown and she has light brown tight curly hair..
    I appreciate that you asked instead of usual commenters who don’t know anything about African Americans babies and assume that wasn’t their baby based on how she looks at 3 weeks old.

    The baby is beautiful and looks like both of them.

  • Kevin

    Am I the only one who’s surprised Beyonce didn’t sell these for 1 mil+? Everyone has this impression that Beyonce is very humble and generous but you never hear about her giving a dime to charity despite being one of the richest celebrities. I mean, does anyone remember that Haiti Gaddafi situation? She seems very greedy

  • Mary

    the baby is absolutaly gorgeous! but this baby is impossible to be their at least the two of them together…….. the baby is too white and the hair is too straight ….. and both B & Z are really black……. and don’t have the genes for that….. sorry guys to hit that on the face………. but it is a fact ! how could they think that this mixed baby would be passed by as theirs…. with little nose and everything.

    the worse thing it seems they pay someone to be tagging and saying it’s possible to have a black baby with straight hair. it is indeed when u have back grounds of white people! but in this case she definitely have the quimical straight hair. And besides even she had one gene to be straight it would be impossible for J-Z has it. Both of them must have them.

  • LOL!!


    No. I am mixed over generations on both sides. Beyonce’s mother is Creole. Her father is Black through and through.
    Jay J is Black through and through.

    I had bad hair when I was born and still do. People I know who were born White-Creole with straight hair, still do.
    I like Beyonce, but there is a mystery about that baby.

    I said it before when she had the baby.Watch the baby looks a lil mixed, Spainish.

    Makes me say hmmmmm….

  • Jen

    @Mary: #91
    Don’t be ignorant. I am African American and all 4 of my babies had hair like that when they were born, and looked similar in skin tone, to that baby.

  • Lina

    @anna: It’s the case for all black babies, yes.

  • Denise M

    I am a black America. My two daughters had hair just like that when they were born, and their hair is very long, down her backs.

  • bjday4

    She’s sooo gorgeous. Bey didn’t have a C-Section though

  • Yessssssssssss

    See FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was Pregnant! that baby looks everything like BEYONCE!!! AAAAAAAAwwwwwwww Blue is so Adorable!

  • LOL!!

    I t is the case for Creole babies.
    Beyonce is not really Creole or at least 1/4.
    Her child is less Creole. It dies out after a while.
    If this is a Creole baby, saying Beyonce ‘s baby is Creole, then I must be White like my two White grandparents on maternal and paternal side, White Creoles.
    No, I am not White. I don’t look White.
    I look now as I did at birth.
    I could pass for Spainsih if I kept my hair real permed.

    All of my family looks White or Mexican except for me.
    Sorry, I know gene pool.
    I like Beyonce. That is a sweet baby , such a cutie of hers.
    Best to her and HER child and the child’s father, JayZ.
    Makes me still say hmmmm……