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Brad Pitt: 'Time' Oscar Portfolio!

Brad Pitt: 'Time' Oscar Portfolio!

Check out Brad Pitt‘s portrait in Time‘s 2012 Oscar portfolio!

The 48-year-old actor joined other Academy Award nominees for the feature, which was shot by Sebastian Kim who showcased and highlighted the year’s best performers.

During his sit-down interview, Brad talked about a film he loves, The Jericho Mile, his own movie Moneyball, and how “it’s shameful how little I know baseball.”

Head on over to to see photos and interviews of George Clooney, Jessica Chastain, Viola Davis, Michelle Williams, Rooney Mara, Octavia Spencer, Michael Fassbender, Adepero Oduye, and The Artist stars Berenice Bejo, Jean Dujardin, and even the dog Uggie!

Brad Pitt – Time Great Performance
Just Jared on Facebook
Credit: Sebastian Kim; Photos: Time
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  • Rebecca


  • Love

    I’m just wondering JJ, why did you post only the pic of Brad Pitt when he wasn’t the only person in this portfolia?

  • Lala

    For anyone who has said Brad gets botox, take a good look at this picture.

  • Bella

    Brad is amazing. Really hope he will win.

  • Capella

    Ah… I know it’s not popular to speak one’s mind on this couple, and I do love me some Brad Pitt, HONEST! But that top picture is freaky!

    I prefer the soft and smiling Brad. Especially the one where he talks about his children. Yeah, I’m an ol’ softy myself, and love the mush.

  • Bumpit

    @Lala: he’s just not airbrushed like he usually is.

  • Bumpit

    The unairbrushed brad Pitt is seriously fug. #nothingbutthetruth

  • yap

    Brad is a beautiful man.

  • teri

    Such a sexy man you are Brad and Angelina adores you.

  • new thread

    —————- NEW Thread ——————
    Jared spoiled us today.

  • Satisfied man

    Since he’s been with AJ, he has been able to tap into his true self and become a better humanitarian, actor and family man. He looks like a satisfied man!

  • Dc

    Ruggedly, sexy, yum. Love this picture.

  • Toria

    No – he is a handsome man of nearly 50 who is aging gracefully unlike so many of the other actors his age who use botox and plastic surgery in an effort to remain 25.

  • TeeHee

    More new pictures of Angelina in Berlin below. Credits to JJB Mega 10.

  • Rose

    I hope someone did not mentioned the word hairbrush. SS is the queen of hairbrushed photos on ALL HER MAGAZINES COVERS!! Sometimes they are unrecognizable.

  • Bumpit

    @Toria: No he just loves to dye his hair get facials and yes use Botox. Check out some of his newest photos besides this one …….all airbrushed.

    he looks like a pornstar from the 70ies…
    my father is 66 and looks way younger than him

    what happened to him?i always thought he will look great when he ages..but no..he looks awful..way older than he actually his ugly girlfriend..she looks at least 50!

    ugly people..from the inside AND OUTSIDE!

  • jmho

    I love every line and crinkle on this beautiful man’s face! Please don’t airbrush Brad, it’s sacrilege!

  • Media Wh@re MANiston


    Only jealous haters say he has botox. If the man looks hot, they say he has botox. If Brad shows his wrinkles, he is old. But you know what? Brad makes them look every single time. The trolls can’t stop looking at this sexy & fine man.

  • LMAO

    The trolls are just being honest in this case. He is NOT aging well. At all. If you like a craggy faced guy, with straggly disgusting hair and a grizzly face, who looks older than his age, great. The rest of think he’s not so hot. Get over it, wackos.

  • Rose

    @Media Wh@re MANiston: #19, you speak the truth. Haters are gonna hate. They are in pain, have mercy on them.


    biggest vvhore jolie
    vile stench
    lots diseased
    wear thickest rubber
    use gas mask

  • Lola’s smarter twin

    Wow, Brad will be 50 soon. Considering age, I guess he looks good(for his age).

  • Lala

    @Bumpit – You call Brad ugly? Honey, if this man ever gives you the time of day you’d drop your panties in a second. Don’t front.

    Now if you want to talk about air brushing, take a look at Jen’s new pictures in In Style magazine. Yowza.



  • rough looking


  • muna

    Love hs picture! He is not scared of aging. he embrasee the change on us. we can’t be beautifll for ever. It is very educational and healthy…thank you Brad…

  • Yoco

    I love that Brad is secure enough in himself to photographed au natural . When you have a woman who loves you unconditionally you feel comfortable and confident. He as photographed before for W magazine in 2009 and he chose they guy because of his photographs that show wrinkles, age spots etc. Good for Brad, personally I would be too vain.

  • Ooo

    Brad’s pr team are really trying to spin his please give me an oscar for my overrated mediocre performance campaign.oh i dont want to do it but thats how they framed it, he gave the same speal when talking about selling his baby photos. Surprised he didn’t blame Angelina.maybe he can clarify it all later. Overrated tool.
    Brad be a man and take responsibility for your actions. Old f@rt.

  • anustin

    lovin the overload jealousy!!!!

  • Premalee

    JP Fans – NY, Conn. NJ

    BRAVO Channel 18 TWC @ 8:00 pm – Inside the Actors Studio – Brad Pitt – Today.

  • Raichill

    Geez, he is looking more and more like Benicio del Toro.

  • Raichill

    It has to be said, Aniston had him in his prime. He has aged enormously in the time he has been with Jolie.

  • teehee

    he just doesn’t do it… .GRANDPA

  • carper

    Seriously, I like the guy a lot. But that main picture is not flattering.

  • anustin

    trolls in agony!!

  • NAN


    Dolly’s friends on board with their 100+ names !

    Hehehehe,GrandmaJen is THE LOSER !

    Now she have to admitted it that Brad Pitt never looked back !

    The XJen Fight Dirty for 7+ years huh ?

    The XJen will be 43+ year old is still Empty (WOMB!)


  • bdj

    West, Brees join lineup for Make It Right gala

    Associated Press Reporting
    Singer Kanye West and Saints quarterback Drew Brees have joined the list of celebrities that will attend a gala March 10 in New Orleans to benefit Brad Pitt’s Make It Right home rebuilding effort.

    Pitt launched the Make It Right Foundation in 2007 to help Lower 9th Ward residents who lost their homes during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The Lower 9th Ward was one of the hardest-hit neighborhoods when Katrina caused levees to fail, inundating roughly 80 percent of the city with floodwater.

    Pitt worked with architects to come up with designs for stronger, safer and more energy efficient houses than the ones residents lost.

    Pitt is attending the $1,000-a-seat gala that will include performances by Sheryl Crow, Rihanna, Seal and Dr. John.

  • bdj

    Baby Jane got McGreedy in his prime, an unemployed Actor that dress like a Hobbit.

  • bizzy bee

    Brad looks like a distinguished gentleman. Thanks for having the guts to post such an honest photo, not many people in Hollywood would do the same. Love the black and white.

    Trolls, eat your words AGAIN. Where’s the botox? The truth always comes out!

  • Chakanes!!!

    Brad <3 Angelina!!!!
    Love them both!!!!!!!

  • Jen

    Not his best picture IMO, but there is such an honesty about it that you can’t help but love it. No airbushing, just better lighting and this picture would be amazing.

  • Ako si Gladys

    One of my most favorite video of Brad and Angelina!!!!!!
    Match made in heaven indeed!!!!!! :-))))
    Enjoy and be inspired!!!!!!

  • madel

    He looks very old. I think he used botox like his partner angelina.
    He looks very diferent in the cover of magazines.

    That is his business making show of his life.

  • blondie@yahoo

    I guess Courtney’s dude must have given her the brush off speech:
    “It’s not you. It’s me!!!”

    Now she’s crying to anyone who will listen,
    that she can’t get laid!!! Haaa haaa haaa.

    Who wants to be trapped
    by a cold harted nagging harpy and a bossy, mannish…..(bleep?)

    Who else, besides Brad, is as sweet and cuddley as David?
    This is how the cookie crumbles.

    CoCo will be 18 before too long,
    and Courtney will be alone and counting sheep.

    In my opinion. Jen will be ginding her teeth,
    and happy that she is not the only idiot in town.

  • clearly disturbed


    Are you off your meds? What the hell does his ex-wife have to do with this portrait?

  • clearly disturbed


    Wtf? You have some narrative about Cox going through your head when you see portrait of Brad? Is it the alliteratiion?

  • busted

    Beautiful man.. happy content.. talented..

    has a wonderful family. A beautiful woman by his side.. 6 adorable children. Brad has the WORLD in his hands.

    I’m just so happy for him and Angie.. they deserve the best..


  • NAN

    Wow, Dolly’s friends got angry for GrandmaJen huh ?
    Hehehehe,Norman&Dolly’s friends be Ca Ca Ca likes GrandmaJen!
    Jennifre Aniston admitted it in VF05 that she is Not OK !
    ” I have work with this THERAPIST for a long time ”
    In fact I heard the first Therapist had died already,maybe now the 3rd or 4th one right ?
    This we called KRAMA KRAMA KRAMA and KRAMA !
    GrandmaJen is SUCKS !
    Poor GrandmaJen huh? at 3+40 year old is still No Baby….Ouch !

  • tazzy


    Aniston had him when he was a couch doughnut, LOL. She drove him to it with her boring self.