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Chelsea Handler Discusses Abortion at 16

Chelsea Handler Discusses Abortion at 16

Chelsea Handler opens up about having an abortion when she was 16 in a recent interview on The Rosie Show.

“I was so delusional. I was like, ‘I’m ready for a baby,’” the 36-year-old comedienne told Rosie.

“I was trying to argue with [my parents] and they were like, ‘You don’t understand. You’re throwing your entire life away. You’re not having a child right now. This is not what our family’s about. You know, you’re supposed to create a life for yourself, and we want you to enjoy your life and not be raising a child. And we’re certainly not going to raise it for you,’” Chelsea added.

Looking back, she says she has “no regret at all.”

“I wouldn’t be a good mother … You should do whatever you want with your body and you shouldn’t let anyone tell you what to do. It’s your decision,” Chelsea shared.

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  • Capella

    Whether you like her or not, no young girl of 16 should be having a baby. Case in point, look how well these “16 and Pregnant” “Ladies” are handling having a baby at such a young age.

    Even when most of them are being paid over 100K per season! How many young mothers make that kind of money?

    These days, with this economy, your best bet is to get and education, and learn how to fend for yourself before fending for a toddler!

  • Cole

    If you are going to have sex you should be careful! Use condoms and get on birth control before you do.
    I feel like abortion is only ok for those who have been raped!
    Adoption is a better answer and at least the child lives.

  • Gossipgirl

    She is just repulsive. Why is she protesting so much? No one cares what she does with her uterus.

  • K

    “raise it for you”? IT? damn, her parents must be as cold as she is

  • nikki

    good to know she has no regrets about killing her child with no remorse when she was responsible for getting knocked up. if her parents were so adamant about her making something of herself and preaching “thats not what we do” they should have instilled morals of sex to her instead.


    Like I needed another reason to hate this b!tch so much!

  • meeeee

    Teenagers will be teenagers. The more you try to tell some kids to be careful with sex they will do the opposite. Bottom line: Some people are not cut out to be parents, everyone makes mistakes and (hopefully) learn from them. There is no need to bring another child into the world when there are already SO many out there that need to be adopted into good homes!!

  • bookworm

    There is this amazing thing called “adoption.” Millions of people are desperate to open their hearts and their homes to a child… and instead people like (the very unfunny) Chelsea Handler would rather just kill the innocent baby. Because to do otherwise would be “throwing [her] life away.”

  • Lilly

    I’m sure that should not be an easy decision to have an abortion, it really bothers me that she talk about it as if it were something shallow and normal. Should at least be honest and tell the truth, is a horrible horrible situation, with which the women carry for the rest of their life and is not fun or light.

  • Mitch

    Unless you ARE Chelsea Handler, you will never know what she actually went through during that period of her life. I might not be a fan, but you can’t judge her for a decision she made as a child herself. People on both sides of abortion need to remember that it’s not simply about killing babies or controlling what women do with their bodies. It’s about finding compassion in women who are placed in the position. As a guy, and a pro-choice person, I would never have one myself (I THINK), but who is to say. I can have all the sex I want for as long as I’m alive and will never get pregnant. Why am I free to do so and be fine, but a woman does so and she’s immediately a whore? That’s not fair. Also, woman have to deal with pregnancies, menopause, monthly PMS, and often Osteoporosis, breast cancer, the list goes on and on. Men shouldn’t even be allowed vote against abortion, or any women’s health issues. If men could get pregnant, you can be your own mother’s life that pharmaceutical companies and corporations would make a 100% protection birth control that’s safe.

    If you want to judge Chelsea Handler, judge the terrible writing on her sitcom, or the fact that she makes money hating lots of people on her talk show, but as a woman who made this choice over 20 years ago, no one has the right, or freedom, to judge her or any other woman faced with the decision. If you don’t agree, then good for you, I’m glad people are different. But it doesn’t change the fact that you’ve never been inside her head, or in her shoes, and you’ve never been her as a 16 year old girl faced with a decision.

    I really wish I’d seen the interview. I don’t care for her, although I used to back in the day, but it’s interesting to learn that some people who many think isn’t a really human with a soul, turns out to be exactly that. Oh, and people make mistakes, and humans are not perfect. The biggest mistake humans make is forgetting that they all make mistakes and are not perfect.

    That’s my 16 cents.

  • Mitch


    I wonder if maybe it’s just her way of coping. I can’t imagine what a weight it is to carry, but I bet everyone handles it differently.

  • Lilly

    @Mitch: I agree with you about not judge without knowing, but in this case it is she who is exhibiting extreme lightness with a situation that beyond the opinion of each, is not.

  • Hmm

    @Cole: You are an idiot. “Abortion should only be for those who’ve been raped” Are you serious? Are babies from rape victims worth less in your eyes? That’s what I can’t stand about you pro-lifers, you want to cherry pick and choose things that can’t be done in reality! Either you take away the mothers right to her own uterus completely, or you don’t. There is no inbetween.

  • Frozoid

    Must she use the word “Like” in every sentence?

  • Hmm

    @bookworm: Oh fvcking spare me! There is no guarantee that YOUR baby will be adopted, you shouldn’t count on others to take care of YOUR baby. Just like you pro-lifers say that abortion isn’t birth control, well neither is adoption! There are billions of babies around the world who are not being adopted, wonder why? Supply and demand and now that IVF is becoming popular even among gay people, less and less people will adopt. Take care of the babies that already here, we are 7 billion and counting on this earth! there aren’t even enough resources to go around! Abortion isn’t only an option, it’s a necessity!

  • Wendy

    “You should do whatever you want with your body and you shouldn’t let anyone tell you what to do. It’s your decision,” She forgot to mention that with each decision you make, you must deal with the consequences (whether good or bad). Too bad the baby had no voice in that decision.

    Her mother must be so proud….

  • Capella

    Hmmm, Marry me?

    Seriously man, I love what you just said! Not to be rude, but time isn’t it time for politicians to get the hell out of our vaginas and worry more about their penises? I’d take them more seriously if they would start voting more laws into place that control a penis rather a vagina.

    IMHO. But again, marry me? Gay or straight, don’t care, you are definitely marriage material ;)

  • Capella


    The system would not let me say penises and vaginas (singular) in that order. But that is what I meant: Politicians should try to rule more the Ps before the Vgeaygeays.

  • Amy

    Ugh, can you imagine having this beast for a mother?

  • BrangelinaFan

    Hmmmm. Can’t help but wonder if her parents had THAT reaction because it was most likely a pregnancy from one of her many black high school boyfriends at the time? Bet it would’ve been a totally different story had there been a chance that the offspring would have been blond and blue-eyed, like her. She’s right. She would have been a horrible mother to it anyway, I’m sure.

  • ariella

    I don’t dislike her for the abortion but do dislike her for using it on a talk show to further her career as if it were nothing. It certainly isn’t nothing for women who have had to make that decision and live with it for the rest of their lives. She should have been taught about birth control but as for the rest it is her body full stop. I also dislike her because she is untalented, coarse, vulgar and a racist…. a result of being untalented she does what most untalented HW people do and use anything and everything to stay in the limelight and have the money roll in……including using her body to get there….I think there is a word for that.

  • Charlie

    I don’t understand how some people see abortion as the only way out. There are other ways. Tnere’s adoption. And sure it’s your body, but it’s the baby’s body too. And we should have no right to decide for that person. Cause it is a person, whether it’s 2 days or 75 years. It is a person. There needs to be more education. If you don’t wanna have a baby use condoms, go on the pill. Some teenagers feel embarrassed about making these decisions, well I think if you’re embarrassed to go to the doctor, then you shouldn’t be having sex in the first place. Cause at the end of the day, another person is paying the price. I am in no way referring to rape victims. I am referring to careless people who seem to think that becoming pregnant could easily be resolved by getting an abortion.

  • risa

    She is very honest.

  • Mella

    @meeeee: Only girls with low self-esteem have sex that young.

  • Mella

    @bookworm: Thousands of children NEVER get adopted.

  • claus

    No wonder she is always ‘bitter looking’ and a rude bitch. Killing that child damned her forever and she will never be truly happy.

  • yep/jen is healthy

    @Wendy: her mother told her too – that she would not raise the child.

  • Capella


    Counting “born-again-virgins”, you just described a very high percentage of American girls.

    More and more studies are proving that the “abstinent lecture” in schools had the absolute opposite effect. American girls are having sex younger and more often, than their Canadian counterparts (let us try to compare a bit closely to home here).

    It has become more common for young girls to have sex as early as the age of 12, and their first baby as early as 14 (you can thank the “16 and pregnant” craze for that one. Sad, but oh so true.

    I think we should concentrate more on teaching self esteem, than self denial. That last one hasn’t obviously worked, no matter the financial government support.

  • pinhead

    yeah, she’s right. do whatever u want with your body. I mean c’mon…its just a human life. throw it out like and old pepsi can!!!

  • Eric

    People need to get off her back about this. She had an abortion. So what? Thousands of woman do it and they have every right. It’s HER body and HER decision. You can’t judge someone for making a decision that you personally wouldn’t make. People in this world preach about tolerance and not being judgmental, but it’s ALWAYS the people who preach that that are the most judgmental people out there. People say that she should have just given the child up for adoption instead of aborting the child. Why? First of all, it’s HER choice. Second, most people think “Oh, having a baby is no big deal.” Have you ever been through it? Most likely not. I’m a guy and I have never been through it, but I do know how much of a tole it can take on a woman. Coming from a guy who has 3 sisters and all of them have had multiple children, I’ve learned from all of them that it is a hard thing to do and it can take a huge tole on you and your life.

    Also, there are hundreds upon hundreds of children who NEVER get even get adopted. You have hundreds, maybe even thousands, of kids sitting in foster care, but they never get a proper home. Why bring another child into that?

    I don’t know. I just find the fact that people judge her so harshly ridiculous. Grow up and realize that people have different mindsets and not everybody will make the same decisions as you. We are all different and we all have different opinions on what is right or wrong. You may not agree with her decision, but you should at least respect it. Also, people make mistakes. Every single person on this planet has made many, many mistakes. You can’t judge someone for making a mistake, especially when they are that young. Again, stop judging and just get over yourself.

  • pinhead

    This woman is ugly inside and out. Acting like its cool to just cast away human life if you’re not “ready” . how dispicable. Shes such an old un-funny ugly horse-faced clam. I hope when she dies (hopefully soon) her unborn child is waiting at heavens gate with a sign that say “ vacancy” and then flips it over on the other side and its says “let me know what hell’s like…”mom”.

  • Burn in hell eric.

    @Eric:’re a typical liberal.–”ughhh whats the problem? millions of girls get abortions…its like putting on your socks or brushing your teeth.” screw u. Her choice huh? her body eh? what about the rights of the unborn child eric? just because it doesn’t have a name yet or a personality doesn’t mean that its not a life. Its just a little dot right? Nothin to it…just suck it out with a vacuum cleaner or it its a couple months along just break the skull with tweezers to get it out. Go drive drunk and kill yourself.

  • eric is a loser

    @Eric: erics right, dont judge people. everyone makes mistakes. for instance-child molesters. its they’re choice to molest children if they want to. let everyone do what they want…its all good. another awesome point that eric makes is that having a baby really takes a toll on women!! Do u know how much work babies are?? I say kill it and watch oprah in peace and quiet!! your my hero eric!!!

  • katy


    that’s why it’s called a woman’s choice…not cole’s choice

  • Eva

    @Burn in hell eric. ….. “Go drive drunk and kill yourself.” …. really? You critizise ‘Eric’ for being a liberal so I would assume you considder yourself conservative and thus “better”? Is wishing death on someone based on their oppinion (free country btw) really the higher road? Pathetic. I wonder if you would say that to someone in person and not over the internet.

  • Hmm

    @Eric: Love you Eric! You are a breath of fresh air in this otherwise harsh and judgmental world.

  • eric is a loser

    @Eva: i dont want him to die because of an opinion. I want him to die because he endorses murdering unborn innocent HUMANS because they could be an inconvience to them. I shouldnt say i want him to die..i just wouldnt care if he did. Just like he doesn’t care when a life is torn away and thrown out like a discarted sticky note. Go to- ync. com- and go watch the late term abortion videos. watch them twist the head around and break the skull and pull out the lifeless form that was just living 30 seconds before. if you can watch that and still be okay with any kind of abortion then you ARE NOT HUMAN.

  • Capella

    It is a bit scary how much people tend to comment on a woman’s life and rights. Especially men.

    I would like to simply remind my fellow Americans, about a country some 80 years ago, that had the freedom to chose, to be, and where women were respected. Then the people mistakenly elected a very conservative government, where women-bashing was encouraged in every law adopted.

    Fast forward to 80 years later, that country is Iran my friends. Look it up! Iranian women used to be the most liberated, respected and sought after beauties in the Arab/Persian area.

    Just stop doing all that is in your power to degrade and belittle a woman, and adopt a much healthier attitude towards each other. No need to support Chelsea, but no need to threaten your co-citizens either with death, and crazier awful violence.

  • eric is a loser

    People dont consider fetuses to be a living thing. Its like if they cant see it then it doesnt count or something. Or if it isnt completey formed yet than it isnt a “human being”. it is. plain and simple. it may not have a favorite color or favorite flavored icecream yet, but that doesnt mean that it doesn’t count as a life. It is NOT a womans “right” to kill it, just because they are “not ready” to have a baby. You were ready to have sex so you must be willing to take the risk. You don’t join the military if you’re not ready to possibly die in combat. Life no matter how tiny or “insignifigant” in some people eyes, is still worth saving.

  • eric is a loser

    @Hmm: then go give him a hmmmm and spit it out in the toilet.

  • eric is a loser

    @Mitch: Unless you are that DEAD HUMAN that she murdered u will never know what it went through during THAT period of its LIFE.

  • Charlie

    Looks like Chelsea got what she wanted. People are talking about her.

  • Eva

    @eric is a loser: Relax… It’s common sense that most 16 year olds are not mature and stable enough to properly raise another human. Respect other peoples oppinions and beleifs, dont go shoving yours down everyones throats!!!

  • eric is a loser

    @Capella: Conservatives dont want you to kill Female fetuses. if thats not standing up for and respecting womens rights…i dont know what is.

  • eric is a loser

    @Eva: Im not…im simply explaining my view in hopes that maybe someone will stop being brain-washed into thinking that fetuses are not considered human.

  • eric is a loser

    I just wonder how many women that have had abortions, go to a mall or to the beach on a sunny day and see a mom and daughter, or a mom and son walking hand in hand laughing and enjoying themselves and wonder “what if I didnt have the abortion” what would my daughters\sons name be? if it was a girl..what dress would she like in the window? would she have a laugh like mine? I bet MOST regret the decision. Especially when they get older and start realizing that a life is more important than having time to go clubbing or do your nails.

  • eric is a loser

    If any of you truly believe in god, and im not saying that you dont or that you should, then ask yourself if you asked him if abortion was okay, do you really think the answer would be ” Ummmm depends on how far along it was”.

  • eric is a loser

    @Capella: i would adopt a child before i adopted a more “healthy atitude” towards abortion.

  • eric is a loser

    @nikki: you said it perfectly

  • eric is a loser

    @Eva: Eva…i would love to say it in person to you. is this your way of asking me out on a date? dont worry, if i get you pregnant we’ll just kill it.