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George Clooney & Stacy Keibler Dine at Dan Tana's

George Clooney & Stacy Keibler Dine at Dan Tana's

George Clooney and girlfriend Stacy Keibler leave Dan Tana’s after having dinner on Thursday (February 9) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 50-year-old actor recently chatted with NPR about his two Oscar nominations – one for Best Actor in The Descendants and the other for co-writing the adapted screenplay for The Ides of March.

George also opened up about the types of roles he’s eyeing for the future.

“I’m not going to do any more films in rubber suits,” he joked, referring to his Batman days.

“Growing old on screen is not for the faint of heart,” he added. “There’s a certain cruelty to being on a big screen as your eyelids start to sag and your hair falls out and turns gray that you either have to be able to handle or not. What you can’t do is try to force yourself into roles that you could have played or would have played 10 years earlier. You have to constantly be looking forward.”

FYI: Stacy is wearing a leather TheEternal jacket.

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  • sweetness

    I get the impression that Clooney is only using the new woman to appeal to the Academy to gain popularity with Academy members which = Oscar votes.

  • kate

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  • kel

    Good luck to George. Hope he wins an Oscar.

  • loser

    She looks beyond pathetic. Beyond…..

  • jj

    Wow what a hot looking cumdumpster!!!

  • elly

    i dont like her style at all. if u can even call it a style.

  • Mimi

    Enjoy being used by an old man while it lasts…


    Funny how he claims he is a lousy father figure, actual admit cursing at children, but dates and sleeps with women young enough to be his daughter, or use the guise to want to “adopt” a young woman; when in reality he just wants to groom her to have a intimate relationship later. Naw he is not transparent. Not at all. So this is Oscar worthy material? Of course! Hollywood has been breeding this for years. Why stop now?

  • papa george

    Nice to see dad take his giant daughter out for an oscar campaigning supper. Then he called the pap to take their pic so giant daughter has a souvenir to remember him by. P.S.- We’re all stupid. No one see’s how phony and staged this PR phony showmance is. How do you spell p-a- thetic?

  • keshaluv

    this is clooney’s last chance at a real good girl, next stop will be college dropouts looking for a payday, no one will fall for his scam anymore, get it right george.

  • Gossipgirl

    The verbose garden gnome and his rent a ho. No news here.


    Stacy is far from a real good girl so in essence-HE FAILED! She is as phony. Perfect for each other perhaps?

  • signage

    Still fake dating the rent-a-hooker as part of your destructive and idiotic Oscar campaign, huh, George.

  • signage

    @TIMEKEEPER: Clooney does not sleep with Keibler, and he did not sleep with Canalis. He has a business contract with them, for publicity purposes. He’s not stupid enough to sleep with one of his employees. And you’re beyond disgusting for implying that he wants a sexual relationship with Shailene. Evil crap like this is why George should not be awarded the Oscar. Why are you bombarding JJ with lies the past couple of days? Guess George has realized that this publicity charade is not helping his chances of winning an Oscar.

  • signage

    @papa george: Yes, it is completely fake and staged, and many people realize it.

  • Paula

    George compromised his integrity and it cost him $5.00 + the oscar this year.

  • signage

    What will you have at the end of this unclean, destructive, idiotic Oscar campaign, George? You will have no Oscar and no real girlfriend. You will have continued losing the respect of people both in Hollywood and elsewhere. You will have harmed the prospects of women who seek to advance themselves through work and improving their talents and skills. In short, you will have lost. Even if you win your little trophy, is it worth the kind of destruction and pain you’re causing your family, friends, and women who are trying to make it in the world without sleeping with the bigwigs at their companies?

  • Paula

    Stinkhole’s go for $5.00 in Hollywood or a dime-a-dozen.

  • signage

    @signage: To continue this, someone like Shailene would never be interested in Clooney. She’s smart, young, and beautiful. Only famehos who just care about fame and money agree to these arrangements. The difference between a playboy and a John is, a playboy doesn’t have to pay for it or sign a contract, and the type of women he attracts are actually talented, beautiful, and high class. These publicity charades of George’s with these low rent types just make him look like a pathetic John who can’t do any better.


    Okay Signage then WHO IS HE HAVING SEX WITH? You are the expert in this area so why don’t you explain it? Slamming me and saying I am lying? Then tell us ALL who he has sex with. We are waiting…

  • signage

    @TIMEKEEPER: I don’t know who, IF ANYONE, he’s sleeping with. I just know it’s not part of the publicity agreements with these rent-a-hos. Also, even if the intended perception is that of a sexual relationship, that does not help him. See what I wrote above. It makes him look like a pathetic John who can’t do any better than these low-rent hookers.


    So you don’t know for sure. Yet you are calling ME a liar. Obviously you have a source to Clooney so once again where and WHO is he having sex with? The man is clearly NOT celibate nor discretionary on choices.

  • signage

    Female Academy members, please take note. George Clooney is crapping all over everything you’ve worked for. He thinks winning an Oscar is more important than women being treated fairly and not as objects. He’s set women in Hollywood back by at least a decade with these charades promoting women who have slept their pathetic way up to the D-list. For your consideration.


    Female Academy members, please take note. George Clooney is crapping all over everything you’ve worked for. He thinks winning an Oscar is more important than women being treated fairly and not as objects. He’s set women in Hollywood back by at least a decade with these charades promoting women who have slept their pathetic way up to the D-list. For your consideration.

    —— So we agree on something. I am still not clear. I think it was fair what I asked on #22. You are quick to attack me and call me a liar. So take another stab at it. Since you are the Clooney expert please explain why what I posted IN DETAIL why it could not happen. There must be a detail you do not wish to expose. Calling me a liar and disclosing this detail would be a great idea.


    why do people always get upset and wonder when BIMBOS DATE BIMBOS?
    he is a bimbo she is a bimbo..where is the problem?they match..
    who should he date otherwise?
    an intelligent woman?what intelligent woman would date him?
    when this stacy wh@re will be dumped..he will be with a stripper,pornstar,waitress(in a stripperclub)or a Z-lister..etc
    at least she is better than them former wh@re..that looked like a man..

  • signage

    @BRAD PITT IS UGLY AS HELL!: It’s upsetting because it is done only as part of a publicity campaign that hurts women as well as Clooney’s reputation and career. It’s completely unnecessary and stupid.


    BRAD PITT IS UGLY AS HELL! I cannot argue with your logic. He has not helped himself in this respect. He has created this reality for himself unfortunately. Yikes!

  • http://website david ouellette

    I like George Clooney. He’s very creative and talented. He’s also got gay or bisexual “written” all over him. It’s okay George, you can come out now- it’s the 21st century!

  • http://website david ouellette

    I like George Clooney. He’s very creative and talented. He’s also got gay or bisexual written all over him. It’s okay George, you can come out now – it’s the 21st century.

  • RL

    She reminds me of this Russian cadet that I met once, and she looks like her too, and George Clooney looks kinda old.

  • Guest

    Who cares that they went out to dinner, it means nothing, they both needed to eat. I doubt they stay home alone together and make a lot of romantic meals. They might have been with friends, not even alone. Dan Tana is one of those to be seen restaurants that celebs can get photographed when coming out. It is not like the paps caught them in a romantic kiss, just coming out of a restaurant. Oh big deal ,he held the door open for her and he is wearing a nice suit.

  • i wonder

    wonder how much longer he’ll stay with her…prob thru oscars then on to the next

  • silverscreen

    Greetings from South Korea. I see that George is still making himself a laughing stock. I won’t be watching the Oscars just so I can avoid the disgusting sideshow.


    all of the world
    Go to the site of george clooney french fans
    catch to catch

    but you need must use the translation !

  • signage

    @FREGIO: Sorry but I quit going to that site after they did shameless promotion of Canalis, and her publicist kept attacking anyone who made critical comments about her. I think that if George ever stops doing these stupid publicity contracts with famewhores, he will once again have legitimate websites and blogs dedicated to him.


    i just knew
    this restaurant is well known restaurant here in LA as of the third age
    it is very frequented by clientele frica but not very fresh with delicate stomachs that are in search of lost time probably homesickness Stacy was honored


    a totalitarian atmosphere reigns in this site!
    Cult of personality George clooney
    For you there a reason That Is obvious …

  • stream

    THAT gay dude again.. Uses women to dupe us but looks way happier in all male pics

  • Shawn

    As to why George does these publicity contracts, I think it is a combination of very bad p.r. advice and doing favors for people. Keibler may be a friend of a friend, that is she has provided “escort services” to one of his friends (and perhaps still is), and the friend asked that Clooney help Keibler out. Clooney is very big on networking and doing favors for people, evidently even when it makes him look like a moron.

  • George’s buttscorts

    Fully clothed, decent, intelligent women in Syria are running for their lives in sheer terror right now while the UN Messenger of a piece of…is preoccupied promoting his current talentless disgusting buttscort.

  • cindy

    Clooney and Keibler are promoting the denigration of their own self-respect! How lame.

  • phony couple alert

    Who would’ve thought one pap would be standing right outside the exit door the split-second they exit a restaurant especially known for papping. What a joke these two have become…they look like total fools pretending to be a couple. They probably ordered this phony media bs for dinner. Someone should have reminded them to cleanse their BS instead of eating food. We’ve had enough of this phony non-couple’s nonsense.

  • Fake Couplegate

    She should win the fake award for the best most consistently faked phoniest smile ever.

  • Phoenicia

    George looks nice taking his paid PR escort out to dinner.
    SL and EC are prolly rolling in (top secret) fits of laughter by now. lol shhhhhhh…. nobody knows this is just a paid pr escort fake showmance(again) Shhhhhh don’t tell anyone….nobody knows…..everyone thinks we’re a real couple……lol……………..shhhhhhhh…uhn hunh…. right…’re a real couple….unh huh….alrighty u 2 fools….sure you are……lol…………….lol………………………………………….lol.

  • sad news

    George has lost Anna. Evil has won.

  • LMAO

    ahahahahaha Silverscreen (sad news and all your alters) George never wanted Anna in the first place!


    LMAO are you sure “Anna”. Even wanted him? That any woman that is positive, balanced, and strong sense of self worth would “want” him? Of course! Stan taught him! EVERY woman wants the Cloonster right?


    @sad news:
    Good news very good
    Annelenoir-Black Anna is very dangerous person
    her enjoyment is where he was tortured …).)Syriana
    Good luck


    Oh let us discuss some of the things that was discussed to Anna when she had a WHOLE LOTTA CONNECTION AT GASP!!!! WARNER F*U*C*K*I*N*G**** BROS.! Yeah let us talk about that shall we? Hmmm…. That Clooney loves his women a helluva lot younger and SKINNIER than Stacy. ( Hellooooo Shailene!) The body must be kinda boyish in appearnce. How CLOONEY HANDLERS and WARNER teamed up to bully and even KILL someone’s pet to send out a “message”. LMAO and Clooneyette yeah start your s*h*i*t* okay?? How about Clooney in addition to not turning a profit was causing other problems or should I say his “handlers” and Warner put a kibosh. Do you idiots want to continue???? Yeah George did not want “Anna” because “Anna” can bring down the corporation right????? Yeah you idiots want to continue. Hahahaha you putz!


    Keep running your stupid mouths and at this rate Clooney’s career will be in even further trouble! Told you idiots to keep Anna out of it. When will you idiots ever f*u*c*k*i*n*g* learn?