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Madonna: M.I.A. Apologized for Middle Finger Stunt

Madonna: M.I.A. Apologized for Middle Finger Stunt

Madonna says rapper M.I.A. has apologized for sticking up her middle finger during their Super Bowl halftime show.

“I know she feels bad … I accept her apology, but you know, I think she still has her head in the sand right now. I’m not sure,” the 53-year-old entertainer told Carson Daly on AMP 97.1.

Though Madonna previously said she was disappointed about the debacle, she still supports M.I.A. as a fellow artist.

“I like her and, you know, I believe in people having individuality and I like her punk rock attitude,” she added. “Actually I think she’s really cool and that’s why I asked her to be in my show and be on my record [MDNA]. But I didn’t think that was the time or the place for it, to tell you the truth.”

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  • cal

    WHO CARES? it was so stupid and lame and obviously planned out

  • mindcontrol
  • Puppet

    This coming from the Evil Priestess of the Illuminati.

  • sdf

    Did Madonna say M.I.A. had a punk rock attitude?lol um, no…more like a “rapper” attitude. Madonna is mad because, she wasn’t the most talked about like she originally planned. And if I remember correctly, wasn’t she the QUEEN FOR DOING THINGS FOR SHOCK VALUE back in the day? The song sucked period no matter who was on

  • A

    She needs to stop wearing that cross necklace, she isn’t Christian and it isn’t a fashion accessory.
    Disrespectful. I wouldn’t walk around with a davids star necklace when i’m not jewish.

  • rafael

    Why did she apologize? This was the best part about the performance!

  • War paint

    Mia, nice makeup
    . NOT!






    SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA

  • Delphic

    Who cares? Yeah, Madonna is a good entertainer, but M.I.A. is the twice the artist she is!

  • anon2

    Ok, I am sick of not only celebrities but people in general who feel that everyone must conform to what they are going through at that time in their lives. Madonna did that stuff when she was big in the 80′s and 90′s; she was always the one who wanted to go against the grain and push boundaries. Now that she is a mom and is into Kaballah, she wants everyone to act like school marms. Pleassssssssssssse.






    LET’S SEE!!!!!!! HAHAHA

  • LadyB

    Yes, Madonna was the queen of vulgar at one point but she did those things at her show, which people paid to go and see. This was the Superbowl where children are also watching. She said it best..there is a time or the place for it, the Superbowl is not one of those places. If Janet Jackson had shown her nipple shield at her own concerts, no one will be talking about wardrobe malfunction.

  • anon2


    Exactly. Now poor MIA is being treated as if she should be sitting in the corner with a dunce hat on. Do you think Madonna at 25 years old would believe that in the future she would publically repremand a fellow artist for giving the bird on live t.v.?

  • j

    this was obviously planned by madonna. the woman knows any press is good and it’s quite easy to be ‘scandalous’ for Americans. I mean it was the Super Bowl, that’s like being at an audience by the pope and flashing everything, no?

    you guys give madonna too much power

    m.i.a. is a great artist though and she comes from a niche where she simply can get away with such things though it’s pretty inappropriate for the super bowl

  • :)

    @LadyB: exactly at every Madonna concert even in 2009 Madonna puts up her middle finger but thats her show we know what to expect and love it. Its obvious they stressed to her no nonsense especially since she is Madonna. I personally don’t think Madonna gives a shit about the middle finger I think she just like wtf the sensors were up my A then you(MIA) slip instead of keeping it clean.

  • anon2


    Ok, but for Madonna to say that MIA was being childish is really ridiculous. I am sure kids hear much worse from their parents than a two second flip of the middle finger. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying MIA should have done it, but she did, let MIA apologize for it and not berate her. Madonna is in mommy mode; her antics at the age MIA is currently definitely shocked more than a few, lest she forget.

  • jimpapa

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  • Lalalove

    Oh, gimme a break, Madonna, Queen of I don’t know time of place.

  • :)

    @anon2: the setting is an important factor it took them a while to put someone exciting on for half time and I’m sure they were nervous to put Madonna in cause of her past and til this day she’s about shock look at live to tell on the confessions ( which was touching if you took the time to read the messages on the screen) no matter what it wasn’t the time and place. I sure kids had access to her filthy stuff but it was at her shows you also had to be an adult to buy the sexbook. My dad wouldn’t let me go to the Girlie Show I had to wait forever for her to go on tour again. the NFL is the problem acting like its a wholesome family event the games are full of screaming cursing fans but the NFL is trying to hard to make it clean

  • Dee

    MIA knew what she was getting into when she signed a contract and agreed to the terms on that contract. It was the wrong place and time to breach that contract and she could possibly face a fine as a result. Madonna can curse and do whatever she wants at her own concert because she gets to set whatever rules. People going to her concerts know what to expect. Likewise, MIA can do the same at her own shows, but everyone involved in the halftime show had follow to the NFL’s terms and conditions. It was also disrespectful to Madonna and the other performers who actually performed as promised. It’s a bit ungrateful on MIA’s part too, since it was not her show, so it was not her job to do as she pleased and ruin things for others. Madonna doesn’t have a problem with MIA and her cursing or flipping off anyone, she actually said she likes that about her, but you have to know your setting and audience and MIA messed up by choosing the wrong time and place to pull her stunt. Anyway, seems Madonna and MIA are okay now.

  • Dee

    @anon2: MIA’s reps did apologize for it and Madonna’s was asked for her opinion. She didn’t exactly berate her, but she did explain the situation and she’s right, MIA’s stunt was unnecessary at that given time and place. Madonna also stated that MIA apologized to her and that Madonna loves MIA. Had it been Madonna’s or MIA’s concerts, neither of them would’ve cared if the other flipped the middle finger or cursed. They’re both rebellious personalities and are outspoken. In the case of the halftime show, MIA made a bad call. Hopefully not one that will cause the NFL to again revert to male performers in their 60s-70s. They had already forbidden female solo performers since the Janet incident.

  • Why is she wearing a cross? Isn’t she into kabbalah?

  • riri

    she’s literally throwing M.I.A under the bus ! i mean come ooonnn madonna did way way way worst in her career so don’t throw the rock bitch ! and i loved the way M.I.A did that finger ! if you didn’t want her to do that finger (wich is juste a freaking fingeeeeeeeeeeerrr damn americans) then why did you let her sing “i don’t give a shit” she’s just expressing and in europe it wouldn’t have even been noticed !
    M.I.A is the queen and madonna is just jealous because she robbed her moment

  • namilo

    @riri of course because the single of M.I.A “bad girls” had better reviews than that old bitch and her album is probably gonna be better than madge’s ones !!!
    She’s juste an old freaking singer who btw can’t even sing and is afraid of the competition she was afraid of ricky martin, britney and then christina, then nicki minaj then M.I.A who’s next ?
    And what’s the common points of the first 3 there career have all ended up how weird isn’t it !

  • blah

    is M.I.A. a tranny?

  • B


    I totally agree. Didn’t Madonna receive criticism over and over again for being inappropriate in her career? I am a huge Madonna fan, but this is a bit hypocritical.

  • Den

    So Madonna has ethics …. who knew?

  • anon2


    Well, maybe if Madonna didn’t have 50 guest singers during her show and felt secure enough to do the show alone, then she wouldn’t have risked the opportunity for one of the other performers to act out. MIA give the finger, Madonna didn’t, so why is Madonna going on and on about MIA having her head in the sand, acting like a teenager, etc? That is throwing MIA under the bus. She could have talked to MIA behind the scenes, asked MIA to give a public apology, and then end it there. Madonna just wants more press on herself so she is creating more drama about it than necessary.

  • :)

    @anon2: Because nobody else at halftime had guests? trust me she can command that stage without other artists thats why she’s the top selling touring solo artist. duh. and she considers herself a performance artist not a vocalist. if thats what you expect what someone like Adele, Mariah, Celine, xtina etc. Also Madonna was asked this question and just like you can assume they didn’t talk it over or assume you know Madonna’s agenda i will assume MIA knew what she would say and will be totally cool with Madonna in her next interview. Time will tell and haters like you will look like complete A again. give it up already 30 years of being on top doesn’t happen by accident she knows what she’s talking about.

  • :)

    @anon2: Also if you google the incident all the top news site CBS CNN etc headline reads M was not happy with MIA. Then the BS sites like daily scoop star etc have the more dramatic sounding M slams mia.

  • brenda

    omg!! stop freaking out i like mia better than maddonna. because maddonna is Fake and mia is real, the middle finger was kinda innappropiate, but we love mia for her spontaniousness!! Maddonna done worse, weve all done worse, so get over it!

  • David

    She apologized to Madonna!!! Big deal!!! How about apologizing to the 113 million viewers? Doe she plain on doing that?

  • julio

    @sdf: Right on man, like your style, you sound like someone I know from Nome. Ok people do you think that was really anymore inappropriate than half the Super Bowl commercials like the one last year with the guy suckin the other dudes finger after he ate doritos I mean come on

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