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Vanessa Hudgens: Leila Shams Fashion Week Party!

Vanessa Hudgens: Leila Shams Fashion Week Party!

Vanessa Hudgens hits up the Leila Shams after party held at The Westway on Thursday (February 9) in New York City.

At the NYC Fashion Week event, the 23-year-old actress met up with Rose McGowan and Camila Alves!

Vanessa recently revealed some character work she did for her upcoming film Gimme Shelter.

“I actually went and stayed in the [homeless] shelter for two weeks before I started filming, so I mean like, I lived there with all the girls, with all the kids, so I think that it’s really interesting because you find so much more about yourself,” Vanessa said on The Rachael Ray Show (via ET).

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens at the Leila Shams after party…

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vanessa hudgens leila shams after party 01
vanessa hudgens leila shams after party 02
vanessa hudgens leila shams after party 03
vanessa hudgens leila shams after party 04
vanessa hudgens leila shams after party 05
vanessa hudgens leila shams after party 06
vanessa hudgens leila shams after party 07
vanessa hudgens leila shams after party 08
vanessa hudgens leila shams after party 09
vanessa hudgens leila shams after party 10
vanessa hudgens leila shams after party 11
vanessa hudgens leila shams after party 12

Credit: Rabbani and Solimene; Photos: Getty
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    Vanessa is so gorgeous!

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    They broke uo 2 years ago…

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  • Emma

    So effortlessly beautiful

  • Gloria

    @KATY: Here is Vanessa’s bulletin board
    I don’t like Ashley at all
    I like Vaness a whole lot more than her

    @keshaluv: Shut up

  • Nikita

    I love her very much.

    But I really hate her boyfriend who is stupid

  • sincere

    Why people keep on loving her? And then celebs complain that their faults aren’t forgotten lmao.
    No wonder why Leila is her friend. She has an even sillier expression.

  • Emma

    @sincere: You have to stop talking nonsense

    If you hate her, just stop coming here

  • sincere

    @Emma: Who are you? a dictator? I can give my opinion whenever I want and I’m not ‘obsessed’ with Vane

  • maria

    So nice that Vanessa was able to spend a few days at Fashion Week before she heads off to Paris. She looks rocker girl chic here, and I love her hair this length. She mixes her style up in such a cool way.

  • Emanele810

    Wow! First post about her where shes not makin out half naked on some random beach…nice!

  • Marsha

    Oh good, Maybe she can get some fashion advise. She needs it.

  • carmali


  • carmali

    @ashley rose:
    i dont!

  • carmali

    me too.. she is just soo gorgoeus!

  • carmali

    i know.. she was soooooooooo beautiful

  • carmali

    best news ever <3

  • carmali

    do you know austin?

  • carmali


  • carmali

    Is she going to Rome and london too?

  • carmali


  • Danielle

    She looks incredible!!!

  • maria

    @carmali: I don’t think she’s going to Rome, and I’m not sure about London. I think Josh is doing the London premiere, but I could be wrong. Anyone else know?? I think she didn’t have anything scheduled past this weekend, cause she’s starting on Spring Breakers w/ Gomez and Franco this month.

  • ?????????

    @#20 i totally agree with you.

    Please don’t let her come to London.

  • maria

    @?????????: Well that comment explains a lot.

  • ?????????

    W0W!!!!!! @ maria you are a bright spark!!!!! Lol

    What gave it away? The fact that I hate Vanessa or that fact I said not to come to London? Ohhh are you trying to say you don’t like Londoners. Vanessa won’t like that didn’t she say it was one of her most favourite places to see. Tut!! Tut!!

    Ohh and thank god the PDA is over for now at least. Austin must have served his purpose (PR) ohhh well he can go back to the stone he crawled out of, I’m sure she will be moving on to the next poor soul soon enough!!!

    Love to you all. Xx

    Just waiting for your reply about my daughter my dear friend Haters Sucks. Lol lol

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  • Rise Above Hate

    You will continue to be in my prayers. Why you feel the need to spread hate and bigotry ill never understand. But remeber God loves you and so do i. God will forgive you and maybe one day he will help you see the light and heal the hate in your heart. Spreading peace and love will always out shine hate. I know you will mock me like you always do, but ill still pray for you anyway.

  • Rise Above Hate

    Oh and by the way. I caught a afternoon showing of Journey 2 this afternoon with a group of friends. Quite an enjoyable film Vanessa was very good and the cast blended well together. Overall a very pleaseant experience. God Bless You All.

  • ?????????


    Thanks for the concern but I am perfectly happy with the real thing. Although the good old vibrator does come in handy when he’s working. Hahahahahaha

    I don’t really care what Vanessa does I am just here to annoy you fans and try to show that she aint so perfect although its proving tough because you all can’t see past here smile and fakeness.

  • jr

    You don’t care what vanessa does yet you’re obsessed with her evry move. And she the one whose fake? Ok then maybe its time to break the vibrator out cause u clearly need it.

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    ok PLEASE tell me who i am meant to be bullying, because for one Vanessa does not go on this sight and even if she did it would not bother her. She said before she doesn’t care what people think about her.

    Rose looking beautiful

  • maria

    “What gave it away? The fact that I hate Vanessa or that fact I said not to come to London? Ohhh are you trying to say you don’t like Londoners. Vanessa won’t like that didn’t she say it was one of her most favourite places to see. Tut!! Tut!!”

    I have no problem with “Londoners”, except ones like YOU, who think your nasty, sarcastic British “wit”, is amusing. It’s not. I can’t even touch your irrational hatred. And let me just say, there is far more lurking under your pretty boy’s facade. At least with Vanessa, what you see is what you get. No pretenses. Can’t say the same for him. If you don’t like her, why the bloody hell are you so insistent on posting such crap? For sport? You say she doesn’t care or read this. True. But we do, her fans, and you ARE bullying us. You don’t even debate, or have valid arguments, ever. You’re just snarky, rude, obnoxious, and vicious. You spend more time bashing her, than on his posts. What a fan. Must be a b*tch to admit he adored and loved her for 5 years; must have loved a lot about her. How painful for you.

  • VanFan

    What the heck is she wearing? It’s AWFUL.

  • ?????????


    Must be a b*tch to admit he adored and loved her for 5 years; must have loved a lot about her. How painful for you.

    Actually not really as I have said before I used to be a Vanessa fan too until her true colours came out. So I did love how much Zac loved and adored Vanessa, I even met them and bought some of her things, but now realised what a waste of my money.

    To answer your other question, Zac has been busy lately and not in the news much so I get a little bored and find it amusing to see which one of her fans take the bate. This time @maria YOU WIN!!!!! Lol xxxxxx

    Ohhh and how do you know I don’t comment ? This may not be my only name.

  • yets

    i Love you vanessa Hudgens.

  • maria

    @?????????: And what “true colors” could you possibly mean, pray tell? Oh and please, make sure you have actual facts to back up this change of colors. Bought “some of her things”? Wasn’t aware she had things to sell. She endorsed products, such as Candies and Neutrogena, but nothing else. And yeah, I’ll take your bait anytime. You sound like a bitter Wench.

  • yets

    vanessa is in Paris now.

  • emilee

    Zac cheated on her. Zac is a loser. And read he goes both ways.

  • emilee

    who pays attention to zac anyways? his care is barely breathing. he is done. he is such a slouch and all he does is good times with his friends. i’m sorry for his crazy fans that all they do is come to vanessa’s threads to make their idol relevant. well look, after in a couple of films with some of the big stars, it is so glaring that his star does not even flicker!

  • emilee

    his “career” is barely breathing….