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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: 'Blood & Honey' Berlin Premiere!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: 'Blood & Honey' Berlin Premiere!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt share a laugh at the premiere of In The Land Of Blood And Honey held at the Haus der Berliner Festspiele on Saturday (February 11) in Berlin, Germany.

The 36-year-old director of the film, who wore a Jenny Packham gown, Stuart Weitzman shoes, and Vhernier jewels, attended the photo call earlier in the day!

“I haven’t acted in two years, and I haven’t done anything else since this [Land of Blood and Honey]. The next thing I am looking at is a Disney movie,” Angie said during the press conference for the film. She is referring to the Disney film Maleficent!

FYI: Brad is wearing Dolce&Gabbana.

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at the premiere of In the Land of Blood and Honey

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Credit: Andreas Rentz; Photos: Getty
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  • Saffron

    @ TWEET @ 02/11/2012 at 5:06 pm

    Alara Kap @etrangeres
    Watching Inside Actor’s Studio with Brad Pitt. I mean drooling. I mean dreaming. I mean fantasizing. You know what I mean…


    Hahaha….love this one!! Thanks for all the tweets – so amusing :)

  • aww
  • carper

    The comments on this post are awesome and totally entertaining. Does this happen with every post about Angelina and Brad? I think her hair looks amazing and I wish she would curl it like that more often. But I don’t get all worked up if other people don’t like her. Just sayin’…

  • anonymous

    Curtain cloth gown. How could somebody dress like Jolie did at the Golden Globe awards show and now continuously dress like sh**t.

  • Just a Lurker

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at Berlinale 2012 Premiere

  • Just a Lurker

    Google translation !

    In biting cold the superstar came to the house of the festival in a gold-bronze long dress.

    AND: Brad Pitt (48) on their side!

    Who opened the door for her gallantly, took her hand and helped her out of the limo. You can say what you want: the two are simply the most beautiful couple in Hollywood! Perfect, but it does not hurt.

  • teri

    So many gorgeous pics, thanks JJ.

  • anonymous

    Good grief, dreading the Oscars, we can only imagine the horrible gown Jolie is going to show up in, first the black garbage bag thing , now this, I am looking for my curtains.

  • http://computer Susan

    I think Angie will stay in Berlin and Brad will go to London for the day. It is freezing in both places, so the kids could as well stay put, until they leave for Bosnia.

  • lmao

    @Just a Lurker:
    lmao @ the guy in the video, he screamed his heart out, finally Brad signed for him.

  • http://n/a angierocks

    Angie and Brad looking Fab and Hot for each other as always.Angie loving her Jenny Packham gowns love it too.Brad forever yummy.

  • tish

    WOW!!!!!! I luvvvvvvvvvv Angoes dress, stunning as always as is her gorgeous man The Mr. Brad Pitt.

    Yes ITA they are perfect for one another. Going on 8 yrs later and they still talk like lovebirds, This kind of love never dies.

    MAUUHHH xo To My Fav. Couple!

  • http://n/a angierocks

    WTF the hens proving their stupidity as always team ticky you say and still you post on every Angie and Brad thread losers.Total meltdown suc ks to be you.

  • Twitter

    @melissallene13 YES RT@beiberhorny brad Pitt is f^cking ugly

    The youth vote matters more these days

  • Jaye

    Just a Lurker @ 02/11/2012 at 5:53 pm
    That one guy didn’t say “Angelina, it’s James. Don’t you remember” did he? lol.

  • hopeso


  • heather

    Angie and Brad are so frruckkenn beautiful, meant to be.

    It’s so cool the way they pull in the crowds. PPl love them.


    Kari S @Karimomof3
    Inside the Actors Studio/@Brad Pitt-This is 1 hot, intelligent, introspective, compassionate sensitive fun man -Did I mention H-0-T-T- HOT!!

  • Twitter

    @maddawg brad Pitt on inside the actors studio. His wig looks stupid and his face is all red and shiny. #overrated #theoldladiesstilllovehim

  • anustin

    bahaahha…..trollniston in agony!!! ouch!!

  • Twitter

    Mellisa Lisa @twislasizzle inside the actors studio. This old guy looks like an old botox version of bradpitt. Omg it is brad Pitt. #usetobehot

  • hehehe

    so happy to see the troll in pain. hehehe

  • Trouble in Paradise?

    Just a Lurker @ 02/11/2012 at 5:53 pm

    How rude of AJ to leave BP like that.he had no idea what she was doing.She could tell him first before leaving him to do interviews.something is up.I’m telling you.First he didn’t accompany her to Berlin and he joined her at the last minute and he is going to Bafta without her.Why wouldn’t he leave LA with her and why would he arrive on a separate plane 4 days later?Didn’t he say he was leaving LA with the family.Why did he change his plan at the last minute?They look as if something is up and we will find about it in afew months.I wouldn’t be surprised if they announce their separation soon.They aren’t on the same page anymore.They can’t even travel together anymore.Something fishy is going on.

  • geez

    They get more gorgeous each red carpet.

  • Just a Lurker

    BERLIN, GERMANY – FEBRUARY 11: Actress and director Angelina Jolie and her husband actor Brad Pitt depart Zosimo restaurant after celebrating with the cast of Jolie’s film ‘In The Land Of Blood And Honey’ during the 62nd Berlinale International Film Festival on February 11, 2012 in Berlin, Germany


    Newschoolgrlie @friendomine Haha inside the actors studio. My fat homely friend Melllisa Lisa who worships ugly Jen Anuston, just tried flirting with gorgeous brad Pitt, who dry heaved in his mouth when he saw her. Burnnnn. Now she mad – says she gonna twitter hate him.

  • Passing Through

    # 39 Kim @ 02/11/2012 at 3:26 pm
    @Ann Th: I just read Aniston is pregnant w/ twins. I hope she used donor eggs.
    Pfffft. That crap came from Star. They’ve been on this kick for the last 3 weeks. A few weeks ago at the DGAs Ticky was drinking like a fish yet Star says she’s stopped drinking, smoking and over-exercising and is only doing a special type of pregnancy yoga with Yoga Chick. This week they said she’s spent $500K remodeling a nursery in the house she just closed on 2 weeks ago. They don’t so how far along Ticky supposedly is but since they’re claiming it’s fraternal boy/girl twins she’d have to be at least 4 months along before they can say definitively what the babies sexes are. Yet Ticky said in the InStyle magazine that she’d gained weight from quitting smoking and couldn’t seem to lose the weight (welcome to the reality of your 40s, moron), gave her exercise and diet routine saying she exercises 5 or 6 days a week. That interview was only done 6 or 7 weeks ago…so she wasn’t preggers then but Star says they knows she’s having boy/girl twins and how she just spent half a mil on a nursery she hasn’t even moved into yet? Come on…that’s sloppy fanfic even for Star.

  • nani

    @ Troube in Paradise

    Idiot! Brad was in Miraval

  • soopx1

    Thanks Jared for the New Threads.Thanks to All the Jolie-Pitt Fans for All the Wonderful and Great News about The Gorgeous Jolie-Pitts. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt make such a Gorgeous Couple.
    They were meant to be Together.Blessings Always to this Beautiful Couple and The Jolie-Pitt Children.

  • Trouble in Paradise?

    nani @ 02/11/2012 at 7:08 pm

    According to whom?You?lol brangelina fanatics now are making up their own fantasy stories to suit their little bubble.At least you confirmed you find it awkward he didn’t travel with them.There was no picture of him at the airport with kids and AJ.4 days later just in time for her premiere he showed up because that’s part of their agreement.AJ couldn’t fake her dislike of him when she left him out of nowhere on the red carpet to do interviews and BP looked totally lost in there tonight.They couldn’t hide their action off red carpet.Look at that picture of them leaving.Could BP look anymore miserable in there?

  • Richard P

    Gorgeous and sexy

    My girl Angie is wonderful woman

  • awww

    @Just a Lurker:
    Angie put her coat on, it was freezing cold in Berlin.

  • dawne

    Love Angie’s dress…..simply divine. Who the eff is that dumb troll think she’s posting to……….complete idiots like herself? Obsessive twat has harped on the flight to Berlin for effing days………..shut the hell up……….you are so damn boring you make my eyes glaze over.

  • Love at 1st sight 4 B and A

    BWHAHAHAHA Oh shlt now we are going to get faux twitters from the hagsnastins, how desperaate.

    You would think they would be happy now that their idol Manny has Heidi Bivens man. Okay we know he is only 5 ft tall found the hackpot , i mean jackpot in Manny even tho that meant throwing his 14 yr hubby/wife relationship away by dumping poor Heidi to the curb . But what the hellllo as long as Manny is happy ….right?

    What????? Did you reallyt think sexless don’t touch my hair Manny could do any better . At least its a male or errrr have to see it with those black tight jeggings off. Maybe no bolls but thats not the JPs problem.

    You know what Hags,..Get over yourselves what you see is what Manny paid for.

    As for Brad and Angie they took one look . he was separated and he chased her butt all the way to Africia , here we are 6 kids later , 7 plus yrs madly in love & counting. . It’s forever in love for the JPs Folks so lets partyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! All The Way To The Oscars For The Jolie Pitts!!!!!!

  • hehehe

    The troll is still dumb.

  • bizzy bee

    No one compares to this couple,love Angelina’s gold gown and brad is gentleman as always.

  • Classic

    She always looks so regal and classy… just a classic beauty in the same way of Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. She is iconic and will be legendary… generations from now, they will know who she was.

  • a fan

    Brad’s coat lining matches the color of Angie’s gown. They are coordinated in every way. Great couple.

    I watched Brad ITAS and only wish they had made it 2 hours instead of one. He has such a great body of work and so much variety. I would love for him to comment on Legends of the Fall, Meet Joe Black, A River Runs Through It, Kalifornia, Interview with a Vampire, Troy. I loved Brad in all of those movies even though he thinks he did not do so well in some of them. I think Brad underestimates how he affects the audience. He is much better than he gives himself credit for.

  • angie

    Angies dress is beautiful and so is her hubby.

    Congrats to both JPs for all of their hard work which gave us great films this year.

    Good Luck at the Oscars Brad.

    A Fan forever.
    Angie Lockhart

  • Some Bunny

    Holy Wowzer!!! Angelina Jolie looks absolutely exquisite in this gown!! I so love the colors and the cut, wow so perfect in every way. And just so tempting, not showing too much, but mystic enough to make my eyes want to see much more.

    Brad looks grand too, and so loyal to be there for Angelina on her big night. Love how they are in sync with each other. Perfect in every way. So glad to see the pictures here. Cannot wait for the Oscars.

    Many blessings to the JP’s and to their family and fans!!

  • ace

    They look great together. They compiment each other, they look so happy and loving together. Love seeing them together . My favourite couple.

  • Trouble in Dolly’s womb !

    Enquire ” GrandmaJen’s secret adoption ”
    Star will have Twins !
    GrandmaJen is pregnant All Times (00-12++++)

  • Budapest

    Just a reminder of how much Brad loves Angelina . . . We should all be so lucky to have such a love in our lives at least once.

  • Observer2


    The Associated Press is reporting that Whitney Houston is dead.

  • bizzy bee


  • Blue

    These two are SO annoying.

    If I had a dollar every time she mentioned her unbelieveable sex drive, her deep, deep philosophical need for self-destruction, her existential struggle for self-realisation by exploring the darkness; or every time the dull dull dull Mr Pitt effortlessly morphed into another perfect handbag for a more exciting girlfriend/partner, I’d be richer than Mark Zuckerberg.

    Boring, talentless, self-appointed King and Queen of Hollywood. Yawn Yawn Yawn. NEXT!!!!!!!

  • anustin

    lmao @ the trouble ho.

    why o why the urinated Maniston never changed her topic.

  • SERA


  • OT
  • anustin

    o.t hope its not true!!! whitney houston is dead!