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Austin Butler Discusses His Relationship With Vanessa Hudgens

Austin Butler Discusses His Relationship With Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens wears a fur coat and a pair of sky high heels as she leaves the Bon Marche department store after doing some shopping on Saturday (February 11) in Paris, France.

The 23-year-old actress also grabbed lunch with her group at the Relais Saint Germain hotel. Vanessa landed in Paris earlier that same day.

Vanessa‘s boyfriend Austin Butler recently spoke about their relationship.

“I’m a very private person… and I’m still very shy – it’s such a personal thing,” Austin told Access Hollywood. “I’m trying to find the balance. It’s just staying happy and staying present and not worrying about what other people think.”

“You can go the route of not living your life at all – and a lot of actors do that, where they just won’t even go out of the house at all – but it makes life so unenjoyable,” Austin added.

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  • Marie

    he is such a hypocrite and a liar.. we all know he isn’t like that.. he is such a big fame-whore.. he loves the fact to be caught for the papz.. we can see it on his sutpi*d face… and V looks older now.. ew

  • Natalie

    Wearing a real fur coat is wrong. Vanessa should be ashamed of herself. The coat belongs on the animal NOT the human.

  • carmali

    zanessa fan much? puuuuuuffffff

  • Charlie

    She’s wearing real fur??? As if I needed another reason to dislike this girl. Apparently she’s ok with loving herself, but not loving defenceless animals.

  • kat

    his quotes had nothing to do with being in a relationship/…

  • lizz

    Seriously, who the f*** cares about these two?! Plus she’s wearing fur!!!! Makes me dislike her even more!!!!

  • Marie


    lol i love Zac’s being single.. and i’m saying just the true.. not for being a zanessa or zac or vanessa fan… it’s the true.. THE UGLY TRUTH

  • ann

    @Natalie: well , I’m against real fur , but today in paris it was damn cold :(

  • JJ

    yeah hes very shy, thats why hes always sucking her face in public

  • Sabrina

    @ann: I can confirm it, it was damn cold today in Paris. But’s that’s not an excuse at all to wearing real fur.

  • jr

    Oh great animal/peta nuts come here too. First off I don’t think its real fur. Second if it is she can wear it if she wants, just like I can enjoy me a nice big juicy hamburger or a nice juicy steak. You people will love this I also hunt, that’s fun and you can’t stop me from hunting either.

  • Audrey

    @Charlie: well said!

  • yay

    she is an animal that make sense

  • maria

    How do you know that’s real fur?? Did you see the label inside her coat? Then stop talking trash if you don’t know.

    The rest of you criticizing Austin are just ridiculous. He was absolutely a private person BEFORE Vanessa, and that’s what he means. Being in a relationship with her has thrown him into the limelight, unfortunately. He’s saying he’s still learning to deal with that, but he also said he is not going to change. If he wants to hold his GF’s hand, he will. The PDA was while they were on vacay, and they had every right to be themselves there. You won’t see that in LA.

  • Taylor

    Lol, such a private person who makes out with V-Hoe in front of cameras every chance he gets. It’s not about never going outside of the house…it’s about not going to the celeb hotspots and over sharing about your life to every rag mag possible.

  • guest


    uhm, don’t you eat meat? hypocrite much.

  • mmmmmmmmmmmm

    The guy bugs me. I just have the feeling that he loves all the attention he’s getting. At her movie premiere, she was loving looking at him while he was mostly smiling at the cameras. I think she is more into him than he is into her.

  • jaded

    I saw Journey 2 in 3D today….really fun movie. Vanessa was great and looked amazing in it. I hope they stick with this cast for the sequel. They do have fantastic chemistry. This movie is just a great little escape..lots of families and laughing at this one.

  • Zyonna

    everybody calm down man! we all know that her and austin wont last because its pretty much just sex (there..i said it!) and she may get with zac…she may not, but the most important thing to remember is that this is all a lust thind
    btw all those comments about “aww she seems happier with him and glowing” honestly, sex does that to you. Perios

  • jr

    I agree. I presume all these people are vegetarians then. Idiots don’t even know if its real or not.

  • Charlie

    @guest: Actually I don’t. So I’m not a hypocrite. You on the other hand, are an idiot.

  • Hailey

    This whole fur thing is just an excuse for people to dislike v. A lot of people wear fur, and it doesn’t make you a bad person because you do.

  • Charlie

    @jr: Come on. Are you that naive to think that it’s fake??

  • Whatever

    Love, love, love her coat. She looks lovely. Some of you people need to stop casting stones at her. You need to worry about the skeletons in your own closet.

  • Charlie

    @Hailey: Have you seen how they kill the animals to make coats. I suggest you do. It’s the most cruel thing. By buying a real fur coat, you are telling people that its ok, that the mistreatment of animals is okay. Just because a lot of people wear coats does not mean that its right. It’s just real cruel. And if it is fake, which I highly doubt, BUT REALLY HOPE, then good for her.

  • Mina

    @lizz: Omg do you know this is real fur m? Did you went up to her and asked “Sorry Vanessa is this real fur?” Did you? How do you know m?

  • jr

    Like I said I hunt. I promise I’ve been around this stuff more then you have so in my humble opinion no its not real. But I also wouldn’t have a problem if it was.

  • emilee

    @Marie: we know? hahaha the likes of you make me laugh! are you pissed because austin is a great guy? who’s the hyprocrite? zac is the greatest hypocrite!!!! he does everything shady. he hides, he runs, he lurks in the shadow. he tries to keep his crazy fans believe that he is a good guy when it suits him…hypocrite ninja lifestyle. yes, there’s no hypocrite here but zac

  • Charlie

    @jr: I hope its fake. So you’re ok with the torturing of animals? I’m a vegetarian, but I get people who hunt, usually they don’t torture the animals, just shoot them. These people who turn the animals into coats kill the animals in the most disgusting ways. I just don’t understand how anybody could be okay with that.

  • Derpina

    This is a fake fur, is shown in the shopping cart icon

  • Whatever

    So if we don’t know if its real or not, then why continue to condemn her? You people are noting but hateful rumer starters whose always causing drama. Just let it go..

  • Sean

    Private person? Give me a break. That’s why they always call the paps so they can pics of them sticking their tongues down their throats.

  • jr

    Yes I think its fake
    And i eat animals, I shoot animals don’t have a problem with much as long as its all legal I’m good with it. I mean what do u think I do with the animals I hunt??

  • Steph

    Love her outfit!

  • xoxoxoxooxox

    1. if hes that private and shy,why all that disgusting public face sucking pda? a bit is cute, like a kiss giggle or holding hands but please, this is more than just ”get a room” and as far as i remember,they already kissed at first much for the shy part…but who knows,here you could say they maybe met before but then i am wondering why the papz didnt catch them because in her case and his they ALWAYS do. first time i saw this guy with nessa was also the time where they kissed etc
    2. you can see whether its real fur or not,its a quality difference and this one pretty much looks like real one. so much for this hypocrite ”ohm” tattoo yoga shit and her acting all hippie and bohemian, its just wannabe i want to fit in -.-

  • Whatever

    Bitter much? What has she done to you?

  • Charlie

    @jr: I’m not an extremist who criticises everyone who eats meat. I’m just against the torture of animals. I can’t be clearer than this.

  • maria

    Sorry, Charlie, but Vanessa is a HUGE animal lover. You obviously don’t know ANY thing about her. You don’t know anything about that coat either. It’s most likely fake if we know her, but it could also be a gift when she arrived. Stop making hateful assumptions.

  • Charlie

    @maria: How is defending animals hateful?? And you’re right, I don’t know anything about her, because I’m not in her life. I am making statements about what I’m SEEING. If it’s fake, then great! Like I said. But don’t tell me that I’m being hateful just cause I’m defending animals.

  • maria

    @Taylor: Rag mags? They’ve been dating for SIX months, and he’s never spoken about her. Ever. Until this interview, and even here, he’s talking more about losing his privacy. And this interview was on set for him. So it was a professional interview. It’s not like he called InTouch to give them an exclusive.

  • jr

    Eating-wearing not much of a difference in my book. Then again I’m not an animal lover as u can tell, just don’t appeal to me. When I hunt an animal ill do about as much as I can with it.

  • maria

    “She’s wearing real fur??? As if I needed another reason to dislike this girl. Apparently she’s ok with loving herself, but not loving defenceless animals.”

    That is your first comment. Just looking for a reason to dislike her, which you do, and decide for yourself that she hates animals. Like I said, she is a huge animal lover. HUGE. The details about this coat are unknown. So stop posting lies about her supporting the torture of animals.

  • thetis


  • Charlie

    @maria: I’m not posting lies. I’m posting my the same thoughts a lot of people are here. And I don’t like her because she seems like a total attention seeker. I’m not the only one who voiced these thoughts. And since you’re not a friend of hers, you just about know her as much as I do.

  • thetis


    Find something else to bitch about.

    And forgive me but I find it very funny that people who support abortion get up in arms over animals – and I’m pro choice

  • Charlie

    @thetis: I hope you’re right. But I highly doubt people are dumb just cause they don’t read every interview of Vanessa and knowing everything she voiced her opinion about. LOL. Still, glad there’s a strong chance it might be fake. Might dislike her a little less. Haha.

  • Charlie

    @thetis: So you think all people who support animal rights are pro-choice? Oh god.

  • peggy

    Check the shopping cart IT IS FAKE and by the way good expensive fake look real I know I have a few

  • peggy

    Oh and JJ knew it was fake but he also knows he’s got a bunch of ignorant hate filled suckers on this board who fall for everything- so more power to him.

  • Charlie

    @peggy: Yay. I will sleep better tonight. I know it’s a little exteme, I just can’t help defending the little and the beings who can’t defend themselves.