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Vanessa Hudgens: I Love Myself & Am Proud of My Body!

Vanessa Hudgens: I Love Myself & Am Proud of My Body!

Vanessa Hudgens flashes a smile as she arrives at the airport on Saturday (February 11) in Paris, France.

The 23-year-old actress recently spoke with Access Hollywood about her body image.

“My body is my body…I love myself and I think you’ve got to be proud of the body you have and own it,” she said.

Vanessa also chatted about seeing her friend Miley Cyrus at the People’s Choice Awards.

“I got to see Miley that was really nice. We found out that we have the same tattoo!” she said of the “Om” tattoo on her pinky fingers.

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  • tomasiy

    So gorgeous!

  • kate

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  • kaya

    She is beautiful

  • maria

    Such a great message for young women. You have to love yourself first, to be able to love and respect others. It brings an inner peace as to who you are. And loving your body, as it is, is a place few women ever get to. Sure, you always wish for something you don’t have. But learning to do the best with what God gave you, is what is beautiful. You learn to live with your imperfections, and love and respect yourself as you are. That’s what makes us unique.

  • emilee

    and all the crazy zac fans say amen

  • Robsten_Fan

    Love her… <3

  • Haters Suck!

    I love her attitude. She’s always such a positive person and that’s one of the many things I like about her.

  • kii

    like her coat? anyone knows where to buy that?

  • yeahriiiight

    Great now when will she release her next batch of nude pictures

  • What a laugh

    it is apparent she loves herself. she has said for over a year she felt that one had to love themselves before they could be in a relationship, how she didn’t think anyone who was young should be in a relationship without loving themselves first. i guess she never had a problem with loving herself since she basically has not ever been out of a relationship since breaking up with efron. she was right in one with josh h while filming their movie according to their interviews from australia and web articles. then she jumped into another one with austin b. these two boys when she took up with them were 18 and 19, i guess they were old enough to love themselves. it must be efron who doesn’t love himself or her spouting all this since early last year makes no sense.

  • emilee

    i guess you love yourself when you hop from one club to the next, when you friends issued with dui like breathing air (sniff sniff)

  • carmali

    @What a laugh:
    yeah.. he probably doesn’t love himself… im glad vanessa can love herself, she clearly is more happy now, more confident now.. since the break up everything in her life is better <3 a relationship should allow you to be yourself and not try to hide your feelings, i like this Vanessa.. happy, free, and loving <3 her moto "you only live once"

  • carmali

    are you talking about her ex?
    no1curr lol

  • kami

    what a great attitude. sooooooo many young women in hw are obsessed with every bite they eat and working out. it’s better to have a happy balance and spend some time enjoying life.

  • Lolzita

    Vanessa’s movie debut in 4th place in Friday, where are her fans always saying about Zac “flops” now?

  • http://Lolzita nouha

    hhhhhhhhh you are so stupid yea it oppened at the 4th place but it did great sooooooooooo much better than zac movie who got half of hollywood stars the movie oppened with 6.7 million $ and it exepet to make 21 million $ in the weekend and the movie already made 41 million $ in worldwide box office baby get your fact right before talking and yes vanessa movie did sooooooo much better than zac flop movies

  • Lolzita

    @nouha: Box office follows week standards, this means that if all current week movies had premiered in the first week of December like New Year’s Eve, positions are likely to be the same, but the overall income fall, this would be a disaster, bigger than Vanessa’s movie itself

  • jr

    4th place yes maybe 3rd but is expected to bring in 21-24 million. Better then expexted better then the first journey added on to what it has already done overseas. Plus this is expected to be one of the biggest box office weekends ever. For the first time ever on a non holiday 4 movies could make over 20 million. Never been done before, not bad wouldn’t you say?

  • nouha

    the movie name is new years eve it got half of hollywood stars and it oppened in december but the movie was a flop and vanessa movie isn’t a flop sweetie maybe it oppened in the 4th place i mean 21-24 million $ isn’t a flop yea wich mean vanessa movies is doing so much better than zac’s

  • TheHungerButch

    I already watch it Journey 2, i’d probably watch again this week. About Zac’s flop movie, New Years Eve. That movie is incredibly bad. I can’t believe people still making movie like that. I thought Mariah Carey’s Glitter is the worst movie i ever seen, i think we found new winner. New Years Eve is incredibly boring, dull and uninspired. I supposed to love New Years Eve after i watch the movie then i realize how hate New Years Eve after i watched the movie. It’s no surprise that movie received 8% from Rotten Tomatoes. From 127 critics, only 10 critics love the movie.

  • fan

    To @Lolzita, other Zac’s fans, or any other haters: J2 is an esemble casts with main characters are Dwayne Johnson, Michael Caine, and Josh H. Those three names are the top names for this movie. Vanessa and Luiz are more of supporting roles and probably have the least amoung of dialogs then those three top names. Therefore, Dwayne Johnson, Michael Caine, and Josh H. are the actors to carry this movie. Eventho, Vanessa and Josh are the main two doing most of promos because they are the younger stars that have more energy and times plus it also give them a chance bring out their names to new viewers. Plus they do have their own fans as well.

    Zac’s movies are usually he is the main characters of all his movies. So he does have to carry it. Plus Zac is more popular and well known to more tween/teen girls then any young Hollywood male stars. Therefore, his movies are expected to make it big without any other star actors and star actresses to help him. He is the one that suppose to make it BIG in Hollywood than the rest his HSM castmates. So if his films do not exceed expectation than it becomes a flop.

    Remember, Vanessa wasn’t expected to do anything after HSM end. The medias even say she will do less than Zac Efron and Ashley Tisdale. However, Vanessa has been getting movie roles here and there, and slowly making her marks. Most of Vanessa’s movie roles are supporting roles, leading ladies for the main characters of the movie, or ensemble casts. I believe Gimmie Shelter will be her first movie as the main star and main character of the movie. Vanessa is very appreciated to be filming, working, and learning with different directors and actors (new and veterans). She still making salaries to pay for all her debts. Her fans are very happy that Vanessa is still getting movie roles (large or small) in the filming industries. Look each films that she done were like paid checks of at least $1,000,000 each. So with 7 movies after HSM, she has raked up at least $7,000,000; however, there is a rumor that Vanessa has accumulated a total of $18,000,000. Estimated of $7,000,000 or $18,000,000 post HSM is still pretty darn good. Of course, Zac probably did more than her, which is okay because he is suppose to. Zac is already choosen as the future Hollywood King like Ryan Phillip did in the early 90′s or like Ashton K. after 70′s Show. I have no doubts that Zac is doing just fine and still very successful that his fans should be proud and happy with excitements. Vanessa is just a small part in Hollywood, and she is just filming and playing different characters as learning experiences plus to building her acting resumes. Vanessa is not doing anything that big yet like Zac is doing, plus he has it made with his top notch manager/agent, his own production compay and the big name stars that he hang around with. She is just pacing along and go for auditions after auditions until she gets another movie roles. Vanessa’s fans are satisfy with what she is doing in her careers and her movie projects. It is good to see how Vanessa’s careers raise up after HSM.

  • justme

    ok to all zac fans and vanessa haters vanessa is doing just fine in her career no one is saying she is better than zac just leave her alone

  • emilee

    zac is definitely a loser. glad vanessa dumped him.

  • kat

    she cannot dress

  • treacle

    @emilee: Don’t you mean CHEATED on him? Bet she wishes she could shut Josh the hell up now!!!!

  • ?

    Would u all just shut the hell up and drop it please, why does everything have to turn into zac vs vanessa its been over a year move on already, they’re both doing fine doing their own thing and finding their own place in hollywood. If it makes you feel any better when I saw journey 2 they showed a trailer for the lorax. So just calm down.

  • maria

    @?: I agree. You really can’t compare their careers. He is supposed to be the heartthrob/leading man. She is auditioning and slowly building a nice resume, with three interesting movies still to come. They have ALWAYS gone about their careers differently. If I will say anything to compare, it will be that I like her path better. She auditions, fights for roles, and is not afraid to try different things. She could have gone the starlet route, and gone for stupid mindless female roles which would lead her nowhere. There is far too much competition. I’m glad she’s taking chances. And like you said, there is room in Hollywood for both. And I know they’ll never be competing for the same role. LOL

  • What a laugh


    her motto?? efron is the one who has YOLO tattooed on his hand, not her.

  • What a laugh


    strange how people think she is so much better because she auditions. maybe people in the business just know efron can do the job and he gets the offers. or maybe the truth is they both audition for roles but it is not made a big thing of and they both get offers without an audition. he does seem to have some really good movies coming up and is getting a lot of favorable notice of his acting chops from producers and directors alike. so how does her way outdo his?

  • offtheproperty

    No More Tattoos:

  • TheHungerButch

    @What a laugh:

    I don’t want to fight with you but his movie is not really good, Charlie St. Cloud i just watched the first 15 minutes and it’s incredibly boring, 17 Again i watched the full movie once and never watch it again. New Years Eve, i already say it before and let me say it again, the movie is incredibly bad. On the other hand, all Vanessa movie i already watch at least 15 times like Beastly, Sucker Punch, Thirteen and Bandslam. If Zac’s want to become serious actor instead of teen heartthrob, he need to lose all the muscles and pack some fat like Matt Damon did in The Informant (I love that movie), or being gay in movie like Sean Penn in Milk (another great movie). If he still continue do all “taking your shirt off” movie, he will be the next Ashton Kutcher (that’s not a good thing). I love Vanessa and always be, i’m so impressed that she will to cut her hair and gaining few pounds for Gimme Shelter. It takes a lot of dedication to do that

  • yeah ok

    Her and that skunk miley have the same tattoo because neither of them are at ALL original.