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Whitney Houston Dead at 48

Whitney Houston Dead at 48

Whitney Houston has passed away at the age of 48, sources confirm to

The singer passed away on Saturday (February 11). She was expected to show up at a studio for a photo shoot in the afternoon and to attend Clive Davis‘ Annual Grammy Party in the evening, can exclusively reveal.

Whitney was the first female artist to ever debut at number one on the Billboard charts and she is considered one of the world’s best-selling female artists with over 200 million albums sold worldwide. After struggling with addiction, Whitney returned to the music scene in 2009 with her album I Look to You.

Later this year, Whitney‘s new film Sparkle will be released into theaters. Check out a brand new still from the film that was released last week.

Whitney is survived by her daughter Bobbi Kristina, whom she had with ex-husband Bobby Brown.

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  • WTF?


  • Toni

    Oh and please don’t no one even dare blame Bobby for anything. I like Whitney and was rooting for her and was a bigger fan of Whitney than Bobby, but I know good and well Bobby wasn’t the main cause for her issues.

  • Big Ed

    I’m afraid I saw this coming when she got involved with Bobby Brown. She’d have been better off if she had never met that doper!! Hopefully, she can rest in peace now. She was unbelievably talented. The voice of an angel.

  • Tiger Lilly

    This is unbelievable, I’m so sad what a beautiful voice what a light to go out

  • Bikey

    I still can´t believe it… She was SO young, and this is so sad…ç

    Rest in peace, Whitney :’(

  • Sayer

    this is effed up.

  • Ralph King

    Another lost Soul….we will miss her.

  • Love The Shoes

    I’m challenging posters to not acknowledge or respond to those posts who have nothing better to do than attempt to make light of what has happened and those who mourn it. Just ignore the ignorant.

  • Me

    OMG!!!!! I can’t even comprehend this!!!!!

  • ali

    OMG !!!! im in shock !!

    Sooooooo SAD .

  • stacy

    im SHOCKED :( R.I.P<3

  • My heart is bleeding

    May she rest in peace.
    Her voice was a consolation for me when I was sad, it depth could uplift my mood and make me dance and believe.
    I am so sad there’s no word to express all the sadness.
    She was taken by her drug addictions and her sad sentimental life (Bobby brown and his own addictions had open the doors to devil in her life).
    Her poor daughter, Dionne and all her family, her mom and fans known and unknown we all cry and say Whitney”we will always love you”.
    Rest in peace. You made good things in your life, your voice is the one of an Angel. You made people happy and believe in Love.

  • believe

    TMZ had one of their typically nasty posts this morning about Whitney out last night and in a mess. They took it down when they posted her death notice. Very brave of them. But sad to hear this about Whitney. So beautiful and so much talent. Such a sad waste. My thoughts and prayers go to her family.

  • groovacious

    omg i have goosebumps! HOW???

  • laila

    omg how shocking…..

    its not right….and its not ok

  • LaCroix

    Sad when anyone dies.. I feel for her daughter

  • RIP Whitney

    This really hurts, I am in tears! I really thought she was getting better…The WORLD has lost an artist with a voice that comes around once in a blue moon! OMG, I am so very sad :(

  • Sayer

    I hope Bobbi Kristina get her act together.

  • kat

    crack kills

  • sosad

    Her voice! her voice! NO! Im so sad she never got her fairytale ending we were all rooting for. I grew up to Whitney!!1 NO! I will never be able to listen to her music the same again, this was the last thing I ever thought I’d hear tonight. I listen to her music alot and this is so depressing for me. I know we shouldnt blame one person but my sister was with a guy who changed her for the worse (luckily she is healed now and didnt die) but seriously get out of a relationship with a guy on drugs NOW! bad boys aren’t cute when this is the outcome!

  • Shirley Hightower

    This is something. Drugs do not care who they consume or where.
    We lost her a long ago and never was able to get her back. Ms Houston now you are at piece.

  • Sonia


  • RIP


  • Shanice

    omg.. no way is she gone… i’m sick to my stomach, i want to cry and i didnt even know her.. she is the greatest singer ever..

    signs of the time is near,, u never know when it’ll be your time to go home to your father..

    her songs will be forever played in my house and her movies.. “i will always love you” WHITNEY HOUSTON.. R.I.P

  • fred

    RIP Whitney

    too bad she couldn’t fight her addictions

  • Jeanne

    We lost her too soon. She left a legacy like no other. Rest in peace, Whitney. We will always love you!

  • Love The Shoes

    I feel the same as I did when Amy Winehouse died. They had the voices I’m going to miss, These two were blessed with real deal talent and although I don’t know what took Whitney, and I’m still sad about Amy, I still have them via those amazing voices.

  • T

    Surprised, but yet not surprised. The pictures of her partying Thurs and Fri were sad. She looked out of her mind with drugs. Blood running down her leg. Scratches on her arms. Whitney why? You had it all. So sad.

  • Emanele810

    This comes so abrupt i’m just speechless…guess you’ll be teaching the angels how to tear down the house with a single note from now on :’) R.I.P. for you deserve to

  • BEAN


  • D

    I did not want to believe it. I feel really sad over this celeb death :-(

  • nyob

    I am shocked. She had what may be the greatest voice ever. I remember her Super Bowl national athem – probably the best it has ever been done. What a tremendous talent lost.

  • Frenchy

    Very sad news. EPIC loss for the music industry. Her accomplishments are staggering, read them. RIP.

  • Young Whitney…

    I remember when she first started her career and she was so shy and demure on the Midnight Special, I think it was. So young, beautiful and innocent. She had everything going for her… talent, a tremendous amazing voice, charismatic stage presence and beauty. Yet, there was always a sadness about her… I’m sure she had her pick of any man. I wish a kind gentleman who sincerely loved her and cared about her would have swept her away and taken care of her…. having her best interests in mind. The alternative of who she met that sent her spiraling down to this is too sad for words. Where was her support?

  • Frenchy

    Correction EPIC loss, period. Condolences to the family. smh…

  • http://RIPWhitneyHouston@facebook RIP Whitney

    BREAKING NEWS ! The legendary Whitney Houston dead at 48. Share your thoughts, memories and reactions in the comments.

    RIP Whitney Houston @ Facebook

  • colin phillips

    Total Shock!!…….

  • Gigi

    Hope that people like Demi Moore and Katie Holmes can get help before it’s too late.

  • randy

    Just another crack head, what did you expect.

  • anon

    I am in my mid fifties and many times I feel like I am still trapped in my 14th year. She had her demons and 48 is too young. Now comes a week of maudlin and teeth-grinding shows of Whitney’s “tragic life and death” coverage. I think I will stay away from TV this coming week and read a book instead.

  • ererergg
  • ozangel

    R.I.P to the original DIVA!! May you find the peace that you never seemed to find here with your family and millions of fans. My heart goes out to your family.

  • bizzy bee

    I’m at a loss for words. She will be thoroughly missed, and has left a lasting impression on me. You are one of the best, Whitney. Will never forget your talent.

  • nguyen tran gia linh

    OMG….So Sad
    R.I.P Whitney….Fan From Vietnam

  • Yessssssssssss

    Lord have Mercy, Fame is killing these people!!!
    Rest In Peace Whitney! God given Voice.

  • love

    omg, cant be! RIP!


    This was sort of shocking since I had been hearing all kinds of good things about Whitney’s performance in the movie she filmed with Jordin Sparks.But her life was too full of bad situations to end any other way.Still a very sad thing to hear about.

  • Ginna chimunda

    Rest in internal peace yu wil be remembered Whtny

  • Lalalove

    Though it seemed almost inevitable, I pray it wasn’t an overdose. May God have mercy on her soul. REST IN PARADISE, WHITNEY. Your voice was incomparable. Much love.

  • Maria

    Since Whitney’s sudden death her songs “I Will Always Love You” and “The Greatest Love of All” have been playing… I can’t help but shed tears…..

    Oh Whitney, will miss an immensely talented person that you are. You’re just making a comeback with a new movie…. in it , you were the old Whitney that I knew. And now this……

    RIP The VOICE!