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Whitney Houston Dead at 48

Whitney Houston Dead at 48

Whitney Houston has passed away at the age of 48, sources confirm to

The singer passed away on Saturday (February 11). She was expected to show up at a studio for a photo shoot in the afternoon and to attend Clive Davis‘ Annual Grammy Party in the evening, can exclusively reveal.

Whitney was the first female artist to ever debut at number one on the Billboard charts and she is considered one of the world’s best-selling female artists with over 200 million albums sold worldwide. After struggling with addiction, Whitney returned to the music scene in 2009 with her album I Look to You.

Later this year, Whitney‘s new film Sparkle will be released into theaters. Check out a brand new still from the film that was released last week.

Whitney is survived by her daughter Bobbi Kristina, whom she had with ex-husband Bobby Brown.

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180 Responses to “Whitney Houston Dead at 48”

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  1. 126
    Thierry SAGET Says:

    Mon coeur est lourd, triste, la voix, la seule voix qui me faisait frissonner, qui me prenait jusqu’aux larmes de bonheur……Cette voix est partie….
    Merci pour tous ces moments de bonheur que tu m’as donné….Tu me manques…Je t’aime Withney…….Repose enfin en paix…..
    Un ange magnifique est arrivé au paradis……Tu vas les faire rêver comme tu nous a fais rêver…..

  2. 127
    lala Says:

    whoever Whitneys doctor is Id say run!or he will end up as micheal jacksons did…

  3. 128
    Regina Says:

    Houston, we have a problem….

  4. 129
    willanka Says:

    That’s so sad. I’ll miss her, Whitney’s music was always around my house – my mom and I loved her voice.

  5. 130
    John J Williams, PhD(ILL, USA) Says:

    What a talent, what a waste! In a world of pronounced commodification, talent like Whitney’s was bound to be destroyed by rugged individualism, superficiality and sheer greed by companies and individuals, associated with this artist. Not too long ago, we lost Michael Jackson for pretty much the same reasons! USA capitalist system wake-up, you are destroying your own children: a future that does not augur well for your great heritage, potential and contributions to world culture! In a state of shock, John J Williams, PhD (Illinois, USA), Cape Town, South Africa.

  6. 131
    Frozoid Says:

    Her death is really not a shock. She’s been in rehab multiple times; she was known to smoke crack; just this past Thursday she was photographed coming out of a restaurant really drunk and looking stoned and had to be held up.

    It’s sad, but it’s not a surprise or a shock.

  7. 132
    Frozoid Says:

    Photo of a trashed Whitney on Thursday night.

    She was hellbent on destroying herself.

  8. 133
    Kee Says:

    oh my god i cant believe it. i’m literally driven with shock and sadness. i thought this was another false death rumor. this is so unexpected. i always thought the drug addictions were a nasty rumor as well. this is so sad. RIP whitney

  9. 134
    Cindy Says:

    RIP Whitney

  10. 135
    kaca95 Says:


  11. 136
    WHY? Says:

    @Leenah: Why? DRUGS, that’s why! A person who had everything, talent, fame, money, and choses to be an addicted is just stupid! My guess: Lindsay Lohan’s next!

  12. 137
    Phyremedic Says:

    Just an other drug addict, just another wasted life, just another celebrity who felt entitled. I wont wasted a moment past this post on you. You were a looser!

  13. 138
    nina Says:

    Gone too soon any young. Will always love you Whitney. My prayers to the little beautiful girl you left behind. RIP

  14. 139
    chelsea Says:

    you were a good singer whitney i will miss u R.I.P ***

  15. 140
    LINDIWE Says:

    i can’t believe she’s dead,and i feel sorry for her daughter an her family.her soul my rest in peace

  16. 141
    LINDIWE Says:

    i loved her so much and i couldn’t bv she’s dead.her soule my rest in peace

  17. 142
    AlCourts Says:

    Whitney Houston pleased mankind but she was not interested in defending God’s Word. She was into drugs and the glory of man and praises of the people. She is a lost soul like most people are. On their way to hell because they do not take God’s Word seriously.
    Check out

  18. 143
    Just me Says:

    Rest in peace

  19. 144
    me Says:


  20. 145
    denise Says:

    @me: I disagree. This woman loved God and I think battled with more than that particular demon. I think she battled more with just existing in life harder than the avg person because of the constant pressure of life. I don’t blame Bobby B but her relationship with him drug her to a level that she didn’t need to go into. When you are married to a person like that and you develop an addiction that only makes it worse. I know her soul is probably resting now. I can’t think she wanted to destroy herself she had a disease that is so hard to cure and that is addiction. Until you walk that road it’s impossible to understand. Her support system was weak and so were her desires. Faith in God carries you a long way and I believe it carried her these 48 years. Her body and heart probably gave out and whose to say what happened . We don’t know yet maybe suicide. But for someone with so much fame you don’t know how miserable they really are.
    I truly think she accomplished what she wanted to career wise and all she has left was just wanting to be loved by her husband and from what she said on Oprah a few years back lord that was impossible. When you love someone like that and you are being abused emotionally and physically (yes) you lose a part of you. She was strong; the drugs made some of those hurts go away.
    It’s easy for many of us to sit back and judge and execute people with a few clicks of our keyboards, BUT SERIOUSLY, we all have sins and demons. Her sin and her demon was drugs and she wasn’t strong enough overtake it like the sin and demon each of us can’t overtake whatever it may be.
    There is no doubt this woman did have a personal relationship with God and right now I believe she is safe in his arms and not hurting and dealing with her personal pain RIGHT NOW. God bless her soul.

  21. 146
    bansa Says:

    why do these celebs with all their money always take drugs to solve their problems please your life is worth living you work so hard to make money why waste it on drugs

  22. 147
    Aizhan Says:

    I feel so sad right now. RIP Whitney. You’ve been an amazing artist. Thank you for your songs you will be misssed.

  23. 148
    Dasha Says:

    We lost an amazing artist, it’s tragic.
    RIP Whitney, we will always love you, your songs will live forever, The Voice<3333

  24. 149
    Mia Says:

    I feel very sad for her family and especially for her daughter. may she rest in peace and her family be healthy and happy.
    however I do need to say this. It is truely sad when a person dies, especially a famous person who had THE VOICE and then faded away in the crowd and lost all the credibilty as an artist and went rock bottom. No-one cared about her anymore =, everyone talked bad about her.
    Just a few days ago I saw on TMZ and on that they had pictures of her walking out of a club in LA. Blood or something dripping down her legs, cuts in her arms.. She looked wasted and blown up a lot. I seriously got the same feeling I always have had with ehr since she has changed so much.
    Whati s going on and what has been going on behind closed doors, for so many years.
    Yet, when she died.. I knew every celeb (even Kim KarTRASHian) would be talking about it.
    Ofcourse the Grammy’s will go on and they have a tribute to her (made so quicky, wtf?) and everyone will forget about her next week.
    It has happened to Michael, Amy, Brittany and now for Whitney.
    I feel very sad for her and her family, not for all the other celebs trying to walk over her after her death with their tributes and words. It is so selfish of them, becausewhen she was alive NO-ONE cared

  25. 150
    Peabody Here Says:


    You are a disrespectful sot! May her ghost come back to haunt you!

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