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Adam Levine & Anne V - Grammys 2012 Red Carpet

Adam Levine & Anne V - Grammys 2012 Red Carpet

Adam Levine stays close to girlfriend Anne V at the 2012 Grammy Awards held at Staples Center on Sunday (February 12) in Los Angeles.

The couple were joined by some Maroon 5 band members James Valentine, Mickey Madden, PJ Morton, and Matt Flynn.

The group is nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance along with Christina Aguilera for their hit “Moves Like Jagger.”

“Tomorrow night at the Grammys, the only person on our minds will be Whitney Houston.” Adam tweeted the day before about the sudden passing of Whitney.

The 2012 Grammy Awards, hosted by LL Cool J, airs live TONIGHT at 8 p.m. on CBS!

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Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • K

    That’s a really sexy dress that Anne is wearing…

  • Julie

    I’m sorry.. is her dress like connected to her underwear or…? I mean she looks pretty but…

  • Menna

    We get she’s a supermodel but she needs to cover up a little more. Adam looks smokin’ but what else is new?

  • Kevin

    Um whoa..she’s an mm away from exposing her crotch

  • anonymous

    Jesse Carmichael is not even in the picture. But Matt Flynn is! And how her girl who is in the fashion world can have this huge lack of fashion taste!!!

  • Bobo

    Attention seeking as usual Anne v. We get it, you’re a model, and have legs. Less is more ladies.

  • Sarah.

    Maybe it’s just me but.. even though she’s wearing very little, she just not look sexy.. Adam does look sexy though!

  • http://my_never Wendy

    is that a dress or a bathing suit cover up? not loving it.

  • Sandra

    First of all: Where is Jesse Carmichael??

    Anne V is a beautiful woman, but not classy anyway…. Is she going to the beach after the party? lol
    It seems to me thad Anne NEEDS to be noticed. Poor Adam.

  • tara

    What is going on with that dress?? I don’t get it. I mean is it like half pants and half naked or whaaa?

  • ha ha


  • jesslyn

    Anne V is so unexceptional in every way.

  • Samantha

    Dear Adam Levine’s girlfriend who I do not wish to know the name of.
    Please put some clothes on, you’re not at a victoria secret show today, honey. You’re at the grammy’s.

  • emma

    her hair is a hot mess.

  • Dee

    I’m surprised we can’t see her vag

  • jaded

    She looks like Russian Eurotrash that you see traipsing around places like Serbia and Montenegro. Trust, I’ve seen these types with my own eyes. What a mess.

  • snark

    well, I guess Adam succeeds again in countering his PR given Us is saying Anne dumped him this week’s print issue. Guess he gave up enough to have her come back. She’s beautiful but that dress is kind of over the top…his suit looks good.

  • Kat


  • AmICynical?

    No one is noticing him with that dress.

  • Yasmin

    He must really love her. They dry humped in a glass case around town for his video, he puppy dog followed her up and down the catwalk at the VS fashion show. Sweet Jesus, take a breather!

  • LooseLipz

    That bird has large thighs…makes Adams look like sticks..he’s a stuck up jerk, and she’s just his tll arm piece for now…and she’s not that pretty.

  • Helen

    This is what we call working hard at refuting the claims that they were on the outs. We have to remember that they have images to keep un-tainted, and the rumors of them splitting pretty much had them scrambling to keep them in the good light of the perfect, loving couple. They really know how to milk the publicity. We don’t know how they REALLY feel about one another when they aren’t in the view of the lens but I am sure this wasn’t their FIRST fight or being on the verge of walking away from one another. Plus, too, doesn’t he have his own record label? More time apart is what I’m guessing and that’s never good for any relationship. Good luck to them; they are going to be watched more now after that break-up report.

  • omd

    her face is only a little more interesting than a brick. that dress is ____

  • cal

    she looks really trashy, but who else would date a womanizer like him?

  • big turnoff

    These pictures are such a turnoff to Maroon 5. Yuck.

  • Thai

    Soon they’ll be breaking up. Look at ADAM’s face…

  • Me2

    Adam looks very handsome . Anne should cover up a bit more.

  • unknown

    Ok I get the fact that Jared and Anne are buddies. Ok whatever, but seriously. Its the Grammys. Musics top honors. Not let’s over shadow a band on a night of music. To show off Anne and her musician BF. It should have been a seperate post. The band should have been shown all together as a band and only mentioned without her everytime. Quit over shadowing, or promoting Anne on nights its suppose to be about music. Now let’s talk fashion. Where she shop at whores r us. Only two women I can think of could have pulled that dress off and made it what it was suppose to it looks like she should be on a pole or a street corner. Oh BTW the two women are Mariah & J-Lo. They could pull it off because they have sex appeal. I don’t care about the fact its Anne personally but come on. She is plain nothing spectacular about her and she is trying to hard to get attention. Now onto the body language, its so over. Come on people pull up Seal & Heidi pics of them together. These two are obviously trying hard to proove they are still together. Its a Hollywood thing. Sorry to say, but that’s what eventually happens especially when one of them wants to infamous. Never will happen Anne. I am not being mean or negative. This goes for any couple. But seriously, Anne honey. You are just a plain face girl, not so bad body, but as far as sexy or sex apeal. You don’t have it. You have to have the appeal and the attitude. All she has is look at me I’m a model with my Rock Star BF at the Grammys.

  • Rocky

    Why didn’t she just come out in a bathing suite. Girl must love herself big time.

  • unknown

    And that’s what she wanted. Remember when JLO wore the infamous. Versace dress to the Grammys several years back. She figured that if she dressed like that people would take on about her and she would get famous like Jennifer. That will never happen. Jennifer is naturally sexy and is a Diva. She looks like someone who stepped out of the exotic dancers club and forgot to change after work. He looks great though. Although I admit never paid much attention to him before thought he was kind of cute. He def cleans up nice. However she needs to stop terying to be noticed all the time. He is to big of a name for that. Karma is backfiring on her. @AmICynical?:

  • unknown

    All I am gonna say is I can’t wait for the fashion police on E! Can’t wait to hear what Joan Rivers has to say about this girl and Fergies outfit. That’s gonna hurt.

  • Yessssssssssss

    Isnt he Gay? Her Dress is Very Tacky!

  • MCL

    I have to agree with some of the comments above – Anne is really publicity hungry, the amount of twitters she’s done since last night – and all the photos of her and Adam… oh dear! As for him – only one tweet about the beach boys!
    I actually kind of like the dress but there was no need to dress like that – she is not a musician and so she should have left her boyfriend take the spotlight. It should have been enough seeing that together after all the rumours going around.

    I have to admit, Adam is red hot – that face could charm anyone! It does look like his attitude towards her is changing (there doesn’t seem to be any real warmth between them) but we’ll never know if that is just for the cameras – all might still be well being closed doors… though I do think he can do sooo much better!

    Anyway, it takes two to tango, he must know what he’s doing so good luck to them – but if I was to bet I wouldn’t see this one lasting long…

  • dpblu

    Can that slit get any higher?, surely not!

  • Helen


    Just saw that she has been shot down for the cover of SI; went to another model. Perhaps the company you keep and associate with should be changed. All I saw was two people doing their hardest to cover up gossip of a break up and a huge show off of her on his part. You are spot on though in terms of putting more focus and priority about the band and a little bit less on her. As I said earlier the media will be looking more and more at them; not to see how loving they are but if they hit the skids and they are waiting to pounce on that one.

  • joge

    This dress is so trashy! She obviously has no style or class and is trying to get as much attention out of this as possible. She is common and nothing special trying to further her career through him. Slightly euro trahshy even. Adam time to next her…

  • unknown

    Just like when Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez. It was a month before the decision to file for divorce. She gave an interview saying how happy and in love she was with marc. We all know how that ended. I mean its their business, but even the lil antic of him acting like he is introducing her. Was just that an antic. A break up is hard enough for normal people. But when is in the public eye its kind of hard. However, when one wants fame to the point of using someone for it. How ironic she didn’t get the cover. How ironic she still gets called a model. Not a super model, rarely does. She wants it and u know what. She gets it if she gets it. It won’t be on her own journey. I knew she wouldn’t get it. A real Super Model or Swimsuit model. They barely mention her unless Adams name is mentioned. And WHO THE F tweets during the Grammys? Once or twice but last night was about music and remembering Whitney! That’s beyond disrespectful no matter who they are. That’s sad!@Helen:

  • Helen


    She was? What was she tweeting so much on? Did see folks upset that another model got the cover; but I am sure the magazine has its own personal reasons for choosing who they want to choose and why they want to choose them. Folks may buy what the two of them are selling but it’s very one sided to me now. It showed in what pictures I saw. Both are trying too hard to prove something that is evident is no longer there. It’s sad on both of their parts. Be honest and move on if you want to move on.

  • unknown

    Well I can see many reasons if I was in charge of the mag not to put her anywhere near the cover. #1 she was on the cover of the SI calendar and that didn’t sell well. She hasn’t got the cover girl feel here in the US. To European. #2 she is to publicsized for her relationship more than her her career. #3 last years model was from Russia. Two back to back russian models wouldn’t be a good marketing strategy at all. #4 after all the comments and making fun of the antics at the VS. Whether chreograaphed or not. It was a bad move. She didn’t make the commercials and the little one part she got. They already cut her out. She is not according in my opinion as far as modeling and fashion a true proffessional. She arrived late a few times in the past and her excuse was living the rock star life is so hard. Usually models have a name on their own w/o their famous BF. Look at Rosie. She is dating Jason Stathem. Miranda is married to Orlando. They stand alone and have a fan base w/o their other half being involved. Even Chrissy Tiegen who is now engaged to John Legend. Stands alone as far as career wise. She can’t. She isn’t super model material. If she was she wouldn’t have to be constantly tagged w Adam. Another thing is people talk. Especially in fashion. It has more gossip than any site. My guess her tantrums has made her a bad seed. Besides why put another model who has ben
    En in it 100 times before. Men get bored at looking at the same thing all the time. Imagine us women who love fashion seeing the same adds over and over for our fav orite designers. Its borring. Need fresh faces. Sales have been down. They need someone who stands out. Not being mean towards Anne but she is plain. Look at the the other models that are in there. U put Anne with other blonde models on a runway. She doesn’t stand out. Funny how many adds that have blonde models in them and so many resemble her. There is nothing that stands out. @Helen:

  • Sandra

    Look at Anne’s tweet:
    “One of my fav pics from tonight with my man! How handsome does he look in Tom Ford? ”
    Is Anne V sending a message? For whom?

  • Helen


    Get a look at this:

    Just saw the cover of Sports Illustrated. One major problem…@AnneV isn’t on the cover.

  • Unknown2


    Problem says Adam? I will call it more like a blessing lol!

  • unknown

    Ironically its a younger girl on the cover and she only apeared in it once. Which says a lot. Hopefully it will sell.

  • Jenn

    Hold up.. Anne V and Adam were joined by some of his band members? EXCUSE ME? ITS THE GRAMMYS.. SHE got to come along for the ride.. this isnt her gig.. its the BAND’s GIG.. I know shes friends with who ruins this site.. but give me a break..
    IM REAAALY sick of the Adam and Anne show at Music events.. this is about MAROON 5 not Adam and his girlfriend!

  • Jenn

    BTW… who ever says hes a “stuck up jerk” has never met him… to his fans anyway he is the sweetest most thankful celeb you would EVER MEET!

  • unknown

    No he is stuck up at all. Just arrogant, cocky, disrespectful & sell out. He canceled to concerts one in Paris so he can watch her during fashion week there on the runway. Canceled a concert again, because he was sick, but managed to go to South Africa to be with her during a photo shoot. Then of course to promote her ass while basically giving his bandmates/ friends on musics biggest night. Correct me if I am wrong here. Wasn’t they nominated. In my opinion the only female that should have been standing any where near him on that night is Christina. Nothing says F U like walking the Red Carpet with ur so called GF and not supporting ur own music and bandmates. Who worked hard with him. I don’t see how any of his fans respect him when even his own bandmates don’t.look at Caleb from Kings of Leon. He is married to a VS model. He doesn’t promote her when it comes to his band. I’m sorry Maroon 5 fans, but seriously how can anyone respect him after that. I usually defend him because I know how Anne is. But after this I can’t see anyone wanting to be around him. Noticed that Blake and Miranda has pretty much kept their disance too. Agree to disagree if you all want. But look at the big picture. Its all about publicity! That’s a shame. I have a feeling unril he hits rock bottom. That’s when his eyes will open. I just hope its not to late. But a lot of damage is being done. @Jenn:

  • unknown

    She will never get the cover! Someone needs to news flash him! @Helen:

  • unknown

    @Helen: not that I will get a reply from him, but I news flashed him on twitter. Let him know she never will. If he does reply I will make certain they both know why. But I doubt he will. Someone in his camp needs to hav e a intervention with him. Not sure who exactly Jesse is, but was informed that he didn’t walk the Red C,arpet or in the pics and someone said that’s Adams BFf. If that’s the case unless he is sick or acted like he was. I’ve seen this before a woman like Anne comes in and the band falls apart. Remember White Snake?

  • Jenn

    Jesse is their keyboard player.. one of the founding members of the band and as as fans we are concerned that he has not been at the past 4 shows. Hes tweeting and seems to be okay, we have no idea whats going on.. and YES I think Adam needs to be bought down to earth like said Im TOTALLY SICK of the Adam and Anne show! He should have ABSOLUTLY BEEN WITH HIS BAND MATES!!! Like Kol.. like The Foo Fighters..
    Adam has always been very nice to me.. I cant say different.. all the guys have. But I do think its total bull shit whats goin on.