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Brad Pitt - BAFTAs 2012 Red Carpet

Brad Pitt - BAFTAs 2012 Red Carpet

Brad Pitt looks dapper in Gucci as he arrives at the 2012 BAFTAs, aka Orange British Academy Film Awards, held at the Royal Opera House on Sunday (February 12) in London, England.

The 48-year-old actor (in a Dolce&Gabbana coat) is up for the BAFTA for Best Actor for his work on Moneyball.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Brad Pitt

On Saturday, Brad hit the red carpet at the Berlin Film Festival premiere of In the Land of Blood and Honey, which was directed by his partner, Angelina Jolie.

Be sure to check out Brad‘s 2012 Oscar Portfolio from Time if you missed it!

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Credit: Gareth Cattermole; Photos: Getty
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  • busted


    You are an idiot..

    Grow up.. stop playing childish game.

    I’m finished with you and your other personalities..

  • well

    Trolls don’t need worry. I am sure Brad and Angelina discussed and decided Angelina not coming with him to baftas. We fans are fine with it. You trolls should calm down.

  • bdj

    Too funny. George is a character

    BAFTAs 2012: Boys’ night out for George, Colin and Brad

    George Clooney seemed to be loving the atmosphere at the BAFTAs, joking that he planned to wrestle screenwriter Alexander Payne for an award.

    The silver fox’s screenplay for Ides of March was up against Alexander’s script for The Descendants – the film in which George also starred.

    With his leading lady Stacy Keibler absent, he took his friend Colin Firth’s hand for support.

    He and another buddy Brad Pitt were due to fight it out in the leading actor category – George for The Descendants and his pal for Moneyball.

    If the two friends had made the same pact, as they have for the Oscar nominations, a victory for either of them would be quite amusing.

    A win for George would mean that Angelina Jolie’s partner would have to work as deckhand on his yacht at Lake Como.

    Unfortunately, Angelina had to sit out the BAFTAs this time which might explain her beau’s choice of prize.

    If Brad took away a trophy then George would have to take care of their six kids for the night so the golden couple would get out for date night.

  • plez

    I think Brad is aging also and looks damn good doing it.

  • annon

    AFP video: Brad and Angelina red carpet Berlin.


    Becks Davies @becksdavies

    You’re currently breathing the same air as brad pitt!!! @jossdavies87

  • plez

    Not to take anything away from the BAFTAS, but it’s not the Oscars.
    Exactly. It’s not even shown live in the UK. So they don’t think it is that special either. Some of you trolls need to get into a relationship and see how it really works.

  • gracie

    Stupid dumb trolls., so Angie should abandon her own premier and movie? They both have their movies to support, they are not joined at the hip, they are two grown adults capable of doing things separately and together. This won’t be the first or last time. Your tactics won’t work. Fans are solid in their support for both.

  • um

    gracie @ 02/12/2012 at 3:40 pm

    What movie premiere are you talking about?You mean the one Brad came out to support and still managed to go to Bafta or the one which is NOT even HER movie but She still came out to support Luc Besson?

    Is Brad her partner or Luc Besson is?I’m confused.I thought Brad was all this time.My bad.


    AmyHitchcock @AmyHitchcockSky

    Adam Deacon wins rising star at #BAFTAs says he can’t believe he’s on same stage as Brad Pitt – he’s thrilled says win for underdog

  • Saffron

    Omg….the cretins are hilarious! I love how their stunted logic works:

    Brad is at a premiere alone: Angie cares more about her career
    Angie is at a premier alone: Brad loves Ticky more

    Brad is alone with the kids: Angie is a horrible mother
    Angie is alone with the kids: Brad would rather have kids with Ticky

    Brad is at the store alone: B&A broke up
    Angie is at the store alone: B&A broke up

    Brad is at an interview alone: Angie doesn’t care about his career
    Angie is at an interview alone: Brad is seeing Ticky on the sly

    Brad is driving down the street alone: He’s going to see Ticky
    Angie is driving down the st alone: She’s trying to catch Brad & Ticky

    Damn, people…grow up! Adults aren’t together 24/7. Especially when the two in question are hugely popular, in-demand professionals. Sometimes you have to “divide & conquer” to get things done. It’s life….just get used to it & STFU.

  • ;)

    how long till the day Brad Pitt will find out he got himself another Jennifer Aniston? only the face and the career has changed.this one is A lister and is Bi sexual and doesn’t want to be his wife unlike the other one.this one likes to sleep around more than the other one too.oh this one wants him to support her all the time while she doesn’t believe she has to do the same.

  • Linda

    Brad looks divine.

  • um

    Saffron @ 02/12/2012 at 3:48 pm

    umm you are either too dumb or in too much denial right now.Who said they should be together all the time?
    Is Bafta happening every day.
    Didn’t you claim Bafta is like British Oscar.I’m sure I read it in J written by one of Brangie’s fan.
    umm I have noticed you make this kind of list whenever you don’t have or know any other way to defend your idol.
    so You all are Angelina’s fans.Poor Brad


    Looks like the troll who kept on spamming that BRAD PITT IS NOT IN BERLIN is now um. So guys, please don’t respond to this troll. Loser is trying to change tactics. Do not RESPOND. Idi0t is embarrassed that she was proven WRONG again! LOL

  • reeven

    i love him even more now, he loves Angelina soooo much that he does not hold her back, he leave her do her things, he miss her, obviously, but he has not an ounce of selfishness on that gorgeous body , that´s why she love´s him.

  • cute

    It is miracle it didn’t rain this year baftas. Brad looked so hot.

  • bdj

    These rag trolls hens have their talking points. Unfortunately they get paid by the post, so they will park their sorry behinds on the gorgeous Angelina Jolie and handsome Brad Pitt’s thread.


    We are not stupid. We know its you. So stop changing names cause it really is lame and pathetic, predictable even. Can’t wait for Brad and Angelina on Monday!

  • awww

    TWEET @ 02/12/2012 at 3:47 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down +5

    AmyHitchcock @AmyHitchcockSky

    Adam Deacon wins rising star at #BAFTAs says he can’t believe he’s on same stage as Brad Pitt – he’s thrilled says win for underdog
    Love this guy Adam Deacon.

  • bdj

    It will all be about Whitney in the Rags this week troll. RIP to a talented, troubled woman. While the hens are making up lies and whining about a no talent lame rom com coattail rider, there are tragedies going on that make you really appreciate life and wonder why folks worry about trivial things. BP and AJ are handling their biz, being of service and raising a wonderful family. Hens are up to 5 dollars on a blog. Those the breaks.

  • http://computer Susan

    I agree
    Wobbler30 = STUPID
    just an opinion


    Andrea Howard @delgirlhoward

    Just watching the BAFTAS wow wow how hot does Brad Pitt look?? Hmmmmmm

  • um

    IGNORE PLEASE @ 02/12/2012 at 3:57 pm

    I’m not.But if it suits you.I will go with it.

  • um

    I’m starting to think Angelina must have had better things to do that Bafta………Like…….meeting Billy Bob in his hotel room.

    You do know they are staying at the same hotel.Like old time.Oh what a great reason to stay in Berlin.

  • kara

    hehe his bowtie isn;t straight….what a sil!

  • bdj

    The troll is now up to 5 dollars and 15 cents.

  • bdj
    Video at site

    The BAFTAs began with a bang with Sir Tom Jones belting out the theme to the James Bond film Thunderball, to mark half-a-century of the spy’s cinematic adventures.

    Host Stephen Fry then introduced Cuba Gooding Jr to read out the nominations for the award for Special Visual Effects.

    Gooding, who paid tribute to Whitney Houston saying “Whitney, I will always love you”, handed the award to Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2.

    Earlier in the night, stars including George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Michelle Williams, Meryl Streep and Berenice Bejo walked down the red carpet ahead of the ceremony at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, central London.

    The event, officially known as the Orange British Academy Film Awards, is the biggest movie bash of the year in the UK and is seen as an accurate pointer for Oscar success.


    LOVEFiLM Live @LOVEFiLM_Live

    Very soon Brad Pitt will be taking to the stage to present the #BAFTA for Best Director…


    David Walker-Smith @DavidEWS

    Brad Pitt giving award for best director. God he’s gorgeous!

  • Awww

    So Brad is going to present for Best Director. Just like Angie did at Golden Globes. Match made in HEAVEN. Hehehehe


    Ricky Boezalt @rickyn7

    @chigg_will brad Pitt! Rocks long hair better then any man #BAFTA’s

  • saranancy

    maybe they have some problem like all couples do have.
    i saw their pics at wenn last night.they looked happy on the red carpet but the inside pics was telling a different story.
    she was sitting with her back to brad most of the night and was kinda ignoring him.
    i would be lying not to say i kinda felt off there and felt sorry for him.
    they are probably having some issues right now.
    i do hope the will go through it and stay together.they are so cute together.


    Ignore the name-changing troll. Thumb it down and just don’t respond to it. This troll must be a paid troll. No sane person spams all day to a thread she/he is not a fan of. So ignore.


    alexandra machugh @AlexMachugh

    Brad Pitt blowing me (slash the whole bafta-watching audience) a kiss? Valentine’s Day just came early…

  • gracie

    Dumb troll, you do know she is in Berlin with their kids. If you’re a mother, it makes no sense uprooting the kids to London for a few hours and back in Berlin where she has ongoing busness with her movie. GC is in London alone too and so is MS, PC and many of the stars, why aint you whining about others?

  • tweet

    silly troll- Billy Bob is at BAFTAs- he’s presenting…lie #1516
    BAFTA Brad Pitt gets the interview treatment on the red carpet… #BAFTA

  • http://computer Susan

    Billy Bob presented the Bafta Award to William Hurt, so I guess it will be Brad in a Hotel room with him.

  • Observer2



    And the troll, gets shown the door, again. Good times.


    Delphine Chui @delphinechui

    Yes, I’m metres away from Brad Pitt. Maintaining my cool. #BAFTA


    AHA!!! So we guessed it! The troll who claims that Brad was not in Berlin is now whining why Angelina didn’t accompany Brad at BAFTAS. BWAHAHAHAH What a LOSER!!! I agree with the poster above, this one is obviously a PAID TROLL.

    OT: Looks like The Artist is going to sweep at the OSCARS. Good thing Angie will present because this season is very predictable.

  • um

    I betcha Angelina was wetting herself standing next to that blond woman and that black lady with big boobs.
    She loves big boobs.
    She can bring them to Billy Bob’s room for threesome or foursome.
    She must be happy dancing being in Berlin without Brad while Billy Bob is downstairs waiting for her.

  • anustin

    @ susan….lolz!


    Josh mortimer @JoshScottMort

    Brad pitt is a beautiful man. Every straight, gay, lesbian bi has to admire that

  • LOL

    Bwahahahaha poor troll indeed.

  • hehehe

    LOL@ the idiot troll.


    Declan Cashin @ DeclanCashin

    I’m so proud that Brad Pitt pronounced my name so well – Hazanavicius #Bafta

  • um

    umm No chance for Billy Bob with Angelina tonight?:( At least she got Luc besson and the other 2 women for tonights.

  • so

    The Artist wins everything. what a joke Harvey Weinstein.


    Pamela Owen @pjaydog

    Ah my lover Brad Pitt is trending! :)