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Chris Brown's Grammys Performance - Watch Now!

Chris Brown's Grammys Performance - Watch Now!

Chris Brown struts his stuff at the 2012 Grammy Awards held at Staples Center on Sunday (February 12) in Los Angeles.

The 22-year-old entertainer performed “Turn Up the Music” and “Beautiful People” and did a tribute to dance music with Lil Wayne, David Guetta and Foo Fighters.

Later in the evening, Chris picked up the award for Best R&B Album for his album F.A.M.E. Chris beat out El DeBarge, R. Kelly, Ledisi, and Kelly Price for the honor.

Chris was nominated for Best Rap Song and Best Rap Song Performance along with his “Look At Me Now” collaborators Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes, but lost out to Kanye West and friends.

Chris Brown’s Grammys Performance

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55 Responses to “Chris Brown's Grammys Performance - Watch Now!”

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  1. 26
    cwil Says:

    I don’t think the pictures of all the other attacks were posted. the pictures of rihanna were disturbing and i couldn’t believe someone could do that. that’s the difference, actually seeing it.

  2. 27
    chaveli Says:

    this people are anoying his amaizing and you all wished u had his talent.

  3. 28
    Britta Says:

    I find it unbelievable that people are saying “Get over it!” or “Rihanna’s moved on so you should too.”
    No, I will no get over it, because that is something that he should have to live with for the rest of his life, he beat a woman’s face in to the point she had to go to the hospital. That is not something you just move on from. Also, how do you know Rihanna has moved on? I honestly haven’t heard anything saying that she has, so if I’m wrong feel free to tell me. This isn’t something you just move on from by throwing a chair at a window and ripping your shirt off on Good Morning America or putting on a few performances here and there or crying on stage while preforming ‘Man in the Mirror’

  4. 29
    Mandy Says:

    Really people…If you dispise him so much, why did you look up this site? Why take the time to read it then comment on it. That just shows you that he’s winning here. He has undeniable talent because if he didn’t, he wouldn’t be performing on the grammy’s or won for that matter. Can you even imagine all the work that went into this album? To win a grammy after such a horrible incident and be more popular than ever shows hes driven and does not care one bit what you haters have to say. You didn’t keep him down, you drove him to work harder. I doubt any of you have that drive. Get over yourselves and move on. He has and so has Rhianna. In case you don’t remember SHE is the one who dropped the restraining order. So if they can move on, what is your problem?

  5. 30
    Avianna Says:

    @Britta: Watch tv…they were partying at the same club just a week ago. She dropped the restraining order also. He will have to live with it the rest of his life. Im sure hes not proud of his actions. We all do things that we arent proud of sometime…we ask for forgiveness and good people forgive. Its what they do.

  6. 31
    naynaybeme Says:

    HOT performance. Why people of the world never let another forget his/her mistakes his beyond me. Rihanna has apparently forgiven him, and she was the victim of his abuse. Why all the haters still bringing it up?

  7. 32
    #TheRealist Says:

    All you people hating on his singing/lip syncing, you guys should try dancing like that and singing at the same time. He has more talent in his fingers then you all have in your whole body.

  8. 33
    chuck Says:

    don’t like him for the reason that a lot o people hate him, but i don’t hate him, was a geart performance but with auto tune an lip-sync(we can undeerstand if U are madonna britney or janet, or michael becouse they’re legends) but he have a really good voice, he can sing more and dance less.. he is talented, but i don’t now

  9. 34
    Kiki Says:

    Two Words: LIP SYNCHING!!!!!!!!!

  10. 35
    TalkTruth Says:

    do you not know how hard it is to dance as much as he does and still have enough breath to sing….Chris brown can sing dance act and did i mention dance….stop getting on the kid because of one mistake that he apologized for and worked hard to make amends for. yet all of these other actors and singers can do way worse and you dont say **** . its not your life ….secondly its ADELE NOT ADELLE

  11. 36
    nyamal gatluak Says:

    chris brown is the best of the best i,m so glad he won everything about chris brown is great

  12. 37
    nyamal gatluak Says:

    all the poeple who hate chris brown they just jealous because chris brown his doing a great job his a nice man, i know all poeple who don,t like c b they gonna cry all time cause c b his goanna win all time

  13. 38
    smalltwnguy Says:

    I don’t about his singing but if you watch closely you will se that he is packing some heat in his pants. Looks like he has one nice **** in those pants. yummy

  14. 39
    mg Says:


    he’s said it like a million times already! idk why everybody is still stuck on that. it was years ago.. && how about just ONE of you try doing all of that GOOD dancing and flips and tricks and shxt on stage WHILE SINGING. lemme see how good u sound then smh. He is an AMAZING singer AND dancer with good looks to go with it so let go of the past and MOVE ON. You see he has.

  15. 40
    mg Says:


  16. 41
    mg Says:

    OMG. Get the fxck over it, it was yearssss ago. He is STILL and FOREVER WILL BE a great artist, regardless of what you haters think. His singing nor dancing skills dont get any worse just because of what he did. Its his life that he made mistakes in the PAST with. But you want to still be stuck on it even though he’s apologized a million times to everyone. It’s funny how ppl can say they hate him but still on here watching his performance. So he’s getting money from his fans AND from his so-called haters. So either way, he’s getting paid from everybody. So stfu and let him live his life. Its the past. Get over it.

  17. 42
    mg Says:

    ALSO, I would LOVEEE to see just ONE of you dance that well, doing tricks and flips WHILE actually singing. OF COURSE HE CANT SING AND DANCE LIKE THAT AT THE SAME TIME DUMBASSES!!! NEITHER CAN ANY OF YOU!!!! Never knew ppl could be so hateful and jealous in this world smh.

  18. 43
    r.y Says:

    don’t say it was in the past it was years ago…blablabla
    if you know what it does to a woman if you get beaten up you might be a little more thoughtfull. And you know what experts say? no you don’t! they say that a guy can apologize a million times but once a molester always a molester and that is a true story! btw you say he can perform? come on this dancing is not really that good at all. I can do it and my sister can even do it a lot better so no he sucks and thats the truth!

  19. 44
    Bo Duke Says:

    Chris Brown… an absolute disgrace to the music business, life and his mama!
    He was sleeping with his manager Tina Davis when he was dating Rihanna and that’s what caused the fight. He cheats and she gets her ass kicked…what a brainless ghetto idiot

  20. 45
    jenn Says:

    hahah all you haters need to stop talking **** about chris brown!!! you guys talk like if you know what REALLY went down and like if you KNOW his life!! let him be and let him move on as you can see his career is not over! he is still making music and we still listen to him on the radio and he is winning awards soo just drop all this non sense and start reading a different article…. I love you chris brown!! im your biggest fan!! don’t listen to none of the haters out there keep doing you!! your amazing!!! <3

  21. 46
    Brook Says:

    Crap music. Overused sounds, for gay teenagers.

  22. 47
    Chris Says:

    A Grammy is not as important as a man’s character…and C.B. has very little of that! I won’t even watch him when I am given the chance. I’m so disappointed with the decision to have him perform on the Grammy’s. His ego (and popularity) will eventually burst.

  23. 48
    Melu Says:

    something ppl seem to forget : it’s not like we’ve actually forgot about all this sh*t, but we can forgive him bcz CB is a great performer, dancer and singer. Saying all this BS about him being such a lame performer, and lip sync (which btw is something a lot of singers do!) are making you look like an idiot when you don’t want to say out loud what’s true : HE IS GOOD ! He’s done a mistake and will learn from that for the rest of his life, but he still has ppl supporting him for what he does best : singing !

    Team breezy 4ever !

  24. 49
    Vee Says:

    Chris Brown worked hard on his cd and quite frankly I cant stop playing it. he deserved the grammy – after all that’s what the grammy’s are all about – MUSIC!!!

  25. 50
    Chrislover4ever Says:

    @Jenn: she sings like ****..chris brown has real talent!

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