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Halle Berry: Nobu with Nahla & Olivier!

Halle Berry: Nobu with Nahla & Olivier!

Halle Berry wears a cute starry sweater as she goes out to dinner at Nobu with her fiance, Olivier Martinez, and her daughter, Nahla, on Saturday (February 11) in Malibu, Calif.

The 45-year-old actress may be moving to France with Olivier and Nahla, but a judge has to agree to it first – Halle and her ex, Gabriel Aubry, are engaged in a custody dispute over Nahla.

Late last week, the L.A. Department of Children and Family Services recommended that Gabriel be watched with a monitor whenever he’s with Nahla.

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  • aha

    I seriously can’t stand her anymore. She has become a vindictive person and needs mental help more than anyone.

  • Ashley

    Can’t wait when Olivier and Halle promote their movie together!
    Asa couple. Never did see Gab with a supervisor just Nahla and
    Lucky girl Nahla having to good looking men as her DADDY

  • Orby

    Oh c’mon seriously will you guys stop ? We don’t know them for Christ sake !!! We don’t know any of these celebrity and we will never know them. I thought Whitney was okay and now look what happened ?
    Seriously we should only wish happiness for Nahla only happiness we can’t do anything else about it.
    I hope Gabriel is not a bad father, I really hope but at the end of the day who am I to decide something like that ? I thought that Chris Brown was a good and hard working kid and now look…

  • jesslyn

    guess Nobu is a casual restaurant……

  • BEAN

    Hold up – considering the backlash Halle is receiving from the media and public, do you people seriously think a judge, social workers, and all the rest of those people will put their jobs on the line (on a publicized case)? Are you kidding? OBVIOUSLY we don’t know the WHOLE truth about the situation but if the judge ruled that Gabriel must have supervised visits, how the hell do you know he is innocent? I think everyone needs to quit assuming, because you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. I wish all the best for Nahla and I like to think Gabriel is a good dad but pictures aren’t everything. We don’t know. Simple.

  • BEAN

    @Orby: Orby you are COMPLETELY right. Anyone who is taking Gabriel’s side is a bloody idiot. Anyone taking Halle’s is just the same.

  • Delphic

    How long until Olivier ‘hits’ her?

  • wren

    Whelp, Martinez left his wife for and was engaged to whackadoodle Rose McGowan before Halle. I imagine there is far more stupidity going on then we will ever know, but that said? The kid is going to suffer and learn all kinds of bad behavior. Too bad.

  • hauteness

    I’m calling this couple Gigli 2.0. Just like Bennifer, as soon as this movie of theirs FLOPS, Olivier will call it quits!

  • Jade

    Regardless of what’s going on, I still believe Halle is mentally unbalanced. Come on, she was involved in a hit and run and just left the scene.Someone could have been seriously injured. And plus she once had suicidal tendency when she split from David Justice. Once said that no matter what would happen between her and Eric Benet, she would always consider India as one of her own. But when the relationship went bust, dumped her like she was yesterday’s trash. She didn’t want Gabriel dating that tramp Kim Kardashian (which understandable) but hello, she dating one too! It’s a well known fact that Olivier Martinez cheated on Kylie Minogue while she was recovering from breast cancer. Sorry, but Halle is crazy!

  • Amanda

    She is a terrible mother. I’m starting to think she’s the problem and not the men she has relationships with. She seems vindictive, stubborn, and deluded.

  • Orby

    Again Amanda how do you know that ? I mean I like to think that Halle is the bitch in this situation but this is me and what I’d like to be true because Gabriel seems to be a good man.
    I feel sick to wish something like that, really, i’m ashamed because either way the child will be hurt.

  • Cutie

    Olivier is Nahal’s new father, right?

  • cher

    I feel for Nahla, she deserves to have both a mother and her father in her life and not her mothers new flavour of the month.

  • kizbit

    Hasn’t she been on those crutches for a loooooooooooooooonnnggg time?

  • From Paris with Love

    She’s been sporting a cast since September, her injury is lasting longer than Beyonce’s pregnancy…

  • koyt

    This b*tch is psychotic. She needs to be institutionalized.

  • Zyonna

    im sorry but why is she still on crutches shes been on them for a VERY long time…jus sayin

  • Masina

    I don’t much care what happens to the adults in this whole mess. I do think this little girl comes first. I hope she will not inherit Halle’s isuse’s, and she is not being kept from seeing her father. We are in a different generation now, where it is not just the woman who is being victimize, but also the men. Both parents should always put their kids well being first, and if she is going to dump this taste of the year next, what kind of message does that send this little girl. Don’t bring them(guys/gals) home to your kids……..until you are absolutely sure he/she is the one.

  • KC

    This child is simply beautiful. It is such a shame she is caught in the middle of such an unstable tug of war. Both parents should put the needs of their child first.

  • Noir

    What’s up with all the Halle hate? I keep asking and reading the comments and still don’t get it. Especially since, as one of the posters pointed out, there clearly has to be more to the story given legal actions towards Aubry.
    Perhaps it’s the question of the demographic that most often comments on gossip sites?

  • anybody?anybody?

    @Noir: Of course there’s something more. It’s called Halle threatens to brain whoever doesn’t give her way with her Oscar while all poor Gabriel can do is be normal and think things will happen the correct way. I really want Gabriel to win sole custody. Halle is too selfish to see her daughter needs both parents.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Wow! I thought she was so scared for her life?? Why is she going out to this high profile place?? Is this a kid friendly restuarant?? She’s unbelievable!!

  • Noir

    @anybody?anybody?: You just said that you want Gabriel to win sole custody and yet that their daughter needs both parents.
    Those two things contradict each other.

  • Denise M

    @Jade: #10

    She was involved in 2 hit and runs, one in Illinois, and one in California. Both time Halle hit someone and fled the seen.

  • Denise M

    @Zyonna: #18

    I think her diabetes is holding back the healing of her foot.

  • Denise M

    @kizbit: #15
    I think it is her diabetes that is prolonging the healing.

  • Julie

    You all need to STOP the judgment and criticism of this person whom you DO NOT KNOW. If she died tomorrow you’d all be singing a different tune (just like you did with Michael & now Whitney). Stop seeking judgement and hatred for these people just because their private business is sold for your entertainment.

    The ONLY thing you know about Halle is that she loves her child – other than that, you’re just voyeurs into her life (thanks to stalker paparazzi). None of you are in her personal life, so you have ZERO idea what you’re talking about. Focus on having perfect lives of your own, and stop judging others for their hardships.

    Some food for thought.

  • =}

    @aha: stfu you don’t know whats really going on with them. calm down and let it be.

  • sei

    Regardless if whacko was captured, if you are afraid for your life you don’t go to the places where the pappis go and one goes to be seen. One goes to some place more discrete. Total horse hockey about worried for her life.

  • Kris

    I just hope that whatever the courts/judge decides, it’s for Nahla’s best interest.

  • me too

    @Kris: She does have her own mediator–let’s hope so too!

  • Kayla

    Maybe she still cares for Gabriel and is getting back at him, who knows but when a child is involved, he or she always becomes caught in the middle and ends up suffering. Hopefully Halle and Gabriel will work things out so their kid will not end up being pulled in both directions. It’s sooo selfish when people do this crap!

  • Tack

    It is ridiculous to think that Halle is a ‘bad’ mother, and Gabriel an ‘angel’, based on snapshots posted on the internet or on what we have conjured up in our minds as spectators, to this pitiful affair.

    Maybe Halle has issues, but maybe Gabriel has major issues too, after all, his childhood was spent bouncing from foster home to foster home in Canada.

    Obviously there is far more to this story, as evident by the Judge’s ruling. And although seemingly in Halle’s favor, it still doesn’t mean Halle is a great mother, or Gabriel a bad father.

    There are different sides to every story, and then there is the truth.

    Maybe one day, Nahla will write the Tell-All… from her side of the story. :-)

  • Nahla autistic/spec needs????

    Nahla autistic or special needs? new rumor is true that she autistic according to and

    Could explain why she’s affectionate in photos with Halle, daddy and the bf?

    Possible reason if Gabe does lose his temper? If true, I hope all can come together for Nahla’s sake instead of the deceit, lies and bickering and come up with the best resolution for the situation with Nahla and build awareness for the disease.

  • Tack

    Wow. Just Wow !

    If all this is true, it changes the whole dynamics of how we are viewing this combative situation. If Nahla is autistic, and Gabriel is losing his temper over how to parent her, then, that changes everything. No wonder the judge’s ruling.