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Jennifer Aniston Attached to 'Miss You Already'

Jennifer Aniston Attached to 'Miss You Already'

Jennifer Aniston is attached to star in the upcoming comedy-drama flick Miss You Already.

The film follows “a pair of lifelong best friends whose relationship gets torn to bits when one becomes pregnant and the other sick.”

“The idea is that it’s Beaches set in a glossy London, it’s a real old-fashioned tearjerker,” executive producer Samantha Horley told Deadline.

Jennifer‘s new film Wanderlust, about a Manhattan couple that decides to experiment with living on a rural commune where free love rules, opens on February 24.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jennifer Aniston’s possible new movie role?

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  • lola

    Happy bday jen <3 !

  • time off?

    I thought she was taking time off from movies?

  • London?

    I wonder if she will play an English character. Can’t imagine her with a British accent.

  • xyz

    Well I’m happy that she’s moving away from the typical girl-boy chase stories. It’s a good change, I suppose.

    Oh and Happy Belated Birthday, Jen! Loving the new GQ photoshoot with Paul Rudd and definitely can’t wait for Wanderlust to hit the theatres!

  • claus


  • blah

    Great :D Queen is back to work :) btw “time off”, yeah she did took time off, she didn’t shoot anything during last year….

  • Danielle

    @time off?:

    This is why you shouldn’t believe everything you read. If we did Jennifer would have had 9 children by now.
    I believe things when she confirms them. I’ll be very very excited if she does do this film as assume she’l be in England for a bit.

  • Give nonuts back to Heidi

    More flops, she took time off b/c nobody wanted to chance another flop just like these next two lousy pieces of work will be.

    Ya notice how she is not Luved by the ppl anymore. Sure she has her few pity partierss but she is still the desperate koke she has always been.

    Liar should admit that her and Brad broke up b/c she was and is a selfish vain fug liar who didn’t want to have a kid and lied to him about it.

    Brad covered her a ss b/c he is a nice guy and didn’t go on any talk shows to exploit her lies b/c again why bother again he’s too nice a guy.

    Desperate freak can’t do an interview in a mag 7 yrs later without coatailing Brad and Angies name again.
    I wouldn’t pay a wooden nickel to see this hags films and neither would anybody else in my crowd. Her best friend being Chelsea Handjob tells you right there what kind of HO she is herself.

    The least she could do is apologise to Heidi Biven for paying for her man.

    Alto Heidi babysat the midget thru his rehab yrs so many times now that she is rid of him she can start banking her own money.

    Heidi Bivens is 10 times the woman Aniston will ever be.
    Little noNuts must feel rich today just wait till she starts bitching about him not buying her dinner..

    Those two will last about as long as the rest and then she will lie about still being with the greedy caulksucka.


    @time off?: she started doing that after filming wanderlust

  • Cheery

    Hmm, except in Beaches the friend who got sick and the friend with the kid are THE SAME woman. Nice try though…
    But really, how dare they. How. Dare. They. Beaches is classic; don’t sully it’s good name with such a heinous comparison.

  • place of truth…FF

    @Give nonuts back to Heidi:Speaking of flop you’ve been watching “ITFLOPLOBAH” OR MONEYBOMB? And it looks so much envy and hatred of JEN TOO can do harm to their health, care … i love female first!! kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • c

    Well, I guess she’s not pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Maybe the hens will finally realize this woman doesn’t want to have a baby.
    It’s okay if she doesn’t, but own it.
    Does anyone believe what comes out of her mouth?
    Wasn’t her recent plans to downsize, travel and live a simplier life?
    Well, she hasn’t been anywhere but to Hawaii and recently purchased a $21mil home.

  • The Crazies live at FF

    @time off?:

    The Hens don’t read her interviews.. they are only obsessed with the interviews and BO of others.

    she just stated that pretty much in her InStyle interview..

    @place of truth…FF:

    I’m sure you freaks have made another 1 million post about Angie/Brad.. oh and don’t forget the racist post you make about their children. I mean they aren’t all white so I know the nasty freaks there have a big problem with that.. I always wonder if you all send your sheets out or do you hand wash them.

    I think Jennifer A would be ashamed to know that you racist freaks say you are her fans. But the over obsession of Angelina is beyond sick. So if anyone wants to throw up.. check it out. but I warn you not in your wildest imagination could you think of the sick filth these women come up with about the ONE woman.

    thank God Brad/Angie have great security around them. That site should be shut down. And made an example of legally..

    That these people actually live in the world with normal people is frightening.

  • Dd

    She probably doing it for freefor to be be in that movie so if it was a success like receiving nominations then she will be paid for what she is worth

  • haha

    another big screen role? is she ever going to learn? she’s not cut out for big screen movies. she should stop torturing herself and the moviegoers.

  • yep

    Happy Birthday Jen! The movie sounds awesome!

  • NotAgain

    Rachel goes to London could be the title

  • yep

    @c: Thanks as a Jen fan I don’t care if she is pregnant, trying to get pregnant or if she doesn’t have a child at all. However, we all have known stars to get pregnant before, while and after doing movies. Just wishing Jen happiness and to all happiness life is short.

  • allie

    You know as much as some people keep being nasty Jen still continues to make money. I cant believe there is so many jealous people in this world. Jen Happy Birthday and continued sucess with your life including your new love Justin and new home.

  • me

    <3 <3 <3 Happy Birthday, JENNIFER! <3 <3 <3

  • can’t wait

    Good news for Jen fans.

  • http://justjarde tota

    amazing role
    good luck jen

  • http://justjarde tota

    love you jen

  • http://justjarde mike

    change to drama is good move jen

  • T


    Are you kidding? Her role in DeRailed was cringe worthy. I thought I’d squirm off my chair in embarrassment over the scene where she was shot and died. Ohmigod. The acting was so incredibly poor. She needs to stick to her “rachel” Rom-Com roles.

  • cari

    @time off?:

    Gossip has it that she and Justin are having problems. So perhaps she is going back to work since her relationship isn’t solid????

  • Lana

    @mike … Post says it’s a comedy drama so not much different than the c.ra.p she’s been putting out for years. No artistic progress for this actress. Lifetime channel is her next stop.

  • Jamesjoy

    Happy B-day beautiful Jennifer. We’re very excited about your new movies. We love you and enjoy your movies. Go Jen. Wish you happiness you deserves.

  • Dawn

    @time off?:

    By the time she films this over the summer, she will have not done a movie for over a year and half. Wanderlust was filmed in the fall of 2010.

  • Dawn


    Why am I not suprised that people are upset that she followed through with not working for a year? Other than do press for Just Go With It and and direct that short film for lifetime, she has not done a thing prefessionally since wrapping up Wanderlust at the end of 2010.

  • Dawn


    That should be Professionally.

  • Mia

    how can i fumigate all of these haters, they are so goddamn annoying. they’re like rats dirty ,disgusting, ugly, unpleasant, no one wants them and the more you kick them out the more they want to come back, get the picture, get lost pathetic losers. and let the rats get offended and put red arrows. hahahahaha!!

  • sullivan

    She’s a little long in the tooth for the pregnant role. She’s a little short on talent to do a British accent. I guess she’ll play middle-aged Rachel gets sick in England. Sounds delightful.

  • elliott

    Attached like a barnacle, I’m sure. Someone pry her off. Neither role sounds right for a 44 year old Hollywood cliche.

  • Ghost

    @ Mia. If you read your own post it would seem that you are the one that has a problem with hate . It seems to me you are the kettle calling the pot black. As far as Jen goes she has never amounted to a movie star and will forever remain a T.V. sitcom hack at best. Don’t like the truth , go fack yourself.

  • ellie’

    Jen the new movie sounds great…So looking forward to WL….

  • mom

    Most Jen movies are craps and only idiot watch them

  • Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig

    London? Is jenny going to do a British accent??HAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAAA
    Resse or ChelseaTrash could play the best friend better yet Lindsey Lohan

  • WanderSLUT

    Old Granny Ticky fans should give Stephanie Huvane credit for attaching her name in this movie. Huvane reacted quickly enough right after Angie confirmed that she will be working MALEFICENT next and Ticky don’t have in the line up yet, and all of a sudden wala! Ticky got a movie. Hopefully, this so called movie for her won’t be the same as THE BORING GIRLS that she has been singing it for 5 years already and still in the air floating because Ticky needs to go to work or else she won’t be able to afford her high maintenance self plus her GIGOLO’S contract. Ticky needs to work or else that hairy face will be like forest if she won’t wax it every day and that menopausal abdomen will be bloated with vodka. Good luck Ticky.

  • JL

    Poor Wanderslut can’t see a beautiful, talented, successful woman. Are you an actress? Looks like. As we can you are an expert in vodka using….

  • d has a pic of her celebrating her birthday at the Chateaux Marmont. She is caught on the balcony smoking. Guess she didn’t give it up after all.

  • yep

    @d: At least she is trying. Lots of people who try to stop, have a hard time! Especially when they have smoked as long as she has. Jen, don’t give up trying! Jen is human as never said anything else but that she was! I hope she continues to try and stop smoking for herself. Judging is so easy – compassion and understand is what I need in my life and I need to give the same to others.

  • yep

    @NotAgain: I like that title “Rachel goes to London” they could write a script for a movie! Yes,! I know just the person – JUSTIN THEROUX!

  • http://facebook brandy 57

    happy birthday jen. keep up the good work, hope the baby true, you deseve happiness god bless xxxxxxxxxx

  • yep

    @mom: I hope you have a wonderful day! God created me in His image – so call me what you will. I love romantic comedies and Jen is amazing comedy actress. I don’t really know an actor or actress that I don’t like some of course more than others. I can’t think of one single thing any of them have ever done to me. Saw Safe House this weekend and will see The Vow and This Means War next. Of course I am really excited to WANDERLUST! I love the photos of Paul and Jen in GQ magazine. Well, I gotta go to work!

  • Salz

    @yep .. awww, another pity party for Jen for her to keep trying to stop smoking. Just means she lied about quitting and also proves she’s not trying to get pregnant. Hope her fans don’t hold their breathe for her pregnancy because it ain’t gonna happen. If she does choose to have a baby it will be with a surrogate and a lame a$$ medical excuse she’ll come up with.

  • WanderSLUT

    Hahaha! Old Granny Ticky got caught in the act. We all know she’s a BIG FAT GREEK LIAR! Ticky really don’t have any guts to tell her fans that she doesn’t want any kids at all. What will Huvane will going to do now that she got busted for lying? It’s karma to her. Sooner, people will see the real Old Granny Ticky. Thank you TMZ for taking the pictures. Well done TMZ.

  • Ticcy is a Joke

    Ole flattened Ticky is Lying NOT trying to quit smoking.
    Ticky doesn’t want to admit that 40 odd yr flabby gut got her like it gets everyone else if you are a schrilling vodka drinker.

    What child needs a mother wwho smokes pot on a reg basis?
    Or drinks dirty vodkas a dime a dozen every day aand night?

    Pretends s she is an actress only b/c she lives off of coat tailing her ex husband every mag article she does,

    Takes her clothes off every mag cover that allows it.

    latest one with Paul Rudd even tho he has a sweet wife at home.

    Who is Ticky to beef over an article with pics about a broken marriage that Brad and Angie did THAT TICKY KNEW IN ADVANCE were being taken when she herself is with Rudd half naked which is no different.

    Why LIE if you don’t want kids b/c they are messy as stated in new half nude article, again admit you just don’t want kids and never did,

    All Ticky knows is LIES acting the angel but has been busted too many times.

    Ticky is a lousy actress, couldn’t get a job to save her life so this time she pulled Heidi Bivens man into her deceitful life with hopes of him helping her get on the big screen to be a somebody instead of being laughed out of town for thinking she is ‘an actress’ . Somebody give her a tv role and see if she can play a Grand,ma Rachel Green .

    Still not allowed to blow her big mouth off about how she lovessssss
    her squiggy boy b/c Heidi still has a muzzel on the bytch.

    Sadd sadd Ticky her fans won’t accept squiggy boy they are still bytching for her to be with Brad Pitt who has said more times than enough he was very unhappy in a pretend marriage . But it was hard to get out b/c the woman who said NOOO He wasn’t the love of my life he was just one of many loves when she was marrie to Pitt.
    Well why the hell when he wanted out did that NEED start screaming out. “I will ExPLOIT YOU AND RUIN YOU> LADYHO TICKY SHIT ONLY RUINED HERSELF.

    Heidi will NEVER take Squiggy back NEVER she was a hardworking true lady who was fed up with Squiggys constant rehabilitation struggles. Heidi is done and the last laugh is on Ticky

    You can’t go thru life lying your face off buying ppl ontill in the end your best friend ends up being one of the most hated crass broads on tv
    Chelsea Handjob. Good Luck Ticky going on 50 yrs old pretending with your 10′s of surguries and photoshopped pics that fug face looks like a 20 yr old (WANNABE) Take another swig of Vodka HO>

    Coke and smoke Ticky would be doing any child a favor to abort. Like her friend Handjob who is proud of murdering her kid.
    They both belong in the same mudhole.
    WHAT????? The USA is NOT backing this new movie LMFAPMP
    Can You Blame Them??? lol

    Time to retire Ticks.

  • Maniston the Simpleton

    Imagine this simpleton did having a baby with Pugsley …. Wha3…( not that she ever will ) Yes imagine … Then imagine the big garbage can Hondler as the baby God mother ….

  • yep

    @Salz: jen doesn’t have to have any excuse. if she doesn’t want to have a child that is fine! her fans are fine with it seems like people that aren’t her fans care for some reason. as far as smoking – i hope she continues to try to stop! lots of people say they are going to stop and do for a while and then start back or they are going to have just one…. so forth. i am looking forward to seeing wanderlust and this means war tomorrow! early happy valentine’s day!