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Jennifer Hudson's Whitney Houston Tribute at Grammys - Watch Now!

Jennifer Hudson's Whitney Houston Tribute at Grammys - Watch Now!

Jennifer Hudson looks absolutely stunning on stage at the 2012 Grammy Awards held at Staples Center on Sunday (February 12) in Los Angeles.

The 30-year-old singer performed a sweet and simple rendition of the classic song “I Will Always Love You” in a tribute to the late singer Whitney Houston.

It was announced last night shortly after Whitney‘s death that Jennifer would perform a tribute performance during the Grammys.

Jennifer‘s performance followed an In Memoriam segment that honored such talents as Amy Winehouse, Clarence Clemons, and Steve Jobs.

Jennifer Hudson’s Whitney Houston Tribute at Grammys
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68 Responses to “Jennifer Hudson's Whitney Houston Tribute at Grammys - Watch Now!”

  1. 1
    longchamp Says:

    no, no, no, let’s not try to spin this “I lost 80 lbs I must be awesome” chick into the late, great Whitney!

    had to immediately rinse out my ears on UTube with the original rendition…

  2. 2
    jjenn Says:

    jhud did such a great job simple,nice and respectful…i was very so emotional all over again..whitney u will be missed u,love ur personality..i pray ur family will be okay

  3. 3
    Brandi Says:

    Jennifer did a wonderful job, and I know how hard it was. I was asked to sing at the funeral of my pastor, and I was so emotional, I couldn’t finish the song because I started crying. I’ve always regretted that I couldn’t rise to the occasion when it counted, but I’m not a professional singer. I just sang occasionally in church. In the final months before his death, he asked me several times to sing his favorite song for his funeral, and he always said that if he didn’t jump out of the casket to give me a hug and a kiss, then we’d all know he was truly gone. Of course, I remembered that while singing, and when I realized he would never again give me a hug and a kiss, I just lost it. So since then, I’ve always admired those who are able to put aside their own grief and pain and rise to the occasion, because it’s incredibly hard. Bravo, Jennifer, bravo.

  4. 4
    facts Says:

    Best vocals of the night. Period.

  5. 5
    Really Says:

    Such a brilliant voice and classy tribute.

  6. 6
    maya Says:

    She sang great. Always loved her. Well done :)

  7. 7
    kel Says:

    Jared, please make it available, cus it won’t play

  8. 8
    ozangel Says:

    JH you should be ashamed of yourself. That would have had to have been the worst performance I have ever seen and that’s saying a lot. Ms H deserved a lot better than whatever the hell you want to call that!

  9. 9
    nyob Says:

    She did a great job, but no one signs that song as well as Whitney. And probably no one ever will. Her voice had a lightness to it that carried that song to another level.

  10. 10
    ozangel Says:

    Ms H being Whitney Houston. Hudson you nearly killed one of the greatest songs in our generation. Hang your head in utter shame.

  11. 11
    melissa Says:

    mediocre or less
    where are the great talents of now?
    Adele, beyonce Jay z- brusce springsteen- john mayer ryan adams- those people can really sing

  12. 12
    Bobo Says:

    No one said she was trying to sing like, or be Whitney. Shut up people. She asked what was done of her, gave a tribute to an idol of hers. Jeez.

  13. 13
    facts Says:

    @melissa: NONE of the ppl you just mentioned could have done better than Jennifer. The closest would have been Beyonce, but she would have made it all about her. You’re an ignorant twat.

  14. 14
    A Says:

    Well, if anyone was going to do it, i’m glad it was Jennifer Hudson because she can actually sing unlike some others… (i’m looking at you Adele) …without you being uncomfortable her voice will break.
    Jennifer makes it so you can relax because you know she has control over her voice and can go high and low and in between, basically, she has range. She’s not Whitney but then, who is? No one. So give her a break, she’s the best we have at the moment.

  15. 15
    miss t Says:

    great tribute. she did her way and it was respectful and moving.

  16. 16
    KATELAND Says:


  17. 17
    Mike Says:


    You are an idiot. Period.

  18. 18
    Jasper Says:

    that wasn’t very good. some random from xfactor or american idol can do way better FOR SURE

  19. 19
    peggy Says:


    What an ******* you are!!!! It was a tribute – Jennifer is an Oscar winning actress/singer with her own career maybe you should follow suit and get your own life.

  20. 20
    For a kinder world Says:

    Whatever happened to, if you don’t have something nice to say, say nothing.

  21. 21
    PNK Says:

    She sounded nervous and kinda off-key. Way too deep-voiced for the song, and it was so slow. Dunno, it wasn’t great IMO.

  22. 22
    myatwutyeemoe Says:

    i like this song

  23. 23
    JUN Says:

    Oh my! She always have that “angry” style of singing. Very different from the emotion WH gave to the song.

  24. 24
    jackie Says:

    Whitney seemed to be quite please 2 years ago at Jennifer’s tribute to her…when she was here to witness it…so pass this link around to all the haters…

  25. 25
    peggy Says:


    If that’s the worst performance you’ve ever seen then you not only know nothing but never have seen anything.

    Another talentless, pathetic jerk on JJ trying to act like they actually know something about anything and don’t.

    Whitney doesn’t need phony, nasty fans pretending to greive her by trashing a tribute by a singer she liked.

  26. 26
    Try Says:

    The tribute on BET was much more lively and strong. But this night wasn’t about proving how well she can sing. It was a polite tribute.

  27. 27
    Paula Says:

    Why did she sing THAT song? THAT is Dolly Parton’s signature song NOT Whitney’s!!!
    Jennifer should have sang a Whitney song! That was stupid!

  28. 28
    rachel Says:


    Haha. Okay, y’all are haters. And really. Why would you lump JayZ in with people that actually have singing voices? I wouldn’t exactly call 99 problems, but a ***** aint 1 a greatest hit. Shame..

  29. 29
    Clare Says:

    Considering they added this tribute to the show this morning, Jennifer did an awesome job. Have I heard her sing better? Yes, but given Whitney died YESTERDAY and JH wasn’t even in the lineup to perform until today, she did much better than a lot of people would or could do in her position.

    No one sounds like Whitney – that’s why she was loved. Jennifer did what she intended, she used her beautiful voice to pay tribute to her idol.

  30. 30
    claus Says:

    She entertains better in those weight watchers commercials. stick to that J-hud.

  31. 31
    Clare Says:

    @Paula: Whitney’s version of that song surpassed Dolly’s original in popularity. It became a signature Whitney Houston song. Dolly Parton has acknowledged that herself.

  32. 32
    kel Says:


  33. 33
    Polly Says:

    @Try: Exactly, this was not the time for JHud to show she can hit every note – it was a farewell to her idol.

  34. 34
    Marie Says:


    Adele is a amazing Singer, if someone can’t sing it’s for sure YOU

  35. 35
    Brian Says:

    Jennifer is a remarkable talent and to take on such a tribute with only 24 hr prep, shows only that she is a true STAR!!!!!!!

  36. 36
    Toni Says:

    I wish we could hear other Whitney songs as tributes. I mean I Will Always Love You is her biggest hit, but she has so many others too that I would like to hear. Like I believe in you or Exhale or Saving All my love or you give good love for example.

  37. 37
    gg Says:

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  38. 38
    ZOE Says:

    Jennifer is good but Withney is great…

  39. 39
    oleyeo Says:

    they should have at least have WH’s pictures/videos going on in the background while she was the bodyguard..just saying.

  40. 40
    deliciamo Says:

    I loved it… Thank you Jackie for the link. J-Hud keeps it classy always. We will always love Whitney Houston. May she rest in peace.

  41. 41
    Lord Sexy Says:

    @PNK: Well you must be deaf. Or you just have terrible taste.

  42. 42
    Sean Says:

    this was OK. Couldnt hit the big notes like Whitney. Should’ve let the Taiwanese kid sing it. Dude sounds like a Whitney clone.

  43. 43
    Lovelydee Says:

    This was so beautiful.
    I was truly speechless.

  44. 44
    d Says:

    Wow!! no words..

  45. 45
    Gary Says:

    Whitney Houston was a beautiful artist and had a beautiful voice. However; Jennifer Hudson did an absolute AWESOME job last night on the Grammy’s. I literally sat and cried while she was singing.

    Keep up the GREAT work Jennifer!!

  46. 46
    Sally Wong Says:

    wow! Jennifer did a fabulous job last night and after watching this link taken two yrs ago, even Ms. Houston was touched. Thanks for sharing! all those non-believers should watch this!

  47. 47
    Will Says:

    That was beautiful! Jennifer Hudson is a great singer in her on right!

  48. 48
    carolyn carter Says:

    The grammy’s was missing a lot of performances, Charley Wilson,Usher, Kelly Price, R Kelly, etc. It was BORING and too long. I didn’t see the musical tribute to Whitney, but once I do, I will give my opinion.

  49. 49
    Robert Says:

    I once sang at the funeral of a young woman who had been attacked, raped and murdered while jogging. While I sang, I could not look at her white coffin or I would have lost it all. It’s difficult. As hard as you might, you have to look somewhere else for a focus. We will all miss Whitney Houston and I’m glad Jennifer could get through this tribute.

  50. 50
    Britney Says:

    Shew! that made me cry. Awesome tribute<3

  51. 51
    aletta payne Says:

    we all miss you withney GONE TOO SOON

  52. 52
    Jane Patton Says:

    That was SO touching, SO beautiful, I’m crying right now. I love Whitney, and I love Jennifer H.

  53. 53
    jaider Says:

    all those who think that one artist can sing at the same way of another one.. such Hudson – Whitney… are very wrong.. are different voices, different training they had.. so dont be stupid.. none has similar voices.. at least a slightly common tone tempo vibratto maybe anyway.. none could sing as WH did.. none will as she used to do… each artist each voice each personality is unique.. dont compare.. she did what she could.. she was really touched when she was singing… mm immature people criticizing

  54. 54
    John J. Says:

    Jennifer Hudson scored big last night based upon the media coverage of her performance this morning. Hudson appears to be the new heir for this generation to take over where Houston left off. No one can ever replace Ms. Houston, but her music will live on through artist like Jennifer Hudson. Hudson performance was magical at the grammy’s.

  55. 55
    BHoff Says:

    I didn’t like it at all.

  56. 56
    stop Says:

    JH did wonderful, she was very respectful and low key. She could have blown the song out of the park, but that was not what she was there for. I commend her for not making it about her because if she wanted to she could have brought the house down!!!!

  57. 57
    Tocha Says:

    I didnt like it! Jennifer sounded horrible lol

  58. 58
    Julie3 Says:

    Why exactly don’t people swoon over Jennifer like they do Adele? She’s at least just as good. Just wondering.

  59. 59
    Lois Simon Says:

    It’s always the people who are so negative about life, that will find negativity in anything. So my question is, who are they to judge?. Jennifer Hudson did this song justice and she gave it her all. You can hear it in her voice, and you can see it in her expression on her face. She also received a Standing Ovation. This young lady is gifted and talented. She sings from her heart. Whereas these people, who are complaining about Jennifer – they don’t know her, and they haven’t walked in her shoes. They don’t know the emotions that she is going through or what she is feeling, while singing this song. Millions of people were watching, and she came through with a performance that was heart felt.

  60. 60
    meh Says:

    really bad singing, seriously, don’t sing

    forget jennifer hudson, she will never be a whitney houston level singer

    it needs to be the original song sung by whitney

    anything else is offensive

    jennifer hudson advertized she cant sing with that ‘tribute’

  61. 61
    oreilly Says:

    @meh: I really didn’t think Jennifer Hudson’s tribute song to Whitney Houston was all that great. No one can hit the notes llike Whitney and I feel it was pretty bold of Jennifer to try to do so. Didn’t Jennifer sing at Michael’s funeral? Seems kinda creepy, Almost like she is trying to get her break or seek fame from the two icon’s death. ugh.

  62. 62
    sar Says:

    Ask David Foster who can sing WH song equal or better??? She’s an Asean and you know who she is..

  63. 63
    sar Says:

    Charice is the best!!!

  64. 64
    Brent Says:

    Do not get me wrong Jennifer did a good job but I think it would have been more special to have had Dolly their to sing the song…

  65. 65
    longchamp Says:

    oreilly – you get it.

    it had a ‘the king is dead, long live the king!’ feel to it.

  66. 66
    Empress Says:


    I Jennifer had put the same amount of emotion she put in when she performed it here when Whitney was alive and was watching…she would have broken down. All in all..she did a good .

  67. 67
    NotUrAvgGirl Says:

    @jackie: Your post to these knuckleheads to view the evidence for themselves is awesome!

  68. 68
    oreilly Says:

    @NotUrAvgGirl: Huh? Jennifer Hudson has been trying for a long time to break through to the big time and just can’t seem to get to the level Whitney and Michael did. It’s like she has no shame feeding off the dead. It’s sad. Anything for fame and fortune huh NotAverGrl? Alot of other people feel the same to bad you can’t see it. I just heard Charice tonite WOW!

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