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Katy Perry's Grammys Performance - Watch Now!

Katy Perry's Grammys Performance - Watch Now!

Katy Perry rocks out on stage at the 2012 Grammy Awards held at Staples Center on Sunday (February 12) in Los Angeles.

The 27-year-old singer, who wore a costume made by Abigail Greydanus and rocked the AllSaints “Damisi” boot, performed her hit “E.T.” and new song “Part of Me” from the special edition of her double-platinum certified album, Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection. The song will be released on iTunes tomorrow (February 13)!

“Now look at me, I’m sparking/A firework, a dancing flame/You won’t ever put me out again,” Katy sang. “So you can keep the diamond ring.” Singing about ex-husband Russell Brand, perhaps?

Katy Perry’s Grammys Performance

10+ pictures inside of Katy Perry‘s Grammys performance…

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65 Responses to “Katy Perry's Grammys Performance - Watch Now!”

  1. 1
    hmmm Says:

    must be akward to sing for millions people when you cant sing

  2. 2
    nandao Says:

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  3. 3
    brookemopolitan Says:

    @hmmm: Must be awkward to type for millions of people to see when you can’t spell.

  4. 4
    hmmm Says:

    brookemopolitan how many languages you speak?

  5. 5
    lizzzzza Says:

    she is sooo cheap

  6. 6
    Steph Says:

    @nandao: Go away yu robot

  7. 7
    justsaying Says:

    She was on the Grammys-a time to shine and she sings a stupid song like that. How old is she? 12? This is a show about celebrating singers-not saying “look at me-I win, I win…” We don’t care about your divorce–it happens all the time and it takes 2 people making mistakes to make divorce happen. it didn’t make her better than him-it just made her look selfish, self centered and childish. What a waste of a moment where she had a chance to really shine…..

  8. 8
    Jan Says:

    Geez, why all the haters? I, for one, LOVE her! And I thought she rocked it!

  9. 9
    melissa Says:

    yuck! no talent- she will be out of the scene soon she has nothing to offer. Lucky for her she made millions out of it somehow.

  10. 10
    Ava Says:

    Did she really sing a song bashing her ex? Especially since it’s ongoing and recent? HOW OLD ARE YOU, KATY PERRY? Obviously you’re still a little kids because little kids aren’t mature enough to be in a loving and committed relationship. Reminds me of when I was in high school and made indirect jabs at an ex through myspace haha long time ago. Well katy, what goes around comes around. You just made yourself look worse, especially after your EX (who spit you out) refused financial support from you.

  11. 11
    david ouellette Says:

    If Hollywood ever does a remake of the old sci-fi classic,”Mars Needs Women”, I nominate Kate for the leading role – although I have a feeling that Mars would send her back in a hurry.

  12. 12
    Tiki God Says:

    She is an idiot. Can’t stand her

  13. 13
    Dre Says:

    Worst performance of the night, Hands down.
    She is awful

  14. 14
    Landon Says:

    Digging through Gaga’s trash again , huh Katty?
    She continues to be the biggest poser next to Lana Del Rey

  15. 15
    Cold Says:

    I feel like I’ve already seen this performance before?….
    Oh yeah, Gaga’s Edge of Glory comes to mind……

  16. 16
    Paula Says:

    SO SICK OF HER!!!!!!!

  17. 17
    Jeffrey Sean Keith Says:

    She tied Michael Jackson for number 1 hits so she should have won something, there are a lot of haters!

  18. 18
    kel Says:

    GO 2 HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. 19
    thePrincess55 Says:

    She totally rocked that song. I loved it. She’s doing what the majority of singers have been doing for years…singing about love gone wrong!! Helllooo…Adele, Taylor Swift, Eminem, Rihanna, Carrie Underwood, just to name a few. I loved that she indirectly is bashing the untalented Russel Brand. Who gives a rats **** about him anyway?? #TeamKaty

  20. 20
    Go Away Says:

    She has some nerve insulting Russell when he is allowed to take 20 million of her fortune but said no to all of it.

  21. 21
    R Says:

    This song is NOT about Russell Brand…the song is old. The demo has been online for more than a year and is just tacked onto the rerelease of the album.

  22. 22
    dude Says:

    She can’t really sing. Full stop.

  23. 23
    Jeffrey Sean Keith Says:

    She will win 7 Grammy’s next year watch!

  24. 24
    Music Says:

    Good! She won NOTHING! That is EXCACTLY what she deserves, NOTHING!

  25. 25
    claus Says:

    She sucks.

  26. 26
    Kilo Says:

    Shes a douche bag.

  27. 27
    Cleo Says:

    Too much camel toe! Felt like I was in the Arabian Nights on a caravan of camels. She needs to use a pad, please! However, maybe she needs that thing free wheeling so she can toot her own horn!

  28. 28
    mara Says:

    Katy, this song makes you an even worse person.

    YOU left! Don’t sing a song bashing your ex.

  29. 29
    Rocky Says:

    Umm, yeah, She’s not as great as she thinks she is…
    She’s so cocky and untalented

  30. 30
    Holly Says:

    What a b!tch

  31. 31
    Kory Says:

    Ugh!! Go away! You stupid lady! And take all youre lame Katty Kats with you!!! I CAN’T STAND THIS IDIOT!!

  32. 32
    UGH Says:

    Instead of bashing her ex she should be happy that he didn’t take half of her money…smh

  33. 33
    Lynnial Says:

    I love all the experts on here, I guess thats why she makes millions and all of you sit on your fat @$$es and make rude comments.

  34. 34
    Dana Says:

    Everyone wants to be Gaga now.

  35. 35
    Ava Says:

    Hmmm very “oops! I did it again/toxic”. Nice Katy.

    What a 2 faced b*tch! She went from “not like the movies” in a beautiful swing with footage from her wedding to FIRE and blue hair saying, “i’m sparkly!”

  36. 36
    Toni Says:

    @Jeffrey Sean Keith: That don’t mean jack especially with the lack of talent out now along with competition. It’s been 20 years since Bad and all his number ones still gets AirPlay and yes this was before his death. Let’s see if Katys number ones can still get played 5 years from now.

  37. 37
    floraaa Says:


  38. 38
    Sammi Says:


    yup..go girl!

  39. 39
    Jeffrey Sean Keith Says:

    I am sick to my stomach about this, she deserved to win at least 1

  40. 40
    Sam Says:

    Im not a huge Gaga fan or anything , but isn’t this EXCACTLY like Gaga’s “Edge of Glory” performances and music video?!
    Katy looks like a fool. I’m really not liking her more and more

  41. 41
    Joe Says:

    You do realize that this song was written and produced over 2 years ago, right? This was long before she had ever met Russell Brand, let alone marry and divorce him.

    This song didn’t make the original Teenage Dream cut, and is included in the re-release. She had to do a new song to promote the re-release, and this one will be the leading chart topper.

    Like all things in life, you should get your facts straight before you judge someone you don’t know.

  42. 42
    Robin Says:

    SOME people assume WAY TOO much! Sounds to me like a song of moving on..which is what people DO when they get a divorce or break-up with an obviously “controlling spouse or boyfriend” Not once did I ever hear the words- “I WIN! I WIN! in this song, nor does it come off like a 12 year-old child??? What on earth ! We live in such a damning, judgmental society and most all of you here are very angry people who need the form of therapy! This song could be about a trapped butterfly who’s recently morphed and could have been on a journey from that..metaphorically speaking, for all you know. Your only assuming it’s about Brand..
    Seek HELP! People have the right as performer’s to sing about what they wish! Goodness what an angry bunch of hate filled posters..

  43. 43
    kingkasyski Says:

    This stupid ass singer who always sings stupid song about their ex got to stop.If they cant improved ” I Will Survive ” of Gloria Gaynor they should stop this whining about their ex ,its pathetic and disgusting to listen to.

  44. 44
    Jasmine Says:

    this song isn’t about russell brand. this song has been around for over a year, it just wasn’t released. unless she predicted her divorce a year ago its not about him.

  45. 45
    mimi Says:

    Team Russell!

  46. 46
    Dita Says:

    Man, this chick is awful. She should be thankful she was born with boobs because that’s what gave her a music career. She was the worst of the night after Nicki Minaj. Terrible!

  47. 47
    Pamela Says:

    FOR THOSE OF YOU BASHING KATY: THIS SONG IS NOT ABOUT RUSSELL!! WHY? BECAUSE SHE WROTE IT BACK IN ’09!! It just didn’t make the cut for Teenage Dream! That’s why she decided to release on this re-release of Teenage Dream. SO STFU!!! Learn to do your research before bashing! Smh. FYI, she sang the song AMAZINGLY! :-) I bet you OVER HALF of you who just sit behind a computer screen couldn’t even be better than her so SHUT IT. That is all. :-)

  48. 48
    Pamela Says:

    Learn how to spell. :-P

  49. 49
    Michele Says:

    I think you did fabulous. You sing about real life!!

  50. 50
    Yessssssssssss Says:

    Im Speechless!!! Gaga where are you?

  51. 51
    Guy Says:

    OMG why are people bashing her for no reason. First of all she definitely has talent because unlike most of the performances that night she actually sang live and did it well like she always does. I like Russel Brand as well but this song is not necessarily about him…I mean she wrote it a year ago and it was going on the original teenage dream album but now its on the reloaded edition. People can hate so much for no obvious reason. Like honestly she had plenty of talent people…just like most artists she is singing to express herself… isn’t that what music is anyway?

  52. 52
    Guy Says:

    @justsaying: did you see the song she sang last year at the Grammy’s?? Beautiful song that showed off her talent. Let’s not forget that she has a beautiful voice.

  53. 53
    Toe Catcher Says:

    Toe Alert @ 1:40 mark of the video.

  54. 54
    chuck Says:

    if U don’t like dont watch the performance, she was really good, actully she can sing yeah that she does, is not a perfect voice like adele or other artist, she moves around, her voice is diferent

  55. 55
    chuck Says:

    please adele do the same with rolling in deep bashing his ex , and this song is not about russel

  56. 56
    Mirabelle Says:

    This ***** has no talent, What the hell is she doing in the showbiz?

  57. 57
    cbgorby Says:

    Katy is simply awesome . She’s had success because she’s smart and has fun with her art , she performs with her soul and that shows in everything she does . Most of the negative remarks come from people who have never bothered to pay any attention to her or hear what she has to say , to their loss .

  58. 58
    kelly. Says:

    This talentless ***** deserved nothing. They should have cut that crappy performance and given the time to the Whitney tribute.

  59. 59
    Go Katy!! Says:

    Katy… Your performance Grammy night was AMAZING! You songs were powerful and performance, exceptional. Whether your song was about your ex or not, it doesn’t matter. I would certainly sing the lyrics with fire to my soon to be ex. He’s been the love of my life, but recently disclosed his “stripper-*****” problem… He also got plenty from me .He has stolen marital funds, and lies like he breathes. He recently tool a tropical vacation in secret, spending or mortgage money & sending us into foreclosure. Sex addict men can never get enough, disgusting! It’s not always 2-sided in divorce. Sometimes there’s a spouse that gave it all and was totally deceived & devastated… Like me. Google “Sociopath and Psychopath… Anti-Social Personality Disorder. The honest spouse is the victim on the other end of this marital disaster. I’ve lost near everything after 25+ years of marriage. Psycho stole my fertility, sexuality, love, loyalty, joy, peace, serenity… and likely health at this point. I LOVED your performance Katy, and say BRAVO to you!! Anyone calling you immature, should know my husband! Lately, he’s the Devil wearing a diaper!!

  60. 60
    Go Katy!! Says:

    Katy’s ex’s fans posted too often here… My gosh! Katy has serious, indisputable talent, and her sales on “Part Of Me,” will be proof. No woman married to a “sex addict” or worse, has any hope for a happy marriage. There are suffering spouses all over the world, who gave their marriages 100%. Eventually the Evil deception is revealed… For Katy, it was sooner than later. My entire youth was stolen away by my lying, cheating creep of a husband… Now he BLAMES ME & says I molded him into what I wanted him to be! Ummm, No… He deceived me into being what I wanted to see… Another LIE. Go Katy! ! You sing for so many that real in the pain of living with a liar… I embrace your fire!!

  61. 61
    opinionated grandma Says:

    It seems to me if you all hate Katy Perry so much, why are you even reading this article? Wouldn’t it make more sense to look up the performers that you do like? I certainly wouldn’t waste my time looking up Chris Brown articles just so I could slam him. There are enough things to do on the internet to keep me entertained, so that I don’t have to view videos or read articles about artists I don’t care about. Life is short; make better use of your time.

  62. 62
    Salon Masaj Erotic Says:

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    I pique added your blog on my roasting pants directory of readed blogs.

  63. 63
    ally mark Says:

    katy perry is very beautifull celebrity.i love her katy perry fashion and katy perry hairsshe look always gorgeous i love her eyes and hairs.

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    Davidson Jaclyn Says:

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  65. 65
    Markus Wineman Says:

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