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Nicki Minaj - Grammys with The Pope!

Nicki Minaj - Grammys with The Pope!

Nicki Minaj wears a red nun’s habit and walks the red carpet with “The Pope” at the 2012 Grammy Awards held at Staples Center on Sunday (February 12) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old rapper caused quite the scene in the Versace ensemble.

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The 2012 Grammy Awards, hosted by LL Cool J, airs live TONIGHT at 8 p.m. on CBS!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Nicki Minaj channeling Little Red Riding Rood – HOT or NOT?

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  • Donna

    Her performance was dispicable. I am Catholic and am deeply offended. She’s a no -talent. She won’t be around in a few years.

  • longchamp

    hmm. wonder if between this getup and her ‘performance’, she might’ve just Sinead O’Connor-ed her career…

  • omd

    red riding hood or nun? i’m confused

  • love purple

    i smell a lot of haters and they stink lol
    why compare to gaga? they do totally diff. music
    yall diss nickie for this but don’t diss gaga for dressing like a dude, being inside egg/coffin an entrance, off the wall crazy costumes….that sounds like attention also..
    i think people shouldn’t compare them two…when they are both just wierd…..and nicki has been like this since the beginning so wuts the fuss now, but hey it doesn’t matter…cuz they both got great hits.
    nicki could have worn a normal dress….and she would still be on top and still would have gotten the attention :)

  • wtfisthisrubbish


  • Amanda

    I thought Nicki’s performance was complete crap. Sure, Gaga is a bit crazy but at least she can sing. All Nicki does is talk super fast while making stupid noises.

  • Daniel Dickey

    “Yesterday Whitney Houston died, but 10 minutes ago Nicki Minaj killed her career.” –

  • Daniel Dickey


    “Yesterday Whitney Houston died, but 10 minutes ago Nicki Minaj killed her career.” –

  • Tony

    eff haters. if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. SIMPLE!!

  • Tony

    how is she seeking attention.. shes already famous. stupid a** haters. I don’t see yall making millions and performing at the grammies. Probably because your fat and ugly and cant leave the house so you set and hate on the pretty people. jealous much!? lmao.

  • Disappointed in Nicki

    What a profound DISAPPOINTMENT. Nicki has clearly lost her mind. She has disrespected herself and lost a LOT of fans tonight by her poor lack of judgement regarding her weak and disasterous performance. I will forever associate her with extreme negativity.

  • prcrobin

    Disgusting, shameful and totally inappropriate. She obviously needs some prayer!

  • Elaine

    It ruined the 2012 Grammy show! The show was over the top until Nicki’s performance. Her performance was distasteful, disgusting, and a terrible waste of artistic talent!

  • EFPaisley

    Okay we get it Nicki & the President both hate Catholics….. haters are everywhere even in a land that is suppose to have freedom OF religion (not freedom FROM religion) To many Nicki ruined the grammys and took the focus off Whitney’s death…!/search?q=%23Disappointed

  • ClassyNeverGoesOutOfStyle

    She’s a perfect match for Dennis Rodman!!!!!!! Oh, noooo, wait; I retract my statement. . .HE’S GOT SOME REAL TALENT!!!!!

  • sdada

    Her and gaga battle it out for the title of most psychotic attention wh*re.

  • carol jones

    Ok , what exactly was the point , i didn’t get it , this is a case of an artist that’s trying to hard to seek popularity, she need jesus. let’s all pray for her. she needs forgiveness.

  • CD-Romulan


  • Vickie

    She was a hot mess on the carpet and ‘singing/rapping’ if that’s what you call it.

  • Mikaela

    HIpocrit defines Minaj. For somebody who uses her race (such as many other artists in this business) as an excuse to appear like that, she proved that not only she is talentless, but also a racist. Enough said.

  • Володимир Iванов

    Тупая пизда !

  • marlena

    seriously, minaj? pope? desperate so much? yeah, whatever. lame! congratulations on making yourself the stupidest thing i’ve ever seen. cheers.

  • legend

    They are all under the same occult ppl do some resarch before you start making idiotic remaks

  • Donna

    so what was her point? other than getting a lot of attention…..

  • carlee

    So why is it that no artist ever gets involved with Muslims? Because Muslims don’t put up with anyone disrespecting their religion!!! But go ahead and make fun of Catholic’s and Christian’s they wont say or do much. Celebrities should just leave ALL religions alone and respect each and one of them!!! Nicki really F%$# up, she didn’t realize that in the audience there could have been many Catholic’s feeling offended about her performance.

  • maestro

    wait…is that the real pope!??? how the hell did she pull that off?

  • Kayli

    i love nicki but this is jus shameful. this is definetly one song tht wont be out on ma ipod. shooooot

  • Charlie

    I am not exactly the pope’s number 1 one, but to come to an award show with a guy dressed like the pope on your arm is just pathetic. I, for one, am sick to death with all these overrated talentless idiots using religion to cause outrage and to try to provoke people. It’s idiotic.

  • Charlie

    @Charlie: number 1 fan*

  • Karen

    I was appalled, offended and saddened by her blatant disrespect.

  • teff

    So unrespectful!

  • Char


  • renaljim

    Filth!!! Especially disrespecrful during the event that was also celebrating the life of Whitney Houston. I say BOYCOTT her music!

  • renaljim

    I now question the production credentials of Ken Ehrlich for allowing Nikki Minaj to display this deplorable filthy and disrespectful act during a Grammy’s that was also celebrating the loss of the many great industry performers and VIP’S that we lost this past year…. including Whitney Houston’s tragic loss just a day before! I say BOYCOTT Nikki Minaj’s music and send a strong message!

  • jesuspiece78

    WOW, I always found her music/personality to be annoying, but did she mistake this award ceremony for some kind of Halloween party?
    This is probably the most tacky, desperate, cry for attention I have ever seen.

    The dress is hoorible, and this stunt was just puuure blasphemy.

    There you go Nicki… sure got them talking now..
    Show some class..GEEEEZ..

  • Kittles Marie

    Hey Idiots! Just remember that Lady Gaga copies Madonna, so as far as I’m concerned Madonna has already been there, done that and not to mention about 25 years ago. Minaj and Gaga are both seeking attention for the lack of their own ideas. They can both give it a rest…they’ll be nothing in about 2 years any way. There is only one Madonna…sorry kids.

  • tifftiff

    wow man wtf her 10 mins fame is up…just leave the weird dressing to lady gaga she can pull that off ……i was kinda a fan of her music when she came out but now after hearing her music now especially that “stupid h**” song its just garbage now

  • Bambam

    Looks like she getting just what she wanted….

  • Jorge

    When you can sing!! you do not need this classless trash exposure to get people’s attention. Really pathetic!!!

  • sexy

    gaga wannabe,

  • sexy

    gaga wannabe
    nicki minaj wearing that dress shows me that she is stupid and need attention real bad and i think dressing like that with a pope is really rude to Catholics. i take offense to that

  • marvel

    stupid bitch gonna birn in hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • babygirl

    like she said herself, “stupid hoe”

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  • http://jasha Jasha

    i donth care wht u guys wanna say bouth nicky if wht is she trying too be gaga daths her business noth u all one ok i love her n IDK wht yall wanna say bout she formeshe is the besth out theresth

  • http://@teeyance Teeyance

    The fact that creativity comes with her nature got people wondering… Well i just think she killed the perfomance and she did what not even one artist would have thought about……. Its ROMAN B*tchz