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Sophia Grace & Rosie - Grammys 2012 Red Carpet

Sophia Grace & Rosie - Grammys 2012 Red Carpet

Sophia Grace Brownlee and her hype girl Rosie walk the red carpet at the 2012 Grammy Awards held at Staples Center on Sunday (February 12) in Los Angeles.

Sophia, 8, and Rosie, 5, found out that they were going to be attending the biggest night in music to interview the stars during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier in the week.

During the appearance, Sophia sang her version of Keri Hilson‘s “Turn My Swag On” and even added her own rap! Check out the super cute performance below…

Sophia Grace & Rosie: “Turn My Swag On”

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37 Responses to “Sophia Grace & Rosie - Grammys 2012 Red Carpet”

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  1. 1
    Steph Says:

    There adorable omg!!

  2. 2
    Brandon Hilton Says:

    please “LIKE” and check out my music.

    I’m working hard and trying to get the word out, just released my new music video. please check it out =)

  3. 3
    Anon Says:

    I thought they were cute the first time they were on Ellen, but now it’s just getting kind of old.

  4. 4
    Okay.. Says:

    Enough already. Seriously.

  5. 5
    emmaa Says:

    These two are becoming so over exposed now. No doubt they are cute and all, and Sophia has an awesome talent, but let them be children….I feel like they’re being pushed into the spotlight.

  6. 6
    elle Says:

    I LOVE Ellen, dont get me wrong, but I feel like she’s using them too much just to get more viewers and by advertising herself on the dresses

  7. 7
    tan Says:

    Uh, the ‘Ellen’ emblazoned on the dresses is incredibly tacky. I understand their parents getting caught up in the excitement and I like Ellen but the self promoting of the Ellen D show using these two sweet little girls is kinda gross. Shame on all the adults involved in this garish display! Now please let these two adorable girls go take singing, dance and acting classes and focus on their schooling. ‘Cute’ does not last forever and real talent should be nurtured until they are at least 18!

  8. 8
    WAlterBisho[ Says:

    The performance is great but it was sooo staged – I mean it lacked honesty for the lack of better word – I mean that flattering hip-hop flying from US to UK non stop Ellen on top, flying first class something something princess – the girls are now doing what everyone expects them to do, caught up in the fame, industry and show business and they are losing their sincerity that made them stand out. They are choldren for heaven’s sake

  9. 9
    WAlterBisho[ Says:

    @tan: just like Nicki said when they first were on ellen – books and school first, music second. Looks like the parents were not listening to her. Nicki knows it takes a lot of work and sstruggles to make it to the top and one should experince other things before finally choosing what to do. especially in the young age when kids are like sponges, it’s sooo bad they are imposing wrong views on them and exploiting them.

  10. 10
    nikky Says:

    just keep on spoiling them

  11. 11
    Sean Says:

    Blondie is adorable. Brunette needs to get that grill fixed.

  12. 12
    Wakawaka Says:

    The reason Ellen’s name is on their dresses, is because they are doing red carpet interviews for her. I like them, but agree they are on that show way too much.

  13. 13
    Ariel Says:

    They were cute the first time, but as others pointed out, enough is now enough – acutally, IMHO, MORE than enough. Sophia Grace’s actual singing voice is not all that great. It’s still the voice of a child, as it should be. I hope the parents take Minaj’s advice and get the girls refocused on their schooling and any music LESSONS they want to take. These girls could learn a great deal from the young and extremely talented Jackie Evancho.

  14. 14
    JenniM Says:

    These brits are adorable. For you idiot commenters the lil girls have Ellen on their shirts because THEY ARE ELLEN SHOW CORRESPONDENTS INTERVIEWING STARS AT THE GRAMMYS. Not everyone knows of them so the shirts help the stars and their PR teams know they are correspondents for the Ellen show. Can you read? Can you think on your own? No? Grow some brain cells loves. I’m going to go out on a limb here and state that these little adorable girls are probably better at interviewing than YOU. Only losers would hate on these innocent souls. Ashamed of you commenters and those giving it a thumbs up. These girls are a fresh breath of air. LOVE Sophia and Rosie!!!!

  15. 15
    JenniM Says:

    Yeah Ariel, sure their parent should take advice from Minaj. WTF? You moronic being lol. The Grammys happen um ONCE A YEAR and are equivalent to the OSCARS. OMG little girls went to the Grammys what bad parents. Ariel you and your simple friends who hate on talented interesting adorable girls are simple bitter. Why don’t you contact Ellen and tell her who you would rather see???

  16. 16
    WAlterBisho[ Says:

    It’s Ok to visit Grammy’s – one time a year, but not to spend half a year shooting shows in America. They have school to go t0 – that what makes their parents look bad in my eyes. Minaj herself said books first, music second – that comes from a person who knows what she’s talking about. If my child can sing does it mean he should be uneducated???nobody’s hating on the girls, it’s more about their parents and ellen than the girls

  17. 17
    Sammi Says:

    Just so u know they do do hw…check out their parent made twitters. also they aren’t promoting to much ellen. ellen gave them really big crowns with ellens face on them and they didn’t wear them

  18. 18
    goodperson Says:

    Love these girls and their parents! :P

  19. 19
    lalala Says:

    lol yeah Minaj is an expert on children (have u heard her lyrics?). Wow. Go join a club and help all the children working in showbiz. Then get back to us. Meanwhile, love Sophia and Rosie and wish we could see more of them. Hadn’t seen them since the AMAs. Adorable

  20. 20
    Joan Says:

    I’m sick of these little brats. Enough already. And I see Ellen is doing a great job exploiting them. Sickening.

  21. 21
    Yui Says:

    WTF? GO back to school girls!

  22. 22
    Eva Guerin Says:

    These children are joyfully and assertively expressing who they are.No evidence at all that they are being pushed. Sophia Grace is more than capapble of telling an adult to bugger off. No victim here. Hard for adults to accept that the nature of childhood is changing and they are coming into their own power. Scary for some adults.

  23. 23
    jenks Says:

    The first time was cute. Now it’s just too much.
    They’ve already lost their honest childish attitude.
    I can’t stand Sophia’s fake hollywood smile (it’c clearly fake as it does not include her eyes).

  24. 24
    kat Says:


    She’s 8 for Pete’s sake. Let her lose all of her baby teeth before thinking about straightening them. What a loser.

  25. 25
    elle Says:

    JenniM. Pipe down.

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