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Taylor Swift's Grammy Performance - Watch Now!

Taylor Swift's Grammy Performance - Watch Now!

Taylor Swift takes to the stage at the 2012 Grammy Awards held at Staples Center on Sunday (February 12) in Los Angeles.

The 22-year-old country cutie performed her song “Mean” during the show.

Earlier in the evening, Taylor picked up the awards for Best Country Song and Best Country Solo Performance for “Mean”. She was also nominated for Best Country Album for Speak Now, but lost out to Lady Antebellum‘s Own The Night.

Taylor walked the red carpet in a gorgeous Zuhair Murad dress earlier that night.

Taylor Swift: Grammys Performance 2012
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111 Responses to “Taylor Swift's Grammy Performance - Watch Now!”

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  1. 51
    SwiftyAndProud Says:


    Since when are we mean? We aren’t mean, we’re defensive. Now, if we were mean, we’d use all the swear words we knew, call you very ugly names and tell you to go jump off a bridge or something like that. Instead of doing that, I want to tell you I feel sorry for you. You must have a very miserable life to be so hateful.

    Taylor has 6 well deserved Grammy awards, you aren’t being constructive at all, you’re mean. Just plain mean.

    And NOTHING is fake about Taylor! Can you give a good example where she’s fake? Have you ever seen her with her fans? Have you read all the amazing stories about her? Visiting hospitals without alerting the media, like most celebs do (the story came out because the mother of a patient blogged about it). Or what about one of the beautiful Meet&Greet/T-Party/other stories?

  2. 52
    Swiftie Says:

    Taylor is amazing <3 She didn't just write this song about critics who were mean, she wrote it about how others have been mean to her before she was famous and after which I totally understand. I'm at high school ( an English one) and I see people being mean and its songs like this that reminds you in the end not being mean like them pays off so listening to Taylor's music helps with high school a lot <3 Yeah she still pulls suprised faces but she is charming and her speak now world tour was like a story which makes a change from what we usually see and I love it as it does cheer me up aswell as millions of others <3 And don't go hating on her from where she from, I live somewhere were people automatically judge us from were we live but most of us are better than that :)

  3. 53
    Klowee Says:

    Dear haters: All you are is mean. And a LIAR. And PATHETIC. and ALONE IN LIFE. :)

  4. 54
    whatthef Says:

    If you’re going to criticize her then, why are you here in the first place? We all have different tastes in music, but do you have to criticize every.fvking. artist that you never even know personally? Taylor doesn’t write songs to impress all of us, she writes songs to express her feelings and inspire every girl. If she’s childish and immature, well, it’s better if she stays as she is rather than being fake. She stays as herself, never changes herself just because people wanted her to. You like Adele than Taylor? Go find Adele’s picture and endlessly rant how much she is better than TSwift, we Swifties never needed your fvking opinion here. And, oh my god, if you’re saying that she can’t sing and can’t even play a single damn instrument made in this freaking, fvking, judgmental world, CAN YOU? Oh please …

  5. 55
    kingkasyski Says:

    She should retire and take her whiny ass lame songs with her in the backwoods where she belongs and just sings in a river there and act shocked when one of the fish pop up to tell her to shut up.

  6. 56
    Provisional Says:

    Taylor Swift Dont nmo mush bout Music but she looks cute :D

  7. 57
    Sam Says:

    LOL—She played it safe this year and lip synced so people would not hear her off key singing and criticize her. Did anyone see her face when Lady A won the award for country album?? She did not likt that at all–and she has only 1country song on her album and expects to win an award for that 1 song??? Her star is starting to dim and it is about time this manufactured FAKE singer goes away. Her surprised look is annoying now–it is NOT cute at all. She sounds like a ranting, immature teenager in her songs. Lame…..

  8. 58
    Emily Says:

    To members of the Swfit nation: She aight. Nothing to write home to mom about. Typical looking, typical sounding…an average talent. All her songs are of the same content and to be honest, it gets a little old. I won’t deny that she has at least some talent, but it would be great if she could grow as a person. If I hear one more song about kissing in the rain, I think I might barf.

    To the Haters: It’s not that serious…and even at minimal talent, she is probably more talented than you. Does she deserve all of the awards she receives? No…prolly not…but everyone know that the Grammys are rigged anyway. So chillax. It’s not even worth all the hating.

  9. 59
    Shawna Says:

    Is everyone tone deaf or something? Do they not hear how many notes she messed up? This girl is a mediocre singer at best and does not deserve any of the fame she’s gotten. She’s skinny, blond haired, blue eyed and that is the only thing that’s gotten her this far.

  10. 60
    skip jackson Says:

    Hey Guys, you wouldn’t know talent if it bit you. Taylor Swift is 22 YEARS OLD and TALENTED BEYOND BELIEF. I guess you guys like Chris Brown? Talk about no talent>>>>>>>>>>boring and canned and computer controlled. He couldn’t sing if you took off that silly microphone that analyzes and pumps out R2D2 voice commands. BORING BORING AND NO TALENT, NONE.
    Taylor Swift will always be a legend, even at 22. She is good to go, forever

  11. 61
    musicfan Says:

    @KittyPurry: Taylor has her own unique sound and the fans love her for that.I listen to Adele,Carrie,Jason,Katy,etc because they all bring something different to the table and isn’t that what they’re supposed to do ?? Taylor plays piano,banjo,ukulele,banjitar,acustic-electric and twelve sting guitar. She’s no Jimmy Hedrix, but she’s adequate enough for what she does and that’s to entertain us which she does amazingly well !! Taylor uses these instruments to intertwine with her band and to help bring her emotions to the songs.. If you don’t get that,then move on to someone you do like that way you can be a more positive and happier person.. P.S. Two years ago she did win the big ones and top prize,album of the year! You must have missed that grammy ?? ” Good Day “

  12. 62
    Pierre Says:

    i dont know her too much but i found that is was the best performance of the night., simple, joyfull and really well done.

  13. 63
    Pierre Says:

    neil Young. Bob Dylan are not the best singers and are you gonna say that they are no good…

  14. 64
    Yessssssssssss Says:

    Taylor Swift Sucks. Just Grow up Taylor!!!

  15. 65
    lafamepoma Says:

    everybody’s laughing about her dress, but it’s a fact is horrible and her music.. don’t think is so good for wining Grammys, but i’m the one who choose the winners.

  16. 66
    Peter Says:

    What a great performance ! Her and Paul Mcartney were the high points of the show

  17. 67
    jessie Says:

    lol. She looks like a villager.

  18. 68
    stubborntomato Says:

    Why was she playing the banjo like an electric guitar?

  19. 69
    Judy Says:

    Just to set the record straight, not ALL of her fans are 15 yrs. old. I’m well over 15 and I adore Taylor Swift, primarily because so many of her fans are young, impressionable girls and she is the perfect role model. Many of her lyrics really pull at my heart strings,i.e., Never Grow Up, and her voice is soft, sweet and melodic. I took my granddaughter to one of her concerts and it was only then I realized why she deserves The awards she wins. It was truly an awesome experience!

  20. 70
    Ken Says:

    Kind of Hee Haw meets The Dixie Chicks.Taylor might have had issues in the past performing live but I thought she sounded great on this.For my money this was the best performance of the night.

  21. 71
    Stephanie Says:

    Her facial expressions were probably a little overdone, but saying that music is going down the toilet is a little unfair. After all, Adele won album of the year. Taylor Swift’s fans are mostly preteen/teenage girls. Many of these girls deal with bullying and the like and this song speaks to that. She has her crowd. There has always been crappy music, and even if you’re not a fan of Swift it’s not fair to say that music is going to ****. Listen to what you like and leave “juvenile” artists who “lack talent” for the rest of us.

    To each its own, people.

  22. 72
    rob Says:

    Just awesome!!!…No tricks or gimmicks, just talent…Canada Loves you Taylor…Keep it up!!!!!

  23. 73
    Jackie Jordan Says:

    Her look of surprise was real! She has true humility & doesn’t really know how good she actually is Wonderful performance and so deserving of the ovation she got and the awards.

  24. 74
    Jackie Jordan Says:

    …and incidentally, I am not anywhere near the teenage category and, after last evening at the Grammy awards I have made a complete turnabout face concerning Taylor & her talent. The young lady is a real artist. You go, girl!

  25. 75
    GalPal Says:

    Taylor is just awful. The girl cannot sing and then to have her recognized as a singer of anything at the Grammys is truly sad. She can’t sing no matter how you spin it.

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