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Zac Efron: Hennessy VS Party!

Zac Efron: Hennessy VS Party!

Zac Efron hits the black carpet at a party for Hennessy VS on Saturday (February 11) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 24-year-old Lucky One actor was spotted making a quick liquor store run on Friday.

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Zac recently caught up with Glamour and revealed an insecurity of his.

“There are those moments when you’re getting off a flight and there’s a bunch of photographers out there, and you’re like, ‘Whoa, dude. I just woke up. I’ve still got drool on my chin,’” Zac shared.

FYI: Zac is wearing AllSaints‘ Gatz blazer.

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  • lauren

    whats hennessy? i’m serious dont judge :0

  • jill



  • Skounoupi

    Looking Good :)


    Hey sexy, sexy.

  • LMAO

    What a stupid face. You’re losin’ it, Efron.

  • ?????????

    looking good Mr Efron

  • whoreforsale

    gay and gettin gayer

  • Lona

    Sexy, charming, amazing actor. Love you.

  • Whatever

    Of course he’s at a party supporting LIQUOR. Why does that NOT surprise me?? He’s a mess. And looks awful.

  • sam

    Relax Zac. You look too uptight.

  • sam


    Hennessy is one of the big names in cognac (a high-quality brandy that is distilled in Cognac, France). It costs around $30 a bottle.

  • Sara


    He’s actually there supporting a foundation that helps homeless people cuz the party’s a fundraiser for that foundation and the liquor company is a sponsor. How awful of them all, helping to raise money for homeless people.

  • kas kas kas

    @Whatever: That didn’t surprise me too, I’d be surprised if he was on a children’s party with Ben 10 or Phineas and Ferb theme, eating cotton candys, maybe is this what you expect when watching High School Musical movies, sorry if Zac disappoint you

  • HA

    He’s looking good! I like him. Vanessa, not so much

  • Whatever

    @Sara: Maybe they should mention that. Still doesn’t surprise me. He always shows up at some charitable event to offset his visits to Beachers burlesque, and the house parties. Now, he even figured out he can sleep his way to fame by dating an ugly chick with money! Gotta give him credit…..he’s always got an ulterior motive.

  • kas kas kas

    Stop judging Zac, he is a good hearted person, he fu*ks Vanessa for five years, what a good deed, her pu*sy will never be happy again!

  • Ginny

    Who dressed him? He always looks 12….

  • emilee

    there you go…henessy poster boy

  • emilee

    They should change the lyrics….”There’s someone drunk….in Hollywood…who you gonna call? “

  • Deb

    @Whatever: @emilee:
    You are such dumb a$$es. First of all, the party is not supporting liquor. Hennessy is the sponsor. Second, it is LL CoolJ’s Grammy party. And third, the party was a fundraiser for the Chrysalis foundation that helps give homeless people a new start.
    But you just keep posting and proving how dumb and ignorant you are.

  • Maria

    You’re right, and Jared should be ashamed also for not getting his facts straight.

  • Shauna

    I’m not trying to be rude, but how tall is Zac? He doesn’t seem that tall..

  • Derpina
  • Whatever

    @Deb: And what are we supposed to be? Mind readers? It wasn’t mentioned ANYwhere. No matter. Any excuse to drink. Pics of him passing the bottle around are conveniently NOT shown here.

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Zanessa or Zalcohol?

  • lisie

    @kas kas kas:
    they never f*ked. that was his beard. he is gay.

  • eat me

    @!!!!!!!!!! Oh stop the crap zanessa is so ooooover and zalcohol is a stupid name your creating…. You guy’s finding something to make this guy horrible… did you know any celebrity guy that don’t drink after they reach 21? You guys are stupid i bet you drink too…. I can’t understand why is it a big deal to you if he drinks alcohol????? Isn’t it normal???? And for the records this is for charity his supporting….

  • LMAO

    @eat me: Cause he claimed to not like partying and going to bars “with a bunch of strangers”. Such a lying hypocrite. All that he said he wanted to avoid, he’s doing it. Even getting in with the wrong crowd, like Rumer and Demi. He thought cozying up to them would help his career. Ha!!

  • Janice

    @Shauna: He’s tiny, like 5.4

  • lol

    I seriously suspect a lot of these neurotic Vanessa’s Fans / Zac Haters are always the same person with different nicknames, a “group” always appears while other disappears, following the same standard of acts

    Or fans of Vanessa are like cockroaches coming out of the sewer

  • Maria

    Just because it wasn’t mentioned here is no excuse. Lots of the posters already knew. Maybe you should stop using any opportunity to comment about Zac’s supposed drunkeness. You know that it isn’t true. There have been NO reports of him being drunk all the time. It’s just something that lives in your ignorant brain.

  • Deb

    I’d say that it’s more like you use any excuse to lie about him being a drunk. I’m not saying that he doesn’t drink at all. But that is a far cry from getting drunk. A lot of people drink responsibly. Perhaps that concept is too difficult for you to understand. I’ve never seen any article anywhere that claims that he was drunk.

  • http://@monchitolove lucy

    by mental health and supports just follow your idol instead of criticizing someone you do not like and does not ask you to follow him … ♥ I LOVE YOU ZAC.

  • Deb

    No, he’s like 5′ 8″ or 5′ 9″

  • emilee

    He aged a lot. He looks like 40 years old.

  • Derpina

    @emilee: lol. funny, last week haters say he looks like a teenager, from teen to middle-age in one second

  • emilee

    i guess he aged that quick

  • eat me

    @emilee i dis agree i thinks he looks right for his age…..

  • eat me

    @LMAO LOL yeah he said that but when was that he was in his teen age year right??? now he is at the right age to drink and exploring how to be an adult guy like every one else…. On Regards to rumer and demi he is just friends with them he is there to support them not to follow what they are doing…I think zac is mature enough to handle things what’s wrong or right and for me he’s doing the right thing he is just human doing what normal people does….

  • Michelle

    @lisie: you have no proof of him begin gay or having a beard.

  • Whatever

    @Deb: Did I EVER say he was drunk?? YOU put those words out there. Can’t deny he does a LOT of drinking these days, and sorry, but he looked a lot happier the years he was with V. Careful what ya wish for, Efron. Now you can do what all your friends begged you to do…..bathe in it!! LOL. Don’t look like it agees with him.

  • Deb

    Every comment you make insinuates that he is out there drinking, getting drunk, and bedding every skirt that walks by. If that isn’t what you mean, then I have to wonder what your problem is with him simply having a drink or two on occasion. And you honestly do not know what he’s drinking, BTW. He may be drinking water for all you know. He’s been working constantly, so you also do not have ONE true report of him being with any women, unlike your girl, who seems to be the one going through one guy after another after another.

  • leave zac alone

    You are all crazy, Zac is a good person. He and others paid a lot of money to raise money for the homeless at that event hosted by LL cool J
    He is closer to 5’10″
    Beachers and house party stories are vastl exaggerated , by ill meaning friends. Many times he was mentioned to be at one , but wasn’t.
    He gives to charity all the time. Hate him all you want it doesn’t change the facts.

  • Nicky

    @Janice: Zac is 5′9″, if he would be that short, he would have the same height as his Ex. He’s not that short. And all people can’t have a height like Kobe Bryant or the basketball stars.

    @Whatever: Look at yourself before you judge other people. You’re probably the one who drinks and doesn’t know when you have to stop. Spill your poison towards someone else and not to someone who’s not even aloud to defend himself or to say in public what he really thinks. Unfortunately he is much too warmhearted. good-natured and amicable.

    And to all the other haters, hypocrites, jerks … stop with your unbelievable nonsense. Before you judge this guy talk to him and get to know him, and then you maybe have the right to judge about him.

  • jaded

    He’s always struck me as somewhat neurotic and insecure. I read somewhere that he even admitted that he drove everyone crazy except for Vanessa who probably at one time had the patience of a saint. I think he second and third guesses everything he does. Believe me, I’ve been following them both for a while. The one thing I can say is that Vanessa is definately a strong young women who brought out the very best in him. She seems to know who she is without any pretense. I don’t believe that they talk or text or anything and it’s probably better that the same time it’s still sad. But then again this is Hollywood so what can you do?

  • lauren

    what are you trying to imply that ending there relationship was probably the best for them professionaly and everything?

  • sam

    Hollywood does take its toll on people. It’s so easy to get caught in the trap of alcohol, drugs and wild partying. Wise words from Celine Dion:

    “Whitney’s been an amazing inspiration for me. I’ve been singing with her my whole career, actually. I wanted to have a career like hers, sing like her, look beautiful like her.
    It’s just very unfortunate that drugs and, I don’t know, bad people or bad influences took over. It took over her dreams, it took over her love and motherhood…
    I mean, you think about Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, to get into drugs like that for whatever reason, is it because of the stress, the stress and bad influence, what happens? What happens when you have everything?

    It’s tragic. Her music will live forever, but it’s not enough. Time after time we lose people—it’s too soon and there’s no time for that. I mean, taking pills to go perform and taking pills to wake up and taking pills to go to bed. It’s so unfortunate.
    There’s something that happens that I don’t understand, and that’s why I’m so scared. I’m scared of show business, I’m scared of drugs, I’m scared of hanging out, and that’s why I don’t do parties and hanging out, and that’s why I’m not part of show business. We have to be afraid.”

  • Marsha

    @emilee: No his looks are slowly growing into his true age. Go back to V she is the one who looks older than her mother.

  • leave zac alone

    @Whatever.. It is called Beachers Mad House, not Beachers Burlesque . It is inside The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. a very respected Hotel. The Burlesque dosn’t refer to stripping, but to comedy, Weird yes but comedy some of it a bit raunchy , but nothing like in Europe. There are no private rooms there.

  • emilee

    He looks every inch a loser!