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Flynn Bloom: Walking Next To Mama Miranda Kerr!

Flynn Bloom: Walking Next To Mama Miranda Kerr!

Flynn Bloom holds hands with his mom Miranda Kerr and walks upright alongside her on Monday (February 13) in Sydney, Australia.

The 28-year-old model led 1-year-old Flynn along after having a dress fitting at a studio. Looks like Flynn is really getting the hang of walking!

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While Miranda was at her fitting, hubby Orlando Bloom was spotted checking out some bling in a jewelry store – a possible Valentine’s gift for Miranda???

On Valentine’s Day, Miranda will be signing autographs for her KORA Organics line at the David Jones Elizabeth Street store!

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Credit: Andy Athineos; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Lola

    That is one adorable kid, but Miranda is so thin that she looks more like his older sister than mother.

  • b

    How does being thin equate to her looking like his older sister?
    Miranda is beautiful and has a youthful face but I think saying she looks like a sister is going a bit far. That would be one very large age gap.

  • http://shanellewho shanelle

    flynn is such an adorable kid! miranda totally has it all

  • Mari

    Yay, he is walking. NOW it gets really interesting for the parents, lol.

  • zoe

    Miranda looks effortlessly gorgeous. And Flynn is beyond adorable! But wtf is Bloom doing here? Greeting his favorite paparazzi?

  • r

    Suri should learn from Flynn

  • @zoe

    I think you’re a bit overacting. I am a huge fan of Miranda and do sometimes think that she’s much better than her husband, just like what you think about them. But seriously you need not to attack Orlando. He’s her husband after all. She chose him of her own free will without being forced. As long as she’s happy with him, we should feel happy for her. I would only take Orlando as one of the luckiest men in the world. He has much better taste than his beautiful wife, that’s all.

  • Jen

    Awww! He’s so adorable! And I lol at how he’s only wearing one shoe! So cute!

  • blake

    Beautiful mum, beautiful son.

  • Lola

    @b: Because she looks too petite, too frail to have ever carried a baby, thus making her more easily associated with a sister rather than a mother.

  • giselle.

    flynn is only one AND shoeless and yet he’s open to walking. what’s your excuse little miss suri cruise??

  • Chia

    I swear Miranda Kerr has a contract with Prada.

  • nikky

    I think he´s gonna be so handsome when he grows up

  • gorgeous

    Miranda looks so gorgeous in that dress. Orlando looks like he never takes bath. Oh come on! Even the little baby can see that she could have done much better than this useless famewh*re.

  • @13

    Of course Flynn wil be handsome. His mommy is the one of the most beautiful women in the world, remember?

  • @Chia

    Not sure if she does. But I swear Orlando Bloom has a contract with paparazzi.

  • What happened?

    I actually thought people loved Orlando more, but wow…what happened to him? I must miss somethng but Miranda’s popularity seems to overshadow his A LOT. I guess his golden age has gone already. Now it’s Miranda’s empire. Honestly, is he much hated only because he married a woman more beautiful than him? Or did he do anything bad or wrong? Just curious.

  • @17

    Not particularly surprised. Orlando Bloom is not generally liked from the begining of his career. But yeah, his popularity has diminished because
    1. People finally realise he can’t act for sh*t and how awfully wooden his performance is. No one wants to hire him again since most of his movies where he played major roles were bombed big times. He has no promising projects attached to him and eventually disappears from big screen like forever.
    2. He’s aging so badly. He starts to have a face of an old man and his body looks pretty much out of shape. However, he shamelessly married a woman who is far more gorgeous, successful, popular and looks so much younger (like his daughter) that makes him look like an absolute pedophile.
    3. He’s so desperate for fame that he calls the pap wherever he goes. (Probably use his wife’s hard earned money to hire them) And he also make the best use of his wife’s or even his son’s name to keep himself more relevant.

  • Jo.T

    Does anyone know what brand her dress is :)?

  • Jen

    @Lola: #1
    That is one adorable kid, but Miranda is so thin that she looks more like his older sister than mother.
    Don’t be so silly. I have four children and am just as thin as Miranda.

  • torrance

    omg she is so perfect i think im going to vomit.

  • okay

    Miranda has such unique beauty. She’s definitely not the type of pretty women you get to see on streets every day. Orlando, however, is quite ordinary looking. He doesn’t look better than the majority of men. You can easily find much better looking men everywhere. So yes, he is the luckier one of their relationship. Miranda is more gorgeous and is probably one of the most highly in demand supermodels. Orlando is just keep fading away in the meanwhile.

  • Indigo

    Maybe he’s here because he’s Flynn’s dad?!!!

  • @18

    That you don’t like him doesn’t mean that he isn’t generally liked. There are divided opinions about his acting, but him as a person is generally well liked.
    Even if Miranda were far more gorgeous, and that depends on opinions, there’s nothing ‘shameless’ about him marrying her, and that way of comparing him to a pedophile because you have a strange grudge against him is offensive and frivolous.
    Your point number 3 is something that you simply imagine. It’s been proven several times that paparazzi have a huge interest for this couple, like the many times that paps have been spotted waiting or following them.

  • @giselle

    Parents treating child as if she were baby

  • @18 (zoe-sock)

    You really are desperate aren’t you. Answering yourself over and over again. LOL!
    “…..Bloom is not generally liked from the begining of his career”
    No dear. He’s always been well liked by fans and co-workers alike. A few fan boys hate him, but he is one of the most popular and well liked stars out there.
    “People finally realise he can’t act for sh*t and how awfully wooden his performance is.”
    Everyone has different opinions. But a lot of negative opinions come from critics who think that it is cool to hate him. A LOT of critics have sung his praises. A LOT of critics.
    “No one wants to hire him again since most of his movies where he played major roles were bombed big times.”
    Huh? KOH did over 210 million. Bomb? Don’t think so chickie.
    “He has no promising projects attached to him and eventually disappears from big screen like forever”
    The Hobbit is not promising? They loved him so much that they are creating a role for him. His other projects have been indies, which he has always wanted to do. Indies rarely do big box office, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t great projects.
    “He’s aging so badly. He starts to have a face of an old man..”
    Really? Old men have chiseled features and smooth skin? LOL! He looks younger than other actors who are 5-6 years his junior, and you say that he looks old? I guess that you expected him to look 25 forever? LOL!
    “…. and his body looks pretty much out of shape.”
    Again? Six packs mean out of shape to you? Idiot
    “However, he shamelessly married a woman who is far more gorgeous…”
    Shamlessly? LOL! That’s hilarious! And Miranda is, indeed gorgeous, but so is he In fact, he is one of the most gorgeous men out there, IMO.
    Miranda is successful as a model. But Orlando is even more successful as an actor.
    Uhm, no. Miranda is gaining fame and popularity. But Orlando is famous and popular across the entire planet.
    “..and looks so much younger (like his daughter) that makes him look like an absolute pedophile.”
    Now you are just being sick and psychotic. That’s your problem, not Orlando’s.
    “He’s so desperate for fame that he calls the pap wherever he goes.”
    Is that why we go for weeks without seeing him in public? You really aren’t making much sense.
    ” (Probably use his wife’s hard earned money to hire them)”
    Uhmmm, Miranda is worth what, 10-12 million dollars? Orlando is worth 30-40? you really are stupid, aren’t you.
    “And he also make the best use of his wife’s or even his son’s name to keep himself more relevant”
    LOL! Did you type that with a straight face? Orlando remains one of the most pouplar actors out there. Even with him not being on the big screen for for so many years, he still lands on all of the ‘most popular’ polls. He didn’t need to get married and have a baby for that.

  • sara

    Flynn is just too cute for words! Miranda looks fresh and lovely. And Orlando looks GORGEOUS!

  • Jbo

    That kid seems to never grow or look older – he still looks three months old…

  • @28

    What? He’s growing like a weed!
    I guess that you haven’t been around a lot of babies.

  • awwww

    What a beautiful, happy child!
    I adore this sweet, little family.

  • kami

    ah, such a boy, taking off one of his shoes. and he probably threw it away. :)

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    Orlando looks good and is a good man and Miranda is lucky to have him. So i dont know why they keep saying bad things about Orlando. Orlando calling the paps lol ok thats why he always try to get away from them or you dont see him for weeks at a time.

  • Bee

    Okay, I’ve asked a couple times now and instill haven’t gotten an answer. I tried googling it and still found nothing (lol), but could someone tell me what a “delphite” is? I’m not being sarcastic, I’d just really like to know. I don’t understand how it’s derogatory.

    Anyway, I’m echoing previous sentiments-Flynn gets cuter with every article. What a sweetheart! I love how he lost a shoe, and just keeps on waddling, lol! I would think it’d be difficult to hold his hand though. Im the same height as Miranda, and I always feel like a monster around little kids- her being in heels must make her look like a giant to him.

  • Sandy

    Flynn is the cutest baby.,Miranda looks beautiful in the dress. Orlando looks handsome as always. Orlando is a great actor and he s doing indie movies because he wanted to do them. He is doing the hobbit so he is still in demand for roles in movies. His popularity hasn’t diminished, it has grown bigger. He is well known throughout the world. He is known because of his acting and Miranda is known because of the success she’s had with being a model. They both seem like genuine, sweet, down to earth people. Orlando, Miranda, and Flynn are a lovely family.

  • @Bee

    ‘Delphite’ is a play on words referring to a hater site on Delphi forums. Their (very few) members are also referref to as ‘delphidiots’, which suits them quite nicely.
    They are a very small group of bitter, angry women, whose sole purpose in life is to hate Miranda Kerr. They stalk her 24/7 across the internet for news, twist the truth and flat out lie. They make fake blogs and twitter accounts to insult her, and spread their filth anywhere that mentions her name. They also stalk and spread lies about her fans, even going so far as to post personal information on different websites.
    They also now hate Orlando, and treat him as they do Miranda. Nothing either of them do is right, and they twist themselves in knots trying to make things fit in with their agenda of hate.
    They are a sad bunch of losers who formed their site because fans of Orlando and/or Miranda would not let them spread their lies here. They were frustrated because people kept pointing out that they were lying, so they went somewhere where their theories and rants would not be questioned, no matter how sick or insane. No discussion is allowed. You either toe the party line, or you are banned or told to “shut the f*ck up”. Even now, when they post here (as they often do, even ig they deny it), they complain when fans call them on their BS. That’s when they call the fans “obsessed” because they are frustrated that they can’t get away with anything. It drives them crazy that people don’t take their lies seriously.
    They even go so far as to attack an innocent baby. That tells you all you need to know about those pathetic losers.
    There aren’t many left, thank goodness. Most of the original members just wanted a place to snark to their hearts content to vent their frustration. But all of the more sane ones are gone. All that’s left are the most pathetic (see how often that word pops up?). People who find joy in wishing ill on total strangers and on innocent babies.
    No other word to describe them, but ‘pathetic’.

  • anonymous

    @@Bee: Glad you explained delphi. Saw it here a few times but no one ever explained so thanks for doing that. Delphidiots is a good name for them. Guess they have no life but to mock two people and their baby, but doubt Miranda or Orlando could careless what these people (if they are people) have to say about them. Making fun of a baby isn’t right either. Guess none of them are mothers and if they are, I feel for their children.

  • Sandy

    The way the delphidiots make fun of Flynn makes me sick. They should be ashamed of themselves. Why do they have all that hate towards Miranda and Orlando? I don’t get it. They are a lovely couple with a cute son and yet they keep insulting them. Do they not like to see a couple in love? I think they are a lovely family and deserve to be happy.

  • Walk

    Flynn is walking…how cute! Miranda looks extremely gorgeous and Orlando Bloom is the luckiest man on the planet. He surely couldn’t ask for a better wife like this lady. He must feel much pressure when getting pictured with her all the time.

  • jealous

    So jealous of Bloom’s luck. Maybe he could share some tips of dating a super beauty. I think he probaly feels unreal for that he is now living with one of the most beautiful women and gets to see her angelic face every day. Remember when he once said he was often turned down by women he liked. See how lucky you are now Orly!

  • Sandy

    I love seeing pics of Flynn learning to walk. Miranda is beautiful and Orlando so gorgeous. He definitely is married to a beautiful and sweet person and she married a wonderful, loving, and supportive husband.

  • Katya0

    OMG look ad baby Flynn making his first steps he looks so cute and aww I just want to hug him tight hehe.
    Btw I read the comments about some people hating Orlando and stuff like that but who cares I mean he seems like a good father and that’s the thing that really matters and Miranda looks beautiful I love her dress XD

  • Diane

    Look how adroable Flynn is when he holds mama’s hand walking. That’s so precious. I’ve always loved to see them together. Miranda looks so loving to her son and Flynn appears to be the cutest baby ever. They are no doubt the most beautiful and my favorite mother and son among Hollywood. Papa is just ok. Never fond of him but don’t hate him either.

  • @26

    You must think that zoe is the only one person on the planet that hated Orlando Bloom. Honey, you sounds even more ridiculous than that hater.

  • @43

    Oh, I’m sure that they are aware that not everyone likes Orlando. But very few actually HATE him. And even fewer actually hate him and come on this particular site to praise his wife while spouting nonsense about him. And by even fewer, I mean one….Zoe. Her comments are always the same, no matter what name she is using. She might as well sign her name.

  • @39

    I’m sure he’s quite aware of how lucky he is. I’m always under impression of that he’s so so into his wife as if she’s the best gift from God. You can easily see him show his affection to her everywhere. However, Miranda seems not so much into her hubby. If she had not been pregnant, she probably would have not agreed to marry him. Wasn’t it told that she turned down his proposal several times back few years ago. Orlando is lucky that she finally changed her mind. He certainly has bagged a wife with beauty and millions dollars.

  • @44

    No. Not just “very few” people hate him. And Miranda is actually much well liked than him nowadays. It’s not 2007 remember? Orlando hasn’t done anything yet his beloved wife works nonstop which has won her worldwide recognition. Actually justjared is the biggest place full of hatred to her. She’s pretty much loved at other sites. As to Orlando, he’s neither loved here nor otherwhere. Go see yourself. I’m telling the fact.

  • @45-46

    You talk about “facts” yet still believe every rumor that comes up?
    The only FACTS here are that Orlando is more famous than Miranda. That he is well loved all over the world. That he has MUCH more money than Miranda. And that she married him because she wanted to. No one forced her.
    And if she didn’t care about Orlando, why does she bring him up in EVERY interview?
    Now you’re just being (more) stupid.

  • @47

    She brings his name up only when people ask about him. And unlike Orlando gushes his wife and tends to reveal more details all the time, her mentions about him are always very quick and short. One more thing, he always looks at her in love whereas she usually seems to avoid looking at him, or reluctant to do so as if she feels ashamed to be pictured with Orlando.

  • @48

    If you are using that as proof, you really are desperate. Orlando only talks about Miranda when asked about her, too. I guess in your insane world that means that he doesn’t care about her, either. LOL!
    I also love that you think that you know the innermost thoughts of total strangers. That proves that you aren’t only stupid, but ready for the asylum as well.

  • Sandy

    Orlando is well loved around the world. He loves Miranda and she loves him. You can see in the pictures of them together how much in love they are with each other. I love seeing the pics of Flynn holding Miranda’s hand. It is very precious and cute and you can see the close bond between mother and son and that she loves Flynn so much. Miranda was not forced to marry Orlando. She married Orlando because she really loves him. Orlando, Miranda, and Flynn are my favorite celebrity family because they are so loving and supportive to each other and Orlando and Miranda show that they are loving parents to Flynn. Orlando is a great dad and Miranda is a great mom.