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Lady Gaga & Taylor Kinney: Soho House Date!

Lady Gaga & Taylor Kinney: Soho House Date!

Lady Gaga and her new beau Taylor Kinney step out together on Friday (February 10) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 25-year-old superstar and her 30-year-old actor boyfriend went to Soho House for dinner.

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On Sunday, Gaga covered her face in fishnet as she attended the 2012 Grammy Awards wearing a custom Versace ensemble.

Earlier this month, Gaga and Taylor were spotted together getting dinner in Los Angeles.

The couple first met on the set of Gaga‘s video for “You and I“.

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  • GHU

    Shocked that they opened with a Lovely PRAYER….from an Industry, a Govt. and a Media hellll Bent on attacking people of FAITH.

  • Amanda

    I wonder how it felt for Gaga to see the beautiful Adele winning all the major awards last night with no costumes, no overdone makeup, no gags, gimmicks, or in-your-face antics… just a natural beautiful talented voice sweeping everything Gaga was up for. She had to feel stupid with that black crotchet blanket over her face and her big “throne cane”

  • namers


    “Industry?” The self absorbed are the first to thank god for their ‘blessings.’

  • GHU

    Their GOD is Baphomet, Illuminati of which Maddonna is their High Priestess.

  • gossipgirl

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  • :)

    @Amanda: had a bunch of issues with gag last night. whats new? lol anyway this b claims Whitney as her true inspiration Right? remember last yrs grammys so why no mention of sorrow yet you fake B. the whats with the stick last night 4 number 1 singles don’t make u queen of sh just queen of retards. lastly that sore loser got up while adele was accepting her award and took oof as soon as she was done. the show wasn’t over nobody else felt to important to stay.

  • :)

    oh i forgot this relationship fuels my suspicion that she’s straight not bi like she claims. they gay monstards have been worship a spoiled con artist

  • nes

    once adored but lately gettin tired of her, ta recent music just does not live up to when she first started out.

  • israelRod.

    @ i dont think she really cares about that. she has said that she doesn’t really care if she wins or not

  • Amanda

    @israelRod.: Ohhh surrrre. No woman who is THAT starved for attention and such an attention seeker doesn’t like winning awards.

  • Ryden

    Cute! :)

  • Kate

    Adele swept every category she was in, she beat out everyone, not just Gaga, Sorry to disappoint you but Katy Perry got nothing because of Adele either, it was her night! So what… lol
    Gaga looked great :)

  • Skateboard P

    WHy are Just Jared readers salivating at the mouth to say bad things about Lady Gaga?
    Kind of sad.

  • Bee

    Aww, I love her! She looks adorable in her jammies . Hee hee

  • XxX

    Wow, people complain even if Gaga DOESN’T make the night all about her! She was very understated, didn’t walk the red carpet , didn’t perform or anything…. And people STILL b!tch about her! Haha! Now THATS a star!!
    Good going Gaga! Keeping them mad.

  • Hahahaha

    Ugly lady needs a therapuetic sex to cope with the stress for not winning any Grammies last night. She lost to Adele and reportedly left her seat when they announced the Album of The Year.

  • Titan

    Omg! She’s in WeHo?!? Ahhhhhh! *runs to car

  • Queen Adele

    Overrated thrash! Stay home for god sake and pop out that ugly Monster please from your womb. Your gimmick and hype are getting old and tired.

  • Lmao

    @Hahahaha: i saw the show, Gaga left AFTER Adele’s speech …. She missed Paul Mcartneys second song to beat the mad rush out the doors….
    Not Un common, but if it makes u happy to tell yourself she felt bad about not winning, so be it, kind of weird but , whatever !
    Lmao!!! People are weird

  • Woop

    I wish she performed at the Grammys last night!!!
    Oh well, guess I’ll have to go to her Born this Way World Tour!!!
    Can’t wait!!!!!!

  • RIP GaGa

    Come on..Born This Way is not album of the year to begin with @ collection of songs from the 80′s Tampon advert.

    Adele deserves everything.

  • Barbie

    Love you Gaga!

  • Xtina

    Gaga is Queen of pop! Love her

  • Fugly Like A Wet Fart

    She is still looking like a jobless clown…anytime..anywhere.


    Lady Gaga Queen of Poop…didnt win any at the Grammy!


  • Jo

    I like Born this Way but The Fame was so much better!
    Hopefuly Gaga will do more stuff like the Fame!!
    See you at the Grammys 2013 Gaga!! :)

  • Queen of Empy Handed

    What happened to the album of the decade? Got flushed down the toilet. The only people who would call that art are those with IQ of 2. Overhyped bitch/whore gaga didnt deliver.

    If she was the one who died, the grammys will probably have a big bash.

    Talent trumps gimmick/fakery/trash!!!!!

  • Her Gimmick Failed & Tired

    Gaga is like stale milk that’s left in the fridge, one that you will throw away soon. Her novelty is over. She was fresh 3 years ago, now she’s like an unwanted clown in the music industry.

  • Lucky

    Gaga already has 5 Grammys, not that it matters. Since when does a Grammy define an artist? I mean MillinVanilli had 3.
    Hahaha!!! Do you REALLY think she cares? Katy Perry looked more pi$$ed off… Katy even performed and got nothing! How embarrassing!

  • Snookie

    A Gaga fan threw his laptop at his TV screen when he found out Adele won album of the year.


  • Dude

    @Snookie: yeah buddy, that wasn’t funny the first time you posted it….

  • Americans No Longer Love Cr@p

    This self- absorbed reductive donkey failed to upstage Adele last night. Good, because her music sucks. It is all ‘look at me, look at me’. Nothing to do with art, just noise & garbage!!!

  • Snoopy

    It was obvious Adele would win , her songs were everywhere!
    That’s how it works, the most played out songs and artist always wins!
    Just like Gaga last year!
    So Adele THIS year, So next year everyone will hate Adele and love someone else! lol!
    Sad , but that the way it works

  • K.

    @Americans No Longer Love Cr@p: oh somebody learned a new word from Madonna! LMFAO!!!
    What a sheep you are

  • Next

    GaGa the bench-warmer clown didn’t get any awards? Oh well…just like we expected.

    Good news!

  • Dope Show

    Dang! Some Xtina fan is in full force today!
    Changing their name and posting over and over! haha!
    Stay mad little piggy! Stay mad!!
    BORN THIS WAY BALL 2012-2013!!!!!!

  • Lamb4life

    garbage..just like her music and art!

  • Lame Lame Lame


    Gaga 5 3 years.
    Adele 6 Grammy….. in a single night.

    Go figure!!! :(

  • Little Monsters are donkeys

    LGG the attention- seeker but the fact is..she didn’t win anything. Born This Way is not even an album of the year let alone an album of the century.

    Ha ha ha..

  • Jaerry

    Today Monday 13/2/2012: Lady Gaga’s Pouting Day {Worldwide}


  • Randy

    Love Gaga!!

  • Sheri

    LG has always said its not about the awards or praise, it’s about the music and her fans.
    Sorry to disappoint the Floptina fan, but seems like You care about the Grammy more than anyone. Lmao!! Weirdo


    She copies Madonna, Grace Jones, Cyndi Lauper, Cher, Janis Joplin and Bette Midler shamelessly!

  • The fact told


    Lady Gaga is a sad joke for many retarded Americans who crave for some kind of cheap entertainment like KFC and McD. Her music is trash…just like her fans.

  • Queen of Copycat

    ALBUM OF THE CENTURY…with 3 flopped singles and collection of songs from a Tampon advert???

    Yeah right Gaga!


    GAGA The GREAT !! Gaga is morning the lost of Whitney Houston over not winning a Grammy, along with other stars. She already one grammys and knew Adele had a great song and she says she loves Adele. Gaga did not walk the red carpet because of Whitney’s passing. It did not feel right. Gaga won last year when all the attention was on her. This year Adele may have won but the whole year and show will be about the True Queen of Pop from the 80′s and 90′s–WHITNEY HOUSTON, NOT Madonna. Madonna is so upset right now. Mia stole her thunder. Gisele was and is the talk of the Superbowl. Whitney is number 1 on itunes not Madonna. Madonna really needed all the attenton on her this year. It’s not going to happen. Gaga is young and will create more great albums to win even more grammys. You can’t win them all but at least she was nominated. Britney Trailer Park trash Spears was shut out of the grammys. Gaga is nice and humble. Adele did not even mention Whitney Houston in any of her acceptance speeches and she’s all about me, me, me. If some of you heard some of the things Adele has said, you would not be a fan. Adele true colors will come out. I’m waiting for her to say something nasty about Madonna. Gaga stay nice and sweet as you are. You are young and have time on your side. You just added 90 million dollars to your previous bank account. I think Gaga will be just find.

  • Zzzzz

    Everything Lady GagGag does is a ripoff of someone else’s ideas. Thats why Grammy snubbed her completely last night.

  • Zzzzz


    Gaga went bankrupt after her last world tour.

    Hhahahahahahahahaha; your point is????

  • RiRi’s Army

    Wow – She sucks!

    Her songs like a bad lounge version performed by a washed- up back up singer performing at a mediocre restaurant that is mostly empty even on a Friday night.

    Definitve? really – OK maybe Courtney Love could do a worse version. But this is hardly definitive. Unfortunately – thanks to the machine, we will be hearing this for many years to come….cheesy!

  • Your Lost Not Mine

    GaGa is a copycat donkey monster cliche slaughtered by Adele winnings.