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Miranda Kerr: Valentine's Day KORA Promotion!

Miranda Kerr: Valentine's Day KORA Promotion!

Miranda Kerr takes the stage during her KORA Organics skincare promotion held at the David Jones Elizabeth Street store on Tuesday (February 14) in Sydney, Australia.

“So looking forward to the special Valentine’s Day in store signing at David Jones” the 28-year-old model tweeted before the promotion.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

The day before, Miranda‘s adorable son Flynn was spotted walking for the first time!! The whole family, including papa Orlando Bloom, spent the day before Valentine’s day out and about in Sydney.

FYI: Miranda is wearing a Willow shirt and skirt and Prada heels.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr promoting her KORA Organics on Valentine’s Day…

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miranda kerr kora organics promotion 02
miranda kerr kora organics promotion 03
miranda kerr kora organics promotion 04
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Credit: Lisa Maree Williams; Photos: Getty
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  • zoe

    She looks gorgeous as always.

  • yes!

    Such a beautiful young woman. And judging from the photos on twitter, she had another huge turnout.
    Love her!

  • ren

    beautiful <3

  • Sandy

    She is very beautiful. I am thinking of ordering kora for my skin because I like that it is an organic skincare line. She is very stylish. She is one of the best VS angels.

  • sally

    Beautiful as usual, stunning skin.

  • Raina

    Miranda looks absolutely breathtaking <3

  • Dieter

    Jared – she has an IQ of 160 or so !!!!

  • vekey

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  • Sandy

    She is one of the most beautiful models. She is a successful business woman, has a loving husband, and a cute son. Does anyone on here use Kora products? I am thinking of ordering soon from their website.

  • yay!


  • reba

    I like her outfit. Those shoes are killer!

  • Greedy

    Fans had to spend at least $50 on product to greet her

  • @12

    It’s just good marketing.
    And no different from buying a book to get your favorite author’s autograph.
    Would you rather have been an actual customer who wasn’t able to meet her because there were too many fans in line?
    She was taking care of her customers. People who think that this is strange are just expressing sour grapes.

  • http://Justjared ?

    Fans are her customers.

  • @14

    Some of her customers are also fans, sure, but not all. And if I was a paying customer at an event promoting her product, I would expect to be allowed to meet her before someone who just thinks that she is pretty . And as the pictures from the event showed, there were a LOT of people there. There was no way that she could have met EVERYONE, so why NOT limit it to customers? That just makes good sense.

  • http://Justjared ?

    They may not all be there for Miranda just maybe they are there just to buy something and go or just to get in pics. I know if i was there i would not care if i meet Miranda. But i know there fans out there that do and would be upset if they could not meet Miranda just becoz they didnt spend $50 some young girls and boys dont have that money so they miss out just becoz they have not spend that much. And it is her fan what buy her things.

  • @16

    With as fast as the company is growing, it can’t be just her fans buying her product. And the turnout was for her. People were willing to wait for a long time to get a chance to see her, and to hear her speak. And the people who were there understood that this was a promotional event for her product line, and not a fan ‘meet and greet’. And since it was a promotional event, she had to take care of her CUSTOMERS first.
    Why are you setting a different set of rules for her, than you would have for an author signing only copies of their book? Is this just another hater double standard that we keep hearing about?

  • http://Justjared ?

    Omg not everyone is a hater. Im just saying what i think and why should they spend $50 just to meet Miranda i get it if your a big fan and you do all that to meet her. But why should they spend that much. All im trying to say is most customers are fans and they are the ones that most want to meet Miranda.

  • @18

    You aren’t just handing over cash in payment, you are actually getting a product. And once again, not only her fans are her customers.
    She has to take care of her customers first. She is a businesswoman, after all.
    When Viggo released his book of photographs, should he have signed autographs for all of the fans at the bookstore too, instead of just for paying customers? No, of course not. There would have been so mant fans show up that no one would have had their book signed.
    The people at the bookstore knew that he was only signing copies of his book, but many showed up just to see him.
    It was the same way in the store for Miranda. They knew that they would have to buy her products to get to meet her, but they showed up just to see her. Please tell me exactly what is different between these two situations, and I’ll agree that you aren’t a hater.

  • http://Justjared ?

    Im not talking about him becoz thats another thing if the book is about him than most of the ones buying the book would be fans. But if the book is not about him than ya i get that. And i know other than fans buy Miranda skin care bits but they all dont care if they meet her. I get way some would they may want to know what is best to get but why should they spend $50 first. And i dont think i have said anything bad or call Miranda names to make me a hater just becoz im say what i think.

  • @20

    The book was not about him, so not only fans would have wanted to meet him. People who appreciate photography would have also bought the book. Should they not have been allowed to meet him because there were too many fans?
    Miranda’s skincare line is not about her. So should paying customers not have been allowed to meet her because there were too many fans?
    You just aren’t making sense. Again, this was NOT a fan meet and greet, this was a promotional appearance for her skin care range. Evidently everyone there understood that, why can’t you?
    And you claim not to be a hater, but are holding her to a different standard that you would hold someone else. That is a classis hater move.

  • http://Justjared ?

    Wow you can think what you want and i will think what want. And i did say if the book is not about him than i get it. And what are you talking about i never said anything about her or that no one is allowed to meet them. I think the same goes for any one not just Miranda. And how can i hate someone i dont know.

  • @22

    But why do you “get it” with him, but refuse to “get it” with her?
    What’s the difference?
    That’s where the double standard comes in, and why people are calling you a hater.

  • http://Justjared ?

    I never said it was ok for him. And Miranda was there for her skin care thing and to talk about it and to sing what i think is wrong is that you can only do that if you spend $50.

  • @24

    If it isn’t OK for him, what did you mean by “And i did say if the book is not about him than i get it.”?
    And how is it wrong to make sure that her customers get her signature?

  • http://Justjared ?

    Im not going to keep try to tell you what i mean becoz your not getting it. And the Miranda thing what if someone wants to buy her faces care bits but wants to talk to Miranda about whats best to get for her or i hes skin first . But how can they if you have to spend $50 first. But you dont get that so im not im not going to keep on about it so bye. And it not ok for anyone to make someone pay for a signature.

  • @26

    I think that you are the one who just isn’t “getting it”.
    Miranda has people working the counters to give individual skincare advice. That’s what they are paid for. Then you buy the product, NOT THE SIGNATURE.
    But I see that since you failed at the ‘fans should get a signature at a promotional visit and NOT the customers’ angle, now you are switching to the ‘gee, Miranda should spend 30 minutes helping each person decide what is best for their skin’ angle.
    You’re wrong, either way, so it doesn’t matter how you try to spin it.
    Bye now.

  • http://Justjared ?

    I never said it like that and i have not try to spin it. So i dont know why your trying to spin it like that and im just having my say like you are so now i will go bye bye.