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Nicki Minaj's Grammys Performance - Watch Now!

Nicki Minaj's Grammys Performance - Watch Now!

Nicki Minaj levitates during her performance at the 2012 Grammy Awards held at Staples Center on Sunday (February 12) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old rapper kicked it off by confessing the lyrics to her new single, “Roman Holiday,” while sitting next to The Pope, the same man she walked with on the red carpet earlier in the evening.

The performance, called “The exorcism of [Nicki's alter ego] Roman,” was choreograhed by Laurieann Gibson and featured religious imagery, pyrotechnics, and backup dancers dressed as monks.

“OMG @ that chris brown performance. >>>>>>>> SHUT DOOWWWNNNN,” Nicki tweeted about another one of the night’s performers.

Nicki Minaj’s Grammys Performance 2012

10+ pictures inside of Nicki Minaj performing at the 2012 Grammy Awards…

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Credit: Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty
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  • Not bad at all!

    Nicki Minaj is performing what she see’s as art. Art shouldn’t be censored, judged nor codemned. And if that was ever to happen, then art would no longer be a beatuful thing.
    I think the song was good, the lyrics made complete sense for her character “Roman” and the performance made sense as well. Minaj has never been known for taking herself or her art very seriously and she has certainly never been known for her subtlety.
    Her outfit was tasteful, the dancers were not gyrating and nearly having sex on the stage as some performers like their dancers to do and she censored her lyrics tastefully.
    If you don’t get it, fine. If you don’t like the song, ok. But if you don’t have the decency to respect her right to share her art with the world, shame on you. Maybe you should take a look in the mirror and look in the bible.
    As an aetheist to the Christians who condemn this artist and her work, I quote your good book.
    John 8:7
    “He stood up and said to them, ‘Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.’”

  • renaljim

    FILTH!! while the rest of the industry was including a celebration of Whitney’s life in this year’s Grammy’s from a tragic event that happened just a day before, Ken Ehrlich allowed this disgusting disrespectful act of mockery and blasphemy to take place on stage! I encourage the boycott of Nikki Minaj’s music sales until she apologizes for her disrespctful act during this year’s awards!!!

  • ummmm…..

    song wasn’t actually that bad but the acting/video can be deliberated about but can not understand why so many people are just hating on her, people say they had to watch her proformance becuase of the grammy awards, they could have just equally put there TV on mute and waited until her profomance was over. Personally any music video that has any form of religious meaning towards it will have a negative impact as in any religion it deserves respect but honestly the video was quite interesting/entertaining and anyway’s isn’t an exocism meant to be slightly denomic…. maybe she’s just portraying it in then proformance and does it not resemble the movie exorcist……. some people need to relax and move on and stop hating.




    This is the worst pile of steaming kakk I’ve ever seen. And I thought Gaga was bad!


    That must be it…Lady Gag has paid Minge to put on this godawful performance in order to make her own 3rd grade art student kakk seem polished and professional


    Gag has even loaned Nicki a couple of her andogynous, flesh coloured condom people to writhe around at Nicki’s feet…a bit like when you take your dog for a morning walk in areas that the local cottagers (U.K. slang – look it up) have been meeting to do their business the previous night.

  • Nils-Arne Vah Drachemberg

    This is a performance to entertain and it is just acting, dont take things so persjonal.
    We se this all the time, in movies and whatever. so why is it wrong to take it to a stagefor people to se it live.?
    its not demonic,its not satanic, its not to make fun on religion…
    It is so people can be etertain… i was soo bored the hole show, then nicki came and i loved it.

  • Rubbish

    How can anyone in their right mind bear that? It is pure TORTURE!

  • Contrary Mary

    Just rebuke her in the name of the Almighty Creator. She and hers has theirs coming if they do not shed their souls of the demons.

  • Contrary Mary

    They put it in our faces with their puppets, then sits back and laughs as unprotective souls are assaulted. Don’t ask who they are, if you don’t know, can’t help you.

  • Contrary Mary

    This is what talent has come to? SIckening.

  • Paulski


    “Yes, this was choreographed and produced before Whitney’s death, but have some common decency and respect to EDIT the act and wait til Halloween to show it!”

    Why? Genuinely – what on earth did the act have to do with Whitney Houston – in what way could it have been seen to have related to the life and Struggles of Ms Houston?

    “If you look around you and take a survey, the majority of the people do NOT agree with her distasteful performance last night”

    And if you took a poll at the time of the Beatles Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds a lot of people would have found its drug references distasteful, same goes for Lennon’s Imagine (and lets not forget his bigger then Jesus comment), most Protest songs of the 60s, even Wouldn’t it be Nice by the Beach Boys was considered to explicit for radio play by some stations when it was first released. I believe controversial music has an important place, and i agree with some of the points Minaj was allegedly trying to get across, however its important to notice the one common denominator with the others that i have mentioned – they were good – Minaj’s performance was not, which made it all the more offensive, because if you are going to do something controversial, and something that may upset, then you have to make sure its worth it and looks as though there has been time, effort, thought and talent that has gone into it. Minaj was missing most of these. I don’t find what she said offensive, but i do think the slap dash way in which she did it was.

  • Perf

    Craziness….. evil and demonic……… Smh….

  • cosmothecat

    Holy crap. WHAT crap.

    Musically – HORRIBLE. Performance – boring and completely NON-ORIGINAL.

    Blasphemous? HARDLY. Anyone who thinks so needs to get over themselves, and their organized cultism.

    What the hell ever happened to MUSIC? When did it totally STOP being about the MUSIC? Answer: Just after midnight on August 1st, 1981.

  • JohnMoore

    If people would learn about the songs meaning, you’d probably respect her for the performance. Its about about a gay kid in the UK, who’s parents tried to exorsice the gay out of him. He ended up commiting suicide. This is actually a beautiful portrayl of that story. Stop being so hateful, cause thats what caused this story to come about. hate.

  • minusthecynic

    who is laurie ann gibson

  • minusthecynic

    @Yamileth: i dont have a problem so much with demons being exorcised as i do with altar boys being given hand jobs what should b shown is how God can deliver people from demons

  • WTF


  • michael

    the most ridiculous piece of crap i ever seen – i couldn’t even watch the whole thing – i am appalled that people actually like this garbage

  • michael

    of course the catholic church should be attacked but do it with a credible performance

  • joanne

    Can’t you all see ths is pure Illimunati shit..The exorcism. she in the air, the fire, church against science. Her alter ego coming out ”Roman”, like Beyonce ‘sascha fierce…Fake shit. It make me sick…

  • loliwe

    That is plain evillllllll……dat women creeps the shit out of me!



  • Angie

    This was ridiculous, shes a horrible singer, performer, and she ticked off a lot of people including myself. Having older woman in front of little kids? Really, WAY TOO FAR. She barely even sang. Plus, she’s creepy.

  • Ana

    I don’t even know why they invited her to perform at the Grammys. Seriously. I thought it was supposed to be a serious awards show, not a stage for someone who can’t even sing and just wants attention.

  • Ella

    I have never seen anything so ridiculous.
    Just, why??????

  • yazavelli

    get off her dickk .

  • yazavelli


  • The F?

    so effing weird….

  • bails

    I like Nicki Minaj, but this is garbage. Like WTF NICKI?. LADY GAGA WOULDN’T DO THIS RETARDED SHIT.

  • getagrippeople


    .. its only blasphemy if you believe… and filth has a different definition too. grow up – and realize there are many people out there and your beliefs/tastes aren’t everyones

  • Jamesbod

    let’s focus on the first fact that Nicki has the voice of an elephant.
    let’s focus on the second fact that we have a rapper trying to sing.
    let’s focus on the third fact that she relied on stage performance to cover up the first and second fact.
    let’s focus on the fourth fact that IT WAS an attack on religion. it may have been an exorcism in progress, but you do not go about that approach.
    let’s focus on the fifth fact that her “movement”s on stage comprised of being shackled to a slab of wood and “levitating”.
    let’s focus on the sixth fact that Nicki’s lyrics were barely audible. I can’t tell you a single sentence that was part of her song.
    let’s focus on the seventh fact that there is a reason this song is being bashed: Because it is genuinely bad.
    People don’t need to offer proof of a poor performance, lyrics, and voice, the proof is blatantly obvious.

  • latinamomma81

    I will pray for Nikki…. she needs Jesus….

  • latinamomma81

    what was that…. I will pray for Nikki…. she need Jesus

  • A-Teamama


  • ricardo sol

    its actually very important that She has gotten your attention,and responses applause,in that whitneys release from her position has something to do with the next one to fill her shoes,and yes its a BLACK thing,with all the furor about don cornelius ex wife getting the insurance and the etta james being somehow linked in to the celebrity drug cultures and supported by the industry,that drug of choice that gives them the drive and power to become fully functional addicts and pull it off on stage before the world’s adoring masses….it is interesting to say the least,why niki wouldnt cancel this in respect to whitney,but “the show must go on”(?) really,must it?….to get the slot alone and be paid 3 million dollars for 5 minutes of her show,well,yes the $how,indeed must go on and on and on marylin,madonna and all other daredevil diva’s simply wouldnt have gone this far especially once they have made a baby and become a mother….not beyonce/blue ivy in this mix of moments either,and let alone the daughter of whitney now forced to cope with her legacy,you simply cannot take the drug culture out of her either,she was BORN THIS WAY,literally in it,and coulda shoulda woulda been the next big thing,quite possibly,mabey still could manage to get it on in the game….but anyone must admit,it took real balls to do this gig,nikki didnt back down for nothing or no one….in this respect to the catholic church’s being offended by the “blasphemous” and sacriligeous imagery….on furthur analysis,it might even be a good thing to stimulate a discussion indeed about the demonic possesion of all the entertainment industry and performance artists,and,the church has its duty and role to play in successfully exorcising these people of thier addiction to power fame and fortune,in order to keep thier life functioning,the church may have to deal with much more than this as the masses who have witnessed this truly “satanic”performance,are now infected with that spirit and are giving it to thier children to be like this as they grow up and become a “pro”….poor bobbi christina,that she has to live with this truly demonic song in her young teen age head, the anthemic “Romanoid Holiday”,whilst they bury her mother(rip whitney)-thats how truly MAD this “entertainment” industy has become that Madness is now normalized and considered points scored in nikki’s ascent into the madonna levels of queen diva-till she makes her baby….I heard “Roman” is the name of it if its a boy…..not to say thats a bad thing,if she is intending on it being baptised a ROMAN CATHOLIC,not playing with her words or rap,its kind of sensible when you think of it in this way,is a ROMAN CATHOLIC HOLIDAY AN EXORCISM?or when a priest is required to perform his duty and goes to places to exorcise the demons,the more he does it the stronger he gets like the dancers,building up thier muscles,do you really think they could care less about the gig they have been given by ms. manoj?as long as the money is there,they will PERFORM….makes you wonder how much exactly did nikki get out of the 3 million dollars,after all the performers are paid,let alone the “priests” fee’s,no one seems to find that strange,they want to attact her and not him for projecting that image of a catholic priest to the whole planet as being some sort of circus clown performer,if any one is sacriligeous its truly got to be HIM

  • Mary-Kat!

    Yes, Im Catholic! I OFFICIALLY HATE NICKI MINAJ and I hope everyone else does! Dont bring Catholic people into this! Who would even cheer for her? If no one had cheered…that would have been a slap in the face! And Strippers on little boys PRAYING?!? WRONG! I hope Nicki Minaj reads this! All of these comments! God will punish you and everyone a part of that!

    All I can say is your a ‘stupid hoe’.

  • Ultimateviper


  • Mickey Me

    So stole from GaGa, guess her light is starting to burn out…

  • Ultimateviper


  • Mary-Kat!

    I will Pray for you!…You need Jesus and God and Mary in your life!

  • Mary-Kat!

    You really need to go to Recconcileation! Ohh wait you might make fun of that to!
    Every time I hear your name I am going to pray for you! GO TO CHURCH FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE! It not abut the money, fame, fortune, fans, populaitry, and other crap that doesnt even matter in life!
    “Stupid Hoe” is your new name! Idiot!

  • Spence

    Was that for real? garbage.

  • Mary-Kat!

    @michael: no the Roman Catholic Church SHOULD NOT be brought down…..just because it is one of the strongest religions in the world…. and go look up the founder of it… and what does it say, yea that is right JESUS!!!! You are stupid in saying that it should bring down the Catholic Church…YOU FOOL!!!!! If any religion it should be yours!

  • http://- Kat

    When will it end? these music artist’s trying way too hard. She looks stupid doing all those actions. These music artists need to go back to MUSIC, stop making it a damn circus show.

  • Blood

    I’m a fan or was. The performance made no f’ing sense and the song sucked. Must be on drugs. Sure her camp is like all publicity is good publicity. Don’t know about that. Not this time around. She royally messed up her whole image and what fans love. You ain’t Madonna Nicki. Her antics were expected. Not from you. What a du*b a**

  • ibn

    @Matt Valdez: i agree

  • Bereal123

    This is a good example of industries misleading talented people into devious people. U see artists that were really talented before now, they got signed by big deals like P. Diddy and Jay – z then turn into complete monsters. Rihanna, Lady gaga then Nicki Minaj. Its really sad to lose another artist u like.

  • Shannon1981

    @LilMissGuidette: I think something that religious people fail to understand is that while your beliefs are sacred to YOU, the rest of us are not obliged to take them seriously at all. Furthermore, religion, particularly the abrahamic variety, oppresses people to this day. I applaud Nicki and anyone else who dares to protest this harmful nonsense.