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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Family Flight!

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Family Flight!

Nicole Kidman carries her adorable daughter Faith outside of the airport on Tuesday (February 14) in Sydney, Australia.

The 44-year-old Aussie actress and her little one were joined by big sister Sunday and papa Keith Urban for their family flight!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nicole Kidman

The family arrived Down Under so Keith could tape Australia’s version of The Voice! Keith is serving as one of the coaches this season for the hit reality show.

Last week, Nicole and Faith had a girls afternoon as they went to a Gymboree class together.

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  • carrie

    Now we know why Keith and Nicole weren’t at the Grammy Awards. I just love this family. So freakin adorable.

  • Frozoid

    Huh? That baby is not adorable! Have you seen Amy Adams’ baby? Now that kid is adorable!

    My dermatologist wrote a medical paper saying that Botox causes wrinkles in other parts of the face- like bunny lines around the nose. He says Kidman has it.

    Her face has been wrecked by plastic surgery and other treatments.

    Give me Meryl Streep and Susan Sarandon any time- they’ve never had surgery and are still getting meaty roles.

  • elvez

    so adorable! Love this family. Thanks JJ!

  • meh

    Is ‘adorable’ the secret word for ugly?
    Being spontaneously mean here, maybe i just don’t like babies, i also don’t like lies, or maybe it is not lies, maybe people who love bbies think they are all adorable and beautiful now matter how unattractive they are.
    That’s not saying they can’t grow up and be pretty later. But a lot of celebrity babies win the fugly awards. Please be honest about that.

  • Cheryl

    These children are beautiful. Little redheads with great smiling faces! How cute.

  • Cris

    the best family ever.
    They are so cute and beautiful.
    Thnaks JJ,we want more photos.

  • Sara

    @Frozoid – Just freakin go away Hit n Dumb!

    The Urbans are a beautiful family.

  • csa

    Beautiful little girls!!!

  • BAM

    must be glad to be out of Hell-A.

  • A

    I’m never comfortable talking or discussing babies ‘looks’.
    Let us at least spare children of our obsessive ‘beauty culture’ and let them live their lives without the added outside pressures and our sick need to dissect individuals appearances. They’ll get plenty of that when they get older I promise you.

  • Skeptics are stupid

    The skeptics are pis$ed off because they made up a story that Keith would be flying to Australia alone. It’s too bad that they didn’t have a clue when Keith would need to be in the country. Those of us with a brain knew it was quite obvious Nicole and the kids would stay in LA until it was time to go.

  • Ashley

    Does she sleep with sleep her baby daughter in her arms ..does she ever hold
    Her first born the one she gave birth too! Just holding the baby every
    Time! The older one gets to run all over ! Yippee

  • Skeptics are stupid

    @Ashley: No, Sunday is big enough to walk hand in hand with Dad and not be carried, unlike some other child you love to pretend to fawn over. Why do you haters even bother?

  • april

    Nicole’s family looks so happy and normal. Sunday walks and carries her own things, while Suri Cruise, who’s a few years older must be swaddled and carried like an infant.

  • Rashe

    Omg Faith’s head from behind with the little peice of hair sticking up is too cute. Sunday Rose is such the big sis! Happy Valentine’s Day to them!

  • dani


    Yes Ashley she does hold Sunday. If you have a brain do a google search and look at the images. And yes there are also pictures of her holding Bella when she was small. Sunday is 3-1/2. Faith is 1. Most 3-1/2 year olds are able to walk on their own you know. One year olds not so much.

  • chris0929

    love this family! grils look cute!

  • Scooby

    @carrie: He wasn’t nominated for a Grammy so that’s why they weren’t there.

  • daisy

    Similar pink sweaters for the little ones. Divine and they look so comfy. You have to love how the Urban children are dressed. Good luck to Keith on The Voice!

  • True Love

    Such a beautiful family! Keith was at the Nashville premiere of Act of Valor over the weekend. He has a song on the soundtrack. I’m so glad he found his soul mate in Nicole. They make darn adorable children. For you children haters, does it make you feel big to put down a child’s looks? You must be terribly ugly.

  • me2

    She’d get slammed if she held Faith and she’d get slammed if she didn’t. Just be honest. There’s nothing this woman can do that you won’t slam because she stole your dream man. Get a life. There’s only 1 KU and he’s taken. Find a man of your own and end the sick jealousy. It’s eating you alive.

    Precious family. Wonderful fun ages their girls are.

  • Gossipgirl

    @april: Can’t you post a comment without picking on another child who has nothing to do with this article. You people really need to get over your pathological Cruise hatred. What has Suri Cruise ever done to you? Life is TOO short for all the hate!

  • http://comcast Dee

    Frozoid–I follow Keith and Nicole because they are my favorite celebrity so I always comment on them. Every time I do get on here Frozoid and all of your other names you use are always on here. If you hate her why do you follow everything she does? Keith, Nicole and beautiful girls are PERFECTION.

  • Truth

    @Gossipgirl: No one us bashing Suri here. It’s how she is being raised that’s the problem. It’s not her fault her parents are not allowing her to mature. You didn’t see that with Tom and Nicole’s kids when they were the same age. COS style parenting is horrible all the way around. And the trolls who post that Nicole’s youngest children are hideous post that Tom and Katie are phenomenal parents only as a slam on Nicole. But since they call Sunday Suro as as way to bash an innocent child their judgement is as poor and as low as they come.

  • kary

    Cute little girls, I love this family, good luck KU in the voice, so nice Nicole is always by his side supporting him!

  • baby

    @ meh…your name suits you…base from your comment, you sound like you’re an animal!!! not spontaneously mean!

  • angel

    @ ashley So you rather want Nic to carry 31/2 yr old Sunny and let 14mos old Faith crawl by herself??? hahaha idiot!

  • Ybbony

    WOW! Beautiful, loving and suppotive family! so inspiring and refreshing to see. Love them more and more.

  • Nicky

    Such a beautiful family! They seem so normal and down-to-earth.

  • irene olson

    Thanx, JJ, for the Urban family photos. Beautiful, loving family. I wish Keith was on the American VOICE. Hopefully someone on a site will be able to capture parts of the Aussie VOICE when it hits the airwaves. Show more pictures of the adorable family. Should be some good photos out of Australia.

  • duh

    @angel: Idiotic comments are the skeptic trademark. I can guarantee you every single one of the nasty posts, even the ”spontaneous” one (ha! That’s hilarious) were a skeptic plant.

    Gorgeous kids, gorgeous family. They’re happy too.

    Sluehog needs reminding where she said Keith would be….alone. He looks so upset from not attending the Grammys! Bahahaha!

  • sami

    These children are the opposite of cute. Poor Nicole :(

  • gg

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  • gg

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  • gg

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  • nice person

    I made that baby’s face larger to see it more closely on my computer and there is something weird on her face- she looks sort of bruised up here and there and possibly has something going on under her nose. I hope she is okay!!!

  • angel

    @ sami – you wouldn’t know cute even it smacks you on the face! you’re FUGLY as and those were the only words you hear say to you all your life that’s why you’re ugly throughout!!!

  • Rachel

    Damn those are some ugly kids.

  • me2

    Only a childless monster would call any child ugly. Jealousy has done horrible things to you. You can’t have KU and you can’t have his baby. So you tear down his wife and his kids? What kind of monster are you? Thankfully, this family is shielded from people like you.

  • Moh123

    perfect family

  • angel

    @Rachel: you must be looking at your own kids!!! i agree they are ugly like you!

  • Romeo

    The problem is is that you don’t know how any child of a celebrity is being raised, #24. Who are you to judge?

    Now you know how TomKat fans feel like, #39.

  • love!!

    love this family!!!!!

  • renata

    beautiful little girls

  • sweet family

    Jealous are here!!!Because the family are together to Aus,and they do not like Tom’s family.always seperate with each other,and once there is a chance that tom and katie together,they will pretengding to show how much they love each other,.hold katie,kiss suri,smile like a crazy stupid man!!
    The Urbans are real family,they will do normal things to keep everything going so well,You won’t feel they pretend,just happy for they made their life so easy!!!!

  • Amazed

    What I want to know is does Nicole spend time with her other children or did she divorce them too. We rarely she her with them anymore

  • dani


    Oh please Romeo–just because you are the self-appointed TomKat a$$ sucker doesn’t mean that Kidman-Urban fans don’t know how it feels to have people slam them. Kidman gets far more animosity thrown at her than TomKat. This happens to be a Kidman friendly site in terms of fans.

  • http://comcast Dee

    Sunday Rose and Faith Urban are beautiful little girls. Suri Cruise is also a beautiful girl. If people want to knock the celebrities (if it makes them feel better) go ahead, but leave the children out of it.

  • You forgot

    I agree with everyone, but you all forgot, look at those lil chubbywubby dimple babydoll legs on Faith,LOL!. So so so so cute.
    I love love babydoll dimple real life babies.
    So cute. Oh, and those lil roseydosey redy checcks. too precious.

    Nic adn Keith, I am big fans of. They are doing life right. They are equals. I sure want them to last.

    And Miss Sunday is a big, samrt precious baby girl and big sis. Can’t you tell. Miss big sister walks. No stroller for her.
    Love love they normal way, just like us, anyone with sense, dresses her children.
    Cares for them.
    You know those kids of Nicole Kidmans are eating fruits, veggis, len meats,metc.

    Sugar, very little treats aqnd not as a their daily postion of their diet.

  • @dani:

    three-quarters of those “fans” here are one person: Skewer Mistress