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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Family Flight!

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Family Flight!

Nicole Kidman carries her adorable daughter Faith outside of the airport on Tuesday (February 14) in Sydney, Australia.

The 44-year-old Aussie actress and her little one were joined by big sister Sunday and papa Keith Urban for their family flight!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nicole Kidman

The family arrived Down Under so Keith could tape Australia’s version of The Voice! Keith is serving as one of the coaches this season for the hit reality show.

Last week, Nicole and Faith had a girls afternoon as they went to a Gymboree class together.

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162 Responses to “Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Family Flight!”

  1. 1
    carrie Says:

    Now we know why Keith and Nicole weren’t at the Grammy Awards. I just love this family. So freakin adorable.

  2. 2
    Frozoid Says:

    Huh? That baby is not adorable! Have you seen Amy Adams’ baby? Now that kid is adorable!

    My dermatologist wrote a medical paper saying that Botox causes wrinkles in other parts of the face- like bunny lines around the nose. He says Kidman has it.

    Her face has been wrecked by plastic surgery and other treatments.

    Give me Meryl Streep and Susan Sarandon any time- they’ve never had surgery and are still getting meaty roles.

  3. 3
    elvez Says:

    so adorable! Love this family. Thanks JJ!

  4. 4
    meh Says:

    Is ‘adorable’ the secret word for ugly?
    Being spontaneously mean here, maybe i just don’t like babies, i also don’t like lies, or maybe it is not lies, maybe people who love bbies think they are all adorable and beautiful now matter how unattractive they are.
    That’s not saying they can’t grow up and be pretty later. But a lot of celebrity babies win the fugly awards. Please be honest about that.

  5. 5
    Cheryl Says:

    These children are beautiful. Little redheads with great smiling faces! How cute.

  6. 6
    Cris Says:

    the best family ever.
    They are so cute and beautiful.
    Thnaks JJ,we want more photos.

  7. 7
    Sara Says:

    @Frozoid – Just freakin go away Hit n Dumb!

    The Urbans are a beautiful family.

  8. 8
    csa Says:

    Beautiful little girls!!!

  9. 9
    BAM Says:

    must be glad to be out of Hell-A.

  10. 10
    A Says:

    I’m never comfortable talking or discussing babies ‘looks’.
    Let us at least spare children of our obsessive ‘beauty culture’ and let them live their lives without the added outside pressures and our sick need to dissect individuals appearances. They’ll get plenty of that when they get older I promise you.

  11. 11
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    The skeptics are pis$ed off because they made up a story that Keith would be flying to Australia alone. It’s too bad that they didn’t have a clue when Keith would need to be in the country. Those of us with a brain knew it was quite obvious Nicole and the kids would stay in LA until it was time to go.

  12. 12
    Ashley Says:

    Does she sleep with sleep her baby daughter in her arms ..does she ever hold
    Her first born the one she gave birth too! Just holding the baby every
    Time! The older one gets to run all over ! Yippee

  13. 13
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    @Ashley: No, Sunday is big enough to walk hand in hand with Dad and not be carried, unlike some other child you love to pretend to fawn over. Why do you haters even bother?

  14. 14
    april Says:

    Nicole’s family looks so happy and normal. Sunday walks and carries her own things, while Suri Cruise, who’s a few years older must be swaddled and carried like an infant.

  15. 15
    Rashe Says:

    Omg Faith’s head from behind with the little peice of hair sticking up is too cute. Sunday Rose is such the big sis! Happy Valentine’s Day to them!

  16. 16
    dani Says:


    Yes Ashley she does hold Sunday. If you have a brain do a google search and look at the images. And yes there are also pictures of her holding Bella when she was small. Sunday is 3-1/2. Faith is 1. Most 3-1/2 year olds are able to walk on their own you know. One year olds not so much.

  17. 17
    chris0929 Says:

    love this family! grils look cute!

  18. 18
    Scooby Says:

    @carrie: He wasn’t nominated for a Grammy so that’s why they weren’t there.

  19. 19
    daisy Says:

    Similar pink sweaters for the little ones. Divine and they look so comfy. You have to love how the Urban children are dressed. Good luck to Keith on The Voice!

  20. 20
    True Love Says:

    Such a beautiful family! Keith was at the Nashville premiere of Act of Valor over the weekend. He has a song on the soundtrack. I’m so glad he found his soul mate in Nicole. They make darn adorable children. For you children haters, does it make you feel big to put down a child’s looks? You must be terribly ugly.

  21. 21
    me2 Says:

    She’d get slammed if she held Faith and she’d get slammed if she didn’t. Just be honest. There’s nothing this woman can do that you won’t slam because she stole your dream man. Get a life. There’s only 1 KU and he’s taken. Find a man of your own and end the sick jealousy. It’s eating you alive.

    Precious family. Wonderful fun ages their girls are.

  22. 22
    Gossipgirl Says:

    @april: Can’t you post a comment without picking on another child who has nothing to do with this article. You people really need to get over your pathological Cruise hatred. What has Suri Cruise ever done to you? Life is TOO short for all the hate!

  23. 23
    Dee Says:

    Frozoid–I follow Keith and Nicole because they are my favorite celebrity so I always comment on them. Every time I do get on here Frozoid and all of your other names you use are always on here. If you hate her why do you follow everything she does? Keith, Nicole and beautiful girls are PERFECTION.

  24. 24
    Truth Says:

    @Gossipgirl: No one us bashing Suri here. It’s how she is being raised that’s the problem. It’s not her fault her parents are not allowing her to mature. You didn’t see that with Tom and Nicole’s kids when they were the same age. COS style parenting is horrible all the way around. And the trolls who post that Nicole’s youngest children are hideous post that Tom and Katie are phenomenal parents only as a slam on Nicole. But since they call Sunday Suro as as way to bash an innocent child their judgement is as poor and as low as they come.

  25. 25
    kary Says:

    Cute little girls, I love this family, good luck KU in the voice, so nice Nicole is always by his side supporting him!

  26. 26
    baby Says:

    @ meh…your name suits you…base from your comment, you sound like you’re an animal!!! not spontaneously mean!

  27. 27
    angel Says:

    @ ashley So you rather want Nic to carry 31/2 yr old Sunny and let 14mos old Faith crawl by herself??? hahaha idiot!

  28. 28
    Ybbony Says:

    WOW! Beautiful, loving and suppotive family! so inspiring and refreshing to see. Love them more and more.

  29. 29
    Nicky Says:

    Such a beautiful family! They seem so normal and down-to-earth.

  30. 30
    irene olson Says:

    Thanx, JJ, for the Urban family photos. Beautiful, loving family. I wish Keith was on the American VOICE. Hopefully someone on a site will be able to capture parts of the Aussie VOICE when it hits the airwaves. Show more pictures of the adorable family. Should be some good photos out of Australia.

  31. 31
    duh Says:

    @angel: Idiotic comments are the skeptic trademark. I can guarantee you every single one of the nasty posts, even the ”spontaneous” one (ha! That’s hilarious) were a skeptic plant.

    Gorgeous kids, gorgeous family. They’re happy too.

    Sluehog needs reminding where she said Keith would be….alone. He looks so upset from not attending the Grammys! Bahahaha!

  32. 32
    sami Says:

    These children are the opposite of cute. Poor Nicole :(

  33. 33
    gg Says:

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  34. 34
    gg Says:

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  35. 35
    gg Says:

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  36. 36
    nice person Says:

    I made that baby’s face larger to see it more closely on my computer and there is something weird on her face- she looks sort of bruised up here and there and possibly has something going on under her nose. I hope she is okay!!!

  37. 37
    angel Says:

    @ sami – you wouldn’t know cute even it smacks you on the face! you’re FUGLY as and those were the only words you hear say to you all your life that’s why you’re ugly throughout!!!

  38. 38
    Rachel Says:

    Damn those are some ugly kids.

  39. 39
    me2 Says:

    Only a childless monster would call any child ugly. Jealousy has done horrible things to you. You can’t have KU and you can’t have his baby. So you tear down his wife and his kids? What kind of monster are you? Thankfully, this family is shielded from people like you.

  40. 40
    Moh123 Says:

    perfect family

  41. 41
    angel Says:

    @Rachel: you must be looking at your own kids!!! i agree they are ugly like you!

  42. 42
    Romeo Says:

    The problem is is that you don’t know how any child of a celebrity is being raised, #24. Who are you to judge?

    Now you know how TomKat fans feel like, #39.

  43. 43
    love!! Says:

    love this family!!!!!

  44. 44
    renata Says:

    beautiful little girls

  45. 45
    sweet family Says:

    Jealous are here!!!Because the family are together to Aus,and they do not like Tom’s family.always seperate with each other,and once there is a chance that tom and katie together,they will pretengding to show how much they love each other,.hold katie,kiss suri,smile like a crazy stupid man!!
    The Urbans are real family,they will do normal things to keep everything going so well,You won’t feel they pretend,just happy for they made their life so easy!!!!

  46. 46
    Amazed Says:

    What I want to know is does Nicole spend time with her other children or did she divorce them too. We rarely she her with them anymore

  47. 47
    dani Says:


    Oh please Romeo–just because you are the self-appointed TomKat a$$ sucker doesn’t mean that Kidman-Urban fans don’t know how it feels to have people slam them. Kidman gets far more animosity thrown at her than TomKat. This happens to be a Kidman friendly site in terms of fans.

  48. 48
    Dee Says:

    Sunday Rose and Faith Urban are beautiful little girls. Suri Cruise is also a beautiful girl. If people want to knock the celebrities (if it makes them feel better) go ahead, but leave the children out of it.

  49. 49
    You forgot Says:

    I agree with everyone, but you all forgot, look at those lil chubbywubby dimple babydoll legs on Faith,LOL!. So so so so cute.
    I love love babydoll dimple real life babies.
    So cute. Oh, and those lil roseydosey redy checcks. too precious.

    Nic adn Keith, I am big fans of. They are doing life right. They are equals. I sure want them to last.

    And Miss Sunday is a big, samrt precious baby girl and big sis. Can’t you tell. Miss big sister walks. No stroller for her.
    Love love they normal way, just like us, anyone with sense, dresses her children.
    Cares for them.
    You know those kids of Nicole Kidmans are eating fruits, veggis, len meats,metc.

    Sugar, very little treats aqnd not as a their daily postion of their diet.

  50. 50
    ... Says:


    three-quarters of those “fans” here are one person: Skewer Mistress

  51. 51
    ... Says:


    uhm; where do you see the children smiling?

    I am not knocking the children at all, children don’t choose to be here … but a reality check for you is called for …
    generally all celeb kids are frightened by the invasive yelling papparazzi;
    you know, those people who bring us the pictures that we all long and beg for … and scrutinise for things positive and negative, whatever …

  52. 52
    ... Says:

    @You forgot:

    and how do you know for sure what they eat everyday??

  53. 53
    ... Says:

    The Voice will really suit Keith; he is personable and caring and sure to inject warmth and encouragement to the contestants.

  54. 54
    Melissa Says:

    @nice person; Why did you blow the picture of Faith up to look at her face more clearly? That’s freakin’ creepy.

  55. 55
    Swiffer Says:

    So 1urbanfan27, Skeptical, cynical gal, breathingmusic72…. how many times do you need to be told to get into therapy? It all makes sense about why you want us to believe there’s one person attacking the trolls. You’ve been insulting Kidman since day one. But, you can’t help leave a nice comment about Keith. It smacks of those creepy personal messages you think Keith read everyday on CMT. You have the audacity to go on a fan thread and wish his child a happy birthday. It’s ignored and rightfully so. No amount of changing your posting name here is going to hide your issues. You need help, badly.

  56. 56
    melissa Says:

    I love this family!

  57. 57
    nice person Says:

    how is it creepy? Her face looked odd to me so I made it bigger on my computer and noticed some weird markings. I don’t feel that that is any creepier than looking at celeb kids photos in general- the images on my computer are small so I just made it bigger. Any creep factor is in your mind.

  58. 58
    human being Says:

    @nice person:

    you are right, nice person. there is something going on there. Screw the haters you were just pointing out the obvious. I also happen to find that family very odd- and what;s up with her older adopted children- does she care for them? very strange indeed.

  59. 59
    liz Says:

    The girls are adorable, and how could they not be? I think Ms Sunday is definitely her daddy’s little girl, and that’s going to work out just fine, because she definitely looks like him. On the other hand, Faith is looking like her mama right now. But it really doesn’t matter, what does matter is that Keith and Nicole are providing a happy home for their girls. If only more parents would put themselves second and their children first, how nice it would be. Good going, guys.

  60. 60
    Lenora Says:

    So cute…these baby girls look so much alike. They both have daddy’s gorgeous eyes,

  61. 61
    ellie' Says:

    What a beautiful family….Just love them…adorable childen..

  62. 62
    ... Says:


    you’re dead WRONG!

    Sorry to burst your bubble but I am not any one of those you think I am!
    Which makes you the ignorant i.diot.

  63. 63
    don Says:




  64. 64
    Missy Says:

    @nice person @human being:
    What’s “very strange” is the fact that you both think of yourselves as a nice person and a human being. You’re both monsters. Going around the internet leaving ugly comments about a woman you don’t or will never know and her innocent children is pathetic. If you can’t go out and find something meaningful to do in your own life, at least take a good look in the mirror and be honest about the kind of person you’ve become. You may be able to hide the disappointment in your underwhelming life to yourself but you’re wearing it on your sleeve to the rest of us. Seriously, you have a problem. Fix it before you’re entire life flies by. Keith and Nicole have been together since 2005. It’s now 2012. You do the math.

  65. 65
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    Person and human are probably the same poster, most definitely a skeptic. Susie Q loves to enlarge photos and see things that aren’t there or make a big deal out of something. It actually is surprising the skeptics never tried to claim abuse or neglect when Sunday Rose was photographed as a toddler with a scratch on her face. If you have kids you know it happens but the skeptics who are self-proclaimed model mothers would never ever allow it! They will however leave their teenagers to stalk Keith Urban, despite the fact that they as experts know that thats when kids need their moms the most. At least thats what they say about Nicole’s kids. Personally I wouldn’t take advice from women who think it’s okay to accept an ipad from a guy they’ve been dating for only 3 weeks. But what do you expect from women who brag about loitering in hallways or follwing a rich man around in a mall.

  66. 66
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    Don’t forget! As soon as The Voice starts to air the world will know Keith Urban is gay!

    Nothing makes Susie Q look more backwoods and uneducated than when she talks about ”limp wrist dudes” or erniesdog worrying about Darryl Hall and Adam Levine being gay because they sing too high.


  67. 67
    Rebekah H Says:

    @Skeptics are stupid: If they think their behavior is good parenting that makes them low class a-holes and no one can argue with that. There’s nothing worse than trash parading around town like refined women. It’s an insult to everyone’s intelligence.

  68. 68
    we know you Says:

    Don’t forget it was Susie Q / nomorefan who got drunk with Oakie and did some not very wife/mother/ladylike stuff to him so she could try to get a little closer to Keith. Backfire!

  69. 69
    taco Says:

    nomorefan is in deep. The futile laundry list of what she’s done in the name of Nicole bashing is enormous. From the simplest thing like posting she doesn’t know know how Twitter works when she already had an account set up following E! (under the name Susie Q) to her “cuddle time” with Thomas Okie. Okie got the boot and she’s still in front of her computer typing away like a moron.

    It’s a good time to congratulate Keith on his latest Number 1 hit in the US and Canada – You Gonna Fly. another party in Nashville the skeptics get to ***** about. BA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!!

  70. 70
    Know It All Says:

    For someone willing to drop to her knees for nothing she sure is shy behind those windows on her fb page. LOL

  71. 71
    nomorefan Says:

    @we know you: Oh, and I know who you are now too. Always pushing the conversation to get me to say he was all over me, which I never said a word, and by the way you can’t do anything unladylike sitting on a terrace on a public street with about 50 other people sitting around along with a large group of friends. What did they do to Oakie too? Please tell me since you know all. No alcohol involved either. Lies all lies from YOUR mouth! LIES! LIE! LIES! STALKER! Aren’t you a little spicy!

  72. 72
    nomorefan Says:

    @taco: This is a prime example of obsessive internet stalking. You have been harassing some innocent person on Twitter thinking that it is me? Oh this is sweet! It just shows how mental you really are. Sorry honey, I don’t have a Twitter account, and you think everyone out on the internet that has Sue or Suzie is automatically me? First of all, if you knew me (and you don’t) , you know I would never go with Suzie. Stalker – you are REALLY making yourself look nuts now. Can’t believe you are going to this extent to try to find me on the internet. You must be SO jealous!

  73. 73
    nomorefan Says:

    @Know It All: Look – another stalker trying to find me on Facebook too. Internet stalking! Just so you ALL know, I’m contacting the folks here and sending them this page about all this internet stalking material. See ya wackos!

  74. 74
    ... Says:


    quick; go take your meds; you’re cracking under the strain

  75. 75

    you are the most vile, obnoxious, arrogant, deluded, deceptive, obsessive, rude creature I have ever come across; you and your umpteen different persona; that’s called schizophrenia! Get the help you need so badly before you implode!! No normal person behaves the way you do; irrespective of your ‘crusade’!

  76. 76
    we know you Says:

    @nomorefan; I’ve seen your picture and believe me, I’m not jealous. You were the one who told everybody about the time you were drinking and carrying on into the wee hours with Okie. It came from your mouth/fingers. So if it’s suddenly not true then I guess that makes you the liar.

  77. 77
    nomorefan Says:

    No, you are wrong and spreading fabricated lies. I haven’t told a soul there was booze involved. Those involved know there was no booze involved. That’s something you wackos made up in your heads. No booze. You’ve seen the stolen pictures and know there wasn’t any booze. Just having great conversation while watching the cruise.

  78. 78
    Been There Says:

    You can’t really claim internet stalking when you’re the person giving out your twitter and facebook addys. Just sayin’. But nice try with the victim bit. (hint: not all skeptics like you)

  79. 79
    we know you Says:

    Well, yeah you did tell people you were drinking with Okie late into the night. Quite a few people in fact. But hey, if you want to say you did those things with a clear head now, I guess you have to live with the embarrassment.

  80. 80
    nomorefan Says:

    @we know you: Another thing – I got to see how “wife/mother/ladylike” Monkeys were that night when Oakie pulled out from his jean pockets little pieces of paper containing cell phone numbers and hotel room numbers. Fans did that to him during the course of the night. He was truly embarrassed and threw them away! Yea, those Monkeys – what a classy group of women – {CHOKE}!

  81. 81
    nomorefan Says:

    @Been There: I have NEVER given out either information because I don’t have them. So yes, it is internet stalking when those aren’t my accounts. STALKERS & LIARS. I gave out my Twitter address and Facebook addresses? Geezus – how pathetic are you? Please tell me who I gave them too? Just keep digging yourselves deeper, internet stalkers.

  82. 82
    nomorefan Says:

    @we know you: Liar! Stalker! No, I NEVER told anyone that we were drinking because it didn’t take place. Liar! Stalker!

  83. 83
    nomorefan Says:

    @we know you: Also, did you hear that story from the same person who said I also partied with the band that night too? So many lies that ya’ll can’t keep them straight.

  84. 84
    Been There Says:

    Nobody has to stalk you. You’re either here or on E everyday. Even if we tried to avoid you, we couldn’t. You’re right there telling the world about your daughter in Europe, your son going to Hong Kong, what your dj’s say, what your husband says, what your neighbors say, blah, blah, blah. You can’t dish out your whole life on the Internet and then scream stalkers. Seriously, if you want to find a hole to bury yourself in, we won’t stop you. But when you willingly give out info to people, including what you did with Okie, then you’ve only got yourself to blame if people talk about it.

  85. 85
    katiepotatie Says:

    Well, SOMEBODY seems to know a lot about what this Okie dude pulls out of his pants. Haha.

  86. 86
    Gerald G Says:


  87. 87
    abcdefg Says:

    @GerladG nice try nmf

  88. 88
    holly Says:

    Oh, of course we aren’t teenagers, nomorefan, I mean “Gerald G”. That’s the point, isn’t it? ( we know you said “it came from your fingers/mouth” , nomorefan said “(CHOKE)”, holly says “there’s a joke in there somewhere” ) Bahaha.

  89. 89
    nomorefan Says:

    @Been There: Why do you keep saying I did something with Oakie? You have no idea who was there. You have no knowledge of anything that went on – just dirty little lies that have been spread like weeds by you. I’m still cracking up that I share my Twitter and Facebook accounts with skeptics! That’s the biggest lie right there. The stalking is unbelievable – I’m surprised you didn’t send a squad over to Europe and hunt down my daughter too. Look at the notes you keep on me. A chunk of memory on your computer must be devoted to me alone. Ya’ll are just a bunch of liars & stalkers.

  90. 90
    yeah right Says:

    @nomorefan: The question is would neverland be proud or offended that you are lying about fb? BAHAHAHA!

  91. 91
    nomorefan Says:

    @yeah right: You guys are so messed up that you don’t know who is who. I can’t imagine the time spent on guessing who is who on E. Hate to tell you that I have no idea who neverland is because she isn’t who you THINK she is. Don’t know her real name – never met her – nothing. I’ll have to share this with neverland on E and make fun of you guys! Again, your credibility is worthless.

  92. 92
    Been There Says:

    @nomorefan – You said you did something with Okie, not me. You told many people on different boards. You can say we’re the liars all you want but it just proves who the liar really is. Either you did or you didn’t. Either way, you’re the liar. And it takes someone with a giant ego to think anyone would want to stalk your crazy a ss. Like I said, we can’t help it if you’re always on boards talking about yourself. Seriously, no one is impressed and the more you talk, change your stories, make up stories and then play the victim, the more stupid you look. You wanted to be a big shot so now reap the rewards of the spotlight, honey.

  93. 93
    yeah right Says:

    LMAO! You are the biggest manure spreader I’ve ever seen.

  94. 94
    taco Says:

    nomorefan go take a long walk off of a short Pier7. Make sure to bring your lies with you. No one believes what you say.

  95. 95
    nomorefan Says:

    @Been There: Dear Liar & Stalker, I never said I did anything with Oakie. Is sitting in a chair at a table – naughty, dirty or filthy? Heck, I wasn’t even sitting next to him. Man, it must have been a big orgy on Peachtree that night! But I know those classless Monkeys were really trying to get in his pants. Can you imagine giving a strange man your hotel room number? Classy, right?

  96. 96
    Been There Says:

    @yeah right – Oh, she’s who we think she is alright. Like I said, not all skeptics are friends. And some skeptics are still friends with fans. The funniest part is how some people haven’t figured that out yet.

  97. 97
    nomorefan Says:

    @taco: Prime example of a stalker. How many screen names are you tracking from all social networks? I believe that you are a stalker. You guys are mentall dangerous.

  98. 98
    nomorefan Says:

    @Been There: So if you are still friends with some skeptics, that would make you a trader to any of my skeptic friends. IF you are still friends with MY skeptic friends, why haven’t you come up with any current stuff about me – other than what I say on E? No new pictures. No new stories – nothing. Everything is oh so five years ago. And it was you that said I don’t have any more skeptic friends and I have been kicked off all the boards. WRONG!

  99. 99
    Been There Says:

    @nomorefan – Whatever. I’ve seen messages FROM YOU that say exactly what you did. I guess you were lying then which doesn’t surprise me. Of course you could be lying now too which also doesn’t surprise me. Either way, you’re a liar. But if you’re so worried about people stalking you, why don’t you do us all a favor and go away. Believe me, no one will go looking for you.

  100. 100
    yeah right Says:

    @Been There: Exactly. astilbe’s gone neverland shows up and is 1 of 2 posters on the JW thread. There aren’t any randoms posting. Mimosa wouldn’t allow it!

  101. 101
    yeah right Says:

    nomorefan lies about lying. What’s new?

  102. 102
    nomorefan Says:

    @Been There: Yea, sure ya did – you’ve seen nothing of the sort from me! You’ve been played! Like nothing can be typed and taken for an original on a message board. Pot calling the kettle black – you guys are very disturbing.

  103. 103
    yeah right Says:

    @nomorefan @GeraldG BTW no one said you were “friends” on Facebook. But I guess neverland doesn’t mind denying conversations on her own page. BAHAHAHAHA!

  104. 104
    Been There Says:

    @nomorefan – Why haven’t I come up with any current stuff about you? Because I don’t give a rat’s a ss about you, that’s why. Now go away, liar. You’re going to have a stroke. I’ve seen you.

  105. 105
    yeah right Says:

    She’s been pwned and now she’s trying to play defense on E.

    Good luck with that, liar.

  106. 106
    nomorefan Says:

    @yeah right: The whole foundation of Facebook is friends – why else would neverland be offended that I am denying Facebook?

  107. 107
    nomorefan Says:

    @Been There: If you don’t give a rat’s **** about me, quit talking about me, telling lies about me and stalking me on the internet. Isn’t that what you tell the skeptics all the time? If you don’t give a rat’s **** about me, why are you here trying to attack me? If you don’t give a rat’s **** about me, why are compiling any bit of info about me? You’ve got nothing new about me because you know nothing!

  108. 108
    we know you Says:

    Oh, I get it. Somebody hacked into nomorefan’s email acct and typed a message about her after hours drinkie fests with Okie (to try and get info about Keith from him, or so said the message) and sent it to her skeptic friends and then kept replying using nomorefans’s email acct. Ohhhhh, that makes sense, nomorefan. You’re right. Somebody was played.

  109. 109
    taco Says:

    Somebody call the po-po
    nomorefan, astilbe
    Oh the crap they spill at E

  110. 110
    Been There Says:

    I don’t see one lie being told about you. Looks like you’re doing the lying and the stalking. I was already here. Go away. Nobody cares what you say or do. Nobody believes anything you say. You’re a lonely old woman who is in desperate need of attention.

  111. 111
    nomorefan Says:

    @we know you: chilipepper – caught ya. I never typed one word that anything happened. If you guys are going to use a computer, learn how you can manipulate things very easy when posting. I’m all good because I know the truth . . . so do the six people that were with me . . . unlike you.

  112. 112
    nomorefan Says:

    @Been There: Stalking? Sitting at a table on a terrace on a public street with about 50 strangers is stalking?

  113. 113
    taco Says:

    @nomorefan: This coming from someone who says they don’t know how to post smiiies on e. Sure ya don’t. Liar.

  114. 114
    we know you Says:

    @nomorefan – Chilipepper? That’s a new one. Sorry chump but you didn’t catch a thing. But thanks for letting us know how you try to manipulate things when you post. Like we didn’t already know that. Keep talking cause the more you talk, the deeper the hole.

  115. 115
    taco Says:

    @nomorefan: You’ve also told stories you were inside a building. Which one was it or was there more than one attempt with the Oakster? (giggles)))) (giggles))))

  116. 116
    nomorefan Says:

    @taco: Wow, that’s really scraping the bottom of the barrel to post some dirt on me. But at the time, no, I didn’t know how to do smileys on E. Is it required that you need to post smileys? Oh that’s right, I’m not on Monkeyville anymore.

  117. 117
    taco Says:

    Computer novice one day, expert manipulator the next. Just sayin.

  118. 118
    taco Says:

    This has been fun but I’ve had my daily dose of being lied to. See ya.

  119. 119
    nomorefan Says:

    @taco: Inside a building? Fox Theater with 5,000 other fans, my hotel, Gordon Biersch’s, The Spotted Dog . . . does CVS count? Nope, never inside a building with Oakie whatsoever! Does being in the same building with him count during the show . . . with 5,000 other people? Again, all fabricated lies by bunnies who really wish they were on this trip.

  120. 120
    nomorefan Says:

    @nomorefan: Don’t let the door hit you in the a$$ – too bad you believe third party lies and ate them up hook, line and sinker! Cause it is funnier than h#ll reading this all and knowing the truth of ATL!

  121. 121
    holly Says:

    Wow, all those shots of the happy Urban family must have triggered some deep denial. Have a quarterpound cheeseburger. Top it with bacon.

  122. 122
    holly Says:

    Nomorefan is talking to herself again.

  123. 123
    Know It All Says:

    @holly: She’s forgetting the PM’s and emails sent out by her own self from her own accounts claiming what she heard or saw. I wonder if Keith still plays chess? BAHAHAHAHA!

  124. 124
    nomorefan Says:

    @Know It All: Yea, he does play chess, but not very well at all.

  125. 125
    nomorefan Says:

    I noticed JJ’s Twitter stuff at the top of the screen. Have you checked to see if Susie Q follows Jared as well? I’m still laughing that I gave a Twitter & Facebook account that isn’t mine to my skeptic friends. Oh the lies!

  126. 126
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    @nomorefan: It’s not a talent to quote old interviews from about 10 years ago. Did Leery teach you that trick? Which is it? Chess? Pool? Bowling?????

    Someone went on a mental bender this morning.

  127. 127
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    @nomorefan: So why frantically post denials over a Facebook page that you say isn’t yours? Pathetic.

  128. 128
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    @nomorefan: And why delete Youtube and Twitter accounts after you’ve been found out? The truth always gets out in the end.

  129. 129
    nomorefan Says:

    @Skeptics are stupid: Yea, I am denying it because you know nothing and you post just proved that. I’m just calling you all out on the lies and the stalking. I deleted my youtube account? You stalked that account as well? WOW! Well, sorry you are wrong AGAIN, but I have never deleted my youtube account. It is still there. Wait a second, now my Twitter account is deleted too? Nobody told me that I deleted that account. You guys are confusing me – one moment I have a Twitter account, and the next moment I don’t. So if I deleted that Twitter account, what is my Twitter account now? Oh that poor Susie Q – I can only imagine the mean tweets she got from you obsessed people You guys are so twisted. Sorry, you are stupid.

  130. 130
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    Google sluehog and youtube. DELETED.


    Google Susie Q and Twitter and someone else took that account name after you got rid of it because you were follwing. E, JJ, Ashton Kutcher etc etc


  131. 131
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    oh yeah, none of us tweeted or contacted that new Twitter account. So you can once again stop trying to play the innocent.

  132. 132
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    Goodbye liar.

  133. 133
    nomorefan Says:

    @Skeptics are stupid:

    “Google sluehog and youtube. DELETED.


    Google Susie Q and Twitter and someone else took that account name after you got rid of it because you were follwing. E, JJ, Ashton Kutcher etc etc


    This is the best example of internet stalking I have seen. This is really getting scary. You Google everything there is to know about me? Your family should be very concerned about you.

    No, I never deleted my youtube account. I should know, right? Why are you looking for it anyway? Susie Q followed Ashton? See, that’s where she and I don’t have anything in common because I am not an Ashton fan – complete opposite actually – especially since their marriage came out as a fraud with all his cheating.

    Do you know my bra size too?

    Really scary how far you have taken your internet stalking.

  134. 134
    nomorefan Says:

    @Skeptics are stupid: Does that mean you’ll never post on here again or just come back in 24 seconds with another name?

  135. 135
    we know you Says:

    @nomorefan: You’re an idiot. The more you talk, the more evident that is. You’re a pathetic excuse for a human and it’s no wonder your kids want to be as far away from you as possible. Your parents must be real winners to have raise someone like you. You’ve been stalking Keith Urban since 2004 and you’re right. It IS really scary how far you’ve taken it. I bet you don’t even know who you are anymore. Every thing that comes out of your mouth is a lie. All your famous stories about alcohol lists and chess games and being with Okie. All lies. You are so miserable in your pathetic fake life that you’ve spent every single day for the last 8 years on the internet pretending to BE someone. You’re nobody. You’ve proved it today with your continual lies, confessions about manipulating posts and changing stories from one second to the next and then pretending to be a victim in a situation YOU created.

  136. 136
    duh Says:

    No amount of Sassy in your big girl pants is good enough to pull off all your lies Susie Q.

  137. 137
    nomorefan Says:

    @we know you: You’re an idiot. The more you talk, the more evident that is. You’re a pathetic excuse for a human. At least my kid wants to make a change in this world while getting three degrees at the same time. Did you graduate from sixth grade? Your parents must be real winners to have raise someone like you. You’ve been stalking me since 2006 and you’re right. It IS really scary how far you’ve taken it. I bet you don’t even know who you are anymore. Every thing that comes out of your mouth is a lie. All your lies of me having a Twitter account, not having a Twitter account, having a youtube account, not having a youtube account, being on Facebook, getting drunk with the band and/or Oakie, doing dirty things with them all, being inside a building (whatever the h#ll that means), etc. All lies. You are so miserable in your pathetic no life that you’ve spent every single day for the last 6 years on the internet stalking strangers. You’re nobody. You’ve proved it today with your continual lies and proof of internet stalking.

  138. 138
    nomorefan Says:

    @duh: Nice name change – you took longer than I expected. Go figure.

  139. 139
    nomorefan Says:

    And this is the BIGGEST lie of all from you wackos! I’m STILL waiting for Ansel Davis to show up at my front door. I finally had to put the cookies I made for him in the freezer. Not even a letter from him, but boy, I was threatened with legal action by you wackos. I’ve been waiting for three years. Can I throw away the cookies?

  140. 140
    duh Says:

    Can you ever stop lying? You know the lists artists’ security teams have of fans that need to be kept at a distance? The skeptics are on it. Deal with it. Ronnie, Keith, Carrie, they all live in gated communities for a reason.

  141. 141
    nomorefan Says:

    @duh: Oh trust me, I know there is a list and faces are memorized, but unfortunately for you, I’m on the good fans’ list! Hmm, you know all the celebrities that live in gated communities – another reason for concern. Who researches that and why?

  142. 142
    duh Says:

    You’re an idiot. We’re all wrong about you so that’s why you continue to try to defend yourself with more lies? T and M aren’t backing you up here where the truth can be spoken. Too darn funny.

  143. 143
    Missy Says:

    Don’t bother, people. Nomorefan always has to have the last word because in that fat head of hers, she thinks it means she won. Fact is it’s a measure of deep insecurity. It’s a false power trip; nobody responds so she’s right…in her own head, of course. In realtity, she looks like an a ss and a guilty one at that. Same with the lying. It’s all based on self-esteem or lack-there-of. Her constant lies and the fact that she could ‘manipulate’ people made her feel powerful. That’s why she needs a bunch of usernames. They all agree with her. The truth is she’s a bored 50 year old housewife from Minnesota who probably feels very powerless in escaping her sad life. She knows nobody important, has no inside information and never did.

  144. 144
    holly Says:

    @nomorefan: It doesn’t matter how many degrees from the University of Phoenix your kids get, children learn behavior from their parents and yours are going to need a complete overhaul to rid themselves of the bad gas you filled ‘em with, Orca.
    Personally, I think the world would be a better place without liars, gay bashers and bullies. Why don’t you show your kids your internet comments and give them a taste of what you’ve been doing for the last 8 years. Maybe they can change you.

  145. 145
    nomorefan Says:

    @holly: Too bad all of your kids are trying to get their GEDs while mine is attending a tough, hard-to-get-into, research university! But if you do have kids and are a great mom, what would you be doing stalking me on the internet for hours and hours everyday? Oh she’d give your an earful if she read the lies you have said on here about me. Actually, she could probably analyze and diagnose you in less than ten seconds in three different languages. If you do have kids, did they finish college in three years? Now make sure you update your files on me so that I don’t lie about this in the future.

  146. 146
    Been There Says:

    See, what’d I tell ya? Nobody has to stalk you, Susie Q. You tell everybody about yourself and everybody in your pathetic life. If you don’t want to be talked about, quit handing out information. Not that I believe for a second that any kid you raised would even know how to spell college. More lies.

  147. 147
    me2 Says:

    Okay… after reading the last few comments here.. I’m determined to X out and cook, clean, ANYTHING except this crap. Listen…. of course there are deranged fans… nature of the business…. all celebs have them. Arguing on msg boards does nothing productive. I know how easy it is to get sucked in to comment, but you will most likely regret the wasted time. Let her go.

  148. 148
    so go Says:

    So go clean. Who’s stopping you? Don’t read it if it bothers you but people can comment on whatever they want so stop telling people what to do.

  149. 149
    silly sandra Says:

    While I couldn’t read all this of this stupid mess,, I get the drift.

    Ladies you are dealing with a junkie…. Junk in and junk out, way of life.

    Ignore the fool , ignore the junk spewed by this negative junkie…
    That person has already made a complete fool of themselve for YEARS. .

    So enjoy the Urban family success and let the junkie comments go. We get that it is a sad waste of life, but we are sick of haters and all they try to do .


  150. 150
    duh Says:

    @nomorefan: “Hmm, you know all the celebrities that live in gated communities – another reason for concern. Who researches that and why?”

    I know because we live in the same town. I’m sorry Keith Urban was never asinine enough as John Rich to place a sign and blaring lights out of his home to let everybody and their mother know where he lives and how hideous Mt Richmore really is.

    Your entitlement to celebrities lives is downright scary.

  151. 151
    TheRealityOfItAll Says:

    The fans should keep their mouths shut. I have seen 50 (look more like 60) plus year old women, who are very obese, with nothing but Keith Urban for their timeline & profile pictures. Don’t you have pictures of grandbabies you could be posting instead?

  152. 152
    taco Says:

    Give me a freakin break. Skeptics still go to KU concerts. Still buy his cds. Visit fan sites weekly. Talk about him nonstop online. Have him on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. They are still as one skeptic put it ”hot for him”. They are so desperate to have him they hang out and post at his fan club site. One went so far as to become a member of one of Nicole’s biggest fan boards in order to get info for the skeptics because the reality of it all is that her fans accepted KU with open arms. The site devoted a section to rival any of the fanstarted webpages. We always knew the poster with an Ewan McGregor avatar was pretending to be something she’s not.

    So you can play clean up on Aisle 6 but the skeptics are already if not close to grandma age. Most have let themselves go. Many have addiction ussues. All have no selfesteem. They are all begging for attention. No one us there to stop them. The recent Kenny Chesney stalker is a template for the skeptics. Totally delusional.

  153. 153
    Nope Says:

    Not many skeptics think he is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Not all of his fans like his wife and vice versa. You couldn’t speak of his career on the old United site. His tweets are boring and not personally from him. I doubt a skeptic would sign up for them. Kenny’s recent stalker is a worshiper and thought they had some type of friendship/relationship. That reminds me of many from Monkeyville.

  154. 154
    dotcom Says:

    Give it up skeptic. You are a liar. Ask HPT what went on there. Are you gals still keeping it kinky?

  155. 155
    me2 Says:

    @so go:

    As a matter of fact, I DID get tons of stuff done. Could I have sat here all day and made sure nobody dissed Nicole? Yeah. Wow – what a good feeling that would be! ;-) Time well spent.

  156. 156
    Libby Says:

    Geez , those negative idiots sure do spend a lot of time talking to themselves. LOL

    Is that suppose to fool someone?

  157. 157
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    @Nope: That’s a refection of how bonkers you last few left are. You don’t see any difference between Nicole Kidman not being your favorite person in the world and spending almost a decade making up stories of pedophilia, drug use, eating disorders, buying babies, million dollar payoffs, lesbianism, death threats, child abandonment, and ridiculous medical diagnoses. Not to mention the fake relationships with Keith some of you created and some of you believed for months, the child bashing, the bashing of both Keith and Nicole’s fans, Nicole’s family, sending fake stories to Lainey, creating fake stories and repeating them over and over on message boards to try to make them look true.

    None of you ever saw a d@mn thing. None of you have relatives or friends who saw anything of any consequence. And here you are still beating the drum for someone to pay attention to you and believe you. The stank of desperation has been coming off you whackos for I don’t know how long. You can pretend after almost 6 years of marriage and two kids the skeptics have paved the way for a train derailment. You can pretend that UM’s blog with 2 people talking to their 5 personalities is going to make something happen. You can pretend you don’t look sad and pathetic when Grandma Mary puts out a plea on a two-bit board that allows trash like you to have a serious journalist investigate pregnancies. Keep beating the drum that no one cares because the irony is no one is paying more attention than you crazies. Searching flynet because you are so desperate to know where they’ve been for the past two days screams pathetic which is exactly what you are. You hate yourselves and you hate the fans that can just enjoy the music regardless of how they feel about his wife. That’s the part that kills you and why you continue to attack fans. You used to be one of us. Now you get no enjoyment out of anything but being cruel and mean to a family you will never know.

  158. 158
    Libby Says:

    Hummmmmmm How would ANYONE except a member know about anything that is on MV or any KEITH URBAN FAN SITE?


  159. 159
    Skeptics are stupid Says:

    More irony…..

    They don’t believe half of what they post.

    They say they don’t think they hate anybody but don’t speak up when death threats are made against the Urbans.

    They say that KUNK is so funny but according to them Keith is still drinking or using at any given time. They want Keith caught cheating on Nicole. They say that Nicole is a predator and should be put away for sex crimes based on movie roles where nothing happened. But talking about all those things on a gossip board is just for fun.

    They cry to MOD that IP’s need to be checked when they are attacked but all of them have multiple accounts that talk to each other.

    They lie to each other in emails and PM’s but pretend to be friends and good buddies.

    They’ve kicked each other off of private boards they’ve created for the sole purpose of discussing Keith and Nicole because they lied to each other.

    They deny the existence of those same boards and being members when asked

    They’ve stalked Nashville just to find Keith or info on him and failed.

    They lie about their own families and jobs to look like experts

    They visit every fan site, Keith’s fan club, even a blog that has proven what liars they are every single day because they are obsessed.

    And the big one of all……..

    They watch Nicole’s movies and still listen to Keith Urban. But the skeptics when asked will say they are selfish uncaring horrible people, only in a marriage for a buck and unfit parents. Oh and no once cares about them. They are done in Hollywood and Nashville. Keith will be playing Branson in 6 months and Nicole will be the most hated woman in America because her two oldest kids will write a Mommy Dearest style tell all that will expose her for the sk@nk she is.

    The skeptics are so smart. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  160. 160
    yak Says:

    Ha Ha Ha are those sickos proud of the job nobrains did for them here !
    What a fine representative of them all ! Read it and remember her!.
    Nut cases for sure!

  161. 161
    1urbanfan27 Says:


    It’s interesting what you find on websites like this sometimes…Trolls and stalkers talking about you…lol

  162. 162
    Julia Says:

    @@SKEWER MISTRESS: talk about vile. you are the most vile on earth

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