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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Family Flight!

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Family Flight!

Nicole Kidman carries her adorable daughter Faith outside of the airport on Tuesday (February 14) in Sydney, Australia.

The 44-year-old Aussie actress and her little one were joined by big sister Sunday and papa Keith Urban for their family flight!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nicole Kidman

The family arrived Down Under so Keith could tape Australia’s version of The Voice! Keith is serving as one of the coaches this season for the hit reality show.

Last week, Nicole and Faith had a girls afternoon as they went to a Gymboree class together.

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  • @Cheryl:

    uhm; where do you see the children smiling?

    I am not knocking the children at all, children don’t choose to be here … but a reality check for you is called for …
    generally all celeb kids are frightened by the invasive yelling papparazzi;
    you know, those people who bring us the pictures that we all long and beg for … and scrutinise for things positive and negative, whatever …

  • @You forgot:

    and how do you know for sure what they eat everyday??

  • The Voice will really suit Keith; he is personable and caring and sure to inject warmth and encouragement to the contestants.

  • Melissa

    @nice person; Why did you blow the picture of Faith up to look at her face more clearly? That’s freakin’ creepy.

  • Swiffer

    So 1urbanfan27, Skeptical, cynical gal, breathingmusic72…. how many times do you need to be told to get into therapy? It all makes sense about why you want us to believe there’s one person attacking the trolls. You’ve been insulting Kidman since day one. But, you can’t help leave a nice comment about Keith. It smacks of those creepy personal messages you think Keith read everyday on CMT. You have the audacity to go on a fan thread and wish his child a happy birthday. It’s ignored and rightfully so. No amount of changing your posting name here is going to hide your issues. You need help, badly.

  • melissa

    I love this family!

  • nice person

    how is it creepy? Her face looked odd to me so I made it bigger on my computer and noticed some weird markings. I don’t feel that that is any creepier than looking at celeb kids photos in general- the images on my computer are small so I just made it bigger. Any creep factor is in your mind.

  • human being

    @nice person:

    you are right, nice person. there is something going on there. Screw the haters you were just pointing out the obvious. I also happen to find that family very odd- and what;s up with her older adopted children- does she care for them? very strange indeed.

  • http://yahoo liz

    The girls are adorable, and how could they not be? I think Ms Sunday is definitely her daddy’s little girl, and that’s going to work out just fine, because she definitely looks like him. On the other hand, Faith is looking like her mama right now. But it really doesn’t matter, what does matter is that Keith and Nicole are providing a happy home for their girls. If only more parents would put themselves second and their children first, how nice it would be. Good going, guys.

  • Lenora

    So cute…these baby girls look so much alike. They both have daddy’s gorgeous eyes,

  • ellie’

    What a beautiful family….Just love them…adorable childen..

  • @Swiffer:

    you’re dead WRONG!

    Sorry to burst your bubble but I am not any one of those you think I am!
    Which makes you the ignorant i.diot.

  • don




  • Missy

    @nice person @human being:
    What’s “very strange” is the fact that you both think of yourselves as a nice person and a human being. You’re both monsters. Going around the internet leaving ugly comments about a woman you don’t or will never know and her innocent children is pathetic. If you can’t go out and find something meaningful to do in your own life, at least take a good look in the mirror and be honest about the kind of person you’ve become. You may be able to hide the disappointment in your underwhelming life to yourself but you’re wearing it on your sleeve to the rest of us. Seriously, you have a problem. Fix it before you’re entire life flies by. Keith and Nicole have been together since 2005. It’s now 2012. You do the math.

  • Skeptics are stupid

    Person and human are probably the same poster, most definitely a skeptic. Susie Q loves to enlarge photos and see things that aren’t there or make a big deal out of something. It actually is surprising the skeptics never tried to claim abuse or neglect when Sunday Rose was photographed as a toddler with a scratch on her face. If you have kids you know it happens but the skeptics who are self-proclaimed model mothers would never ever allow it! They will however leave their teenagers to stalk Keith Urban, despite the fact that they as experts know that thats when kids need their moms the most. At least thats what they say about Nicole’s kids. Personally I wouldn’t take advice from women who think it’s okay to accept an ipad from a guy they’ve been dating for only 3 weeks. But what do you expect from women who brag about loitering in hallways or follwing a rich man around in a mall.

  • Skeptics are stupid

    Don’t forget! As soon as The Voice starts to air the world will know Keith Urban is gay!

    Nothing makes Susie Q look more backwoods and uneducated than when she talks about ”limp wrist dudes” or erniesdog worrying about Darryl Hall and Adam Levine being gay because they sing too high.


  • Rebekah H

    @Skeptics are stupid: If they think their behavior is good parenting that makes them low class a-holes and no one can argue with that. There’s nothing worse than trash parading around town like refined women. It’s an insult to everyone’s intelligence.

  • we know you

    Don’t forget it was Susie Q / nomorefan who got drunk with Oakie and did some not very wife/mother/ladylike stuff to him so she could try to get a little closer to Keith. Backfire!

  • taco

    nomorefan is in deep. The futile laundry list of what she’s done in the name of Nicole bashing is enormous. From the simplest thing like posting she doesn’t know know how Twitter works when she already had an account set up following E! (under the name Susie Q) to her “cuddle time” with Thomas Okie. Okie got the boot and she’s still in front of her computer typing away like a moron.

    It’s a good time to congratulate Keith on his latest Number 1 hit in the US and Canada – You Gonna Fly. another party in Nashville the skeptics get to bitch about. BA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!!

  • Know It All

    For someone willing to drop to her knees for nothing she sure is shy behind those windows on her fb page. LOL

  • nomorefan

    @we know you: Oh, and I know who you are now too. Always pushing the conversation to get me to say he was all over me, which I never said a word, and by the way you can’t do anything unladylike sitting on a terrace on a public street with about 50 other people sitting around along with a large group of friends. What did they do to Oakie too? Please tell me since you know all. No alcohol involved either. Lies all lies from YOUR mouth! LIES! LIE! LIES! STALKER! Aren’t you a little spicy!

  • nomorefan

    @taco: This is a prime example of obsessive internet stalking. You have been harassing some innocent person on Twitter thinking that it is me? Oh this is sweet! It just shows how mental you really are. Sorry honey, I don’t have a Twitter account, and you think everyone out on the internet that has Sue or Suzie is automatically me? First of all, if you knew me (and you don’t) , you know I would never go with Suzie. Stalker – you are REALLY making yourself look nuts now. Can’t believe you are going to this extent to try to find me on the internet. You must be SO jealous!

  • nomorefan

    @Know It All: Look – another stalker trying to find me on Facebook too. Internet stalking! Just so you ALL know, I’m contacting the folks here and sending them this page about all this internet stalking material. See ya wackos!

  • @don:

    quick; go take your meds; you’re cracking under the strain


    you are the most vile, obnoxious, arrogant, deluded, deceptive, obsessive, rude creature I have ever come across; you and your umpteen different persona; that’s called schizophrenia! Get the help you need so badly before you implode!! No normal person behaves the way you do; irrespective of your ‘crusade’!

  • we know you

    @nomorefan; I’ve seen your picture and believe me, I’m not jealous. You were the one who told everybody about the time you were drinking and carrying on into the wee hours with Okie. It came from your mouth/fingers. So if it’s suddenly not true then I guess that makes you the liar.

  • nomorefan

    No, you are wrong and spreading fabricated lies. I haven’t told a soul there was booze involved. Those involved know there was no booze involved. That’s something you wackos made up in your heads. No booze. You’ve seen the stolen pictures and know there wasn’t any booze. Just having great conversation while watching the cruise.

  • Been There

    You can’t really claim internet stalking when you’re the person giving out your twitter and facebook addys. Just sayin’. But nice try with the victim bit. (hint: not all skeptics like you)

  • we know you

    Well, yeah you did tell people you were drinking with Okie late into the night. Quite a few people in fact. But hey, if you want to say you did those things with a clear head now, I guess you have to live with the embarrassment.

  • nomorefan

    @we know you: Another thing – I got to see how “wife/mother/ladylike” Monkeys were that night when Oakie pulled out from his jean pockets little pieces of paper containing cell phone numbers and hotel room numbers. Fans did that to him during the course of the night. He was truly embarrassed and threw them away! Yea, those Monkeys – what a classy group of women – {CHOKE}!

  • nomorefan

    @Been There: I have NEVER given out either information because I don’t have them. So yes, it is internet stalking when those aren’t my accounts. STALKERS & LIARS. I gave out my Twitter address and Facebook addresses? Geezus – how pathetic are you? Please tell me who I gave them too? Just keep digging yourselves deeper, internet stalkers.

  • nomorefan

    @we know you: Liar! Stalker! No, I NEVER told anyone that we were drinking because it didn’t take place. Liar! Stalker!

  • nomorefan

    @we know you: Also, did you hear that story from the same person who said I also partied with the band that night too? So many lies that ya’ll can’t keep them straight.

  • Been There

    Nobody has to stalk you. You’re either here or on E everyday. Even if we tried to avoid you, we couldn’t. You’re right there telling the world about your daughter in Europe, your son going to Hong Kong, what your dj’s say, what your husband says, what your neighbors say, blah, blah, blah. You can’t dish out your whole life on the Internet and then scream stalkers. Seriously, if you want to find a hole to bury yourself in, we won’t stop you. But when you willingly give out info to people, including what you did with Okie, then you’ve only got yourself to blame if people talk about it.

  • katiepotatie

    Well, SOMEBODY seems to know a lot about what this Okie dude pulls out of his pants. Haha.

  • Gerald G


  • abcdefg

    @GerladG nice try nmf

  • holly

    Oh, of course we aren’t teenagers, nomorefan, I mean “Gerald G”. That’s the point, isn’t it? ( we know you said “it came from your fingers/mouth” , nomorefan said “(CHOKE)”, holly says “there’s a joke in there somewhere” ) Bahaha.

  • nomorefan

    @Been There: Why do you keep saying I did something with Oakie? You have no idea who was there. You have no knowledge of anything that went on – just dirty little lies that have been spread like weeds by you. I’m still cracking up that I share my Twitter and Facebook accounts with skeptics! That’s the biggest lie right there. The stalking is unbelievable – I’m surprised you didn’t send a squad over to Europe and hunt down my daughter too. Look at the notes you keep on me. A chunk of memory on your computer must be devoted to me alone. Ya’ll are just a bunch of liars & stalkers.

  • yeah right

    @nomorefan: The question is would neverland be proud or offended that you are lying about fb? BAHAHAHA!

  • nomorefan

    @yeah right: You guys are so messed up that you don’t know who is who. I can’t imagine the time spent on guessing who is who on E. Hate to tell you that I have no idea who neverland is because she isn’t who you THINK she is. Don’t know her real name – never met her – nothing. I’ll have to share this with neverland on E and make fun of you guys! Again, your credibility is worthless.

  • Been There

    @nomorefan – You said you did something with Okie, not me. You told many people on different boards. You can say we’re the liars all you want but it just proves who the liar really is. Either you did or you didn’t. Either way, you’re the liar. And it takes someone with a giant ego to think anyone would want to stalk your crazy a ss. Like I said, we can’t help it if you’re always on boards talking about yourself. Seriously, no one is impressed and the more you talk, change your stories, make up stories and then play the victim, the more stupid you look. You wanted to be a big shot so now reap the rewards of the spotlight, honey.

  • yeah right

    LMAO! You are the biggest manure spreader I’ve ever seen.

  • taco

    nomorefan go take a long walk off of a short Pier7. Make sure to bring your lies with you. No one believes what you say.

  • nomorefan

    @Been There: Dear Liar & Stalker, I never said I did anything with Oakie. Is sitting in a chair at a table – naughty, dirty or filthy? Heck, I wasn’t even sitting next to him. Man, it must have been a big orgy on Peachtree that night! But I know those classless Monkeys were really trying to get in his pants. Can you imagine giving a strange man your hotel room number? Classy, right?

  • Been There

    @yeah right – Oh, she’s who we think she is alright. Like I said, not all skeptics are friends. And some skeptics are still friends with fans. The funniest part is how some people haven’t figured that out yet.

  • nomorefan

    @taco: Prime example of a stalker. How many screen names are you tracking from all social networks? I believe that you are a stalker. You guys are mentall dangerous.

  • nomorefan

    @Been There: So if you are still friends with some skeptics, that would make you a trader to any of my skeptic friends. IF you are still friends with MY skeptic friends, why haven’t you come up with any current stuff about me – other than what I say on E? No new pictures. No new stories – nothing. Everything is oh so five years ago. And it was you that said I don’t have any more skeptic friends and I have been kicked off all the boards. WRONG!

  • Been There

    @nomorefan – Whatever. I’ve seen messages FROM YOU that say exactly what you did. I guess you were lying then which doesn’t surprise me. Of course you could be lying now too which also doesn’t surprise me. Either way, you’re a liar. But if you’re so worried about people stalking you, why don’t you do us all a favor and go away. Believe me, no one will go looking for you.

  • yeah right

    @Been There: Exactly. astilbe’s gone neverland shows up and is 1 of 2 posters on the JW thread. There aren’t any randoms posting. Mimosa wouldn’t allow it!