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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Family Flight!

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Family Flight!

Nicole Kidman carries her adorable daughter Faith outside of the airport on Tuesday (February 14) in Sydney, Australia.

The 44-year-old Aussie actress and her little one were joined by big sister Sunday and papa Keith Urban for their family flight!

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The family arrived Down Under so Keith could tape Australia’s version of The Voice! Keith is serving as one of the coaches this season for the hit reality show.

Last week, Nicole and Faith had a girls afternoon as they went to a Gymboree class together.

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  • TheRealityOfItAll

    The fans should keep their mouths shut. I have seen 50 (look more like 60) plus year old women, who are very obese, with nothing but Keith Urban for their timeline & profile pictures. Don’t you have pictures of grandbabies you could be posting instead?

  • taco

    Give me a freakin break. Skeptics still go to KU concerts. Still buy his cds. Visit fan sites weekly. Talk about him nonstop online. Have him on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. They are still as one skeptic put it ”hot for him”. They are so desperate to have him they hang out and post at his fan club site. One went so far as to become a member of one of Nicole’s biggest fan boards in order to get info for the skeptics because the reality of it all is that her fans accepted KU with open arms. The site devoted a section to rival any of the fanstarted webpages. We always knew the poster with an Ewan McGregor avatar was pretending to be something she’s not.

    So you can play clean up on Aisle 6 but the skeptics are already if not close to grandma age. Most have let themselves go. Many have addiction ussues. All have no selfesteem. They are all begging for attention. No one us there to stop them. The recent Kenny Chesney stalker is a template for the skeptics. Totally delusional.

  • Nope

    Not many skeptics think he is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Not all of his fans like his wife and vice versa. You couldn’t speak of his career on the old United site. His tweets are boring and not personally from him. I doubt a skeptic would sign up for them. Kenny’s recent stalker is a worshiper and thought they had some type of friendship/relationship. That reminds me of many from Monkeyville.

  • dotcom

    Give it up skeptic. You are a liar. Ask HPT what went on there. Are you gals still keeping it kinky?

  • me2

    @so go:

    As a matter of fact, I DID get tons of stuff done. Could I have sat here all day and made sure nobody dissed Nicole? Yeah. Wow – what a good feeling that would be! ;-) Time well spent.

  • Libby

    Geez , those negative idiots sure do spend a lot of time talking to themselves. LOL

    Is that suppose to fool someone?

  • Skeptics are stupid

    @Nope: That’s a refection of how bonkers you last few left are. You don’t see any difference between Nicole Kidman not being your favorite person in the world and spending almost a decade making up stories of pedophilia, drug use, eating disorders, buying babies, million dollar payoffs, lesbianism, death threats, child abandonment, and ridiculous medical diagnoses. Not to mention the fake relationships with Keith some of you created and some of you believed for months, the child bashing, the bashing of both Keith and Nicole’s fans, Nicole’s family, sending fake stories to Lainey, creating fake stories and repeating them over and over on message boards to try to make them look true.

    None of you ever saw a d@mn thing. None of you have relatives or friends who saw anything of any consequence. And here you are still beating the drum for someone to pay attention to you and believe you. The stank of desperation has been coming off you whackos for I don’t know how long. You can pretend after almost 6 years of marriage and two kids the skeptics have paved the way for a train derailment. You can pretend that UM’s blog with 2 people talking to their 5 personalities is going to make something happen. You can pretend you don’t look sad and pathetic when Grandma Mary puts out a plea on a two-bit board that allows trash like you to have a serious journalist investigate pregnancies. Keep beating the drum that no one cares because the irony is no one is paying more attention than you crazies. Searching flynet because you are so desperate to know where they’ve been for the past two days screams pathetic which is exactly what you are. You hate yourselves and you hate the fans that can just enjoy the music regardless of how they feel about his wife. That’s the part that kills you and why you continue to attack fans. You used to be one of us. Now you get no enjoyment out of anything but being cruel and mean to a family you will never know.

  • Libby

    Hummmmmmm How would ANYONE except a member know about anything that is on MV or any KEITH URBAN FAN SITE?


  • Skeptics are stupid

    More irony…..

    They don’t believe half of what they post.

    They say they don’t think they hate anybody but don’t speak up when death threats are made against the Urbans.

    They say that KUNK is so funny but according to them Keith is still drinking or using at any given time. They want Keith caught cheating on Nicole. They say that Nicole is a predator and should be put away for sex crimes based on movie roles where nothing happened. But talking about all those things on a gossip board is just for fun.

    They cry to MOD that IP’s need to be checked when they are attacked but all of them have multiple accounts that talk to each other.

    They lie to each other in emails and PM’s but pretend to be friends and good buddies.

    They’ve kicked each other off of private boards they’ve created for the sole purpose of discussing Keith and Nicole because they lied to each other.

    They deny the existence of those same boards and being members when asked

    They’ve stalked Nashville just to find Keith or info on him and failed.

    They lie about their own families and jobs to look like experts

    They visit every fan site, Keith’s fan club, even a blog that has proven what liars they are every single day because they are obsessed.

    And the big one of all……..

    They watch Nicole’s movies and still listen to Keith Urban. But the skeptics when asked will say they are selfish uncaring horrible people, only in a marriage for a buck and unfit parents. Oh and no once cares about them. They are done in Hollywood and Nashville. Keith will be playing Branson in 6 months and Nicole will be the most hated woman in America because her two oldest kids will write a Mommy Dearest style tell all that will expose her for the sk@nk she is.

    The skeptics are so smart. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • yak

    Ha Ha Ha are those sickos proud of the job nobrains did for them here !
    What a fine representative of them all ! Read it and remember her!.
    Nut cases for sure!

  • 1urbanfan27


    It’s interesting what you find on websites like this sometimes…Trolls and stalkers talking about you…lol

  • Julia

    @@SKEWER MISTRESS: talk about vile. you are the most vile on earth