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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Family Dinner with Suri & Connor!

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Family Dinner with Suri & Connor!

Tom Cruise carries his cutie pie daughter Suri out of Bouchon Bakery after having dinner on Sunday (February 12) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Tom, 49, and Suri, 5, were joined by mama Katie Holmes, 33, and Tom‘s son Connor, 17, for a big family meal at the popular restaurant!

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It was recently announced that Tom will be presenting at the 2012 Oscars! Be sure to tune in on Sunday (February 26) to catch all of your favorite stars at the ceremony.

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  • errwika

    really Suri? really??

  • Cher

    LOL and connor is just there to hold the bag

  • r

    For Christ Sake….. she ain’t a toddler anymore. Make her walk with her own two feet!

  • Raichill

    I think she has ‘special needs’ so they need to carry her. I don’t know why they don’t get her a child’s wheelchair instead.

  • bobbyweiner

    Love the Cruises…Tom looks great

  • tacky

    goodness grief…never saw such a huge infant in a blanket!

    These parents are clueless! Is she also taking a bottle in the privacy of her home as well?

    What a brat they have raised! Next year she will be in 1st grade…or not…since she is still carried wrapped in her blanket.. geez!

  • jill


    lol i was thinkin the same thing

  • Chris

    is katie the same age as connor??

  • itstrueagain


  • Cara

    i was looking at little Flynn Bloom walking and i was like such a big boy! and i scrolled down at the next post and saw suri getting carried by her daddy in a blanket and needed her big brother to carry her toys. Seriously? If flynn can walk on his own i think she can do too.

  • Kk86

    What the hell? Is this child having another tantrum? She is old enough to walk!

  • jaspisgirl

    this is more than crazy but it is good for a laugh in the morning. i bet she will never walk alone and i hope they will find a giant man to carry her to school when she is twelve LOL :-)

  • giselle.

    lol! this is too good! the kid’s in a blanket, carried by her daddy meanwhile the other one’s been reduced to suri’s servant haha. these people never fail to entertain me. what a joke!

  • Ashley

    Why can’t Katie carry her daughters toys just bought that day her hands are free! Y make Conner just like her adopted sister usually does it.
    Bet Co near feels proud!

  • Mari

    I don’t get it. I thought Scientology was basically thinking of children as little adults. At least wasn’t that the excuse of KH and TC when Suri was wearing high heels and make-up? So why are they still carrying her around so much, put her in a blanket and let her do stuff she should be grown out of by now. Isn’t that a bit against the general rules?

    But then again TC probably things he and his family are above every kind of rule anyway.

  • karih

    WOW Suri turns 6 years old in a few weeks and still acts like a toddler. Can’t wait for her teenage years, it will be funny to see Tom or Katie carrying her in their arms.

  • WTF

    Why there are so many haters?

  • Saph

    Suri will be as tall as Tom soon can’t wait to see him carry her then. It just looks ridicules if you don’t want her seen in public keep it private. Funny how few pictures ever got taken back in the Tom and Nicole days of the kids. But then Nicole had talent and didn’t need all the attention. So Suri will be six soon guess that means Katie has around 3 years left!

  • Z

    Ironically the post above this shows a 1 year old walking…

  • cari


    I hardly think commenting on the unusual sight of a child almost six years old being carried, clutching a blankie and needing a bag full of toys for a short family dinner is hating. Both in Hollywood and in your “regular” life–just how many six year olds do you see being carried, carrying their security blanket constantly and needing a bag full of toys for a dinner that lasted probably no more than 90 minutes based on the place they chose?

  • toria

    What is ironic about these pics–Katie, Connor and Tom are all wearing light sweaters or a shirt w/no jacket and here is Ms. Suri who usually wears no jacket in cold weather–bundled up in a winter coat and a blanket.
    Sorry Suri, but my fave babe is Harper Seven! She is seven months and can’t walk so of course she is being carried…and no blankie or bag of toys.
    Tom and Katie really need to grow a pair and tell this child if she wants to go out to dinner (to a show, whatever) then she walks. If she can’t walk she stays home. If she throws a tantrum when they won’t carry her–take her home immediately or provide some consequences. We’ve already seen her throwing multiple tantrums over the last year. Can’t get any more embarrassing or clearer that Katie and Tom, for whatever reason, are ineffectual parents when it comes to this child.
    Although I must admit, Tom does seem a tad bit annoyed at having to carry her. Or perhaps he is grimacing from carrying such a big girl who must weigh 50 lbs or so.

  • Stop calling the paps

    Why do they wrap Suri with a baby blanket? Sometimes multiple blankets?
    Does Suri still drool uncontrollably like she’s developmentally arrested?
    Grammy award night and the Cruise inc got nothing to do, perhaps they didn’t want to spend time watching other people get recognized.

    This award season must be so unbearable to Katieturd, particularly harsh when Michelle Williams showed up at BAFTA.

  • trudy

    At least Tom and Katie seem to be hands-on parents and don’t leave all the “heavy lifting” (so to speak) to a team of nannies. Cough, cough, Gwen Stefani.

  • Shawna

    This is just ridiculous. My daughter is 3 months older than Suri (just turned 6) and she would be embarrassed if we tried to carry her wrapped in a blanket like that. That is really not normal and they are totally infantalizing her. If Katie wants another baby that badly why doesn’t she have one and let Suri actually grow up.

  • juliette

    AGAIN with the holding her, the blanket and bare legs. Make her walk for her age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • d


    Actually when you see raw or uncropped pictures of TomKat, you’ll often see Suri’s nanny in them. The nanny (as with many Hollywood types) is often out with them. And TomKat often uses their bodyguards as sherpas–they schlep Suri’s blankets, toys and coat and Katie’s shopping and purse.

  • bobjustbob

    I wonder if there is something developmentally wrong with Suri, if she’s a bit slow, maybe has a mental disability. Because I have never met or seen a 6 year old be carried like that and wrapped in a blanket on top of it. No 6 year old would WANT to be carried like that, most of them think of themselves as big kids by then and you can barely assist them with anything. Something must be off with this kid.

  • torrance

    ok she is definitely spoiled.
    katie is middle class but tom came from a poorer family.
    when it’s like that, they want to give their kids everything.
    not saying u should spoil ur kids, just saying that’s often where it comes from when u get rich later – u overdo it with the kids.

  • tacky

    # 29- that is baloney ! Those two are such zimwits with a brat.

    someone else posted that Katie should have another baby and let Suri grow up. OUCh. this bimbo should NOT have kids,

    Suri (cutie pie as she is called) so annoying,,,,,,,,,,
    would have a HUGE hissy fit if another child came along,. Not a good or safe idea!!!!!!!!!

  • http://website david ouellette

    Suri is almost as big now as Tom Cruise, considering he’s only 5 feet four inches – he looks kind of ridiculous carrying her….it highlights that he’s more than a tad short(Hey Tom’ did you forget the big platform shoes at home?! Maybe you could borrow a pair from Lady Gaga.)

  • cayenne

    why do they continue to carry her?

  • Question

    Anyone else think Kate looks toasted?

  • LA Lady

    WHERE IS BELLA?? She hasnt been seen with the family in forever. I

  • Jane Patton

    OMG.. They are still carrying that 6 year old like an infant, and with a baby blanket, to boot. Strange people.

  • Janeen

    Why do these strange parents carry this big girl like an infant. Wrapped in an infant blanket?

    Besides, I have never met a 6 year old, or 5 year old who would allow them-self to be carried in the arms of an adult, or use a baby blanket. And I have four children and gobs of nieces and nephews, and friends children.

  • Denise M

    The making of a BRAT!

  • deb

    Suri is going to bring a whole new meaning to ‘screwed up’, in, lets say about 10 more years.

  • From MailOnline

    You have to love the MailOnline–they are just sayin’ what everyone is thinkin’ – great pics too. Isn’t it against the law to have a child ride without a seatbelt in California?

    From the MailOnline:

    Isn’t she a little old for carrying? Tom Cruise cradles his five-year-old princess Suri in his arms, before she sits on his knee in the car

    She’s two months shy of her sixth birthday, which is basically a teenager these days.

    So you’d think Suri Cruise might want to run a few steps of her parents to gain a little street cred.

    But the five-year-old princess was carried by father Tom Cruise, cradled in his arms while wrapped in a baby pink blanket, following a family outing to rather swish Beverly Hills eaterie Bouchon Bakery.

    Katie Holmes’ mini-me clearly relished the attention, burying herself in her father’s chest.

    Suri’s little feet peeped out from beneath the warm shrug, bejewelled with various coloured gems.

    It is no secret that the A-list power couple spoil their first and only biological child, with Suri frequently seen in lavish restaurants, sampling make-up or dressed in expensive designer clothes.

  • meh

    the problem with these people is they reject common sense and psychology – funny, because that is how they map their members and target member weaknesses and manipulate them – as far as rearing children, mistakes made fail to get corrected, because they reject proper help, this childs developement is far behind, she will need THERAPY if they dont make parental demands on this already big girl still acting like a baby

  • Why is Suri in a blanket?

    Did she poop in her diapers again?

  • camillus

    Look the ass hol_s are carrying the Brat demon child again, does Scientology want their members to carry there adult children, what douche ass hats that these two are…..

  • ali

    adorable cute kid but she has two efed up parents
    who will pay a BIG price in 15-20 years .

    poor kid .
    over parented
    over protected
    over smothered
    this is sick

    good luck with the therapy inn 20 years .

    it is NOT normal to pick her up at 5 years of age .

  • poopiepie

    take a look at # 40′s link. Suri has a face of a really spoiled kid.

    I would never want to be in front of that brat! shudders…..

  • Romeo

    TomKat never said any of that, #16. And their daughter walks all the time.

    The media simply doesn’t care about adopted children, #19.

    Why are you comparing babies, #22? Their kid walks all the time; they probably WANTED to carry her. What’s it you? Mind your own kids. You’ve never seen her throw one tantrum. Always just exaggerating when there’s a photo of a young child upset. You have no idea what happened.

    You would just accuse them of hogging the spotlight if they appeared, #23.

    Continue minding your own daughter, #25. Nobody asked for your parenting advice.

    Why must there be something off with her, #26?

    Well now you have, #36. Now go mind your own kids or worry about actual ones in trouble like ones in Asia and Africa and Eastern Europe.

    How do you know her development is far behind, #41? Because she likes being carried?

  • chris0929

    this family makes me sick!

  • marianna

    it s not surris folt but her parents that they spoiled her

  • Kat_momof3

    as a mom of 3 kids, I totally get that every child is different and they have independent moods and then moods where they want to be carried and such, but this is not how you carry a 6-7yr old child…. this is how you carry an infant!

    Also, a full size blanket should not be toted around for a child that age outside of the car if traveling during naptime/sleep time.

    I understand a small totebag of toys, but why wouldn’t she carry it herself? After age 5, my rule was that if they wanted to bring a toy or two, they had to carry it themselves, or carry a bag to keep it in.

    The only reason this all would be acceptable would be if it were past her bedtime, but then I think it’s too late to be eating dinner.

  • @Romeo

    It is obvious you don’t have kids. Anyone who does knows that at six (and she is two months short of six)–99 percent of the kids out there would be too independent to be carried by mom or dad. This is not an isolated incident as you well known since you haunt this blog.
    And oh, by the way, there are at least three sets of pictures out there from last year of this child throwing a fit. On the plane when someone forgot her blankie–clear picture of the kid carrying on. At FAO Schwartz when she had a melt down. the MailOnline had a sequence of pictures that clearly show her having a tantrum. And the scene at the restaurant where she was melting down and Katie was letting her stand on the table. Sorry Romeo, any parent who had any sense would not be letting their six year old stand on a table at restaurant nor would they allow that child to shout at them (as the pictures clearly show).
    When you have your own children, you come back here and tell us that you are good with them being in diapers through five. Drinking from a bottle and using a pacifier at five. Carrying blankets and toys on every outing because they need their security. Throwing tantrums when they are old enough to know better.
    Better yet when we see pictures of Suri at 16 throwing tantrums, taking drugs, and being carried by Tiny Tom–come back then and defend her parents.