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Brad Pitt: 'Cogan's Trade' First Look

Brad Pitt: 'Cogan's Trade' First Look

Check out this first look at Brad Pitt‘s new movie, Cogan’s Trade.

The 48-year-old actor stars opposite Richard Jenkins, James Gandolfini, and Ray Liotta in the new dark story about a professional enforcer who investigates a heist that went down during a mob-protected poker game.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Brad Pitt

Cogan’s Trade is set to hit theaters later this year.

On Monday, Brad and Angelina Jolie hit the red carpet for the Cinema for Peace Gala during the Berlin Film Festival.

Also pictured inside are Brad and Angie arriving in Sarajevo on Tuesday (February 14).

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brad pitt cogans trade first look sarajevo angelina jolie 01
brad pitt cogans trade first look sarajevo angelina jolie 02
brad pitt cogans trade first look sarajevo angelina jolie 03
brad pitt cogans trade first look sarajevo angelina jolie 04
brad pitt cogans trade first look sarajevo angelina jolie 05
brad pitt cogans trade first look sarajevo angelina jolie 06
brad pitt cogans trade first look sarajevo angelina jolie 07
brad pitt cogans trade first look sarajevo angelina jolie 08
brad pitt cogans trade first look sarajevo angelina jolie 09

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  • Whoa!
  • andu
  • Love the JoliePitts

    Thanks for the link. This is tooooo sweet. Brad loves him some Angelina buns. No wonder Angelina’s bum has such a nice shape. She must get regular massages like this from Brad on a nightly basis.
    Love you Brad! Looking forward to Cogan’s Trade!

  • bizzy bee

    Brad is like a chameleon, he can change his look completely and it suits him perfectly. It must be because he’s so beautiful – inside and out – everything suits him.

    These pics are giving me a Training Day vibe. This movie will be a big hit!!

  • gracie

    # 15 REPOST, thank you for sharing. That was funny, naughty Brad
    can’t get enough of Angie’s bum — Haha. Love it.

  • Whoa!
  • Love the JoliePitts

    Bringing over from previous thread. Thanks Love!

    Thank you Love. Angie looks like she is sitting in Brad’s lap.
    Worth reposting.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    WOW!!!!! The place is packed!

  • wow

    The pictures on JJB. Brad and Angelina look like KING and QUEEN.

  • Lara
    Hello all!
    Just posted some pics from the Premiere on A&B+6 if anyone’s interested.

  • Whoa!
  • wow

    I really love Angelina’s hairdo.

  • Passing Through

    # 61 Whoa! @ 02/14/2012 at 3:04 pm
    I like the dress – and the coat. The coat actually reminds me of one I’ve seen Z wearing. Angie’s so danged beautiful that she can get away with hardly any accessories. No point in gilding the lily.

  • viv

    I love your vio lent movies
    Dey keep people angry an fearful
    an give Mommee a place to go
    at the fewgee camps
    when she wants to show
    what a good person she is

  • ‘Bradley’s Trade’…

    more mindless violence for the zombies

  • annon
  • http://n't trt

    How come I can’t find a release date for Cogan’s Trade? Does anybody know when it will be out? Nobody’s even seen a trailer yet?

    Will watch it for sure. Brad’s hair looks good combed back that way.

    Love the holding hands pics and the caressing the bum pic too!!!

  • lara

    Anthony Michael Hall has a leading role?

  • Bella

    They look amazing.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    @Passing Through:

    She looks beautiful. Did you see Brad’s hand at it’s default position?

  • Ann Th

    So Pathetic

  • JPS

    For those who are interested what is being said in BILD video that Brad touches Angie’s butt:

    At the Cinema of Peace Gala Hollywoods dream couple can’t let their fingers go from each other. As in love as on the first day they are linked together by their hands, arms or ….bum! Affectionately Brad runs his hand again and again over the bum of his beautiful wife during the speech of Bob Geldof about her film ITLOBAH. Brangelina once again completely adorable!

  • Kim

    @JPS: Thanks for the translation.Sweet

  • anustin

    Anjolie @ 02/14/2012 at 11:39 am
    Sorry,if already posted…
    Brad caressing Angie’s sweet bottom, go to 0:16 sec
    Thank you Anjolie!


    thank you maria,now mind to visit my azz here on jared,baby i miz ur azz.

  • anustin

    fckin zhi.t brad’s hand soooo who.reny!!! thanks.

  • Passing Through

    I was just at Yahoo reading the news and you guys should go over there and read the comments on the OMG! story about Ticky’s fab abs at 43. She’s taking a Bloatler finger right up the ass. People are calling her shite out…big time. There are the usual hen posts but there are even more people saying she ought to have great abs because she’s never had any kids, exercises half the day and to top it off – she’s Photoshopped to the max! LOL! There’s guy’s going “So what. My wife’s 41, has had 3 kids and has better abs than that.” Another woman said, “I birthed three kids (5, 3 and 15 months) and have a six pack. Secret= Cardio + weight lifting + healthy diet.” And my favorite, “I am almost 64—–can not stop the clock—If we live long enough–we all turn into beef jerky in snickers—”.


    BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Oooooooooooh Buuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrn!!! Love it, thanks for bringing over. Muahahahah.

  • funny

    I always found it funny when they are in Europe promoting movies. People in Europe like to ask celebs sign on a blank paper or a notebook. it is just so different than people here.


    puke 4 sure
    use thickest rubbers
    wear gas mask
    wear haazmat rubber suit
    jolie biggest vvhore


    banned again

  • anustin

    and the trollnistons….in agony!!!lovin it!

  • cats and rats

    The m are gone ut my cough Golgotha to must Ange pellet Hera havem no jobber alday Hera no godd

  • cats and rats

    FfMother for Ange no chlid Toto you self bad pople

  • awww
    i’m so proud of angie

  • Etta

    Bonnie Fullershit is such a hypocrite LOL.

    Check out her nice Brad and Angie tweets at the SAG Awards.

    Bonnie Fuller @BonnieFuller
    #sagawards: does Brad Pitt look cute or what + he’s so nice. Down to earth!

    Bonnie Fuller @BonnieFuller
    #sagawards: have to say Angelina just comes acroSs as so genuine!

    Bonnie Fuller @BonnieFuller
    #sagawards: does Angelina Jolie look amazing or what in Jenny Packham! Always looks so friendly.

    Seriously, she must be bipolar.

  • new thread

    ————- new thread————-


    I meant to add, I will have a dissertation on the bald poseur shrimp, after reading that narcissistic deluded piece on him in ny mag, seriously, who wrote that ish? Some guy he blew in a bathroom at a fashion show of his ex’s?? Lolol. The way it was written, you would have thought the only reason why Justine , isn’t Brad Pitt is because he’s just soooo not into the fame thing and is such a ny alterna guy, that’s the way he wanted it. Yeah you fckin douche, everyone knows, that people who go around making grade D schlock with Alyssa Milano in MAMS ripoffs, definitely, DEFINITELY want no part of the fame game. He was even a famewh*re at his ex’s fashion shows, and the world she inhabited…writer talked about him riding his ‘bike’ to HER shows…uh, excuse me, but…WHY?? Maniston is in for a world of hurt…I’m close to convinced he’s closeted….number one, you don’t stay with a woman for 14 years, and not have a life that’s pretty tangled up and messy (kids, affairs, affairs with her models maybe?? Nope…none of that) – and at the first opportunity traipse off with a middleaged needy neurotic celebrity tabloid magnet famewh*re, known for her ugly face, schlock movies and making guys miserable, UNLESS you want something VERY basic: YOUR OWN GREASY DESPERATE FAME. hahahahaha. By the way, It’s amazing how the trolls can overlook manistins scary fug face in those stupid pics, lolol…my trifecta of fug that I posted from her pictorial, with just her face shots, it’s back on page 1 or 2 of this thread, or maybe it was the last one…anyway…it’s a keeper.
    Will deconstruct the bald poseur later…lolol

  • Jaye

    I’m ready for some bada*ss Pitt.

  • belowme

    you would think by now he would be more responsible and not glamorize weapons like this…. I find it irresponsible and cheap !

  • B and A forever

    I can’t wait to see this film. How did my hubby hear about it before me LOL Really he did and i am the JP Fan when i have the time.

    Brad looks fab, that man can do any role. We will be the first ones sitting in the mid section seats with 3 other couples. Can’t wait.

    Angie looks so happy so gorgeous with her man. Gosh i love them as a couple, They were made for one another ..Fate Baby!

  • billie

    Awwwweeen sweet i love these two sexy sweethearts.

    Angie feels quite comfy on her mans lap. Gotta love it.

    sorry if its been on the bd but can’t help it . haha

  • Ako si Gladys

    @From Paris:
    The announcer said, “Is anybody afraid to challenge Brad and Angelina?”
    The crowd laughed afterwards!!!! Yeah right!!!! Nobody wants to challenge them because they all love B & A !!!!!!!!!
    Long Live Jolie-Pitt family or in my language ‘Mabuhay ang pamilya Jolie-Pitt!!!!!!!!!!
    #TheHunger Games #It’sMoreFunInThePhilippines :-))

  • belle

    Damn..Angie is so lucky.

  • brangelina4evah

    @REPOST: awww they are so sweeeeettttt to each other… love brangelina 4ever!!!

  • annie

    Oh mannnnnn Brad is looking super duper cool in this new movie, cant wait to see it, and i know it’s also gonna be a damn awesome flick!!!