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Jennifer Aniston & Paul Rudd Cover 'GQ' March 2012

Jennifer Aniston & Paul Rudd Cover 'GQ' March 2012

Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd make kissy faces on the cover of GQ‘s March 2012 issue, hitting newsstands February 21.

Here’s what the Wanderlust co-stars Jen, 43, who shot the pics in her bra, and Paul, 42, had to share with the mag:

Jennifer, on pregnancy rumors: “I’m not having triplets. Not having twins. Nor am I having one baby. [lifts up sweater and gestures to belly; it appears flat] I did not elope… You heard it here. I’m not knocked up now.”

Paul, on relationships: “I think most marriages, mine included, you’re constantly tending the garden, constantly working at it.”

Jennifer, on relationships: “It’s a growing, literally living thing. There’s going to be growing pains, there’s going to be awkward moments—your lanky phase, your pimpled phase. But if the road starts to [diverge] and one person is growing this way and the other is growing that way… Sometimes that can happen and you can stay together, and sometimes you can’t.”

Jennifer, on being in her 40s: “Forty’s great! Oh, my God, my thirties blew! Forties are great.”

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Credit: Terry Richardson for GQ
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  • Juliana

    I wish I had her body… and I’m only 23! Jenn rocks!

  • Sean


  • NOLA

    You too could have her body with all the money and time she puts into it. Stop acting like she doesn’t work at it. It’s her livelihood because that is all anyone talks about…her body…damn sure ain’t get acting career.

  • Weber from Brazil

    Ok, she’s got a great body
    but I feel ashamed of her
    she’s over 40 and acts like a 20 years-old gurlll
    it’s time to cover up yourself, start a family and grow up Jen.

  • disgusted

    My god this ageing broad talks like she’s hanging with the gang………wow, no elegance at all. ‘My thirties blew” ‘I’m not knocked up.’ Has to try the ‘sexx’ thing to keep herself relevant. How’s that go………..lotta money no class………..and in this case no heart or talent.

  • Justin Aniston


  • lexy hates bilson

    I love her!!! This movie looks funny!!

  • JenniPOOP ANALstain

    Yep you got that right

  • JenniPOOP ANALstain

    You must fat and hagged out. Sorry

  • juliana

    Weber from Brazil how about you go back to the cave.She’s rich, famous, beautiful, loved by all and you have all this? I do not think

  • HOllywood

    She’s very pretty for her age. But as many beautiful women she has problems with men.

  • ha ha

    Another jen movie another co star to sex up with, getting old


    Aniston biggest whore ever
    JA toxic waste
    use gas mask
    use thickest rubber
    all disease


    Just the old desperate hag talk
    barren again

  • laterna

    @JenniPOOP ANALstain:
    Why don’t you hide this comment, JJ. Or you do that only to negative comments about St.St. Brad and Angelina?

  • Cheery

    Tr@nnylicious diva!

    And where is her neck? O_o

  • vekey

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  • The ORIGINAL Miami D.


  • truth

    shame…no class….poor girl !

  • White Swan

    A great body is nothing when it comes with a vapid brain

  • Laurenjen

    If a great body is all it takes all these men wouldn’t have ran away from it as soon as it opens its mouth…………..THAT’S WHY SHE HAVE TO BUY ONE>

  • Miami D.

    A W#ORE IS A W#ORE, IS A W#ORE!!!!

  • JL

    Yeah, “White” Swan, try to make 30 million a year “with a vapid brain”!

  • devil’s advocate

    re: juliana @ #10

    So Jennifer is “loved by all.”

    And the earth is flat and water runs uphill.



  • LeAnn

    I would say stupid instead of vapid

  • sexeeeeey!

    what a body

  • NYC

    Yeah i saw her in a clip with handler she is like a little child a mimic puppet she just looks into handlers mouth and repeat everything she says get a life fool no wonder Courtney separate from her

  • yea

    grow up and starve yourself jennifer,
    stress your body out and open yourself to illness
    with an insufficient calorie intake
    like a grown woman

  • stacey

    very calssy pimping yourself again maniston ,pethetic women has no decencey & self respect. could’nt bring her self to do a photo shoot with her so called boyfriend lol



  • Tobi

    Hmmm………airbrushed at all???? Perfectly rounded boobs? Where is the reality?

  • Danielle

    Wow this a great photo shoot. They both look awesome and work well together. Jen doesn’t look any different than she did 10 years ago. I wish i had her dedication to fitness and health.

  • Isis Lara

    Why does she always have to be half naked while he’s fully clothed? I’d rather see a reversal role for once. But then, insecure people wouldn’t really appreciate it.

  • hilda

    Actually the photoshoot is offensive…what’s the point of demeaning a guy to show that you in charge? Putting her feet in his mouth!!!!!!! so much aggression Jen towards men, what’s up Daddy issues?

  • http://justjarde tota

    looking good
    jen rocks

  • http://justjarde tota

    team jen

  • sheila

    YAWN JA’s photo shoots are always half-naked, always the same and she talks like a teenage girl (“pimpled stage” and “my 30s blew”, who talks like that except 16 year olds!!). If only she spent half as much time improving her poor acting skills (this will just be Rachel at a nudist camp) as she does blowdrying her hair and working out. And yet she wonders why she doesn’t get offered juicy parts and can’t break out of the romcom sexy girl roles (didn’t she just say recently she doesn’t get offered any other kind of roles). But when she is posing half-naked ALL THE TIME like a middle-age Lindsay Lohan who can’t seem to keep her clothes on, what does she expect, “good actress” and “how talented” are not words that come to mind when I see her, so likely no Hollywood Execs either when casting the good roles. She’s 43, not 23, she need to guide her career to playing less sexy because she is stuck career-wise.

  • http://justjarde tota


  • http://justjarde tota

    i cannt wait to see wanderlust

  • JD

    Don’t get me wrong, she looks great. But we’ve seen your body enough times, Jennifer!!! He’s fully clothed and you’re in a bra. I would hope an A-lister wouldn’t have to stoop that low, especially at her age. Not because she’s too old (because she looks amazing), but because she should have enough wisdom to know being topless just makes her look desperate and insecure.

  • http://justjarde tota

    amazing shoot

  • Amazed

    Why is she being pictured in her bra while the guy is fully dressed???

  • Melissa B

    @Juliana: LOL me too, and I’m 25

  • Sara

    She is desperate to hang onto to any youth! She is acting like a 20 year old.

    Would you ever see the same age Cate Blanchett acting like this to sell a film? Nope, because Cate has class and talent.

    This film is tracking poorly, she can’t open a film no matter how naked she gets.

  • ugh

    this cover photo says it all: rudd in suit and tie, anniston with her bosoms bulging out of her bra….anniston does look good and unfortunately her movie career is sub standard…but does that mean self-respect and modesty go out the window? presupposing she had those qualities to begin with….

  • http://justjarde maria

    great body

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  • http://justjarde maria


  • place of truth…FF

    She is beautiful, has a delightful man, a great family, a successful career, millions of friends, millions of fans and rich, and MUST NOT SATISFACTION OF YOUR LIFE TO NOBODY?
    JEN STOP!!! it will blow your head of your haters, girl please stop…