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LeAnn Rimes: 'I Will Always Love You' Whitney Houston Tribute

LeAnn Rimes: 'I Will Always Love You' Whitney Houston Tribute

LeAnn Rimes heads through LAX Airport on Monday (February 13) in Los Angeles.

Earlier in the weekend, the 29-year-old singer paid tribute to the late Whitney Houston at her concert in Reno, Nevada.

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LeAnn took the stage and belted out “I Will Always Love You.” At one point, LeAnn had to stop singing because she got so emotional.

Whitney Houston was the first cd I ever bought. She had a…gift. Hopefully, she’s singing with angels now.” LeAnn tweeted when she heard the news.

Watch LeAnn‘s tribute to Whitney below…

FYI: LeAnn is wearing Rebecca Minkoff‘s ‘Wes Lace Moto’ Jacket.

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44 Responses to “LeAnn Rimes: 'I Will Always Love You' Whitney Houston Tribute”

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  1. 26
    publi$ity Says:

    Making fun of yourself all the time shows how stupid you are lol

  2. 27
    Mad Says:

    Just because someone does inappropriate things, or bad things doesn’t mean she doesn’t have feelings, and doesn’t mean she can’t get emotional about a song, and the death of someone she idolized. Sure she doesn’t seem like the best person in the world, but she did a great job with the song. You can’t deny that. Settle down people. It’s not like you know the person and she’s in your life every day wrecking it. So why all the hate? If you hate her so much, just don’t bother coming onto stories about her. Bitterness is an ugly thing. Sure she may not be a nice person, who knows if she is or isn’t, plus she may love the attention from the media. Like I said, she’s not in your life ******** it up, so give the woman a break.

  3. 28
    Kris Says:

    It was nice she took time to pay tribute to Whitney Houston during her show. Her rendition wasn’t bad either…in my opinion.

  4. 29
    Communist Says:

    I hate on her. She shouldn’t be there.

  5. 30
    Zuba Says:

    You know what? Jennifer’s tribute at the Grammy’s was touching, Leann’s strikes me as just trying to get attention for herself. She didn’t know Whitney, never met her. Even people who knew Whitney well in the music industry are not getting as hysterical as Leann. And since WHEN has Whitney been her idol? I’ve never seen her mention her in any interview before. All of a sudden Whitney is her idol. Yeah right!

  6. 31
    J. Ryan Says:

    You people can say whatever you want about her looks and her voices but seriously you guys are trolls… literally. Plus, she won a grammy for best new artist and best country vocal performance at the age of 14. You just keep hating… she can go shine her trophies.

  7. 32
    puri Says:

    This woman looks unnaturally thin and scary, i have nothing against her, she just needs some help i’d say.

  8. 33
    Communist Says:

    @Zuba: Nowadays, every singer says Whitney is their idol to get attention

  9. 34
    Hellooooooo Says:

    Her voice sucks ? Please stop it , she has a beautiful pure voice and her vibratos were better than Jennifer Hudson , not as powerful and lighter but better in it’s own way ! You might not like her but she can sing ! Better than half of the people than performed at the Grammys anyway , not mentioning names because die hard fans will jumps on my throat but still she can sing !

  10. 35
    Hellooooooo Says:

    @Gimme a Break: People make mistakes cut the crap , you don’t say somebody can’t sing while they can , because they cheated ! That’s pure BS! And there are way worst thing that cheating!

  11. 36
    Jane Says:

    @Mad: She sure as h*** didn’t have any FEELINGS when she f***ed another woman’s husband. She only cares about HER feelingsONLY. SHE is nothing but a self-rghtous b**** who claims that the whole world revolves around her. Leave to WEWE to make Whitney’s death all bout her. Pulease.

    When WEWE dies, do you think the world is going to mourn her like Whitney H*** to the NO!

    Jennifer Hudsom was hand picked to sing at the Grammys. If WEWE is such a pure talent why didn’t they ask her? I’ll tell you why. She’d be booed off the stage !

    Nuff said.

  12. 37
    UnhealthySkinny Says:

    Look at her chest…
    She quite honestly looks like how people do when they’ve been held in prison fed only rice and water for 3 years. This is considered ‘attractive’ these days? Why? She is nothing but flesh and bone, literally. This ‘trend’ is unhealthy skinny. Their is nothing to grab, hold on to. No softness at all. Is she ill? Have cancer? Most people wish to avoid looking so frail? She was once so soft and touchable. Okay, I’m not a man… but know what I mean?

  13. 38
    Jenna Says:

    Oh my, how can she even think she’ll do Whitney any justice?? Okay, so Leann’s got a nice voice – for country-pop. But that’s not what’s needed to perform “I will always love you”!! So bugger off, Leann! Jeez…

  14. 39
    char Says:

    where was she singing. sounds like in a basement somewhere. Maybe less than a 100 people there. My, how she has fallen. next stop greyhound bus station bathroom. heard the acoustics are good in there

  15. 40
    Jane Says:

    Sorry about all the misspellings earlier. The whole issue makes me sick, just utterly sick. Leann never, and I mean never mentioned that Whitney was her idol/influence. Look at Wikipedia and it CLEARLY states that Patsy Cline, Barbra Streisand, Winona Judd and Reba McIntyre are her major influences and idols. No one iota of the text ever states Whitney. Once again…WEWE makes it ALL about her. She finds anything very noteworthy and turns it around to include her just like she did when there was an attempt to kidnap Joss Stone and WEWE sais someone tried to kidnap her TWICE. Geez…when is this idiot going to stop once and for all?????

  16. 41
    Robby K. Says:

    @CJLOVE23: Regardless of what she’s done that you don’t approve of, her talent is indisputable and universally acknowledged. Which begs the question, why do you really “hate” this celebrity ?

  17. 42
    Sick of Haters Says:

    Most of the derisive gibberish written about LeAnn Rimes on these comment boards is not worth addressing. However, I believe occasionally a real fan might read these and be misinformed as to facts verses fiction.
    LeAnn can sing better than 99 per cent of singer/artists in any genre or any technically difficult singing. Moreover, as a musical prodigy she is quite modest about her abilities and remarkably grounded. In my capacity with of an air service in Nashville for a number of years I have often seen and spoke with LeAnn Rimes. She is polite to a fault, never demanding or arrogant and always cheerful. Many of her trips involved charitable activities and benefits. I can remember no other similar stars involved in as much of this activity over the last ten years

  18. 43
    Jane Says:

    @Sick of Haters: Pulease…get over yourself. There are dozens and dozens of singers out there who could knock WEWE on her bony a**:
    Barbra Streisand
    Celine Dion
    Kelly Clarkson
    Cristina Aguilera
    Rene Fleming
    Jennifer Holiday
    Jennifer Nettles
    Jennifer Hudson
    Lady Gaga
    Aretha Frankilin
    Mariah Carey
    Janet Jackson
    Reba McEntire
    Annie Lennox
    Alisson Krauss
    Stevie Knicks
    The late Whitney Houston
    Joss Stone
    Wynona Judd
    Natasha Bedingfield
    Melissa Etheridge
    Should I go on, love?

    Shall I gone on, hon?

  19. 44
    V Says:

    I don’t understand why she breaks down for a moment then sings perfectly fine the next second….she can sing but her personality is horrible.

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