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George Clooney Talks Brad Pitt Friendship with THR

George Clooney Talks Brad Pitt Friendship with THR

George Clooney takes the cover of The Hollywood Reporter‘s latest issue.

Here’s what the 50-year-old actor had to share:

On alcohol: “I drink at times too much. I do enjoy drinking, and there have been times in my life when it’s crossed the line from being fun to having to drink late at night for absolutely no reason. So what I do is, I stop. I haven’t had a drink since New Year’s Eve.”

On his friendship with Brad Pitt: “Brad is one of the great guys. We’re good friends, but it’s different from what people think, meaning we don’t spend a lot of time together. He has been to my home in Como; we motorcycle together. But until recently, I hadn’t seen Brad in a year.”

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  • Hum

    He can “thank” Angelina Jolie for losing touch with his best friend…

  • MummyDi

    Of course Angelina absorbs Brad

  • Green

    George Clooney, the best PR role model for many Hollywood stars who want to know how it’s done.
    He is always absolutely honest, has nothing to defend, and comes across as slightly self-deprecating. And he isn’t even the greatest actor.
    The only weakness in his image is his playboy thing, which he has also handled very well.
    Flies just under the radar but gets enough PR without ever looking like he ever tries.

  • Gossipgirl

    Christ on a cracker! Please give Clooney the effing Oscar already so he will STFU. I am just sick of him!

  • lala

    That woman lives in a jail. Without friends or family. And ´she makes Brad to live the same way. At least he works more than her. There is definitive something wrong with her. I remember Brad at Golden Globes giving a interview to Ryan S. And Angelina was rushing to be there, like she was paniked. And her aggressive talking wasn´t that appropriate. I can understand that George can´t spend so much time him anymore. RememberAngelina trying hysteric to be the middlepoint there.

  • DiatribesAndOvations

    Brad Pitt is so cool. I’d like to see either of the two win the Oscar but I’m all but certain it will go to Jean Judardin.

  • julie

    i like George, he’s great at his job, i like his relationship with brad, aw.

  • rachel

    George is a playboy and Brad is a family man. Brad doesn’t want to waste his time partying with George and his female friends. He rather spend his time with his family…that’s the fact. Silly bitter people always try to say negative things about Angelina. Did you know, Angelina is a goddess and she owns you?

  • MummyDi

    @rachel: I’m not jealous of Angelina because I don’t know her. She’s living in another world. But, of course, I’m not going to be her slave and she my goddess because as I said before I don’t know her and not almost everyone says nice things about her. So I have to deduce which is difficult.

  • lol

    Well NO one will pay so much attention to Angelina if she is wasn´t with Brad. I mean until then No one cared for her.

  • dd

    he and Aniston should get together cause they always mention Brad on every (at least) interview.

  • Curious George

    LOL.. since when was George Clooney Brad’s best friend.

    Brad has a tight group of friends. George has never been one of them. They like each other. Joke around. But think.. George said Brad pranked him on the OCEAN set. how freaking love ago was that. George hangs with Cindy and Randy. Brad/Angie have 6 children. I don’t see them leaving their kids with sitters to go and hang on a beach with George. Brad has a family. And has said on so many occasions that he likes being with his family.

    That is what grown up do George. The don’t play boy games with friends forever. Brad is a GAM and is living the life he said years ago that he wanted. Why is George not mentioning Matt or Don or the other guys. Why in the world does he talk all the time about Brad. I need to reread Brad’s interview in THR.. doubt he spent much time on George.
    George has some unhealthy love for Brad.. and sorry George. Brad will never ever return those feelings. YOU George are sounding creepy now. Funny he should be talking about Randy and Cindy. They are together all the time. That is what I find funny.

  • signage

    @Green: ROFL. You just know whoever wrote that was howling with ironic laughter. He has been campaigning like crazy for the Oscar, even renting a d-list hooker for publicity. Now that it’s backfiring on him, maybe he will stop doing such trashy publicity stunts in the future.

  • signage

    “The only weakness in his image is his playboy thing, which he has also handled very well.”
    He doesn’t have an image as a playboy. He has an image as a desperate John who rents hookers for publicity. A true playboy attracts desirable, classy women who aren’t for sale, and when was the last time, if ever, Clooney was with one of those? His publicity and the trashy persona they’ve created is a giant Fail.

  • Gossipgirl

    @signage: Well said!! amen.

  • 100mph

    Wow!! am I the only person who knows nothing about George or
    his life style?? certainly not his friendship with Brad, and most of
    all.. Do-Not give a.. grunt!! more power to you Clooney, here’s to my
    pooo not yours… (->out)

  • Denise M


    You are so right, Angie is a goddess. I love me some Angelina.

  • Denise M

    @Curious George: #12

    He was not talking negatively about Brad. He just said Brad is a friend who he does not get to see too often. Many friends go long periods of time without seeing each other.

  • Frozoid

    No one’s commenting her on the more important issue: his drinking.

    Many a time my friends and I have commented at how soused Clooney has been at awards shows.. You can tell he likes to tipple. Sounds like he thinks he’s got a wee bit of a drinking problem. Good for him for stopping.

  • Saph

    Of course George won’t talk about Stacy there is nothing to talk about. Everybody knows she is going to be gone right after the Oscars. If George was really smart he would dump her before then he just looks like a small and very old man next to Oscar date Barbie. Stacy didn’t even get to go to the BAFTA’s and no Valentines Day with George. I do think George and Brad are friends but not BFF’s in anyway. With or without Angelina they two different kinds of men. George REALLY wants this Oscar doesn’t he? Would have been so much smarter doing it on his own without the cheerleader bugging everyone for jobs and snaps to prove she was in the same room with them. George get a girl with some class and dress sense would good too.

  • شات حلا

    No one’s commenting her on

  • blue sky

    You are terrible Signage.
    George is a good man.

    Who are you to make insinuations about a man’s private life.

    He without sin cast the first stone. (I guess that’s all of you)
    That’s why you feel free to judge, right Signage?

  • signage

    @blue sky: I haven’t said a single thing about his private life. I have posted about his idiotic publicity people and the trashy public persona they have created. But you knew that, right, Cray Cray? Why don’t you go post some more lies on your blog complete with pics of your impostor dog.

  • blue sky

    Can I have the link to my blog, LOL!!

    I gave you a thumbs up :) for calling me Cray.
    In God’s eye she is riding in the same boat as you.

    Hum, I wonder where that boat is heading

  • blue sky


    For your troubled soul.
    Use your energy and creativity for something more positive.

  • blue sky
  • Roxy

    Why is Angie being blamed for Brad and George not hanging together. I’ve never known Brad to be best friends with George. Obviously they live a different lifestyle with different priorities. Brad has a woman and 6 kids that’s much more important than hanging and partying….it’s call GROWING UP. As for the comment that Angie would not have been famous without Brad…I think maybe you’re refering to that clinger Jennifer Aniston, because before Angie met Brad she had a string of great movies under her belt… an oscar, an emmy (sp) and 3 golden globes

  • signage

    @blue sky: My soul isn’t the least bit troubled.

  • susan

    I wonder if signage has as many thumbs down
    as she likes to give in the BOOK.

  • signage

    @blue sky: Yes, you should use your energy for something positive, such as telling the truth for change and doing something to improve things for other women rather than reinforcing the status quo and even undoing advances women have made in Hollywood. I’ll post truth wherever I want, as a positive activity.

  • signage

    @susan: What book is that? Clooney’s little black book? I’m sure I’m not listed therein, as I’m not easily controlled.

  • susan


    Do you know who blue sky is and what
    she does for a living, that you would say she is against woman’s advance and treatment. For all women not just one type.
    Do you know who everyone posting here is?

    I bet you also know who I am.

  • signage

    Someone is walking on very thin ice. It’s not too late for Clooney to keep you away from the Oscars.

  • http://website david ouellette

    I like George but he’s all over the map these days giving interviews to anyone and every one. It must be really hard work being a movie star – sitting in a comfy chair and giving an interview( I guess he wants that Oscar bad!)

  • nina

    @dd: Yeah George and Chinnifer have same interests not wanting to behave their age, hanging from one toyboy/girl to another, Dont want kids/family=Cloonnifer! I ONLY respect George for his HUMANITARIAN WORK nothing else! Brad has a family and stable elationship with Queen Angie.

  • nina

    @Roxy: The one who was clingy to Brad was Chinnifer with nothing of her own. Angie has been a successfull actress with an oscar, Humanitarian, pilot, a mother long before she met Brad. No wonder Brad left that good for nothing old witch for her! Angie is still an every man’s dream woman. She has been my all time number ONE..

  • Michelo II
  • Micael

    Give the guy an Oscar already… He works his ass off.

  • wicked wonks

    People should be mocked and spied on for posting the truth about the deceptive, fakeGF,failed media campaign strategy. They should also be pitifully accused by pathetic, greedy bullies as being “nut-jobs”, “nut-cases”, “obsessed” “fans”…”stalkers” etc, the same-old, worn out, “hater” terminology used to “shut up”, “intimidate” and “silence” anyone who pursues truth as a matter of principle.

    Likewise, anyone who spoke out against the (also) deceptive “weapons-of-mass–destruction” “media” campaign, should also have been “silenced”, “mocked”, “spied-on,” and accused of being an “obsessed” govt. “fan”, “nut-case”, “nut-job” “deluded” “psycho”…”secret stalker in love” with the govt”…..blah blah blah….blah….nauseum x 1000..

    Blog posters that naturally pursue truth should always be “hushed” and “silenced”. They should be “named” and “mocked” publicly. How dare intelligent, sophisticated, decent individuals pursue truth over deception, and speak out against glaring PR deception, especially if gutless, greedy bully’s stand to lose financially and George is victimized for agreeing to deception at any cost! For the love of beezelbub, how else will films get made??!!!

    Truth should NEVER be permitted to be pursued if greed-whoring bully’s stand to lose financially, especially in the US. This is an uncivilized, unconscienable, famewhore-infested nation. Truth and human dignity are of NO value on American soil, especially in Hollywood.. GREED and DECEPTION must continue to erode this nation! Celebrity at any cost must become america’s national mantra! America’s youth must be taught that talent is meaningless if they have any hope of achieving five minutes of fleeting fame and a self-absorbed, superficial, self-serving, celebrity lifestyle!

    Human dignity DOES NOT matter, decency does NOT matter! Self-respect does NOT matter, intelligent women who refuse to behave vulgarly in public do NOT matter. Truth is of NO value whatsoever! People’s lives are also of NO value unless a person is readily willing to whore themselves, at any cost! Anyone who speaks out against truth must be mocked, named, intimated and silenced!! If the Roman empire could fall, then by Beezlebub, so must the Hollywood empire!!!!

  • Ah…Bite Me!

    @ wicked wonks….hahahahahahaha

    What’s the matter? Don’t like being called out for stalking a celebrity? Everywhere you post….YOU will be called out! ahhahahahaha

    How do YOU like being stalked? GET USED TO IT PREFERTOREMAINANONYMOUS………hahahahahaha

    And Signage….changing your name and stalking poor George isn’t going to make you his “twin flame soul” and that’s not “sacred sex” you’re having, that’s called masturbation honey! LOL

  • lou

    To wicked wonks @ 02/17/2012 at 4:14 am
    aka Signage

    You are like the Energizer bunny; you just keep giving and giving. In this case, another wonderful diatribe from our favorite psychotic. The people I work with are so grateful; after all, you are better than the morning comics. Some of them are actually now hoping that George wins the Oscar for best actor. Not because he deserves it but because they think your “temper tantrum” as a result will be hysterical.


    Ah Bite Me and lou- You guys are the true Energizer bunnies. Spouting your caustic venom everywhere indeed. The true hysterical is both of you and your counterparts. Perhaps Signage will post again just so the rest of us can poke fun at your lame o postings. God Bless both/one of you. Take your choice.

  • lou

    to Timekeeper

    not to worry, your posts are equally has hysterically funny. some of the people in my office actually think you and signage are one in the same. then there are those, who are men, who think that the two(?) of you are both women jealous that you have no access to George. either way, please keep posting.


    Lou don’t flatter yourself. Hmm… Could that be a pr office. Bunch of high strung coked chatty kathys. Jealousy? Think not. Amused? Definitely. Like your queenie barbs. Go shine your chrome dome.

  • critical thinking

    tiny is as tiny says. lol. looks like tiny is out biting anyone who speaks up and tells the truth! poor tiny. you’re giving “our office” just as many laughs. lol….


    The screen star confessed he had been “left for someone; all those things. And it was sometimes a surprise, and sometimes you saw it coming. The most painful was when I kept trying to get (one woman) back. But we all make dumb mistakes.”

    —- I am curious. So there was one woman he tried to get back. Hmmm… Did he try personally or did he have hired lackeyes? Did he try to see her point of view or said my way or the highway? Did he put as much effort or expect her to be a doormat and shut up and deal with it because he is a movie star? Did she truly know that he loved and supported her or was she suppose to assume it was so, and that all the Hollywood women/people, and “starlets”(I use that term meant nothing to him as much as her? I ask, because my gut tells me that he really more than likely did not do this. If so, then yep that is a whole lotta dumb mistakes as he calls them. What has been explained to me, is that women of character, and not the pr scum he is linked with truly do not get the time of day. Opportunistic women has a price, easy to gauge, and control. So yes, I agree George Clooney you have made a whole lotta of dumb mistakes. So how about more smart moves eh?

  • Nancy Drew

    He’s been linked to nasty wasty’s for years and she knows he doesn’t know she even exists. All of his other doormats luv bein seen in lacy see thru agenda’ panties but she’d volunteer to hunt down al-quaida before she’d ever be caught dead wearin see thru agenda panties in public. He chooses to walk red carpets with people who could care less about him but she’s allergic to famewhorishness so she wouldn’t want to harm him or ruin him in any way. He has made dumb mistakes but so has she. That’s something they do have in common.


    Okay, now I am confused. How can George try to get a certain woman back, if he as you say doesn’t know she exist? It is like the age old argument what comes first, the chicken or the egg? Agenda panties? What is that? Allergic to famewhorishness? Harm or hurt him in any kind of way? How can she hurt him if he is assisting in pushing this agenda by siding with his handlers? She made dumb mistakes? What kind and what ways? Your answers have more riddles than The Sphinx. It just seems due to observation that this latest article as some are saying, to make him more palatable to Oscar voters. These women he is with publicly are just well a joke. Fabricated bad comedy material that is highly addictive for him. If this woman truly exists then she was more than likely a non a*s*s* kisser as well as someone who possess some self esteem, brains, and a force to reckon with and it was not acceptable in his entourage. Part theory, and part observation.

  • Gripers Observatory

    @Time-”It just seems due to observation that this latest article as some are saying, to make him more palatable to Oscar voters.”

    The latest article does make him seem a lot more palatable. Not only to oscar voters but to the entire universe. That’s a great thing at long last!!! It’s about time he’s observed in a positive light. All his other negative publicity promoting trashy women just added more negativity to society (as if there isn’t enough too much trash in the world without George of all people adding to it) He has a lot of positivity to contribute to humanity. Whoever decided to finally start publishing a positive perspective of him (w/o the trashy bimbos) was smart to do so. Even if it was only done to collect oscar votes. Better to collect oscar votes by getting rid of the trash than to pollute humanity by only collecting votes from the porn industry.


    Gripers Observatory I agree, but I doubt it is long term. That is the sad part to me. I feel he has contributed far too much of the negative with what appeared a touch of arrogance attached especially where the bimbos are concerned. If it is only to collect Oscar votes with true sincerity, then what positivity has truly been gained if you really think about it? This means when it is all over, the old parlor tricks will be back in full force. Unfortunately all of Hollywood prescribes to that for the most part unfortunately. Different circumstance, but look what happened to Whitney Houston. That broke my heart. That should of never happened but it did. Why? Her loved ones were not able/allowed to really get in there and do what they needed to do to save her life. I don’t think George is going to be another Whitney Houston, but damaging effects are still there. That is a travesty.