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Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols Split?

Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols Split?

Sophia Bush and longtime boyfriend Austin Nichols have reportedly called it quits.

The 29-year-old actress split from Austin, 31, who she co-starred with on One Tree Hill, after dating on and off for six years, according to Us Weekly.

Sophia “didn’t think he was the one,” a source told the mag, adding, “She’s moving on.”

Sophia recently made a solo appearance at the Foster the People concert in Vegas.

She’ll soon be working on her new CBS comedy pilot, Partners.

ARE YOU SAD to hear Sophia Bush and Austin Nicholas have split?

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  • Nasty

    Sophia worked on OTH for 10 years. It aired for nine seasons. Chad and Sophia were married for goodness sakes. The divorce was so painful for both. Why are you so cruel. Sophia has had three boyfriends in the next seven years. I have more in a month. You really need to take your petty thoughts some where else. Trying to insult someone says more about your problems than you think.

  • Bri

    #49 You are one mean bi@#%h. Sophia ia a wonderful person who has had a failed marriage. Dated some really wonderful guys and it was not meant to be. Just like the rest of us. The issue I see is your unrelenting jealousy so you have a need to try and demean Sophia. There is always someone prettier, sexier, smarter, wealthier etc. another fact of life. No one bedded any whole cast. Let’s ask James, Shantel, Chad and Hilarie who they were sleeping with before, during and after each of their relationships on oth ended. To keep your opinions fair and balanced….

  • Louise

    I have always rooted for Sophia, especially after how devestat4ed and humiliated she was at the split with CMM, but the cynical side of me thinks there is something very odd about the timing of this break up and announcement. But you know what really annoys me more? That they couldn’t have delayed announcing the split for just another few weeks, until OTH was finally finished airing. . I realise its not real life, but I have invested 9 years in watching OTH – and now – no matter what happens – the illusion is tainted. I don’t think I’ll even bother watching the remaining 7 episodes now, I don’t think I could stand to look at the two of them faking it on screen. Part of the magic of the show was knowing they were a real couple. Having said that, I do wish them both every happiness in their future lives. I always thought Austin was too good an actor for just TV shows – I hope he concentrates on his career now, and lands some good leading roles.

  • sodamnpretty

    Isn’t Sophia G.A.Y?

  • GGirl

    @Louise, Sorry I am LOL, your comment is proof positive that this relationship was FAKE. You are the reason these fake relationships exist – the fangirs who need the illusion that their onscreen romances are real life. Get a clue! This is Hollywood!!

  • May

    @What a Hoe:
    I’m not making any excuses for her behavior you idiot. What I said was the TRUTH. And just because your ugly a$$ may not think Sophia is all that gorgeous, there are millions of men across he world who DO and declare there undying love to her on twitter everyday. Especially we all know that if 3 hott men asked you out, any woman to say no would be the worlds biggest IDIOT.
    And for the morons who think Sophia never got over CMM….are you imbeciles on CRACK?!
    Because SHE was the one to kick HIS a$$ to the curb.
    And she had plenty of chances to take him back, but never did.

  • Louise

    @GGirl – I don’t see how you can conclude from my comment that this was a FAKE relationship. I admire them both as individuals, but don’t think either of them were faking being a couple for the last few years. Nor am I a niave “fangirl” who believed that their relationship offscreen was the same as onscreen. I just think the timing sucks, coming so close to the end of the show’s run. And seeing as you mentioned it – yes, isn’t the whole purpose of Hollywood all about creating illusions? Thats why we love it. ;-)

  • Carolyn

    What I found amusing is that you think this was a planned announcement…really. A “Source” means someone somewhere heard someone talking who knew Sophia and or Austin. Austin and Sophia have not said a word. Do I think they are over? Yes. I don’t think about my past relationships very often. Sometimes a memory here or there. And after all the break ups I’ve had I still my good feelings about my execs. Even though we all reach break up status the good parts came back in your thoughts after time. Hope they both have success personal and career wise.

  • Louise

    A source is also commonly a PR person. I don’t think its a coincidence either that this news breaks at the same time as Sophia tweets about Katy Perry’s “Part of Me” being her new “anthem”. Its about as close to an announcement as Sophia likes to make.

  • Blah

    I notice more people support Sophia than Austin. Even though I don’t care for either I think thats really messed up

  • What a Hoe


    “Men who declare their Undying love on twitter” if you ask me most men don’t even know who she is because they don’t watch OTH, it is the fangirls that go ape shit over her(little voices) and all the other’s who she loves to kiss ass too….because she feeds off of it and is the only one who will reply back because she loves all the praise about herself!!! I don’t base popularity on twitter!! Some people get off on how many people “follow” them, because it makes them feel important, but in reality people will follow any celebrity who is the most vocal and tweets back. Look at how many followers Kim Kardashian has. If you are a professional and the guy you married on the show didn’t work out….lay off the rest of the cast…..that is called a professional, not a skank who will “do” three cast mates because their hot!!

  • No way

    All the cast are fair game. Because you dislike Sophia that makes it okay, sorry. All of them screwed up with multiple partners. Not at the same time but over the course of several years except for CM he run amuck. Average 20 something year old behavior. Except Joy who was wild before oth which she even admitted to her partying ways before she became a born again. Maybe you should look closely into Shantel and she who was sleeping with at the same times. MS & JL. No one had the balls to tell JL about MS he probably knows by now.

  • mary

    I love Sophia but how convinient for her, now that the show ended she can go back home and act like he meant nothing to her.

    And did she really need to tweet that Katy Perry song? Now everyone will think Austin did something horrible when she was the one that didn’t want to get married.

  • Yay

    Here is something worth talking about!
    Casting news for Partners!!!!
    Michael Urie/Ugly Betty

  • tititi

    I feel sorry for Sophia and Austin. They seem to be good people, I hope they can both find happiness.

    @No way:
    Joy used to party before OTH? She’s always said she was never the type of girl to party and be in big crowds.

  • CL

    Joy was wild before OTH??? When she was on Guiding Light, the daytime gossip sites struggled to find any dish about her because there wasn’t any. Even Brittany Snow, one of her younger castmates then, had a boyfriend, but Joy was never seen with anyone. And though she did attend some events every now and then (she practically lived on set, as she had some of the most high-profile storylines for the duration of her contract), she was never known for “her partying ways”. (And I defy you to come up with the so-called interviews where she’s admitted anything to that effect.) The only gossip that was remotely attached to her name was speculation as to whether there was anything between Joy and her leading man, Paul Anthony Stewart. They had great chemistry, got along very well off camera, but most people knew it couldn’t have been anything more serious because he was gay.

    The Guiding Light set at the time was a hotbed of tensions, and there’s no way she could have been a “wild girl” but somehow managed to project a different image, because it was impossible for secrets to be kept. Believe me, of all the actors under contract at the time, and there were like 30+, she was part of the bunch who caused the least problems.

    Nor she did become a “born again” once she joined OTH. Her parents were devout Christians, and she graduated from Eastern Christian HS in NJ. By all accounts (not just her own but also her friends), her school life resembled that of Tutor Girl circa early season 1. The only difference is that her interests leaned towards arts and crafts (which her teachers seemed happy to nurture) rather than maths.

    So stop smearing her name just to try to score a point about her co-stars.

  • ha

    Joy’s mommy has come to her defense. so freakin funny. oth fans are nuts. Who cares about any of their personal lives. haters go home and stop bashing people you don’t know.

  • CL

    @ha: Start practicing what you preach.

  • ha

    I am not religious.

  • CL

    Nor good at comprehension obviously.

    Here’s another version: Pot, meet kettle.

  • hell yeah

    The difference between the other cast members and Sophia, if any of the rumors are true, is they did on the QT where as Sophia flaunted all her romances on set and to the paparazzi. She has to expect the fall out and the gossip that goes with it. The others were quiet about it, she needs to learn to keep her trap shut and stop calling the paparazzi everywhere she goes. Lay low and do your thing, but once it’s out it’s fair game in this business.

  • hehe

    The only peeps who care are from oth forums and ff. Same old bs every time. Who is better game.

  • Kelly

    Maybe now her and Chad can get back together

  • Lol

    Lmao some people are saying they don’t believe in love anymore bc they broke up. Really?

  • May

    @What a Hoe:
    Gee…jealous much???
    Because if anything, your pathetic little rant just displays how much Sophia’s very presence gets to you.Lol
    You say “most men don’t even know who Sophia is??”
    Really? Because I find that really funny. Is she someone on Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston’s level? No. Never said she was.
    But plenty of men DO know and DO love her. There are men in my own family including my brothers and his friends who find Sophia sexy and stunning and yet have NEVER watched 2 seconds of OTH. Unlike me, they came to know about her by surfing on those sexy women’s lists that men like to frequent.
    Then there’s the fact that there are men in Hollywood and sports who have stated that Sophia Bush is sexy and beautiful….people like Nick Jonas for example.
    So its not just fangirls that go apesh$t on her. Accept it.
    I said it before and I’ll say it again…..if you had three hot men on a show throw themselves at you and make you feel like the most special woman in the world, you TOO, would date them.
    But lets face it, haterz like you probably can’t get over the fact that God didn’t put you in her shoes and get a chance to date men that girls wish were there’s.Lol

  • Fact

    Lol at the person who decided to go on a long and pointless rant about Joy and try to show how Joy was apparently a “good girl” since the very day she was born.
    I have nothing against Joy, but while she did have a good arc on Guiding Light, most people didn’t really care all that much about her. In fact, Hollywood and the media barely even acknowledge soap actors in the first place and don’t bother reporting on most of what they do.
    Those who were close to Joy saw a lot of stuff going on that the fans and media never saw. She wasn’t always this “angel.” She was strongly rebelling at one point and did some crazy sh*t.
    And whether you want to believe it or deny, is entirely up to you. You can’t change history….no matter how much you may want to believe that something just can’t be true.

  • Carol

    So true. There are no saints. No poster saints no actor saints. We are all human and have flaws and make mistakes. We are mostly good people who learn as we go. It’s called life experience.

  • CL

    Who said anything about the Hollywood media?

    All I said was that within the daytime community, with its own publications and a long tradition of gossipmongering, it was incredibly difficult for anything to stay secret. That there were only 4 East Coast/NYC-based soaps (Guiding Light, All My Children, One Life To Live, As The World Turns) when Joy was on GL, and that the studios were smaller than those on the West Coast meant that if you had an affair or an altercation with a co-star, it immediately made the rounds, thanks to some cast & crew who were more than willing to spill the beans. We knew Hayden Panettiere’s mother had a reputation for being an overbearing stage mom long before she hit primetime. Ditto with Matthew Bomer being gay. Do you think Joy was somehow spared from all that scrutiny and “interest”? She was one of GL’s hottest stars at the time, and there was a LOT of interest in her private life or what she was like off camera. But she was who she was, and I remember someone on Datalounge commenting that she was “odd” because there was nothing to dish about her. One of the soap magazine editors said a lot of the cast & crew were at each other’s throats backstage on GL but Joy was one of the few exceptions. There was literally a bloodbath of exits (including headwriters) around the time Joy left the show, but she was the one of the few, if not the only, who didn’t say a peep about what was going on backstage in her interviews, just thanking her fans and stating it was time for her to move on. The mood was so bad at the time that people literally expected her to say something, anything, but she never, ever said anything remotely bad about her time on GL, not then nor ever since.

    Do I believe her to be some angelic, sainted figure? Of course not. But nor do I believe she has some kind of tawdry past that must stay secret, which is the insinuation here. Any window of opportunity for her to go “wild” would have been post-graduation, when she was living (first by herself, then with Abigail Spencer) in NYC, while her parents divorced and her mother moved to CA. She’s said on the record that the first six months were one of the worst times in her life b/c she felt so isolated and was working non-stop. If we couldn’t shake any dirt out of her life while she was in NY, why would it have been any different when she moved to CA? When a) it brought her closer to her mother and step-family and b) she met Lisa Vultaggio (who became her roommate), Jonathan Jackson and his bandmate, Michael, aka the “cult” people who supposedly “brainwashed” her? Or am I supposed to believe there’s some big, dirty secret that must stay hidden re: her life in Wilmington? Based on people who swore up and down she and James were lovers and she was going to divorce her husband? As far back as, what was it, S3? S4?

    Yeah right. If you want something to stick, at least make it credible, not with gaps as wide as the ozone hole in the Antarctic.

  • LOL

    Wowww, if no one thought it before, your absolutely ridiculous and longgggggggggggggggggg rant just made everyone realize that you’re either 1) Joy herself or 2) someone very closely related to her.
    Just stop already because NO WHERE in this entire entry was the private life of Joy or her Guiding Light days ever mentioned except for one poster who commented on Joy having her share of skeletons in the closet as well….to which you responded by going into her biography…..something most people on here and have NO interest of in this particular blog post.
    Like the earlier poster pointed out, no one really cared that much about Joy or even knew she existed outside of the Guiding Light fanbase. I remember seeing a picture of her about 3 or 4 years back before she joined OTH of her sprawled out on a couch and pretty much looking out of her mind with alcohol bottles laying all over the table in front of her. Its moments like these that really piss me off for not saving that picture and throwing it in people’s faces who live in a state of delusion because it goes to show she wasn’t always Miss Goody Two Shoes.
    We get that you’re either Joy or a close relative…….. but now please get over it and actually stick to the topic at hand.

  • CL

    I’m a long-time fan of Joy who’s followed her career since her GL days. I also grew up on soaps and have seen more soap gossip than I care to remember over the years. Much of what I know about Joy has been documented (eg. in her two years with GL, she generated more than a hundred articles in the soap press), ie. they’re facts, and I can provide the sources, including links to soap boards (with their own BTS threads on bad blood, affairs backstage, plastic surgeries, etc), to support my arguments that details of her life or personality don’t match the picture you’re trying to paint of her. If she does indeed have this “wild, boozy, party girl” whatever side of her that she’s trying to hide but through whatever means got leaked over the years (all this apparently while she was on OTH), am I to believe there aren’t any pictures or videos floating around because nobody bothered to save them? This fandom who hacked into her personal account to retrieve her baby’s sonograms? This fandom notorious for its painstaking efforts to stalk the cast? This fandom who’d whip up any “incriminating” evidence in a heartbeat, if it did exist, to score a point?

    You’re absolutely right Joy’s life is irrelevant to this thread. Then why bring it up in the first place in relation to her co-workers’ love lives, smearing her name in the process? Stop making insinuations about her life that can’t be backed up, and I’ll stop boring you with details of her life I can back up.

  • Shan

    “You’re absolutely right Joy’s life is irrelevant to this thread.”

    PF Joy’s life is IRRELEVANT not only in this thread but her life is just irrelevant. Nobody cares about her except her 2 fans. And those 2 fans are 24/7 behind they’re computers posting nasty comments about Sophia.

  • CL

    And once again, I must ask, who brought up Joy’s name in this thread? I suppose her fans wrote this:

    #62 No way @ 02/16/2012 at 3:55 pm: “All the cast are fair game. Because you dislike Sophia that makes it okay, sorry. All of them screwed up with multiple partners. Not at the same time but over the course of several years except for CM he run amuck. Average 20 something year old behavior. Except Joy who was wild before oth which she even admitted to her partying ways before she became a born again.”

    Whether you like Joy or not is your opinion, and I don’t care either way because it’s a matter of opinion.

    But when you start making up lies about her life just to deflect any negative attention from the actual topic of this thread, some other couple’s relationship, it’s not a matter of opinion, it’s a matter of veracity, and you’d better be prepared to be called on it.

    You can’t claim to know the “truth” and then act outraged because people won’t just take your word for it w/o evidence.

    You can’t drag Joy’s name into this and then argue it’s irrelevant and off-topic because you’re being challenged to back it up.

    You can’t have it both ways. You want this thread to stay on topic, practice what you preach.

  • OMG

    You people are NUTS!! All of you making this about Joy vs. Sophia! They are totally two different people with different goals in life. Joy being more artsy and having real talent and more of a creative person and Sophia being more Hollywood starlet who knows how to work it and loves the publicity, positive or negative!

  • jenn


  • Kay

    I knew this was coming. I’m actually surprised they lasted this long.

    They both need to find “the right one” and hopefully in the future they will. Too bad Chad did what he did because Sophia really loved him.

  • LOL

    SHUT THE F*CK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    In fact, go find Joy and try working on pulling your head out of her butthole because its clearly so far up there that its causing you to talk about sh$t that NO ONE cares about.
    No need to provide any so called “sources” to try show people what a suppossed angel Joy is.
    The girl hit rock bottom at one point and even stated in a past interview that if I find it, I’ll be more then happy to post it here, where she says that she was doing some f$cked up sh$t at one point until she changed her ways.
    So get off your high horse and just shutup because you seem more then just a “fan” or a “soap fan” at this point. Instead, you seem like a crazy family member trying to put Joy on some sort of pedestal and its getting funnier and funnier with each and every single passing moment.
    And FYI, just because some random poster mentioned Joy for 2 seconds doesn’t mean you have to sit inf front of your computer in desparate attempts to write long biography’s about her to try and show everyone that she is this perfect person who can do no wrong. The woman herself admitted to being a hardcore partyier at one point.
    Get over it.

  • Malin

    Sophia Bush is:
    extremely talented
    very intelligent
    and the list goes on. I wish her nothing but success and happiness from here on out.

  • Colleen

    The true stans for BJG have emerged for all to see. Lordy, lordy seems accurate for sure. This fanbase will be rabid for life.

  • PL

    Sophia and most celebs have stans. Joy and Sophia probably laugh their ass off because of all you type of people. It is ok to like both girls. Fighting makes you all look immature.

  • CL


    Your temper tantrum in a nutshell –

    S/A broke up but hey let’s talk about the rest of the cast so that everyone else will leave Sophia alone. Did you know Joy did XYZ before OTH? [I point out she couldn't have done XYZ b/c her life was ABC pre-OTH.] You don’t know what you’re talking about!! Only I know the truth about Joy and it’s the truth b/c I say so!! And why are you even talking about Joy?! This is about Sophia!! (Never mind you’re the one who brought up Joy in the first place.) I’m the only one who can talk about Joy, and I’ll smear her name if it suits my needs, no one else can talk about her b/c it’s off-topic, it’s only on topic when I do, so STFU!!

    As for this interview of Joy you insist exists: “The girl hit rock bottom at one point and even stated in a past interview that if I find it, I’ll be more then happy to post it here, where she says that she was doing some f$cked up sh$t at one point until she changed her ways.”

    Please, by all means find it and show it to me. Just remember to state your source (ie. either the publication or the program and date).

  • Oh dear

    We know how common saints are. St. Joy has been perfect every step of the way. Let’s talk about making it official. I’m sure her parent will be pleased.

  • tititi

    Why are people this way? For God’s sake! Both Joy and Sophia stans badmouth Sophia and Joy, respectively so why don’t you girls stop acting like one actress and one fanbase is better than the other and admit that you’re exactly the same? It would save us from these stupid fights we see all the time in this godamn site. Both Joy and Sophia are talented and love each other, why all the hate? (and I’m looking at both Joy and Sophia stans, not just one or the other). Just quit it and stop being immature, people. You seem like kindergarted kids
    “No, my doll is better than yours!”
    “No, it’s not, mine is! ”
    “No, you suck!”
    “And you stink!”


  • huh?

    No my doll is better and I don’t stink you stink

  • LOL

    MY temper tantrum??? LMAO
    I suggest you go back and read your earlier posts because you sound like a whiny teenager in a desperate attempt to make some actress who doesn’t even know you exist seem like this angel sent from God.
    Give me a break.

  • CL

    An angel sent from God? Since when being a professional and having a low-key personality means you’re a saint? You’re making up these lies about Joy’s “wild” “f$cked up sh$t” life “before OTH”, none of which make sense given her documented track record and history all the way back to “3or 4 years before she joined OTH”, you claim to have seen pictures and interviews detailing her “f$cked up sh$t” past but which you can’t produce, you flip-flop between “I’ll talk about Joy to deflect attention from the topic on hand” and “Nobody else can talk about Joy if I’m called on it, aka STFU!!!”… yeah, that must seem positively angelic to you.

  • KY

    You seriously need to get your head reevaluated.
    Because from the way rest of us see it, you’re an obsessed idiot.

  • Whoa!

    LOL and CL you’re both wacko!!! LOL you do the same shit defending Sophia!!

  • L

    It is sad that they were so amazing together, and shared so much. They really impacted with the causes they did for Green Peace. Our Peace Warriors. They were adorable. I don’t think Soph wanted to get married, I think he did and she didn’t. People forget how hurt she was by douche Chad, and she was married, he wasn’t. It seems only fair she didn’t want to do that again. But after 6 years I thought they were amazing. But things don’t work out, and I am happy they are still friends. They make an amazing team, even if it’s not romantic anymore.

  • CL


    Hurl as much insult as you want, doesn’t change the fact I’m still waiting to see evidence of Joy’s “f$cked up sh$t” “partying ways” “hitting rock bottom” “wild life” “before OTH”, which began with this:

    “All the cast are fair game. Because you dislike Sophia that makes it okay, sorry. All of them screwed up with multiple partners. Not at the same time but over the course of several years except for CM he run amuck. Average 20 something year old behavior. Except Joy who was wild before oth which she even admitted to her partying ways before she became a born again.”

    With that kind of logic (“It happened and it’s all true b/c I say so”), I could spew any amount of insanity (eg. the reason Sophia broke up with Austin is b/c she hooked up with Chad again) and it’ll be true w/o any shred of evidence, if all I need to do is say that I saw them with my own eyes (in Wilmington, in LA, you name it) but forgot to take pictures.

    If you want the insanity to stop, stop making up lies first.

  • haha

    You crazy B@#$hes just keep it going. Do you have a life of your own? This could be a cheap reality show.