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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: 'Blood & Honey' Paris Premiere!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: 'Blood & Honey' Paris Premiere!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt arrive at the premiere of In the Land of Blood and Honey on Thursday (February 16) in Paris, France.

The 36-year-old actress stepped out in a Ralph & Russo dress with Lorraine Schwartz earrings and Jimmy Choo shoes, while Brad, 48, suited up in Gucci.

“I wanted people across the world to watch this movie and say, ‘That is a family like mine, that is a mother like me.’ So when they see a headline that says a bomb went off in Aleppo [in Syria] they think of the characters in this film and they think they are related to them and they maybe feel that much more invested,” Angelina recently told the Associated Press about the drama.

“This film has taught me to love film again because I see what film can do … and I am re-inspired because I was not feeling very inspired as an actress. I was feeling very disheartened,” she added.

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at the Blood and Honey Paris premiere…

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398 Responses to “Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: 'Blood & Honey' Paris Premiere!”

  1. 1
    Tree Says:

    Rosie Jolie :D
    So beautiful!

  2. 2
    From Paris Says:

    WOOW so beautiful

  3. 3
    Richard P Says:

    Gorgeous ,sexy and elegant

    I love her

    Go Angie

  4. 4
    wow Says:

    These two are so in love and gorgeous.

  5. 5
    Rose Says:

    Absolutely beautiful woman and beautiful dress. Brad is so proud of his lady. Now, can’t wait to see what she wears on Oscars night.

  6. 6
    jmho Says:

    I do not understand the dress but she looks beautiful in it ; )

  7. 7
    Lara Says:

    Wow, what a beautiful and glamorous couple they are. Angie’s dress is ultra chic, the look amazing.

  8. 8
    Joni Says:

    and her children are where? being shuttled around or home with their caregivers? oh what great parents they are- not.

  9. 9
    an oldie Says:

    Wow, I love her dress.

  10. 10
    Curious George Says:

    Very different look.. I don’t recall her wearing anything like this before. She looks beautiful and I like this dress. Very glam for Paris.. and all that fashion week stuff..

  11. 11
    Rose Says:

    Fans, JJB has bigger pictures, can see more details on dress, just beautiful.

  12. 12
    Yoco Says:

    Lovely -Old Hollywood Glamour Jjb yuku Angie and Brad+6 has a TV interview from Paris on page 166 posted by LaraD. Angie mentions the kids are with them in Paris. I gotta go. Ignore the trolls

  13. 13
    blue Says:

    I’m loving her style nowadays. Simply elegant and gorgeous

  14. 14
    dd Says:


  15. 15
    Kim Says:

    @Joni: Where are your kids when you are at work ? They are probably away from their kids 3-4 hours today. I’m away from my kids 9 hrs today. Last week I was gone for 3 days on a business trip .I guess I’m a horrible mother, right. I love the dress . It looks like a dress that would be worn in The Tourist.

  16. 16
    come on people Says:

    that thing on the shoulder has to go

  17. 17
    From Paris with Love Says:

    Angelina Jolie on French TV today

  18. 18
    Lola Says:


  19. 19
    imao Says:

    Imao what a horrible dress

  20. 20
    Too bad Says:

    Don’t get me wrong fellas, Angelina has the most stunning face in the whole entire world but she dresses like a grandma!

  21. 21
    believe Says:

    Amazing couple. Like how Angelina is changing things up. She always does the unexpected. Love it! Like at the Golden Globes, she was amazing, an orchid amid the roses.

  22. 22
    Passing Through Says:

    I’m not feeling that big ass rose on her shoulder. It over-powers her and the dress. I keep saying Angie is so beautiful she doesn’t need all the accessories and fripperies other women do and this dress is a great example of that. She still looks beautiful…but the rose is unnecessary.

  23. 23
    Passing Through Says:

    # 210 Rose @ 02/16/2012 at 2:45 pm
    Porgie and Brad have been bantering back and forth since they did the first Oceans movie together in 2000. Prior to that they’d never met – even though they were both friends with Julia Roberts. Brad was a lot more irreverent in those days and AFAIK the practical jokes started during that time, too, because they were both known to play jokes on their co-stars before they met. It started small and over the years elevated to the joke Brad described on ITAS. I think the reason Porgie was uncomfortable with the “We’ll get married with George can marry his boyfriend…” joke because it hit too close to home. Gay rumors have dogged Porgie for a long time and a lot of people think all of his hos are merely a cover-up. He can’t shake that rumor and Brad’s joke didn’t help matters because there are still a lot of Oscar voters who think a man of 50 who refuses to marry or have children must really be gay. See: Richard Chamberlain. And we all know Porgie wants those Oscar voters on his side.

  24. 24
    Gingerbread Says:

    New style for Angie…..hurray! Wonder what she wears on Oscar night? Her man looks so proud of her Lady :)

  25. 25
    Passing Through Says:

    # 218 always Brad @ 02/16/2012 at 3:41 pm
    Dang…this reminds me of something I meant to say in my reply to Rose – I think a lot of Porgie’s hidden animonsity toward Brad cames as a result of losing the role of JD in T&L role to Brad. Porgie’s never gotten over that. I think in his mind he believes that if he’d gotten the role it would have been HIS break-out role and he’d have been a movie star 7 years before he finally got his shot at the big time. Because he lost the role of JD he went back to doing episodic TV and bounced from show to show until he finally had a hit with E.R. Meanwhile Brad was becoming an icon. Now he’s THE Brad Pitt and Porgie just every day, ordinary George Clooney and nobody is breaking their neck to get a look at him when he goes out and nobody stops and does a double-take when they hear his name – and worst of all, nobody can name an iconic movie role he’s had. I sure as hell can’t…and don’t count Batman because that shite tanked like a Ticky t u r d….

  26. 26
    beth Says:

    omg, angie should fire her stylist asap.this is the worst dress i have seen her.worse than the new york premiere of blood ans honey.what are they thinking.this directing thing didn;t any good for angie.she is always anxious because of this film, always crying, etc, etc.all it gives her are troubles.and it consume so much of her time like interview here and there and she starts neglecting herself.i have to be honest as s fan, she is not looking good lately .she looks so must have been the pressure.i the thinnest she has aver been.i just wish that this promo will be over,i am reaally sick of it.wish someone who love her would advice her not to direct really sorry to all the fans.i am just disappointed with angie preferring directing a movie instead of starring in a movie where she should be.directing is not for brad said he will not direct because he will not have time for his family.and it is happening to angie now.

  27. 27
    Brandon Hilton Says:

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    please help me get to 10,000 “likes” on FACEBOOK by “liking” me here: + spreading the word

    my new single was produced by Alessio Silvestro (Lady Gaga) and Marcus Suarez (Edwin McCain) and co-written by me and Nate Bosley (Selena Gomez, Sam Sparro) Its dancefloor gold!

  28. 28
    From Paris with Love Says:

    it’s a bit longer here, she talks about her family… (the first link is about the movie only)
    and here is a sneak peek at 03:30
    the host keeps repeating she’s the biggest star in hollywood

  29. 29
    deea Says:

    i love the film, i love that rose that she wears, i love the dress, i love those 2.

  30. 30
    Lilly Says:

    They are seriously the most amazing hollywood pair I have ever seen! I luv them!

  31. 31
    Pinkrose Says:

    @Joni. If it’s any of your concern, th e kids are n Paris with them Brad will probably be away from the kids 5 hours for the premier and after party and Angie another 2 hours for the press conference. Not even a full working day.
    It’s the nature of their work, yet they spend more time with their children than I do woking 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. with hour commute. The kids are not being shuttled around. They were with their trusty caregivers and bodyguards in Berlin while Brad and Angie went to Bosnia and now they are all together in Paris. It takes a lot of coordination and planning and expense to keep their family as close together as they do. But these kids know that their parents not only love them but want them around all the time – no matter the cost!

  32. 32
    Lilly Says:

    They are seriosuly the most amazing hollywood pair I have ever seen, I luv them!

  33. 33
    From Paris with Love Says:

    wtf lol sneak peek
    video called “partie 3: Le Daily Mouloud avec N. Dupont-Aignan” at 03:30

  34. 34
    Pink Says:

    Maybe she was disheartened as an actor due to her limited acting range. This film looks good though, and let’s hope she’s a better director than actor (or friend to the female sex). And on celebrity activitists…it’s a mixed platter. Our world is f**ked if we have to rely on celebrities to get political movements going.

  35. 35
    soi Says:

    Thank you Pinkrose. Some people are so dumb.

  36. 36
    soi Says:

    @pink- Don’t be such a douche.

  37. 37
    Ollie Says:

    The rose is a added, “do not bothered”. Ask Brad and your hand!:

  38. 38
    karen Says:

    Angelina looks like a doll. So pretty. I bet her daughters loved how she looks in this.

  39. 39
    thelookoflove1365 Says:

    I don’t mind the dress; she is still pretty.
    And to the trolls, where’s your kids when you’re working? Oh , I forgot, you got NONE- no work or kids. SO STFU!!!

  40. 40
    busted Says:

    I think she is trying something different. LET HER.

    Gosh other women get to try various styles. She is damned when she doesn’t and damned when she does. The dress is not ugly really. I think it is more that we have not seen her in a style like this before. She is trying something different.

  41. 41
    Ivy League Student Says:

    They are annoying, they should just screw each other and adopted more uglyass children who aren’t white!

  42. 42
    dd Says:

    @Ivy League Student: wow you have a problem….

  43. 43
    Ivy League Student Says:

    I always have the last word, you ***** monkey, idiot!

  44. 44
    dd Says:

    @Ivy League Student: first all of all they are, but not “********” they “make love” and that is why their children are beautiful, biological and adopted. second, you are racist and third of all, you need to check yourself to a mental health hospital

  45. 45
    cheral Says:


    Aww Gorgeous!

  46. 46
    cats and rats Says:

    NotWhee me babe nest women to o away for dress man look ok annotated women not tall for dress

  47. 47
    imo Says:

    The dress would be even more gorgeous w/o the flower. The flower is distracting. When you look at pixes, the first thing you see is the flower. But they both still look great.

  48. 48
    Rose Says:

    @Passing Through: Thank you so much. I knew I could count on you.
    PT, did you get a close up look at the dress, IMO it’s beautiful. JJB has larger more detailed visible on the dress. the rose is multi color with black and the rousing has black between the pleats with some sparkly details, I love it. She went out of her comfort zone on this one, but it paid off.

  49. 49
    a fan Says:

    Is that a dress or is it a 2 piece ensemble. It looks like a skirt and top to me. If so, I wonder how the top looks with its orginal bottom.

  50. 50
    Joni Says:

    why is someone a troll if they have anything other than utmost praise for Brangelilna? so funny how people reply to these things-

  51. 51
    beth Says:

    the flower would have look good if it is small not giant.what is really going on with angie.i just wish that this movie never happened.she is receiving treats,and she is always nervous, crying in sarajevo, looking so thin and tired,crying in the shower just because of this is just not worth it.wake up angie , you are a movie star not a director.just accept it please.nothing good comes out of this movie for you.drop it.

  52. 52
    alexanderina Says:

    @beth: you are not making a sense whatsoever

  53. 53
    ann Says:

    Beauty and brains.I am always in awe of her.

  54. 54
    cats and rats Says:

    Dress Hav face on pellet drejng her Lii old women coralldel vale Jon corful grandmom clotted Joan crawful style bad girl looking Dow al time now wan to looking up Lii goo git bad. Long time try to. Be goo can kept. F ace up man pup wit nose ail ove

  55. 55
    alexanderina Says:

    @beth: You are not making any sense whatsoever

  56. 56
    andu Says:

    oh la belle MISS ANGIE

  57. 57
    anustin Says:

    lovin the agony from the trollniston!!!! bwahahahahaha!

  58. 58
    Rose Says:

    @beth: #52,The latest in fashion this year is everything is oversized. Look on the runways models. Also earrings, neckless are all oversized this year, and everything is in very bright colors.

  59. 59
    ADa_ Says:

    I love her latest dress choices

  60. 60
    Ivy League Student Says:

    Next, they’re going to adopt annoying indians with strong accents!

  61. 61
    ann Says:

    Ivy League – kind of an oxymoron, don’t you think?

  62. 62
    Dc Says:

    What a beauty! She’s looks amazing.

  63. 63
    andu Says:

  64. 64
    Ivy League Student Says:

    We are superior! Why adopt other races? Isn’t a pearl better than cheese, apples, peanut butter and dirt?

  65. 65
    Lilly Says:

    @Ivy League Student:
    Omg, you r so rude, how could a person say such a thing? Everyone is special and all children are great! You need a life!

  66. 66
    cats and rats Says:

    Level dress for kemem or cerline dress laugh make my smile

  67. 67
    Ivy League Student Says:

    Not everyone can go to a great college like I did. People on this website are losers how are too concern about celebrities lives. That is why people are becoming more digustingly diverse.

  68. 68
    ann Says:

    I think people misunderstood me. I meant to say that Ivy League Student is not very bright, hence the oxymoron (means something the opposite of the title).

  69. 69
    Ivy League Student Says:

    You are a fool. A child who goes on the internet to examine celebrites who have no real talent.

  70. 70
    queenbee Says:

    WOWSA!!!!!!!!!! ….Angie SLAYS me!! GORGEOUS!

  71. 71
    NYC Says:

    That dress is terrible.
    AJ attacked by a flower.
    She’s really trying to sell this film!
    So much about AJ we will NEVER really KNOW……

  72. 72
    SMUG Says:

    Why so smug?
    Always putting her nose up in the air.

  73. 73
    rachel Says:

    Love this couple…go Angie.

  74. 74
    lolz Says:

    she really creeps me out :(…paper bag that brad actually he should be paper bagged too…..ewwie alert

  75. 75
    JESSE Says:

    Actually the dress look a lot better than a similar one that Charlize Theron wore. She looks stunning no matter what dress she wears.

  76. 76
    anustin Says:

    the JPs lookin gorgeous!!!

  77. 77
    cheral Says:

    Keep thumbing down the crazies! Thank you!!

    Ignore the Trolls!!!!!@

  78. 78
    anustin Says:

    the woman (jolie) is naturally beautiful!!! de end!

  79. 79
    Frenchy Says:

    I’m kind of loving this dress. Different.
    Waving to all fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. 80
    Thelma Says:

    She loooks simply beautiful, elegant and v haute couture. Love the lipstick color and her hair looks great.

    I can usually tell how great the pictures of Angie and Brad are by the number of trolls going crazy!

  81. 81
    anustin Says:

    am so lovin for poppa pitt standing his babies momma.sorry.just proud loony.

  82. 82


  83. 83
    soopx1 Says:

    Angelina is always Gorgeous.

  84. 84
    naturegirl Says:

    Thanks for the thread OUI she understand French????
    I love this lady

  85. 85
    hopeso Says:

    LOVE YOU MUCH!!!!!!

  86. 86
    2Park5 Says:

    Isn’t she lovely
    Isn’t she wonderful
    Isn’t she beautiful
    All of the above and a brain to go with it…
    She is perfect.

  87. 87
    aww Says:

    lol look at brad’s hand.. default position

  88. 88
    XIII Says:

    Holy smoke! I love her dress!

  89. 89
    Curious George Says:

    Ok so WL’s premier is tonight.

    Thanks Angie and Brad for giving us something beautiful to look at.
    Wonder if they go on a quick vacation after Friday. I’m tired just thinking about their schedule the last few months.


    And love that Brad’s hand stays in that position.. very nice.. and I’m sure Angie likes it too. I think it is hot that after 7 years they still have it bad for each other..

  90. 90
    andu Says:

  91. 91
    Andamentothat Says:

    What a dress!!! She looks stunning. Ralph and Russo did very good.

  92. 92
    dawne Says:

    What a joy to watch ‘meritous’ fame and not ‘manipulated’ fame………..the dress is appropo for Pareee, they would expect nothing less….it’s the kind of dress that is polarizing in opinion…… middle ground. I rather like the fierce couture aspect of it, again because of where she is. Also, I think Angie realizes ‘fashion’ despite its vulgarity so to speak is, now that they are elevated to ‘royal’ is a part of her job.

  93. 93
    first and last post Says:

    From previous thread. OT skip for lytlian…it’s a long one, so don’t complain AND to make you even more upset, it’s JA related. so SKIP…you’ve been warned LOL.
    re: 104 lylian @ 02/15/2012 at 8:32 pm
    “a few of my 30 something year old male colleagues, there are quite a number who fine ticky cute or even hot ”
    Hi back lylian,
    LOL 30yo males are not known for their high standards especially when it comes to bonking.

    absolutely on your post…when I meant men of a “certain profile,” I was referring to the Kinsey men who think with their little heads 54% of the time and not with their big heads. If a woman solicits herself with nips, short skirts to the c.r.o.t. c.h, at any age but especially at age 43, there is deliberateness and intent…(Ajzen’s (1991) Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB), which postulates that individuals choose their particular behaviors (i.e., behavior is under volitional control) based on an individual’s 1. attitude, 2. subjective norms, and 3. perceived behavioral controls (PBC) which influences the individual’s intentions
    in their behavior. The key to most actions (verbal or otherwise) is intent aka motivation. The Theory of Reasoned Action, Ajzen and Feinbein, 1980, states predicting behavior is based on the premise that behavior can be deliberate and planned” aka the best predictor of behavior is the motivation and whether or not the individual takes responsibility for their actions. That concept is convoluted because it’s dependent on other factors, just one example is whether the person sees their actions, intent and thereby responsibility for it normal within their social sphere aka peers. Furthermore if their peers see certain behavior as acceptable, it is considered one of the more powerful influences in PBC aka whether or not that person will repeat the same behavior. The problem is when that person with questionable behavior on the overall wider scope of social norm fueled by the media becomes the role model for “vulnerable” others who then see this behavior as acceptable because the person is given public accolades as in the case of Aniston. Her value system caters to like to like as I’ve always stated or the adage, “birds of a feather flock together.” My point being Aniston is catering to that male profile and that age category with deliberate intent and motivation for recognition and maybe her personal insecurities of wanting to feel attractive which is important to her…don’t forget her weight has always been an issue and turn about is she is going to flaunt her body for the affirmation she has always been insecure about and now craves to feed her ego. With the same technique “tackling two birds with one stone so to speak”, she is also targeting female fans whose life paths have led them to similar outcomes or who are insecure with their images and want to see her do better than they perhaps have faired. In the short term, it’s a win-win for both target groups and for her.

    Aniston is following her intuition and with Huvane’s PR connections, the stakes are high for her, so possibly in her disjointed, disconnected right brained orientation for immediate gratification for attention, she sees no downside, no negative consequences other than by a few fanatics who she will chalk up to those who just don’t like her anyway. The theory also encompasses an assumption when individuals believe they have control over their behavior they are more likely to do so, hence knowing JA’s self admitted “control freak” obsessions, she repeats her pattern without a second thought as to the consequences…it’s very synonymous to alcoholics who repeatedly drink while driving. Albeit a physical addiction, the intelligent sober alcoholic knows better not to drink when driving, but they do it anyway because they really do believe they have control. I know personally of surgeons who drink before surgery…gasp!
    btw lylian, Ajzen et al’s planned behavior theories are readily found in Criminal Justice Journals…you can see the value in a prosecution process.
    AND you are correct in that men who think with their little heads don’t care if a woman has a personality, is smart…that 54% at that moment only thinks of one thing…it is the way it is. That age male or female in general are very intimidated by beautiful, intelligent, powerful influencing women because they lack confidence in their own identity for lack of confident building life experiences up to that age. The likes of AJ is unobtainable on all levels to them. The “approachable girl next door” is non threatening and within their comfort zone.

    IMO JA loves the control and power she feels by childishly salivating 30 yo males. What is manipulation on her part is her feigned, contrived coyness and innocence in denying her part in soliciting overt attention onto herself…the “I don’t know why the paparazzi are interested in me.” is blatant deception.

  94. 94
    jmho Says:

    Gotta say, I’m warming up to the dress since she really does look gorgeous in it. The shots from the front where you can see the whole dress put the rose thing into perspective.

  95. 95
    queenbee Says:

    At the end of the PARIS interview with that ‘Journal’ show, Angelina started blushing because they were begging her to speak French…..she said that the language was too new to her, but that she would come back in a year and do the whole interview in French! Can’t wait to hear her speak that sexy language. It sounded like she said that she was going to present the ‘writing’ catagory award at the Oscars….at least I think that’s what I heard, but it was hard to hear with the translator speaking. Either way, CANT WAIT!!

  96. 96
    aww Says:

    In full bloom: Angelina Jolie steals the show in a flower detail dress with Brad Pitt at the Parisian premiere of In the Land of Blood and Honey
    The French capital was left in awe as Angelina Jolie took centre stage in a wonderful dress for the French premiere of In the Land of Blood and Honey.
    The 36-year-old took to the red carpet in the long white dress and even her gorgeous husband couldn’t steal the limelight from her in her sophisticated outfit.
    Read more:

  97. 97
    lylian Says:

    @first and last post:
    Hi FALP. Thank you for your explanation for Ticky’s behaviour. I’d agree that Ticky is consciously seeking to appeal to a certain age group or type of men. As for her conscious lying about her reasons: to quote PT, “if her lips are moving, she lying…”
    The thing is, I think the kinsey men have to be of a certain age group to find ticky “cute”. For men in their 20s, ticky is already too old except in a “I bonked an older woman” kinda way. At some stage, men in their 30s are going to find ticky too old to appeal to their little heads. Then what’s ticky going to do? It’ll be interesting, if a little scary to watch …

  98. 98
    Rose Says:

    To; LaraD and Neleh from JJB, thanks for all your hard work in bringing us those beautiful photos of Angie and Brad. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

  99. 99
    anustin Says:

    lovin all the pix on A&B+6 thank you,laraD,NELEH,DULCI.

  100. 100
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    @Passing Through:
    Hi Passing Through.
    Responding to your post #223 to me from previous thread re: dress.
    I think the dress is stunning and I love the color. As you say, and I must agree with you, this woman is so beautiful she needs nothing additional, especially near her face to enhance her beauty. Amazingly the rose is virtually a throw away accessory next to that gorgeous face. But I think it is pretty and uniquely different from anything she has every worn before.
    She is simply stunning. There are no words to describe that face and do it justice. She is flawless.

  101. 101
    love Says:


  102. 102
    dawne Says:

    Did you note that in the Daily Mail piece they said the couple would be returning to France later in the year for an intimate wedding at their Chateau. Did they pull that outa their azz or was something said, one wonders.

  103. 103
    queenbee Says:

    beautiful Angelina in action…at Berlin Film Fest…..poetry in motion…

  104. 104
    queenbee Says:

    Awww!…so sweet! At 2:03 Angelina says she’s trying to learn how to cook a full dinner meal for the kids….says her and Brad are taking classes together…and having ‘cooking nights’…..these two are SOOOOOOO in-love! Sorry HATERZ! hahaha!

  105. 105
    tweet Says:

    E!’s Fashion Police @e_FashionPolice
    Drop-dead stunning! Angelina Jolie dazzles Paris in a white-hot Ralph & Russo gown (& equally hot date)! PHOTO:

  106. 106
    marsupial Says:

    ah, JJ seems to have rabid Angelina and Brad devotees. they put these two people on a pedastal and blasphemously proclaim them to be Gods! then they throw stones and call trolls to anyone who dare to not worship their created Gods- this is something humanity has been experiencing through all time- ignorant people claiming their gods and then stoning any non believers. You Angelina and Brad Cult people are the loony ones.

  107. 107
    lurker Says:

    fuc* off

  108. 108
    picture perfect Says:

  109. 109
    abcd Says:

    they are faking it. And Brad has a small nose. oh wow she is learning to cook dinner for her kids? that is so amazing – wow- has any other parent ever done such a noteworthy thing? ah, an anorexic lady. she forgot to eat.

  110. 110
    Amazing Says:

    What a stunning couple.

  111. 111
    Wow Says:

    All these years later pt is still here getting thumbs up becuz the fans are afraid of their leader.

  112. 112
    Lol Says:

    @abcd: Brad has a small nose? Since when? His nose is growing even bigger by the second.

  113. 113
    cheral Says:

    Ignore the Trolls!!!!!

    Same ish different day@!!!!! Thank-you!!

  114. 114
    cute Says:

    Angelina is learning cooking. She really has evolved to become a great mother to her children and a great woman to Brad. Cooking a big thing to Angelina coz she said she couldn’t cook. Now it seems she is determining to learn cooking.

  115. 115
    elizabeth Says:



  116. 116
    Lucy Says:

    They look absolutely amazing. Tomorrow is the last red carpet for ITLBAH in Croatia. I can’t wait.

  117. 117
    teri Says:

    I love this dress, Angelina looks stunning!

  118. 118
    trt Says:

    uh oh, the fans have gone on to their lairs so the roaches are out in full force again. That’s what trolls do…they come out to play once the lights go off. Afraid of PT? I think you are the ones afraid of her…can’t stand articulate and troll slamming posters, can you?

    Goodnight, roaches!!!! Have fun while the fans are away.

  119. 119
    cats and rats Says:

    Lie lie to self not happy poppet no living no men put Ali love for other whet happln fend for self be happen two people not no you an all them don’t car for yo don redeem comment liv own livfe be ok poppet don’t no about youal

  120. 120
    cats and rats Says:

    Dress we’re too face to heads big small bode po men old

  121. 121
    piaf Says:

    Very elegant and class

  122. 122
    cats and rats Says:

    For my county we slept for germen men I Say I like Ange. Space on site I go for vacsion. To Denmark come back on one wek

  123. 123
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    In my opinion!
    I think 2011 and 2012, so far, have been unusually busy years for them both.
    I, too, do not wish to see Angelina direct another movie. At least not until her children are much older. Only because directing appears to be very demanding and takes a lot of her time.
    I think, because this particular movie has been a “passion” project, and because she cares so deeply for the B/H region and the Bosnian/H people and all that they have suffered and continue to suffer, and the responsibility she felt to make certain she got their story as accurate as she could, and to be truly as helpful as she could, all this has taken an emotional toll on her.
    I am extremely grateful she has Brad by her side to support her and encourage her during this entire process.
    I don’t think, when Angelina began this project, she had any idea how tough the going would be. She said she did not start out with the intention of being the Director.
    She said she was, however, inspired by Winterbottom’s and Clint Eastwood’s directing styles because Eastwood made it “look so easy!”
    Well, it has not been easy for her.
    Eastwood or Wintebottom, never received the extremely hateful and unprovoked backlash and name calling and threats against their lives and their families’ lives, while making their movies that Angelina has.
    Unlike her, they did not have Tabloids printing lies relentlessly about them or about their little children, their mates or relatives 52 weeks per year for the past 7 years.
    Whole blogs on the Internet are reserved exclusively to discuss and dissect every disgusting made up detail of her life.

    Several hate filled and untruthful books were written for the sole purpose of trying to destroy her, the family she has with Brad Pitt, and her career as well. All this, against a young woman who was just barely entering her 30s and who has sought only to do good for others.

    Hers is truly a UNIQUELY, horrible experience in the film world.
    These things neither Eastwood nor Winterbottom ever experienced. No other actress or actor in Hollywood has had to endure what Angelina Jolie has been put through these past 7 years.
    Yet she remains a strong, amazing, beautiful, loving, thoughtful, kind, very generous and caring woman, mother and partner despite it all.
    Never has she fought back against her detractors and spiteful haters. Never has she had an unkind word to say about any of them.
    When Chelsea Handler unleashed her uncalled for vitriolic barrage of hate and unthinkable words against her, Angelina remained silent and sought nor demanded any retaliation.
    We all, as fans, know these stories. I will not belabor the points.
    My wish, for Angelina, is to see her take lots of time off when this promotional Tour and Malificent are completed. Let her just enjoy Brad’s and their children’s company for a long, long, uninterrupted time of bliss.

    Despite everything, they both continue to handle themselves with such grace and patience and kindness to so many.
    For all this, I continually ask God to bless them and keep His Loving Arms around them, holding them safely in His care. Bring them thru every trial they face with their love in tact and made deeper, stronger and more loving and unbreakable than ever before.

  124. 124
    Guest Says:

    Im a little confused as to how Angelina is so beloved in the media..This woman slept with a married man..also Brad is the worst..he cheated on his Wife..They will deny all they want to protect their image but the fact is if your husband was accused of sleeping with his secretary and he denied it, you both breakup and 2 weeks later he takes that secretary on vacation and gets her pregnant months later, would you think they had an affair? yes or no..i guarantee you most people will say you think they had an affair..i think ppl would respect them more if they will just admit they had an affair..i like them as a couple but I dont like that they had an affair nor do I condone it…you have no proof no affair happened but theres tons of proof that it did

  125. 125
    cats and rats Says:

    Golden morgen American goo mooning American an goo by

  126. 126
    lurker Says:

    lol poor trolls i guess baldy looks like s*it and ticky trying too hard is annoying them

  127. 127
    CJLOVE23 Says:

    Pure beauty! Her smile lights up a room!!!

  128. 128
    Guest Says:

    I’ll repeat the question if your husband was accused of sleeping with his secretary and he denied it, you both breakup and 2 weeks later he takes that secretary on vacation and gets her pregnant months later, would you think they had an affair? yes or no

  129. 129
    lurker Says:

    when fans are away trolls will play

  130. 130
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Awwwwwww…..this is toooo sweet
    They are taking cooking classes and they will have cooking nights because they want to.
    This just melts the heart! Awwwwwwww! :)

  131. 131
    Observer2 Says:

    This one time at band camp. Jeebus. LOL

  132. 132
    cas Says:

    The land of Blood and Honey is well publicised because of the media power of Angelina and Brad.

    I’m sure they should know or their advisors should be able to let them know it is not necessary to physically be at all these premieres or it’s not necessary to have all these premieres
    We get it.

    When is this film going to be shown in the UK? Let us have all the release dates.

    People know about the movie-we just want to see it Angelina and Brad are so popular this movie should be able to be released wordwide and simultaneously instead of it being so drawn out.

    So much celebrities are being burnt out-we don’t want this for Brad and Angelina.

    We want them to be healthy physically and emotionally and maintain their family life.

    Brad and Angelina over promote their projects-not necessary, the public will get over exposure fatigue.

    I support all their projects particularly Angelina’s involvement with UNHCR. However at this moment she is being overworked.

    The children needs their Mum and DAd,

  133. 133
    Guest Says:

    forgot to add..why was Angie openly flirting with Brad on the set of MAMS and you all see these pics and go AWW..didn’t realize flirting with a married man was aww worthy..i didnt start following Brad and Angie till 2007 and I loved them as couple(blinded by celebrity)now that I have had a chance to read read that Vanity Fair article..WOW..these two were soo wrong..yet they are celebrated..makes no sense..also i think Jen is average at best and she should have given Brad babies BUT having an affair is much worse..

  134. 134
    t.m.delafonda Says:

    The sad part is, is that there was an article about Brad NOT cheating on his ex. He FELL IN LOVE with Angelina during the MMS filming, but, NOTHING happened. Even his perpetual-victim of an ex-wife AND her BFF of the time, CC, said this. AND…..x was already being a Balcony Bimbo with Vince Vaughn. SO…..take your sanctimonious, commiserating, trouble-starting fake-sympathy having a$@ back to FF. At least, have the b.a.l.l.s to admit you just don’t like Angelina. Don’t use somebody else’s “supposed” misery as an excuse to hate on her. BTW….Who are you that they need to admit anything to, just so that you can FEEL better about them being together? Get your own life!!!

  135. 135
    Ploypaphat Says:


    I just feel very sorry for you.

  136. 136
    Amazing JPs Says:

    awww- love this video- thank you!! After all these years, Brad & Angie are still so in love- it is beautiful to see!!! I’ve seen ITLOBAH and Brad did an excellent job in his role!!
    Brad in ITLOBAH @ 02/16/2012 at 3:48 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down +10

    Brad says: “I jumped in for a little stunt work- we made it a family affair”

    Short video- don’t watch if you haven’t see ITLOBAH bc there is a small spoiler:

  137. 137
    Observer2 Says:

    Someone needs to pull the stick out of their a$$ and sit and spin on it.

  138. 138
    Masina Says:


    Guest What????…..who the hellz are you talking about? First off…..he never cheated (check his earlier interview with Sawyer)… can you cheat when the relationship already lost its shelf life. How can you say you like the JP’s if you believed they had an affair, or you are just masking your sincerety to get a rile out of the fans…..SUCCESS – - I took the bait….!

    Now go away….!

  139. 139
    All Men Leave Fat Tick Says:

    calm down- ALL MEN leave fat tick manny, not just Brad. Some men leave her more than once, via TMZ. Granny manny herself said their was no cheating by Brad. Interesting that manny has yet to say the same about Justin- it is truly terrible what she did to poor Heidi Bivens- even poor Heidi’s mother was deceived. Granny manny, the leathery old cougar, is a PROVEN home wrecker!

  140. 140
    Guest Says:

    how the heck do YOU know nothing happened..because Brad and Angie said so..heck Jen doesnt even know she just “chose” to believe her husband but then said nothing would surprise her..why would a married man fall in love with his co-worker..i guess if your hubby left you for his secretary its all good because they fell in love..Go read the VF interview..Jen said Brad wanted out of the marriage and didnt even support her for Friends taping..just put yourself in her postion..I still think Jen is unattractive and should just admit she doesnt want kids but they really did her wrong..i always heard you all talking about the VF interview but never actually read it because I tended to side with you it objectively and see what I mean..these two were def having an affair..

  141. 141
    t.m.delafonda Says:

    Ticky, is that you?

  142. 142
    Observer2 Says:

    Someone’s hot under the collar. Must have seen the Lenny and Squiggy pics from the premiere. Squiggy looks like Eddie Munster.

    Brad was not married to you. He did not leave track marks on your face as he left you behind. He did not call you dull and that he had to be stoned to be with you.

    But, if your man did that to you, I can see why. Go him!

    Now, Lenny get off your blackberry and tend to Squiggy, I think he’s painted on hair and fake tan might start running. LMAO!

  143. 143
    love Says:

    Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Leaving The “In The Land Of Blood And Honey” Paris Premiere

  144. 144
    anna Says:

    Anyone know what lipstick she’s wearing here? She looks stunning!

  145. 145
    Guest Says:

    so because im a fan that means i have to believe everything they say…celebrities lie all the time..the evidence is there you all are just to blinded by your admiration for the couple..i still think they are HOT but I just dont support how they got there..and again Im not a fan of Jen i think she is overrated and I have no idea how this basic chick is getting mag covers BUT i do think Brad did her dirty by embarrassing her and having an affair and getting his mistress pregnant

  146. 146
    lurker Says:

    why are fans replying to this loser??geez why even try to explain anything just thumb them down

  147. 147
    love Says:

  148. 148
    Guest Says:

    um this isnt a fansite..its okay to have a debate and still a fan i just dont support how they got together..the more i read about what happened in 2004 and 2005 the more convinced I am..did you know there wer rumors about them as early as feb 2004..they were spotted kissing at some hotel..but them again she was with JLM in 2004 so maybe Brad was one of the lovers

  149. 149
    Masina Says:


    Lurker….I just can’t help but respond to this idiot who still talks about an affair that never happened.

    Guest…..your comments are so contradicting:
    “I’m a fan, but I don’t believe everything they say…..’
    ” I still think they are hot.., but I just don’t support how they got there”
    “I’m not a fan of Jen, but I do think Brad did her dirty”…..

    Are you reading your comments? You are too transparent…you don’t like them… are a JEN fan…read your comments again, maybe you will enlighten yourself to know you are on the wrong thread….

    go ahead…

    Read your comments….idiot! Go Away!!

  150. 150
    TheAnis Says:

    You are over SEVEN frigging years late and a dollar short. Gosh, hen trolls are so pathetic….

  151. 151
    lurker Says:

    love the way they are holding hands,please fans donot let any hen hijack this thread lets thumb them down

  152. 152
    Observer2 Says:

    Someone is projecting their disappointment with Lenny onto Brad and Angelina. That Squiggy calling up Heidi’s mom and telling her nothing was going on with Lenny. Only to turn around a week later and go public at the MTV movie awards after parties.

  153. 153
    lurker Says:

    they are pissed because her paid toy looks so creepy and ticky looks bloated as usual

  154. 154
    Masina Says:


    Sorry, Lurker…..I continue to see the stupidity in these thread hacksters, who weasel their way into a thread and act as though they are fans, but the longer they are on the thread their true colors are shown..the worse part is when they dare say – everyone is free to express their opinions…it’s not opinions…it’s DOODOO!

    I just cannot stand idiocy…..and there are a lot of them in the hagster followers.

  155. 155
    Jen the HAG Says:

    150 Guest @ 02/16/2012 at 11:21 pm

    haven’t you read Brad’S last interview when all the hens like you went CRAZY just becoz Brad said hIS MARRIED was a dead end and he was married to a BORING person .. even w/o angelina in the picture Brad will still dumped your BORING VANILLA IDOL DEAL WITH IT!! Why do you think Vince Vaugh .. Paul Sculptor and John Mayer dumped her?? because she got nothing between her ears and talk non stop about her yoga and her body that’s why men dumped her again and again.. you’ll see Theronosaurus will dump her too!!

  156. 156
    All Men Leave Fat Tick Says:

    Michael Kors is inspired by 3 iconic American couples, Gable & Lombard, JFK Jr & Carolyn B, and Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie:

  157. 157
    Josephina Says:

    @ Guest:

    WHO accused Brad/Angie of an affair? Jen did not.

    In her recent interview Jene says there is no bad blood between Angie, Brad and her. Jen has never said that had an affair and she has had many opportunities to say so. She has yet to say it …even till THIS day.

    She was embarassed and humiliated by how quickly Brad got into a serious, commited relationship with the beautiful Anige. It became clear to the WORLD that the “golden couple” was a fake relationship that really did not mean much at all to Brad. He walked away from “sexy” Aniston…and never looked back- even congratulaetd Vince Vaughn, his costar, when Aniston began him in 2005. Funny thing though…Aniston could not congratulate Brad for finally finding his happiness. All she could do was throw pity parties and and scream at the ocean… and let another woman, an outsider, take the blame for the failure of her marriage.

    It should be clear to you by now that Aniston did not love Brad but their lifestyle, the image, and the prestige of being Brad’s wife. She loved it so much, hell she still oves it that SHE IS STILL COATTAILING TO THIS VERY anything and everything that Brad and Angie.

    Can you imagine if you had a friend, who was in a marriage where her Circle of Friends had as much clout and say as the spouse? Your friend and her husband are in therapy by the second year of the marraige, and they both like to stay in, watch the Sopranos and get high all the time. Then one day, the husband gets sick of the deadend lifestyle and wants more. Yet the wife is too happy with the beach party life PLUS she fancies herself to be a big ole movie star. The wife is making lots of money and se feels she has plenty of time to have children…much later. Husband turns 40, realizes life really is short and wants more responsibility in his life. Dizzy ass wife is too self absorbed to see the pink elephant in the room. She thinks her husband’s silence is because he is in awe of her beauty, intelligence and wonderful direction in life instead of the truth: Brad ain’t’ that high anymore.

    Where has the time gone? Brad lost the pep in his step and Aniston was too self-centered to notice. He realizes he is getting older, has not accomplished HALF of the things he said he would accomplish as an actor, and he still wants a big family, but not with Aniston. Enter Jolie at 28 years old, single mother of a 3 year old , who is happy being a mom. She’s gorgeous, challenging, sexy AND a humanitarian.

    But, love and time waits for no one. The Angie train had left the station and Brad did a “Water For Elephants” move in order to catch up to her. Now they have a big happy family and are so in live with each other.

    Meanwhile, back at tthe circus, Aniston picks up a new monkey. She’s gone through several but they all run away because they don’t wanna be trained by her. the monkey’s name is Theroux and he prefers to keep his fur thick below the belly.

  158. 158
    Difference Says:

    yes, sad old spook manny has never said a kind or gracious thing about sweet Angie- at least when BBT is coat tailing the JPs, he says nice thing about Brad. Even menopausal, sad old spook is big baby.

  159. 159
    andu Says:

  160. 160
    Passing Through Says:

    ROTFLMBAO! I was just at Jared’s homepage and he’s got pix of the Wanderbust premiere. What in the name of God’s green earth is that shite flopping on Mr. Skinny Suit’s forehead? Is that little fluffy bit of hair his version of Ticky’s usual hair-in-face tease job? Lame, Squiggy, lame…
    BTW, I’m going to congratulate Ticky on wearing an age appropriate dress…for once. It’s fug but at least it doesn’t look like she crashed a junior high prom and stole the prom queen’s Old Navy party dress.

  161. 161
    andu Says:

  162. 162
    lurker Says:

    @Passing Through:
    omg his piece of hair is worst than john travolta’s wig,plus he looks old in the neck area and looks like brad;s dad lol as for ticky she is always fug to me

  163. 163
    angierocks Says:

    Angie is exquisite,both Regal.Power couple!

  164. 164
    Guest Says:

    OMG first of all who the eff cares if there marriage was crumbling..divorce first and dont entertain any other females before you are even separated..he was miserable fine..get out the freakin marriage..why would he be openly flirting with ANgie on set..he was flirting at early as Jan 2004 way before ANY separation..and to the other posters I have never been a fan of Jen so all your ranting about her and her bf doesnt bother me because I dont like her..however I do feel that Brad and Angie embarrassed her in front of the world..try and read the VF interview objectively..Brad didnt want to work on the marriage, he wanted out and instead of doing it the right way he was openly having an affair with Angie..liking a celeb doesnt mean I have to like certain things that they have done..I like Rihanna but thinks she is a fool for entertaining Chris Brown again..i like Brad and Angie but think that their affair was wrong..everyone on set knew something was going down heck you all even say that they liked each other eveytime you discuss the can you say AWW about them flirting during the bloopers when Brad was married

  165. 165
    angierocks Says:

    Angie’s Lips are to die for awwww sighs…lol..and to think a lot tried to have lips like her and failed.her beauty no words.

  166. 166
    angierocks Says:

    I just read somewhere that ticky will be on Ryan murphy’s glee playing as a mom,any truth to this?Ticky should have stuck to TV really.

  167. 167
    lurker Says:

    that is where she need to be on tv

  168. 168
    angierocks Says:

    Angie and Brad are now taking cooking classes?too cute for words.The adventure they do with the kids and travelling.These couple makes me love them more than eva.I mean the bike rides,flying,on-line shopping and now this Brad’s psycho ex’s and their fans will go mental

  169. 169
    Heidis mom s SIL Squiggy HURT Says:

    I feel so sorry for Heidi Biven and so embarrassed for her mother who was asked about the squiggy and ticcky affair. Heids’s mother defended her daughter and called squiggy her SIL saying they had a beaitiful relationship with no problems whatsoever.

    Worst to come was Heidis mother added that she just had Jen and Squiggy over for a long weekend stay at her home so they would not have to commute so far back to their film the following Tuesday . She said they had a lovely time and were just friends.

    GOOD GRIEF!!!! The truth came out and not only was Heidi Bivens in state of schock and embarrassment but her poor mom had no idea squiggy and Ticcky were humping in her big old fancy 4 poster bed in the guest room at Heidi’s Mom’s house hiding away from the paps.
    Squiggy asked Ticcky for more $$$$$$$ and finally said i will tell heidi now haha the media knew for mos. Heidi was kicked out of the apt she couldn’t afford to pay and didn’t want the apt that had 14 yrs of what she thought to be good memories with the man she loved who said he adored her..

    Heidi Bivens has alot of dirt on these two goldiggers. Both looking for the high life not wanting it to end . Money coming out of squiggy’s butt while Ticcky only asked for an film that will buy her an oscar.. Many promises even how squiggy will pay Ticcky back in full.

    Squiggy and Ticcky have a very messy lifestyle with too many problems to mention.

    When you first fall madly in love do you do a cover you being semi nude all over a man fully dressed.??? Ahhhh sound a little off the wall? thats what i thought.

    NOPE!!!!!! You would not. If anything you would be NOT going near nudity but talking about this wonderful new love of your life..

    aint happening b/c they are using each other and the sh@t is going to hit the fan..hahha Can’t wait.

  170. 170
    Guest Says:

    legit serious question do you all honestly believe that nothing happened between Brad and Angie between Jan 2004-Jan 2005..have you seen those Italy pics? you telling me that they never so much as kissed while in Italy..yea sure..i just dont get why Angie would do that after her dad did that to her mom..she should have told him no..and Brad should not have entertained her and she him..

  171. 171
    Passing Through Says:

    # 103 dawne @ 02/16/2012 at 8:57 pm
    The DM pulled the “small, intimate wedding” story out of notOK’s ass. It’s their cover story for next week – and also 3 months ago. Two weeks ago it was they’re having twins again – both boys this time – and Pax is super stoked because he wants the boys to outnumber the girls. This week to combat the Whitney covers notOK is back to the non-existent wedding at Miraval that every 3-6 months for the last 7 years they’ve claimed Brad and Angie are having. So far no wedding bells but that won’t stop notOK for writing the same story again in a few months.

  172. 172
    a fan Says:

    @Guest: We
    believe Angie and Brad.Now go away.We are just so Happy for Angie and Brad.They are King and Queen of Hollywood.

  173. 173
    angierocks Says:

    Squiggy thinks he’s all badas s w that hair LMAO.For the nth time I’m goin to say it again ,ticky getting film roles and projects is beyond me I thought she was going to take a break maybe take a break from stalking Angie and Brad..

  174. 174
    A and B 4ever Says:

    WTF Cares about pix in Italy back in late 04/05??? If Brad kissed Angie and knowing what she knew she didn’t kiss him back she would have to be too good to be true,

    But nobody here was in Italy so where are these pipedreams coming from??? Move on there is no future living in the past.

    It is now 2012 and Angie and Brad have been together 7 yrs or more/ 6 children they adore for sure. Angie and Brad know what true love is .

    They both look gorgeous tonight…HOT!

  175. 175
    love Says:
    Angelina Jolie appeared at the French premiere of In The Land of Blood and Honey in the most amazing design by Ralph & Russo. It seemed impossible to outshine her appearance at the 2012 Golden Globes, but she has managed to do it. Ralph and Russo is an exclusive by appointment Couture fashion house. They specialize in bespoke bridal, cocktail and red carpet designs.
    One look at the design Angelina selected and you will be unable to catch your breath. Partner Brad Pitt looked mesmerized by Jolie’s mere presence.
    The design she picked for the evening was a dove grey one- shoulder gown. There was the kind of pleating you will only see with Couture on the front portion of the design. The delicate front pleats housed barely visible black crystals. The pleats then moved towards the shoulder culminating in a giant floral. The look was powerful and memorable, but ultra feminine. Everything else about the gown was simple and sleek.
    She looked so incredible that she almost did not appear real. Every detail was flawless. Jolie has moved into a more sophisticated circle of elite directors. She has stepped up her look to reflect her new position in the entertainment world. Mix that with looking gloriously happy and you have magic.
    Jolie completed her look with giant pearl studs by jeweler Lorraine Schwartz and Jimmy Choo peep toes shoes.
    Jolie has been making the rounds to promote her film. It is hard to imagine she could ever look any better, but we thought that after the Globes.
    Don’t hate her because she is beautiful. Just admire her for all that she stands for and has accomplished. Fashion is her new best friend.

  176. 176
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Of course you are confused and will continue to be confused because everything you say in your post IS confusing.
    Let me see if I can help in some small way to alleviate some of your confusion.
    Here is WHY you are confused.
    1. An accusation is NOT a fact!
    Do you know for a fact that your accusations really happened?
    If you are making “accusations” you have not proved really happened and then speaking about them as if they really did happen then you are delirious and hallucinating. Hallucinations are not real. You are dreaming.
    Have you considered this? – The ex-wife, and her best friend said and continue to say, to this day, NO CHEATING ever occurred by the Ex husband.
    So there really is no accuser and nobody to really accuse of anything according to the ex-wife.
    But if an accuser and an accused continue to persist in your mind, and you are seriously troubled by these phantom people, then you need help. Let’s work together to try and help you.
    Do you know that in a court of law, a judge will not even hear a case of accusation unless:
    An enforceable law has been broken by the accused and the accused has been legally brought into a court of law by the accuser to be judged by a real judge.
    There has to be an injured party doing the accusing of the accused, with verifiable wounds and damage done to it by the accused, with legitimate and legal reasons for the accusations. And – finally –
    The accusing party must have impeachable witnesses to back up his/her claim against the accused in a court of law before a real judge.
    Of course it would be wise for the person being accused to have impeachable witnesses too. Just in case he/she might have to defend him/herself in court.
    Here is your issue:
    You are accusing a woman of sleeping with a married man and the married man of cheating on his wife. But the ex-wife says it never happened. Hmmm….this is a dilemma.
    These questions you need to first ask yourself?
    1. Are you the injured party?
    2. If you are not the injured party – Who is? And have you taken your suspicious accusations to the party you believe has been injured by the person/s you are accusing of causing the injury so they can be aware of how they have been injured and can act on your suspicions?

    3. If you took your accusations to the injured party, why has not the injured party filed legal charges against the accused, whom you say has injured them, so all of it can be brought before a judge, in a court of law, and be judged?
    Oh,….what’s that you say? ….You are NOT the injured party? You are speaking only on the injured party’s behalf. Oh, I see. Okay.
    1. Since you are not the injured party – but you are speaking on behalf of the person you believe has been injured by the people you are accusing of cheating- WHERE is the injured party’s body with all of its evidence of injury you say has been done to it?
    2. If the body is not ambulatory, will you please first present the body to the legal authorities so they may exam it, confirm the injury, and, if necessary, bring legal charges against the people you are accusing of causing the injury so a trial, in a court of law, can begin.
    By the way -
    1. Please be prepared to be a witness, give a deposition and/or bring forth all your additional witnesses to confirm your accusations, especially now that an injured body will be presented.
    What’s that you say? …….You can’t be a witness or give a deposition because you have no injured body to present before a legal rep and you never actually saw any cheating with your own eyes, you only have a suspicion about it because of what you have been reading in Tabloid magazines and you do not really know any of the people personally or even where they live.
    You only know about them thru what the Tabloids say about them and the Tabloids seem to really have the truth about them and you were wondering why nothing was being done about these two people who are constantly being accused of having cheated on poor old, old Jenifer Aniston?
    Oh, okay. I understand now.
    1. Since you are not the injured party and you don’t know ANY of the people involved, and nobody has asked you to speak on their behalf, especially the woman you say has been “injured” by the accused…
    Here is end of the matter.
    The two people you are accusing and the one you are speaking for all say you don’t know what you are talking about and none of them know you either. But since you are obviously suffering and they have great compassion for you and do not wish you to suffer any longer, the two people you accused suggest you be sent to a place where you can receive the help you need and they will gladly pay for all your treatments as long as is necessary. They wish you well and a speedy recovery.
    Does the above help to unconfuse you? I sincerely hope so.

  177. 177
    nina Says:

    @angierocks: She’s always lying. A break for what? for keeping the cave man under her wraps. Geting another project mean the caveman is already sick of her and on the way out!

  178. 178
    Magnolia Says:

    This is exactly what I loathe the most about Jen….I hate how she words things. She acts as if she is “over” everything but says just enough to send the message that she believes she was cheated on.
    She knows perfectly well she wasn’t cheated on. She knew the kind of integrity the man she married had, hell even CC knew it, we all know it. It’s displayed to us every day in his actions.
    He was perfectly honest with Jen, he told her that he was attracted to Jolie. CC says he expressed that he was attracted to her and did try very hard to overcome this. It just did not work! I think it was suddenly clear to him that he was meant to be with Angie, his amazing soul mate.
    He did everything he could to end the relationship respectfully. It seems like she tried everything to hang on for dear life. She even suggested he “be” with Jolie while still being married to her.
    Maybe I am wrong about that last detail but what I am getting at is that at the end of the day Brad has proven that he holds himself to a certain standard! He is not a man who considers it okay to cheat on his wife, even if the relationship has turned into something empty and disappointing.
    This is true for many reasons for this man. He likes to finish something properly before he begins something else.
    He used to even be this way with his movie roles, he used to not even look at another acting role, till he was finished with the one he was currently doing.
    Pretend you are Brad for a second “haha, okay that’s a bit difficult but just pretend” you are in a marriage with someone that you are not connecting with, she does not understand you, you do not understand her (check Charlie Rose interview where he expresses this) and you meet someone like Angie who is full of passion and drive. She is successfully doing humanitarian work on a large scale that you ( remember you are Brad in this scenario) have been wanting to do but being the careful man that you are have only done so on a much smaller scale.
    Can you imagine the great relief you feel when you find a way to use the fame that has been crippling you from living fully in such a positive way. He said that for much of the late nineties (correct me if I am wrong ladies) he really struggled with his Fame, did not know what exactly to do with it. Felt a bit useless, lost, and isolated.
    Then here comes this amazing woman who has an abundance of fame but has not allowed that to cause her to live in an isolated plastic bubble. She has found a way to not only stay connected to the world but effect people in a very real way.
    She has found a way to balance the shallow aspects of Hollywood with the deepest most honest realities of the human condition all over the world.
    Can you imagine the joy that probably filled Brad when he realized that he could have a full life? That he really could live the life of his dreams. He could be part of something honest and beautiful.He could effect change in the best of ways! Not only did he choose Angelina He also chose another way of life.

    Now why on earth would a man so ready for change do something like sleep with the most incredible woman he had found who exemplified everything he had been looking for until things where perfect? What makes you think he even had that option?
    Saying that he cheated on Jen with Angie is not so much disrespecting Jen as it is disrespecting Angie. Angie is not a woman you have an affair with. Angie is the kind of partner that in only your wildest dreams you hope you might meet. Brad seems to have given up on that at a low point in his life and because he a nurturing and serial monogamist he married Ticky, a needy woman who needs people to finish her sentences for her. Ticky became Brads charity case, a insecure, self centered woman that Brad “kept her together man”.
    Anyways I will get to my point, after Brad met Angelina and got to know what she was about, he fell deeply in love with her. The kind of love that makes you euphoric! The kind of love you will sacrifice anything for! Let them sling mud at me!! I will go to ends of the earth to be with this woman!
    Remember at the MMS premier, the look of absolute joy on his face when he sees her! She had reawakened his zest for life. She had made him fill whole again.

    Now why would he choose to rush being with her until everything is perfect? Until he can look her in her eyes and say I am all yours totally and completely if you will have me. Until he can give this woman and their union the honor and respect it deserves.
    I believe Brad has way to much respect for Angie and himself and Angie has way to much respect for herself and Brad, the kind of citizens of the world they are and what they may become to do something like rush sex. Plus this might be something you never thought of GUEST but did it ever occur to you that despite all there crazy chemistry sex might not have even been that important to them. Honestly, they were grown ups not teenagers! I am not saying they don’t have amazing skyrocketing incredible sex now I am just saying there is so much more to being full, complete. There is so much more that goes into a full whole relationship and this is what I believe where after ( he might have rushed sex with Ticky, I mean what else is there to do with that girl….Talk???? NO, the sex might be lame but at least you burn some calories).
    They (Brad and Angie) were looking for something real, a real friendship, a deep love, a partner, a best friend, partner in crime…..A soul mate!
    How do you get that by rushing sex when someone who is married.
    GUEST, you really do not understand the essence of what these to amazing people are if you think that this action happened.

    The worst part is that you have totally bit the obvious bait that Ticky put out there when she said ” I choose to believe my husband” what BS is that. It’s clear what she is insinuating. She is saying I am the victim, I have hoped that he was loyal to me till the end of our relationship but who knows. She says this for publicity because she knows perfectly well as did CC what kind of man she was with.
    A man with integrity who respects himself and Angelina way too much to soil his first experiences with the woman of his dreams (Angelina ) with anything other than actions he can stand by and be proud of.
    He did say in a interview “I am proud of the way I handled things” now think about that and look at the man he is, look at his actions over the years (if you are in anyway a fan) look at how he chooses to live his life, what makes him proud and ask yourself are you really that silly that you are going to believe that a man who makes these kind of choices would start a relationship with this incredible woman in such a way?
    Its people like you GUEST that keep Ticky in business because you buy into what she is selling. Its laughable how obvious she is too, she knows that her target audience is stupid so not only does she say that she “chooses to believe her husband” but she has the audacity to say things that are even blunter just in case you didn’t get it the first time like “ I would not be surprised by anything” and worst one yet “ consider the source” Oh gosh I can’t STAND her! That one almost made me laugh out loud but I guess it worked because well YOU GUEST bought it but at the end of the day all is well.
    Angie and Brad continue to enrich each other and others lives. While Ticky is calculating her next move with her recent pubes showing fame chasing boyfriend Who DID lie to HIS EX, Brad and Angie are traveling the globe taking on the tough challenges of making us aware of the atrocities of war. They are bringing a voice to the disenfranchised, they are learning a new language (French) they are loving their Six children and giving them fullest life. They are taking cooking classes together and eating amazing breakfasts. They are sharing laughs, sharing tears and sharing in deep and wonderful full relationship that even they might not have even thought was possible until they were!
    Everything is as is should be, time is the best reviler of truths.

  179. 179
    Love the Ang Says:

    Angie did look out of this world phenomenal. Stunning beyond words.

    Hollywood loves to dress Angie . She always outshines the entire red carpet event.

    I am sure Brad was still getting his little bum touches tonight . Angie keeps a smile on her face and you know she just loves his hands in all the right places.

    Angie says what she loves the most is climbing into bed with Brad every night. Going on 8 yrs and they still have the hot h.o.r.n.y stuff going on regularly or as reg as you can with 6 children. LOL No wonder they are always smiling.. Two lovebirds.

  180. 180
    love Says:

    @Love the Ang:
    of course he did!

  181. 181
    Faye Says:

    And the congregation said “Amen.” What a wonderful post. You said what I’ve always thought and you said it so eloquently. Bravo! Now if someone could just find a way to make Ticky disappear.

  182. 182
    love Says:

    flawless beauty

  183. 183
    Guest Says:

    @Love the JoliePitts:
    wow did you really just write an essay lol.anyways Jen NEVER said Brad didnt cheat..saying I choose to believe my husband but nothing would surprise me is NOT the same as saying no cheating occurred..idk why you all dont understand that.she chose to believe Brad but Brad lied to her and to everyone else..interesting that you all look at MAMS pics and say aww they are falling in love etc i guess you all forgot that the man was married..also another thing that seems odd..Angie said Maddox called Brad dad how does a 3 year old know to call Brad dad if not instructed to by mom..did he also call JLM dad..something tells me Angie told Mad that Brad was daddy..using her baby to get to Brad

  184. 184
    Magnolia Says:

    @reply | Flag This
    # 183
    Faye @ 02/17/2012 at 1:50 am
    And the congregation said “Amen.” What a wonderful post. You said what I’ve always thought and you said it so eloquently. Bravo! Now if someone could just find a way to make Ticky disappear.
    Haha, thanks Faye and don’t you worry, I think Ticky will be gone soon enough, she is becoming less and less relevant. Then again there will always be negative shallow people in this world whose main focus is tanning, dieting, keeping up appearances and saying whatever sounds good without meaning any of it so in other words she will always have a fan base so then again maybe not but gosh, what a sad little life she leads.

  185. 185
    Guest Says:

    also I like Angie but I think as a fellow woman she should have waited till the divorce was at least final to get pregnant, wats the rush? she couldnt resist the urge to wait another two months? did she ever think about Jens feelings? I just dont get it..I really appreciate all the UN work she does and adopting those gorgeous kids and I like her movies but she gets the serious side eye from me for the affair, telling Mad to call Brad dad, and getting preggers before divorce was final..

  186. 186
    delurk Says:

    @Love the JoliePitts:

    Great post. I really enjoyed it. Do you mind me asking if you ‘ Love the Jolie Pitts’ are a lawyer? hahaha You sure sounded like it.

    So many good points about the law, Very impressive.

  187. 187
    Passing Through Says:

    Remember that story someone posted this morning that had Billy Boob “correcting” the Variety story saying the movie he’s writing – And Then We Drove – is partially based on his relationship with Angelina? Billy Boob denied he’d ever said that. Well, guess who lied? That story originally came from Vulture – the NY Magazine entertainment industry site. They’ve added an update to the BBT interview they posted yesterday with BBT saying he never told anyone the movie was about Angie – this is why I call this guy a “scumbag”…he talks out of both sides of his ass…
    * UPDATE: The author of the original Variety report, Gregg Goldstein, tells Vulture that And Then We Drove producer Alexander Rodnyansky has confirmed on the record that when Thornton originally laid out the story for the film, the actor/writer/director said that it was partly based on his relationship with Jolie. Goldstein has updated his original story to include Rodnyansky’s quote, which was not in the original post. Goldstein also notes that neither Thornton nor any of his representatives requested that Variety correct the story.
    Somebody’s lying – and I wouldn’t rule out BBT. Angie should check her back for daggers. I’ve always thought BBT was still carrying a grudge and was pissed at her for not taking him back the multiple times he begged her to.

  188. 188
    Magnolia Says:

    Did I write an essay?? I guess I did, that got kind of long, I surprised myself but the words just kept on coming and it felt good! these two people inspire me!! Brad and Angie that is…I don’t want you confusing them with someone else..ahem.
    Anyways that was my whole point! she states, he says he did not cheat and I choose to believe my husband…… She basically left a huge door open for speculation when I believe she knew perfectly well that he did not cheat on the her because Brad is the kind of man you can take at his word.

    She knows that but she put in such a way to cause everyone else to do exactly what your doing. I am not going to write another “essay” about this, because I said all of this already above in the essay that I thought you just read…obviously your reading comprehension is not the best.

    As far as Mad calling him Dad, gosh you really think she is so low to tell her child to call him Dad. Do you think the most beautiful, talented man on earth is trying to get Brad??? oh gosh, it was so obvious that he was crazy about her. She does not to resort to silly ploys to get Brad, he chased her!

    I have taken care of many young kiddos and I will tell you three year olds are a lot more sensitive and intuitive then you give them credit for. Mad probably saw other families with a Mother and Father. He probably had play dates with other families, with the children referring to there
    Father as Dad and he felt the connection of that family.
    Then when Brad and Angie where spending time together, getting to know each other and Brad was getting to know Mad.
    Spending quality time with Mad and doing things that maybe JM and others had not done with him on such a consistent basis and he felt it.
    You know that feeling you have when you know you are treasured and cared for. He felt the same kind of love he usually only only felt coming from his Mother coming from this man.
    This just registered to mean one thing “Dad” I personally love that story, I find it so beautiful, they had such a close happy nurturing beginning that even a three year child could identify what it was. The beginnings of a beautiful family.

  189. 189
    kel Says:

    @Heidis mom s SIL Squiggy HURT:

    wow, so looks like someone believes everything in the tabloids…..LOL

  190. 190
    teri Says:


    OMG, you are truly a freak for being this much invested in their relationship…i would be afraid for their safety if you ever came in contact with them!! ahh get a life you creeper

  191. 191
    a fan Says:

    Magnolia Thanks so much for the truth.Brad and Angie are good decent people.God bless both of them.This Guest sounds mental.

  192. 192
    Tree Says:

    Magnolia, you wrote it beautifully. Always love reading their love story :-)

  193. 193
    Magnolia Says:

    Guest @ 02/17/2012 at 2:12 am

    Thumb up Thumb down -3

    also I like Angie but I think as a fellow woman she should have waited till the divorce was at least final to get pregnant, wats the rush? she couldnt resist the urge to wait another two months? did she ever think about Jens feelings? I just dont get it..I really appreciate all the UN work she does and adopting those gorgeous kids and I like her movies but she gets the serious side eye from me for the affair, telling Mad to call Brad dad, and getting preggers before divorce was final..
    That’s just a piece of paper! Ticky petitioned a divorce to the courts. It was understood by all parties that the marriage was OVER! They had all moved on (well in hindsight it turns out she will never move on but not because she loved him, just because there is no one even close to as beautiful and famous as Brad is that will give her the time of day much less care about her feelings) she was dry humping VV in perfect view of the public and you upset she didn’t wait to get pregnant??. Okay, now you bored me.

  194. 194
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Wrote it just for you sweetie.
    Darling Jenifer has never said – ” my ex-husband cheated on me!”
    And she never will.
    She KNOWS what you refuse to believe.
    You have made yourself the victim in your own hallucinations, and you can’t let the ex-husband, who never belonged to you, go.
    How sad for you. You really are sick indeed.
    Take your non hallucinogen medication and go back to sleep.
    Dream sweetly of Aniston sleeping with the little short man who looks like Charlie Manson she stole from Heidi Bivens.
    But you can’t dream of him can you? You don’t want him. How could Aniston betray you and destroy your dreams by sleeping with that ugly short man.

    You are beyond help. Lost in your make believe world.
    Run along now. And try to find who you really are.

    Class is out. School is over.

  195. 195
    Just a Lurker Says:

    Crossed-eye Lamey is doing Oscar retrospective on her site, she is reviewing all Brad’s Oscar date in the past and other actors/actresses Oscar appearance in the past including Cate Blanchett. I am surprised to find out in year 2000, Brad, Goopy and Angie all were at the Oscar that year, Brad presented Best Cinematography, Goopy presented Best Actor and Angie won Best Supporting Actress. Hollywood is really a small world.

  196. 196
    Kriss Says:

    Once cheater- liar FOREVER
    Domestic Total as of Feb. 12, 2012: $272,376
    Total Lifetime Grosses
    Domestic: $272,376
    Domestic Summary
    Opening Weekend: $18,854
    (3 theaters, $6,285 average)
    % of Total Gross: 6.9%
    > View All 8 Weekends
    Widest Release: 18 theaters
    In Release: 52 days / 7.4 weeks

  197. 197
    sAARA Says:

    What do you actually achieve with a film about the war in Bosnia, where only depicting prison camp run by Serb troops, but not those run by the Bosnian Muslim? I think the crew really think they are creating reconciliation through their works?

    To make another Hollywood film that is full of prejudices and simplifications, after all the misery in the 90s, is quite distasteful, and that’s not particularly surprising about this and that war victims react by sending angry letters …
    Unusually stupid to make a film about the Balkan wars, now that it had too little time since. It takes much more time than that of war wound healing, one to two generations or so.

    Then I’m a little tired with all actors who think they have the solution to all problems of the world with his naive settings. Last, it was Sean Penn who took the Argentine side of the Falklands issue, although he has no link whatsoever to any party.

    After aging actresses, they directors. The people in the Balkans even react to anything, can berop on that they do not chew psychiatric medicine ….

  198. 198
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    @Passing Through:
    Passing Through.
    This is the problem I have with Gregg Goldstein. Please bear with me.
    Since Billy Bob T is saying and has said quote -

    “This story is not true. It is neither based on nor inspired by his relationship with Angelina.”
    Billy Bob never told Goldstein directly that the story was based on experiences w/ AJ in the Variety write-up by GG. Goldstein got that part of BBT’s supposed story from an unnamed “insider” and someone else supposedly confirmed it which was NOT in his original Variety article.

    Here is what Goldstein wrote in Variety by BBT:
    “Thornton said the film is about “a guy who’s on a road trip and picks up this girl along the way, and what happens to them. It’s about the question of life: ‘What is this? Where do I fit in?’
    That is the ONLY quote GG has from BBT. Nowhere did BBT mention anything about AJ to GG.
    WHY, in the name of all that is common sense doesn’t Goldstein just accept BBT’s clarification and let it go at that? BBT knows what he said and what he meant! And if what he says he said is now being misconstrued in the press, BBT is certainly within his rights to correct the press if they are misinterpreting what he said.
    Especially since the script has not even been fully written yet!

    Why is Goldstein bothering to quote everyone he says is supposedly speaking for Thornton when BBT has ALREADY spoken for himself and he, (GG) has Thornton’s statement on record on the Internet in Variety?
    Does Goldstein have some sort of agenda that he cannot issue his own corrected statement and simply say ” BBT contacted me and has since told me his upcoming movie is NOT based on his past relationship with Angelina Jolie?”
    How difficult is it to simply say that?
    Isn’t an honest and reputable journalist OBLIGATED to do just that?

    It may be Goldstein’s reputation as a writer is on the line and that is why he is protesting so hard. MOO

  199. 199
    love Says:

    some nice comment and pics from Mirror
    Brad and Angelina are as loved up as ever then
    Angelina was looking particularly happy as she promoted her new film and who can blame her when she’s got Brad by her side – and she looks like this
    It’s no wonder Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are together – just look at them. Could they be more perfect?
    The answer to that is no, although occasionally Brad does overdo the facial hair, but let’s not get picky.

    Here they are at the premiere of Angelina’s latest film In The Land of Blood and Honey in Paris – incidentally the city of love.

    Angelina, who looked gorgeous in a long white dress with silver corsage, directed the film, set in the Bosnian war, and she looked pleased as punch to be out on the red carpet promoting it.
    Everything they do just looks romantic
    She said about her experience working on it: “This film has taught me to love film again because I see what film can do and I see and I am re-inspired because I was not feeling very inspired as an actress. I was feeling very disheartened.”
    “I came to this film not because I wanted to be a director, I came to this film because the more I researched, the more I learned, the more angry I got.”

  200. 200
    lylian Says:

    @Passing Through:
    * UPDATE: The author of the original Variety report, Gregg Goldstein, tells Vulture that And Then We Drove producer Alexander Rodnyansky has confirmed on the record that when Thornton originally laid out the story for the film, the actor/writer/director said that it was partly based on his relationship with Jolie. Goldstein has updated his original story to include Rodnyansky’s quote, which was not in the original post. Goldstein also notes that neither Thornton nor any of his representatives requested that Variety correct the story.
    @Love the JoliePitts:
    Billy Bob never told Goldstein directly that the story was based on experiences w/ AJ in the Variety write-up by GG. Goldstein got that part of BBT’s supposed story from an unnamed “insider” and someone else supposedly confirmed it which was NOT in his original Variety article.
    Hmmm, it seems to me that BBT did tell Rodnyansky that the story would be partly based on his experiences of Angelina but it seems, that was also a private conversation. Very possibly, BBT didn’t want it to be known to all and sundry that some aspects of his life with Angelina would be in this script.
    I would give BBT the benefit of the doubt on this one. He wasn’t to know Rodnyansky was a big mouth blabber. In truth, is it possible to write any sort of meaningful story about life without injecting some part of your experiences and your views? I don’t think so. But though some of the characters may be drawn from BBT’s experiences with Angelina, it isn’t based on Angelina per se. And it may be a way for BBT to come to terms with his life with and loss of Angelina. This he has a right to do.
    Having said that I’d give BBT the benefit of the doubt right now, I’d agree with you PT that BBT was not a particularly good man in the past especially in the way he had neglected his children and abused his ex wife. Interestingly enough, the thought occurred to me, BBT was at that time, perhaps not that dissimilar to Jon Voight who was rather neglectful of his children and according to James, abusive to them and his ex wife, Marcheline.
    Obviously, Angelina needed to live with someone like BBT and learn something from that experience to heal herself. Which, thankfully, she has done. Angelina’s moved on, figure out what is important to her, what she wanted to love, and of course, she was never going back to a dysfunctional relationship with BBT.
    One more thing I have to say: I’d take a bet that in time to come, there are going to be more biographies and biopics about Angelina Jolie. Like Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe, Angelina’s just to huge a person to be ignored. And no doubt, Ticky will gain her immortality by appearing as a sort of footnote in Angelina’s life because of tick’s connection to Brad Pitt.

  201. 201
    lylian Says:

    BTW, I’d like to add, Angelina looks amazing in that dress in paris. The colour, the hair, the make up, everything except the rose which I can’t say really appeals to me very much but hey!! I’m not haute couture!!

  202. 202
    lylian Says:

    OK, OK, I just checked out ticky in her premiere in her dress.
    One word for the dress: NO.
    There’s just too much going on in that outfit of hers. Lots of zig-zags and checks AND a peplum type detailing right around the tummy area AND the curve cut of the panel in front widening just at the tummy area AND the bare shoulders.
    To be fair, it’s not ticky’s figure. I doubt it that dress would look good even on Gisele bundchen on the runway. It’s just not a good dress.

  203. 203
    Indeed Says:

    Just look at them. Could they be more perfect?

  204. 204
    From Paris Says:

    New interview whith Angie for 50min inside with Sandrine Quetier !
    She will talk about five moments that have marked her life or her Career.

  205. 205
    lylian Says:

    One more point about ticky. have anyone notice that in Fox 411 section of the news below that ticky is on the 3 news item listed there? Not even Whitney Houston’s death or anything managed to knock Ticky off from being on the list, for days after it was first placed on the list. Me thinks it’s paid placement on Fox news.
    Incidentally, Fox news is owned by news corp, controlled by the Murdoch family and y’all should know that New corp’s papers, even the TIMES have been engaged in widespread phone tapping and other illegal activities of people. Evidence is showing up that all the illegality was known to and approved and paid for by Murdoch. We aren’t just talking: turning a blind eye here but actual knowledge.

  206. 206
    BH Says:

    Perhaps you would like to know that Jean-Jacques Annaud (director of Seven Years in Tibet) was yesterday at the Paris premiere. He is one of the best French directors, in my opinion.

  207. 207
    sweet JPs Says:

    BH- that’s VERY cool- Loved 7 Years in Tibet- yellow hair!!

  208. 208
    aww Says:

  209. 209
    aww Says:

    best dressed of the week no.1 is..—13/02/12/gallery/1

  210. 210
    tazzy Says:


    Why are you still harping on a marriage that ended a hundred years ago? Give it up already.

  211. 211
    Next Stop Says:

    trying again- JPs in Zagreb

  212. 212
    a fan Says:

    The X and her paid trolls are still piggy back riding on Brad/Angie. They are trying to get some of Angie’s spotlight re-directed to the X. So all this talk on here about the X and the ancient divorce is so obvious and pathetic. Angie is getting a lot of media attention for her ground breaking movie – X wants that attention. So her PR team rehashes old/faulty story. Just to remind people that Angie did the X wrong. But the truth is Angie did not do her wrong and the media needs to stop associating X with Brad and Angie. The media is stuck is a time warp when it comes to Angie. Angie is meant to soar above others; the other one is stuck on the ground. Cut the strings!

  213. 213
    Not Pitt Says:

    Pitt is not in Croatia

    troubles in the paradise?

  214. 214
    POOR TROLL Says:

    Come on now..we know that the troll is a name-changing loser. We really don’t need to respond to an id.iot. That is why her posts are hidden because we don’t have to read her garbage and respond to it. So please fans. Just IGNORE. We know that there is only one or two PAID TROLLS here. Let us just CELEBRATE the BEAUTY OF ANGIE AND BRAD.

  215. 215
    POOR TROLL Says:

    cr Maria @JPS

    Angelina landed at the Zagreb airport, accompanied by Brad Pitt, but no children, to present her directorial debut.

    Nice try LOSER! BWAHAHAHAHAH Now go change your name back to Guest. HAHAHAHA WHAT AN I.DIOT.

  216. 216
    Not Pitt Says:

    In Paris he was bored and angry
    Very bad for him, a very important release for her and will not be

  217. 217
    Not Pitt Says:

    @Not Pitt:

    In the pictures Brad does not appear on any site
    I said that he was not in Berlin, and he did not arrive until Friday

    I won again

  218. 218
    Not Pitt Says:


    Finally something fun

  219. 219
    Not Pitt Says:

    Their fake relationship ended after the Oscar circus

  220. 220
    Not Pitt Says:

    Apparently it’s true.She arrived alone. Brad must have stayed with the kiddies in Paris.smiley: happy

    13:58: Angelina Jolie (36) in a private plane landed at Zagreb’s Pleso Airport. While in Sarajevo, she was accompanied by Brad Pitt, Jolie to the premiere of his directorial debut, ‘In the Land of Blood and Honey’ arrived alone.

  221. 221
    Emily Says:

    Wow Jen directed a short film and did not get this much attention. You people are so predictable. Give credit where it’s due. Jen directed an amazing movie and all she got was a mention on a gossip website. Her film was more artistic than this movie Angie’s directed.

  222. 222
    Skankelina Ugly Says:

    Money cannot buy class, charisma and character. That’s a cheap looking dress (though I’m sure it costs a fortune) on a cheap woman with dead eyes. Brad Pitt looks like a poor man’s Johnny Depp wannabe. Can we stop featuring these two please? Looks like their PR team is going overboard as usual.

  223. 223
    Not Pitt Says:

    @Skankelina Ugly:
    Pitt is much worse, he went to Berlin, Sarajevo and Paris by relations public

  224. 224
    ugh Says:

    Granny Manny is leathery, orange,dusted and busted per usual- stolen troll boy looks like a badly drawn cartoon- ridiculous hair & eyebrows, tiny feet- creepy to the max!!

  225. 225
    So What? Says:

    @POOR TROLL: Looks like Brad was not with her. Is Zagreb a safe place? I mean I really want Angie to be safe, that is all.

  226. 226
    love Says:

    Charlie Rose will moderate a panel conversation between former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Angelina Jolie on the opening night of Tina Brown’s Women in the World summit on March 8 at David Koch Theater, Lincoln Center.
    The panel will focus on how women pick up the pieces after war and rebuild their families, their communities and their lives. They will discuss conflict situations like Congo, Bosnia and Kosovo.
    Other participants include Christine Lagarde, Sheryl Sandberg, Valerie Jarrett, Chelsea Clinton, Leymah Gbowee, Jane Harman, Meryl Streep, Andrew Sullivan, Barbara Walters, Andrea Mitchell, Christiane Amanpour and Gloria Steinem.
    Tickets on sale here.

  227. 227
    POOR TROLL Says:

    My bad…So Brad didn’t accompany Angie to Croatia. I saw an interview that the kiddos were with them at Paris. Brad must be babysitting them since Angie won’t be gone too long. Its just a day affair. So for the troll, stop gloating you id.iot. Was it you who said that BRAD WAS NOT IN BERLIN? LOL. Such a LOSER just like MANISTON.

  228. 228
    Not Pitt Says:

    @So What?:
    Don’t worry, she has a good number of hot bodyguard

  229. 229
    Skankelina Ugly Says:

    Her own team looks like they hate her. Not only does her plastic surgeried mouth look like a fish, guess she stinks like one too…or her personality is just so horrible that her own team looked so unhappy to be with her. Or maybe the married men and women were scared she would try to seduce their partners – since she goes both ways and does not have any morals. Skankiness like hers will always show.

  230. 230
    Not Pitt Says:


    He was not in Berlin, came on Thursday night, after a holiday with his true lover

  231. 231
    POOR TROLL Says:

    Paid trolls are a hoot. I really don’t understand why Huvane has to pay these id.iots to post on blogs. I mean really. To have stupid trolls posting as fans for Granny Maniston, that’s gotta be embarrassing right? But I guess when you don’t have so many, she’ll take whatever she could get even if they are i.diots. LOL

  232. 232
    tess Says:

    Angie is intelligent, a woman of substance with a heart of gold. Brad is one very lucky man

  233. 233
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    @Skankelina Ugly:

    You are idiot. Go back to MANiston’s thread.

  234. 234
    Not Pitt Says:

    I hope that Huvane send me the check soon

    What a party there in Zagred after the premiere.Angelina and her bones will be more happy than ever

    Pitt was confirmed that would be at the premiere
    I suppose not to be there, explains his bad mood yesterday

  235. 235
    Jennifer Aniston FTW! Says:

    The fact that Brad and Angelina look so worn out and emaciated in their pics and so unhappy, shows that adulterers always get their comeuppance at last!

  236. 236
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:


    That’s great. Angie is not only intelligent she is well respect.

    And what does MANiston focus on. The superficial stuff. Her panel include Nutjob, yoga teacher, her stylist, her dermatologist……

  237. 237
    yes Says:

    granny manny is the best adulterer- poor Vince Vaughn, poor Heidi Bivens!!

  238. 238
    From France Says:

    In a French channel, say that last night was a big fight between the couple, and he left this morning without saying goodbye to her

  239. 239
    sissysissy Says:

    Angie looks great!!!

  240. 240
    bdj Says:

    BELGRADE, Serbia — Angelina Jolie debuts ‘In the Land of Blood and Honey’ at the foreign ministry in Berlin on February 10, 2012 Caption The distributor in Serbia of Angelina Jolie’s directorial debut — a love story set in the Bosnian war — says the movie will start showing here next week, but without the red-carpet premiere it had in Bosnia.

    Zoran Savic of Millennium Film says “the movie will be shown normally, so whoever wants to see it will have a chance to do so.”

    Jolie’s “In the Land of Blood and Honey” has triggered outrage among Serbs, who claim it depicts them as the only villains of the 1992-95 Bosnian war.

    The drama about a Serb soldier who finds his ex-lover, a Muslim Bosnian woman, among sex slaves in a camp, received a standing ovation at the Sarajevo screening Tuesday.

    Jolie also will attend the premiere in Croatia on Friday.

  241. 241
    From U.S.A Says:

    In a U.S.A. channel, say that last night was a beautiful night between the couple. Brad accompanied his wife of 7 years to support her directorial debut. They looked beautiful. They were very much in love and happy together.

  242. 242
    bdj Says:

    Academy Awards: Cirque du Soleil to perform; Angelina Jolie to present

    Angelina Jolie will present at the Oscars on Feb. 26. Photo credit: Francois Durand/Getty Images
    Cirque du Soleil has been invited to perform at the Oscars.

    What to expect? “Telecast producers Brian Grazer and Don Mischer have invited Cirque du Soleil to present a wholly unique and exclusive performance,” the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences said in a release. “The one-time-only event will feature the largest Cirque cast ever assembled for a single act.”

    More than 50 Cirquel du Soleil artists from around the world will perform to music by composer Danny Elfman, the academy said.

    The 84th annual awards will be presented Feb. 26 on ABC. Cirque du Soleil also performed at the 74th Academy Awards.

    The announced presenters for the Oscar telecast include Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, Tom Cruise and the cast of “Bridesmaids,” whose star Melissa McCarthy (“Mike & Molly”) is a supporting actress nominee.

  243. 243
    bdj Says:

    Hmm let’s hope Baby Jane with her lop sided braid, hypnotic pattern dress and her little Candy man do not crash the Oscars.

  244. 244
    bdj Says:

    Entire article at link
    My week with Angelina Jolie

    By Paul Anticoni, February 17, 2012
    Follow The JC on Twitter

    Many years ago, I was working in the field with the Red Cross when Angelina Jolie flew in as a UN Human Rights Council ambassador.

    The world’s cameras, normally focused on the red carpets and the Hollywood hangouts, turned their lenses towards some of the most desperate people on the planet and, for a little while at least, the world heard of the tragic situation we were dealing with.

    Jolie is currently using her influence to raise awareness of the Bosnian conflict, which began almost exactly 20 years ago.

    When celebrities get involved in charity work, two worlds collide. Having worked in international development for nearly 25 years, I can vouch for the fact that it is not particularly glamorous. Dealing with the aftermath of disasters and devising programmes to lift people out of extreme poverty is an enormous challenge. It’s about as far removed from Hollywood as it is possible to get.

    The media leaves and the suffering goes on

    Despite this, there are strong arguments for celebrities and charities to work together. If the aim is to grab attention, getting a celebrity involved is a sure route to success. Jolie is not the only star to support charitable causes. Comic Relief alone sees half the celebrities in Britain distributed to various impoverished nations and it pays off: huge amounts are raised every year.

    Of course, while celebrities can bring much needed attention to an issue, in some cases their interest is inevitably short-lived. After their photo opportunity, the media leaves with them, and the suffering goes on.

    The idealist in me wishes that society would stand up and pay attention to suffering without the need for celebrity endorsement, but I’ve come to accept the fact that we must play by the rules of the modern world and use these opportunities.

    Take Jolie and Bosnia. She’s hit the headlines with her directorial debut, The Land of Blood and Honey, a film that focuses on the conflict in Bosnia in the early 1990s. Over the course of four years, the former Yugoslavia was torn apart by violence; thousands were killed and tens of thousands more fled.

    This is a region close to my heart – indeed, I worked in Bosnia during the war. There is a small but resilient Jewish community there, and World Jewish Relief has been involved in the area for years.

    These communities were devastated by the conflict, yet despite the fact that it is startlingly recent, there is a real lack of awareness of the issues that led to these tragic events. Jolie’s new film is bringing far more attention to the 20th anniversary of the conflict than there would otherwise have been. If it shines a light on the suffering of the region – if just a tiny proportion of those who watch it learn from the events of the past – it is all for the good.

    In the course of my career, I have travelled to some of the most desperate places in the world, and I have seen enough tragedy to last several lifetimes.

    Celebrities have the power to bring the world’s attention to incredibly important causes, and charities have a responsibility to their beneficiaries to harness every opportunity to save lives and raise awareness.

  245. 245
    bdj Says:
    Angelina Jolie Wows In White

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt hit the red carpet for the Parisian premiere of her film In The Land Of Blood And Honey written and directed by Angelina herself, seriously where does she get the time? She wore a white one shoulder Ralph and Russo dress with a large flower corsage on the shoulder, while Brad wore a Gucci suit teamed with specs – very geek chic! Angelina teamed her dress with a vintage waved hairstyle and a rouge lip stain, looking beyond perfect from head-to-toe. All that, and Brad Pitt on her arm, you’re one lucky lady, Ange! RS

  246. 246
    USA TODAY Says:

    Gee maniston not presenting at the oscars,whew at least her stench won’t smell the place up,lol

  247. 247
    Not Pitt Says:


    Always talking about Jen
    Do because do not speak about the anorexia of Jolie? because do not speak of her emaciated face? because do not speak that she is most happy when she goes to the events alone?
    Today, surely will be smiling


  248. 248
    bdj Says:

    Entire article at link

    Feb. 17, 2012

    LivingHomes Unveils the C6: The First Lower-Cost, Zero Energy, Zero Carbon, and LEED Platinum® Level Production Home
    The C6, in Collaboration with Make It Right and William McDonough, Debuts Today at Modernism Week & the Upcoming TED 2012 Conference

    LivingHomes®, a premier developer of modern, sustainably designed, prefabricated homes, announces the launch and national availability of the new LivingHome C6. The C6 is the first LivingHome that is affordably priced and comfortably sized for a small family or couple.

    “It has always been our most important goal to develop an affordable LivingHome,” said Steve Glenn, CEO of LivingHomes. “The C6 is not only our lowest cost LivingHome – it’s half the cost of current models – but it’s also the first to achieve our most important Z6 Environmental Goals, and, we believe it’s the first production home to feature Cradle to Cradle® inspired materials and a LEED Platinum level environmental program. It’s also the easiest and fastest LivingHome to build.”

    The C6 was designed as part of a new partnership with Make It Right, a nonprofit founded by Brad Pitt and renowned architect William McDonough to build 150 Cradle to Cradle inspired LEED Platinum homes in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward, the neighborhood hardest hit by Hurricane Katrina. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each C6 will help support the efforts of Make It Right.

    “We’re excited to partner with LivingHomes to help make well-designed, sustainable houses more affordable and available in other parts of the country,” said Tom Darden, Make It Right’s Executive Director.

  249. 249
    Just asking Says:

    No Pitt #232 …… of what brad Pitt “true lover” are you talking about???

  250. 250
    Not Pitt Says:

    @Just asking:
    Everyone knows

  251. 251
    bdj Says:

    Hmm the troll got a little defensive about ole puff and stuff Baby Jane. Baby Jane looks like a psychedelic billboard in that dress. Ole girl is stuck in the sixties. What happened to all that fake concern about BP and AJ.

  252. 252
    USA TODAY Says:

    Well maniston and Eddie Munster can watch the oscars on tv while drinking vodka and eating pork rinds,my bad I forgot she’s 10 months pregnant,lol,no pork rinds

  253. 253
    Not Pitt Says:

    Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux work L.A. red carpet
    Jennifer Aniston was all smiles last night as she walked the red carpet for Wanderlust, her new movie with Paul Rudd and boyfriend Justin Theroux.

    More: Jen takes her shirt off for ‘GQ’

    Jen posed with Rudd and hammed it up on the red carpet with Malin Ackerman, while Theroux worked the carpet on his own, also posing with Rudd and other actors in the film.

    The Daily Mail has close-up shots of matching rings that Jennifer and Justin were wearing bearing their names.

  254. 254
    POOR TROLL Says:

    Thanks bdj for the articles! I really enjoy your smackdown with the paid troll. You are one funny lady!

  255. 255
    bdj Says:

    When a few great new images from Brad Pitt’s next film, Cogan’s Trade, surfaced this week, we were still none the wiser about when exactly the film would be coming to the big screen this year.

    It looks like The Weinstein Company have now put a date on the calendar, with The Playlist reporting that the film will be released in the States on 21st September, which puts it in prime position for going to perhaps both of Venice Film Festival and Toronto International Film Festival, which are running from 29th August to 8th September and 6th to 16th September this year, respectively.

  256. 256
    Not Pitt Says:

    Jennifer Aniston ‘calm’; Justin Theroux ‘happy’
    Jennifer Aniston puckers up with Paul Rudd on the cover of the March issue of GQ. The two star as husband and wife in Wanderlust, the film that brought Aniston together with beau Justin Theroux.

    Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston smooch it up for GQ.CAPTIONBy Terry Richardson, GQSome highlights from the GQ chat:

    Aniston on pregnancy rumors …

    “I’m not having triplets. Not having twins. Nor am I having one baby. (Lifts up sweater and gestures to belly; it appears flat) I did not elope … You heard it here. I’m not knocked up now.”

    The actress, who turned 43 on Saturday, says people seem to want her to have a child. “I still kind of go with, if it happens, it happens. I’m calm and peaceful with whatever the plan is. It’s not something where I’m going, ‘I gotta have a kid!’ ”

    Aniston and Rudd on whether — being they’re such longtime friends — it’s weird to kiss on screen …

    Jokes Jen: “I asked for a body double.”

    Jennifer Aniston ties one on with Paul Rudd in ‘GQ.’ CAPTIONBy Terry Richardson, GQTheir new film, Wanderlust, is about a marriage at a turning point. Did issues resonate with them? …

    Paul: “I think most marriages, mine included, you’re constantly tending the garden, constantly working at it.”

    Jennifer: “It’s a growing, literally living thing. There’s going to be growing pains, there’s going to be awkward moments — your lanky phase, your pimpled phase. I think that’s the beauty of a relationship. But if the road starts to …”

    Paul: “… diverge …”

    Jennifer: “… and one person is growing this way and the other is growing that way… Sometimes that can happen and you can stay together, and sometimes you can’t.”

    Meanwhile, Theroux is interviewed by New York magazine, and talks about the 3-month-old named Sophie — a boxer-pit bull mix, he and Jen recently got. “She’s the most adorable little cookie you’ve ever seen,” ­Theroux says, scrolling to a picture of the black-and-white-faced pup on his phone. “She looks like she just smoked an exploding cigar.”

    But as for Jen chat? No dice. “I understand the curiosity, but other than saying I am happy, I am not going to indulge it,” he says. “That’s building your own torture device.”

  257. 257
    bdj Says:

    Angelina Jolie goes bold with Paris premiere gown

    “Bold” is one word being used to describe Anglina Jolie’s gown choice for last night’s Paris premiere of her pet project, In the Land of Blood and Honey.

    She and partner Brad Pitt have been jetting around Europe lately screening the film, and attending charity and award events.

    Jolie’s film distributor in Serbia says the movie will start showing there next week, but without the red-carpet premiere it had in Bosnia, reports AP.

  258. 258
    USA TODAY Says:

    Lol,matching name rings,lol are they in grade school,lol he will dump her after the movie bombs and beg Heidi to take him back

  259. 259
    dawne Says:


    Verrry well written and insightful post!!

  260. 260
    POOR TROLL Says:

    Awww poor id.iot posting here and not at Maniston’s thread. Sucks to be her paid troll.…lood-and-honey

    Angelina Jolie appeared at the French premiere of In The Land of Blood and Honey in the most amazing design by Ralph & Russo. It seemed impossible to outshine her appearance at the 2012 Golden Globes, but she has managed to do it. Ralph and Russo is an exclusive by appointment Couture fashion house. They specialize in bespoke bridal, cocktail and red carpet designs.

    One look at the design Angelina selected and you will be unable to catch your breath. Partner Brad Pitt looked mesmerized by Jolie’s mere presence.

    The design she picked for the evening was a dove grey one- shoulder gown. There was the kind of pleating you will only see with Couture on the front portion of the design. The delicate front pleats housed barely visible black crystals. The pleats then moved towards the shoulder culminating in a giant floral. The look was powerful and memorable, but ultra feminine. Everything else about the gown was simple and sleek.

    She looked so incredible that she almost did not appear real. Every detail was flawless. Jolie has moved into a more sophisticated circle of elite directors. She has stepped up her look to reflect her new position in the entertainment world. Mix that with looking gloriously happy and you have magic.

    Jolie completed her look with giant pearl studs by jeweler Lorraine Schwartz and Jimmy Choo peep toes shoes.

    Jolie has been making the rounds to promote her film. It is hard to imagine she could ever look any better, but we thought that after the Globes.

    Don’t hate her because she is beautiful. Just admire her for all that she stands for and has accomplished. Fashion is her new best friend.

  261. 261
    lmao Says:

    @Not Pitt:
    i don’t know so tell me who

  262. 262
    bdj Says:

    Ellie aka Yep work hard for the money. One day the girl will get promoted from blog patrol.

  263. 263
    Gingerbread Says:

    Angie n Brad are happy….Jen n Justin looks happy too…they move on with their life…but people n tabloids are not…sad :(

  264. 264
    Not Pitt Says:


    A man may not be in love with a woman who is only bones
    Now I understand the flight of him this morning

  265. 265
    FLAG Says:

    Can’t we flag that troll? She’s been posting articles about JA who has nothing to do with this thread. I don’t want my JP thread to be infested with any articles regarding that Anuston ***** here.

  266. 266
    love Says:


  267. 267
    Not Pitt Says:

    Here is spoken more than Jen, that of Mrs anorexic

    Stop talking about she, and I leave to talk about Jolie

  268. 268
    lmao Says:

    i think @Not Pitt is Aniston

  269. 269
    bdj Says:

    Irrfan Khan all praises for Angelina Jolie!

    Irrfan Khan is known for serious cinema. The actor has come a long way since he started his career in Bollywood. He is happy the way his career is progressing and wishes to continue working in films which really appeal to him. He is one Indian actor, who is also famous in Hollywood and has worked with Angelina Jolie in Mariane Pearl.

    When we at asked Irrfan to describe Angelina in one word and he promptly said, “She is a down to earth actress.” Well, we are sure Angelina has got the same to say about Irrfan.

  270. 270

    Aniston looks bloated and her stolen midget looks like umpa lumpa! Hahahaha

  271. 271
    bdj Says:

    ‘Outsider’ Jolie Puts Bosnia’s War Story On World Stage
    Gordana Knezevic and Irena Chalupa

    Some 5,000 Sarajevans turned out on February 14 to watch Angelina Jolie’s new film, “In the Land of Blood and Honey.” Appropriately, the film’s screening took place at a sports complex now surrounded by the graves of people who died in the Bosnian war. Jolie, her cast, and film crew received a standing ovation from the audience.

    BBC correspondent Alan Little covered the Bosnian war extensively, and the book, “The Death of Yugoslavia,” which he co-authored with Laura Silber, is the story of that experience. After the film’s screening in Sarajevo, he commented that Jolie, an outsider, had done what no one before her had managed to do: She launched Bosnia’s story onto the world stage. “It reminded me of something during the war when I was here,” Little said. “The need for people here in the siege and elsewhere in Bosnia to have the world know about their suffering, to have the world know about their story. It was a very visceral need. People cared about it very much. “And she has given a kind of acknowledgement from the outside world that their story is understood and that there is not a massive indifference in the universe. It’s connected the people who lived through and survived the Bosnian war to the world, in a way. It was a very special thing for me to witness.”

  272. 272
    Not Pitt Says:

    I return to the premiere, see Madam Bones alone is a divine pleasure
    If not for me, this thread was dead, only with boring articles that do not matter to anyone

    See you

  273. 273
    bdj Says:

    Happy Friday. Yeah I got the day off. What’s up Weng and Nan. I have much respect for Angelina Jolie in producing, directing and writing her film. She has raised the bar with her humanitarian work and talent. Congrats to Papa Pitt on the success of TOL and Moneyball.

  274. 274
    love Says:

    lol cute
    - @PEOPLEPets
    Watch your back Brad! Uggie wants to work with Angelina Jolie next
    Despite all of the big names he’s met already, there’s still one actress on Uggie’s wish list. “He’s dying to work with Angelina Jolie,” says Muller. “He loves her mouth!”,,20571314,00.html

  275. 275
    Jennifer Aniston FTW! Says:


    Then losers like you, bottom dwellers paid by the greedy Jolie and has-been Pitt, first stay out of the Perfect Jennifer Aniston’s thread.

  276. 276
    fat tick is ashamed Says:

    unlike fat tick manny and her stolen troll boy, Brad & Angie always proudly stand next to each other on the red carpet. Is manny ashamed of her stolen troll boy? Is troll boy ashamed of the leathery old cougar? Are they ashamed of what they did to young Heidi B? Well, they are probably ashamed of all those things AND ashamed to be in another crappy movie.

  277. 277
    USA TODAY Says:

    Lol,the troll couldn’t take the heat about maniston and left,lol,coward

  278. 278

    Aniston is a slime just like her stolen midget she calls her ‘boyfriend’. This movie stinks just like her perfume. I wonder why her fans never mentioned her perfume? Hahaha

  279. 279

    Perfect Aniston thread? You mean to say BORING! That is why you idiots can’t stay away at any JP threads. Your idol STINKS and I cannot wait when that paid midget will dump her sorry as$ just like MOST MEN. Hahaha She must really stink down there that is why they ran away! Hahaha She must have herpes. EWWWW

  280. 280
    bdj Says:

    Brad and Angelina Follow Her Premiere With a Dinner Date

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie followed up her Paris premiere of In the Land of Blood and Honey with dinner at the city’s Tour D’Argent restaurant. She was still decked out in a one-shouldered gown from designers Ralph & Russo, paired with Lorraine Schwartz jewels and Jimmy Choo shoes. They were joined at the famous spot, which was founded in the 1500s, with some members of her cast, like actresses Vanesa Glodjo and Zana Marjanovic.

  281. 281
    POOR TROLL Says:

    I love Uggie!!!! That dog definitely can act unlike a certain tv-hactress we call Anuston. Oh Angelina is always amazing regardless what she wears or do. She could have a trash bag like a dress but still look amazing in it. Glamorous Angelina!

  282. 282
    From Paris with Love Says:

    @From France:
    quelle chaîne, quelle émission stp?
    which french channel please? which show?
    lol BS

  283. 283
    jentheho Says:

    @Jennifer Aniston FTW!:

    Knew you couldn’t stay away. You would rather be here than at your idol’s thread. Looooooooooooooooooove it!! Thank you for supporting Angie & Brad.

  284. 284
    a lurker Says:

    Looks like Brad stays with kids in France. After this premiere, I guess the family will stay in France until the Oscars.

  285. 285
    Losers Says:

    Why is that loser comparing Angie’s directorial debut against loser Maniston’s 10-minutre SHORT MADE FOR TV? hahaha

  286. 286
    jaye Says:

    lylian @ 02/17/2012 at 5:23 am

    Very nice comment.
    I particularly liked when you said, “In truth, is it possible to write any sort of meaningful story about life without injecting some part of your experiences and your views? I don’t think so.”

  287. 287
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    I was at Lainey’s site. I didn’t know Brad never attended the Oscar with MANiston. I am very happy that he didn’t. This year will be the 2nd time he is with Angie. I am sure there will be more with Angie.

  288. 288
    From France Says:

    @From Paris with Love:
    CCTV France
    Prendre perdant

  289. 289
    from JJB Says:

    Cr Europe1

    AUDIO – Angelina Jolie “Brad and I liked The Artist”

    Angelina Jolie was in Paris yesterday to present her first film as director, the land of blood and honey. The opportunity for Nikos Aliagas ask her some questions this morning broadcast on Europe 1.

    A week before the Oscars, Nikos Aliagas met Angelina Jolie in an interview broadcast today in the morning Bruce Toussaint on Europe 1. The journalist took advantage of his presence in Paris last night and asked what she thought of the French film The Artist and his interpreter Jean Dujardin, named with partner Brad Pitt for Best Actor. “I know that Brad is just honored to have with people he meets (the Oscars). We both really liked The Artist, and it’s true that we had the opportunity to meet (Jean Dujardin) during the various festivals organized. It’s very nice to make new friends at these awards ceremonies. We met with his family and we hope to find them on a project,” said theAmerican actress.

    On a mission for 10 years for the UN

    While in Paris to present her film In the Land of Blood and Honey, a love drama against the backdrop of war in former Yugoslavia to be released in France on 22 February 2012, Angelina Jolie has returned to her role as Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR): “I am pleased to have had this opportunity in my life to travel the world. I felt that my education before the world was very limited. This is true that as an adult, I was able to travel over the past decade and meet people who have survived conflict, who are refugees, and these are people who inspire me. I think any sane person should have this awareness. If you see what is happening in the world, of course you will be moved, you will be angry face of this injustice. ”

    She confides that he already began to fear for her life, when she was on a mission to Sierra Leone for example, where she remembers being “scared” to a checkpoint where a convoy of 300 people followed her. “I was in other places where I was hidden in a corner because we were looking for my passport. There were times when I realized because I said ‘go Put yourself this vest shot, put your helmet and you hide behind sandbag … What is your group Sangin? ‘. ” “Once you realize this is happening. You think, ‘Damn, this is not a movie, it’s my life, and it’s a real gun, and it is a real situation.’ “reflects the heroine Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.

    She added: “I am a mother, I have six children, but I always remember that I am one of those minorities who are very lucky, and can from a conflict zone, out of a refugee camp and return home. At the very least I can do is to show what happens because these people can not leave like me. ”

    A war film as close to reality

    That is why it has not been afraid to show scenes of violence in his film, which she sees as “an artistic interpretation of events”, “a metaphor” to “show what happened, the divisions that took place in this country and prevent a couple from forming. ” It explains not be “comfortable with movies that deal with war and not what they should be.” “I think they should be difficult to watch, she says. These are the horrors of war crimes. There are even scenes that were even more bloody and violent and we cut editing. I want to show gratuitous violence. I just want to really show what this war. ”

    Aware that the theme of his film “remains an extremely sensitive issue, especially in this region”, says that when she presented it to Sarajevo yesterday, “it went very well spent”. Today it is in Zagreb will be shown that the land of blood and honey, and Angie is confident: “I think it will be the same in Zagreb. There are two sides of humanity, but I think it will be very difficult to look for all because it is an extremely difficult time in history and many people regret what happened. ”

    Human and committed, Angelina Jolie is preparing to make her second film in Afghanistan. And even if she responded to Nikos Aliagas she did not see himself having shoulders to make a day of politics, she agrees to his level, that of an international artist, to talk about the causes close to her the heart. Bravo!

  290. 290
    karma! Says:

    funny tweet:
    Richard Roeper @richardroeper Close
    No, Chelsea Handler doesn’t play Reese’s mom in “This Means War.” She’s one year older than Reese. #looksolder

  291. 291
    Passing Through Says:

    # 180 Magnolia @ 02/17/2012 at 1:39 am
    Great post, Magnolia. We should have this carved onto some wooden clubs that we can use to beat it into the trolls’ and hen’s pinheads…and even then they wouldn’t get it…

  292. 292
    hubcap on Angie's shoulder Says:


  293. 293
    Belle Says:

    Crikey! What’s wrong with you people? Are you all Hollywood lemmings? Brad used to be attractive, but since he’s been with the ***** he’s kind of lost his looks. As for Angelina-I’ll-hoover-up-my-leading-men-even-if-they’re-married-for-my-breakfast! Jolie, she just looks like a middle-aged waxwork model (a malnourished, anorexic one at that, and not the superhero waxwork she was whilst playing Lara Croft when I was at prep school), and not a particularly youthful-looking or fresh one at that. She’s never known how to dress…ever. She’s always boringly conservative in all-black, but the odd adventurous red-carpet experiment of late always turns into a downright disaster. She’s no actress and certainly no fashionista! OK, I’m expecting a litany of red thumbs down now for telling the truth hahahahaha!

  294. 294
    Belle Says:

    Crikey! What’s wrong with you people? Are you all Hollywood lemmings? Brad used to be attractive, but since he’s been with the *****, he’s kind of lost his looks. As for Angelina-I’ll-hoover-up-my-leading-men-even-if-they’re-married-for-my-breakfast! Jolie, she just looks like a middle-aged waxwork model (a malnourished, anorexic one at that, and not the superhero waxwork she was whilst playing Lara Croft when I was at prep school), and not a particularly youthful-looking or fresh one at that. She’s never known how to dress…ever. She’s always boringly conservative in all-black, but the odd adventurous red-carpet experiment of late always turns into a downright disaster. She’s no actress and certainly no fashionista! OK, I’m expecting a litany of red thumbs down now for telling the truth hahahahaha!

  295. 295
    Belle Says:

    Crikey! What’s wrong with you people? Are you all Hollywood lemmings? Brad used to be attractive, but since he’s been with the ******* he’s kind of lost his looks. As for Angelina-I’ll-hoover-up-my-leading-men-even-if-they’re-married-for-my-breakfast! Jolie, she just looks like a middle-aged waxwork model (a malnourished, anorexic one at that, and not the superhero waxwork she was whilst playing Lara Croft when I was at prep school), and not a particularly youthful-looking or fresh one at that. She’s never known how to dress…ever. She’s always boringly conservative in all-black, but the odd adventurous red-carpet experiment of late always turns into a downright disaster. She’s no actress and certainly no fashionista! OK, I’m expecting a litany of red thumbs down now for telling the truth hahahahaha!

  296. 296
    Belle Says:

    Crikey! What’s wrong with you people? Are you all Hollywood lemmings? Brad used to be attractive, but since he’s been with the w h 0 r e he’s kind of lost his looks. As for Angelina-I’ll-hoover-up-my-leading-men-even-if-they’re-married-for-my-breakfast! Jolie, she just looks like a middle-aged waxwork model (a malnourished, anorexic one at that, and not the superhero waxwork she was whilst playing Lara Croft when I was at prep school), and not a particularly youthful-looking or fresh one at that. She’s never known how to dress…ever. She’s always boringly conservative in all-black, but the odd adventurous red-carpet experiment of late always turns into a downright disaster. She’s no actress and certainly no fashionista! OK, I’m expecting a litany of red thumbs down now for telling the truth hahahahaha!

  297. 297
    JPS Says:

    Angelina is wearing orange color dress.

  298. 298
    JPS Says:

    Angelina told reporters at Croatian premiere that the kids are tired with the traveling that Brad decided to just stay home with them,

  299. 299
    Passing Through Says:

    # 200 Love the JoliePitts @ 02/17/2012 at 3:53 am
    You’ve completely missed the point. The point isn’t what BBT told the Variety reporter. The point is – one of the producers is saying on the record that when BBT pitched the idea to him for financing he told the man that the movie would be partially based on his relationship with Angie. In other words, the co-producer – Alexander Rodnyansky – forked over the money thinking that BBT was about to sell Angie down the river. BBT said in the interview that GEYER, who manages both him and Angie is also co-producing/co-financing the film with Rodnyanksy, asked him if it was true that the movie was based on Angie and he told Geyer it wasn’t.
    Why would Goldstein let this pass? It makes him look bad that he wrote something that supposedly wasn’t true – yet his original source willingly went on the record verifying that that was indeed what he’d been told by BBT. This stuff is a reporter’s dream. You’ve got one producer saying that BBT told him it based on Angie. Then you have BBT telling Geyer it isn’t AFTER Geyer read the Variety story saying it is. Either BBT didn’t tell Geyer the same thing he told Rodnyansky when he pitched the idea to Geyer or Rodnyanksy is lying about BBT telling him the movie was based on Angie, but Rodnyansky went on the record with HIS own clarification to Variety, which BBT never did. Why would Rodnyansky lie to Variety – on the record? And, as Goldstein noted, BBT never asked Variety to correct the story – not even after BBT spoke with Vulture saying it wasn’t true. How hard would it have been for BBT to simply call Goldstein and correct the story or have Geyer, his agent, his assisstant or his PR ho do it for him? BBT did nothing when a 2 minute phone call to Goldstein would have cleared the whole thing up. Instead he went to Vulture with his correction. Why? Probably because Goldstein would have pointed out to him that Rodnyansky spoke to him directly, on the record, and ask BBT if he’s calling the man who just ponied up $20MIL for his next movie a liar. BBT did what everybody in this sitch does – give the story to someone else and hope you’re not asked about calling your financier a liar.
    BBT left the impression that the movie was about Angie hanging out there because it was convenient for him to do so. Even if the movie isn’t about Angie, he’s either lying about what he told Rodnyansky or he lied to Geyer about what he told Rodnyansky or he’s lying to Vulture about what he told Rodnyansky or he’s calling Rodnyansky a liar. Either way, he gets free publicity for 2 movies – the one he was pimping in Berlin and the one he’s about to write and direct. All he had to do was change the plot somewhat and tell Vulture that’s what the movie’s about or tell Vulture the same plot he gave Geyer while omitting that he’d told the other co-producer/co-financier that it was about Angie. Basically what I’m saying is, any way you slice it or dice it, BBT is a lying sack of shite and used his past relationship with Angie to either get financing for his next film, get free publicity for his current film or free publicity for himself. Like I said – the man’s a scumbag. Always has been, always will be.

  300. 300
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    There you are Love.
    Thank you for the link.
    They both look so beautiful. A perfect pair.

  301. 301
    ??? Says:

    From France @ 02/17/2012 at 11:13 am

    what was said at cctv?i can’t see your last post and your recieved lots of thumb down for it.

  302. 302
    tweet Says:

    Miley Croatin Team @MileyCroOfficial
    Angelina Jolie the most beautiful woman in the world..Still can’t believe I got to see her :DD OMG

  303. 303
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Loved your post. I am still laughing.
    Thank you to all the fans, e.g. Masina,etc., (sp?) for the thorough education you gave the Troll @Guest. I learned much I did not know from every post and I think some of the newer JP fans did as well.

  304. 304
    bdj Says:

    Tina Brown is securing the the lineup for her annual Women in the World summit, which kicks off early next month. On opening night, March 8, CBS Early Show host Charlie Rose will moderate a conversation between Secretary Madeleine Albright and Angelina Jolie on how women rebuilt communities after wars in Congo, Kosovo and Bosnia.

    As Secretary of State during the Clinton administration, Secretary Albright directed US policy in the Bosnian War. Ms. Jolie recently made her directorial debut with a film about the Bosnian War, In the Land of Blood and Honey.

    Later, a panel about machismo in Central America between Sylvia Gereda, a Guatamalan journalist and Rosi Orozco will be hosted by actor Gael Garcia Bernal.

    Green Party presidential hopeful Rosanne Barr will speak about television and cultural norms. In our opinion, she needs no moderation.

  305. 305
    Passing Through Says:

    # 202 lylian @ 02/17/2012 at 5:23 am
    Lylian -
    I’d REALLY like to throw BBT a bone and think that he wouldn’t sell Angie out. However…the thing that convinced me BBT is lying and told multiple people different stories is the fact that
    - In the Vulture story BBT said Geyer asked him if the Variety story was accurate and he told Geyer he’d never said the movie was partially based on his relationship with Angie
    - AFTER BBT’s vulture story came out Goldstein at Variety called Rodnyansky and asked him again if what he’d reported was in fact true. Rodnyansky verified that it was.
    - BBT never called Variety, or had someone do it for him, to correct the story and instead went pissing and moaning to Vulture saying the story was wrong.
    IF Rodnyansky did reveal something that BBT wanted kept between them that still doesn’t let BBT off the hook. His intent was to sell Angie out and he didn’t tell Geyer that he was planning to do so. If he had I highly doubt Geyer would have given him the money to do so and I would hope he’d drop BBT as a client, but business is business. Plus, if BBT were as close friends with Angie as he claims, then why would have called Angie and told her straight up what he was doing. Instead, during a very stressful time for Angie, BBT has added to her stress with this BS. I’m sure Geyer’s told her about it by now and if not Holly probably has. As usual BBT is being a thoughtless jerk. Angie’s got enough on her plate with her family, work and her humanitarian work and Brad’s Oscar campaign. She doesn’t need ex-husbands being a pain in her ass, too.

  306. 306
    What to look at Says:

    the skeletal arm
    the lg. silver cinnamon bun

  307. 307
    Just a Lurker Says:

    Video: Angelina said kids were tired so Brad stayed with them, not coming to Croatia.

  308. 308
    DL Says:

    She looks gorgeous in white and Brad must be proud.

  309. 309
    sweet Angie Says:

    …just looking at the red carpet pictures- sweet Angie is looking so lovingly at the pictures of her Brad as she signs for fans!

  310. 310
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed your post! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  311. 311
    Jennifer Aniston FTW! Says:

    I wonder how much Jolie and Pitt pay the low life, bottom dwellers here to praise them…but I guess these trolls would consider it enough reward just to see these yuck pics of greasy looking, haggard slime ball Pitt, who committed adultery with the trout lipped, plastic surgeried ho Jolie.

  312. 312
    JOLIE IS A WH#RE Says:

    The two adulterers Jolie and Pitt should be thankful they live in the US and not in places where you know what is the punishment for adultery…unfortunately these two no-talent hags are pelting the audience with stones with their pathetic, overacting onscreen and their nauseating overexposure in the media, parading their faux “home” life when the WHOLE WORLD knows that these two are not home makers they are home BREAKERS!

  313. 313
    Cosmetic Surgeon's Office Says:

    Fugly Anuston and her paid escort haven’t paid their bills! What’s up?

  314. 314
    DL Says:

    I was so happy for finally not reading about maniston in this threads. thanks guys. pls don’t talk and don’t engaged. I wish that all forums including FF hate site shouldn’t contain anything that has maniston name under their name title and anywhere. Moving on should be in everything thing and every means . Brad and Angie are not a status keeper.

  315. 315
    DL Says:

    @Jennifer Aniston FTW!: @Cosmetic Surgeon’s Office: interns? hos? hens? we want nothing let other exist in your own means in every way and everything.

  316. 316
    From France Says:

    ??? @ 02/17/2012 at 12:20 pm

    CCTV France showed a video of them on the red carpet and said according to eye witnesses at the place.Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were fighting once they were inside.They even showed a picture of Brad Pitt looking bored to death sitting in the corner of the diner they went smoking.They also had an interview with her on the red carpet and asked her whether there was a secret wedding happening in France.She said she will never get married again and she doesn’t believe in soulmates when she was asked if Brad Pitt was her soulmate.overall she hinted on the possible break up in a near future as the headline on CCTV was.

  317. 317
    lol Says:

    @From France
    Delusional. Take your meds. LOL

  318. 318
    Britney Says:

    Angie’s address at Croatian premiere is similar to the one she wore at Sarajevo Film Festival last year

  319. 319
    DL Says:

    Angie if you are not suing the story about billy bob you are digging a hole to yourself and to Brad. You must sent a letter fight lame headlines weather they do any damage or not.

  320. 320
    Britney Says:

    I meant “dress” not “address”.

  321. 321
    DL Says:

    Angie and Brad you must listen pls. Your existance is making money to others not to you and to call you when they need something. You have to fight. you have to take this advise. clean house you must.

  322. 322


  323. 323
    andu Says:

    From France @
    where is that note which never appeared, like all things they say about angie and brad. crazy maniac Shut up and take your medications.
    sure if he said what he said ono of humor. and when asked about obama and she said she ask us weekly

  324. 324
    HW Insider Says:

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are all but finished.They aren’t really together anymore.You will find that out in couple of months.

  325. 325
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    This is wonderful news, BDJ. This must mean the Serbian people of Belgrade have spoken and, thankfully, they were heard and ITLOBAH is being made available for their viewing.
    Thank you Ana for making your voice heard!
    Love the Serbian people!!!

  326. 326
    hehehe Says:

    Maniston hens are having meltdown.

  327. 327
    awww Says:

    Brad and Angelina are loved by people all over the world.

  328. 328
    HW Insider Says:

    They have been over for a year or so.They both are seeing other people.They have already talked about it with the children.They are waiting for the right time to announce it to the world.

  329. 329
    DL Says:

    @ANISTON IS A WH#RE: we want nothing

  330. 330
    Golddustwoman Says:

    Love the Jolie Pitts, Saffron, passing through, Premalee, Busted and anyone else i promised – I’ve just posted links to 3 articles along with some news from the Baftas with apologies for the delay. It’s being moderated, I’m not sure whether it’s because of the links or what but I’ve posted it for you guys so i hope you can read it soon.

  331. 331
    DL Says:

    why you thumb me down. If she didn’t sent a warning letter or sue she is giving a consent for new story line because from now on it will be this when everytime she has something good. And when every time Brad has something nice to say about her. exes exes exes exes……… they are fools for not to.

  332. 332
    DL Says:

    btw I hope the crocia thing went nice.

  333. 333
    Hollywood Insider Says:

    It has been known that Aniston and Midget Theroux are living a separate life. While Aniston is living alone in her newly bought mansion, Theroux is hitting it with her long-time ex, Heidi Bivens. A source told us that Theroux told Bivens that she’s only going out with Aniston if the paps are there. Aniston paid him money to do so because she’s DESPERATE AND WANTS SOMEONE TO HOLD HER HANDS during her midlife crisis. Afterall, she is now 43. Theroux also told Miss Bivens that Anistons stinks. She smells like urine and poop a lot. She never wanted children and pays some losers to post at her threads and to annoy JP fans. LOLOL

  334. 334
    POOR TROLL Says:

    Looks like the idi.ot troll is now using a new name as an insider. Bwahaha insider my a$$. She couldn’t stay away. She has to earn her living posting on JP threads as a paid troll. Poor hen. Gotta earn that cent troll!! Bwahahahha

  335. 335
    Cute Says:

    Among all ITLBAH European premieres, my favorite is Sarajevo premiere. Angelina looked so elegant, and of course it was the most emotional premiere. And Brad looked handsome than ever.

  336. 336
    DL Says:

    @Hollywood Insider: we don’t give a damn we don’t care. Just don’t mention her name. We want nothing do we have to inject that.

  337. 337
    POOR TROLL Says:

    Hello Golddustwoman! I saw your posts at previous threads. Looks like you are legit, imo. I can’t wait for your news re: BAFTAS. Since I was streaming at BBC and the lady host was obviously a Porgie fan. She said that Porgie was the biggest star at BAFTAS and went on and on about Porgie being at the top and all the actors/actresses wanted a picture of him. I just want to know if this were really true since I saw Brad’s name was trending at Twitter, no Porgie. Saw some videos and Brad were mentioned by the guy who won that Rising Star award as well as the host of the event, Stephen Fry. No mention of Porgie.

  338. 338
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    @Hollywood Insider:

    LMAO!!! I love it. Good one.

  339. 339
    annon Says:

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at ITLOBAH premiere in Paris

  340. 340
    Hollywood Insider Says:

    Please skip my post if you are not interested. You are obviously a troll. Why are you using the word “We”. The fans here hate Ticky as much as I do and I don’t go to her boring thread to post there. I always slam Ticky here. So get lost and stop being annoying. You are not a fan. You are a sheep in disguise.

  341. 341
    Lisa Says:

    @Ivy League Student: Ivy League Student – You may want to rethink the investment you or your parents made in going to an Ivy League College because you definately turned out STUPID. What a waste.

  342. 342
    a lurker Says:

    Angie is rubbing Brad’s back again. So cute.

  343. 343
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Very fair and astute suppositions, Lylian. And unless there is a voice recording of the conversation between R and BBT at a private meeting, what was actually said between them will remain unknown.
    The only question I still have is -

    What is the ethical responsibility of a journalist in situations like this one?

  344. 344
    lol Says:

    Jared put Brad/Angie and Maniston/mcStumpy pictures side by side. lol. no comparison, Brad and Angie are the king and queen.

  345. 345
    plez Says:

    hehehe @ 02/17/2012 at 1:26 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down +2

    Maniston hens are having meltdown.
    I knew when Aniston pics showed her looking like a 43 year old Dustin Hoffman in makeup and her bf looking like Pee Wee Herman meets Jimmy Kimmel (Jimmy has got stuck in the spray tan shower too) that the jenhags would be screaming a the ocean. LOL. Don’t worry jenhags, Aniston will hike that skirt up and shoot up her face with fillers when she promotes this movie and you will not have to look at her normal face.

  346. 346
    andu Says:


  347. 347
    LoL Says:

    Brad hates her so much that’s exactly why he was rubbing the hellll out of her skinny booty the other premiere

  348. 348
    plez Says:

    Angelina looks so beautiful in the reddish/orange dress.

  349. 349
    wth Says:

    Wth happened to Ticky paid escort. Why is his skin so orange and leathery?

  350. 350
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Thank you for this amazing article, BDJ.
    “Celebrities have the power to bring the world’s attention to incredibly important causes, and charities have a responsibility to their beneficiaries to harness every opportunity to save lives and raise awareness.”.

    Brad and Angelina both exemplify these traits in their daily lives.
    They truly are Hollywood Royalty even though they do not espouse that title for themselves

  351. 351
    LoL Says:

    It’s funny I think Angelina always looks better when she is standing next to women. LesbehonesT Angie loves the ladies.

  352. 352
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    “The C6 was designed as part of a new partnership with Make It Right, a nonprofit founded by Brad Pitt and renowned architect William McDonough to build 150 Cradle to Cradle inspired LEED Platinum homes in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward, the neighborhood hardest hit by Hurricane Katrina. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each C6 will help support the efforts of Make It Right.”
    Who would have thought what Brad started such a short while ago would impact the world so positively and beautifully.
    Brad must be so pleased and his parents must be over the moon with joy and pride at their beloved son. Angelina is so right to be proud of her man. Not only is he a great father and husband but a wonderful leader in the things that truly matter to all.

  353. 353
    andu Says:

  354. 354
    Magnolia Says:

    Passing Through @ 02/17/2012 at 11:34 am

    Thumb up Thumb down +9

    # 180 Magnolia @ 02/17/2012 at 1:39 am
    Great post, Magnolia. We should have this carved onto some wooden clubs that we can use to beat it into the trolls’ and hen’s pinheads…and even then they wouldn’t get it…
    haha, Thanks! I love your posts. This was my attempt at giving a troll the benefit of the doubt, helping her see past all the BS Ticky spins to some basic truth but alas it was in vain. It is clear Tickys fans believe what they decide is true, whatever works best for their “reality”
    I guess this should come as no surprise when you take into account who their idol is : An expert at believing her own lies.

  355. 355
    JPS Says:

    Angie left Croatia.

    Jolie presented the film, greeted fans, went to the airport

    Having presented the film in the hall, welcomed all gathered in Croatian: ‘Good evening, thank you.’ The organizers gave her flowers, a hall full of famous guests is hardly wait to see the film that has stirred the entire Balkans.

    Rade Serbedzija said opening statement, and after all Angelina welcomed, made ​​her way towards the exit where it is already at 19.30 waiting private car. Private jet for you tonight back to France Marseille Brad and their six children.

  356. 356
    Rose Says:

    To the fans who are interested: check out Access Hollywood tonight, SS will be on. I swear when I saw her on the 11:00 am show this morning she had done something to her chin. Her chin was pointy before, now it’s square when she is speaking. You can see the difference when she is talking. I’m hoping someone will check this out tonight and comment what you think. To me the difference was very obvious.

  357. 357
    Saffron Says:

    @plez 02/17/2012 at 2:05 pm

    I knew when Aniston pics showed her looking like a 43 year old Dustin Hoffman in makeup


    That’s not a nice thing to say about poor Dustin Hoffman…lol

  358. 358
    9gag Says:

  359. 359
    awww Says:

    Such a quick trip for Angie, she couldn’t wait to go back to Brad and their kids. SWOON.

  360. 360
    Saffron Says:

    @Magnolia – 02/17/2012 at 1:39 am

    I love your post…..thanks!

  361. 361
    Dakota Says:

    Angelina looked beautiful in the Paris dress & I am loving the orange dress on her also. Jen Rade really has had to plan a lot of formal dresses and casual wear for Angie. She is doing a great job, but wondering if they are hanging back with “the Oscar” dress or if they are still deciding. Can’t wait!

  362. 362
    Saffron Says:

    funny tweet:
    Richard Roeper @richardroeper Close
    No, Chelsea Handler doesn’t play Reese’s mom in “This Means War.” She’s one year older than Reese. #looksolder


    I went to see a movie the other day and, unfortunately, saw a the trailer for This Means War. It looks awful and CH looks so much worse when she’s on the big screen. She looks so hard and used up. I can’t believe for a minute that she & Reese are only a year apart. Plus, just the one scene that they showed of her, you can tell she can’t act at all. It makes you cringe, it’s so bad. If I didn’t dislike her so much…I’d have felt sorry for her. Really, really embarrassing.

  363. 363
    de Cosmos Says:

    The old Grey Goose herself!

  364. 364
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:


    OMG!!! LMAO!!! Too funny. That’s why I love the JP fans. You guys are not only intelligent you are funny as hell.

  365. 365
    Passing Through Says:

    # 228 love @ 02/17/2012 at 9:12 am
    Other participants include Christine Lagarde, Sheryl Sandberg, Valerie Jarrett, Chelsea Clinton, Leymah Gbowee, Jane Harman, Meryl Streep, Andrew Sullivan, Barbara Walters, Andrea Mitchell, Christiane Amanpour and Gloria Steinem.
    Oh snap! That’s quite a line-up. Wonder if Baba Wawa will attempt to get Angie to do The View while they’re at the panel discussion? Poor old Joy & Sherri would both shite themselves if that happened. They can talk smack behind Angie’s back but you can bet Sherri’s next weave they won’t have the nerve to do that in person.
    Also, gotta laugh at Gloria Steinem being there. Didn’t the Faux Sexiest Woman Evah declare Steinem the ultimate sexy woman in her tiny mind? Now Gloria’s doing a panel discussion with Angie about issues and places Ticky couldn’t pick off a labeled map.

  366. 366
    sweet Angie Says:

    new thread Angie in Crotia- 1st 9 comments are TROLLS

  367. 367
    Golddustwoman Says:

    Firstly apologies for the delay in posting. it’s been manic and I’ve had to do a lot of writing so haven’t had time to come on the forum.

    I did tweet live from the Baftas and I gave Just Jared fans a shout-out in 3 tweets. The hashtag was Brad Pitt. I don’t know if anyone posted the tweets. So I was thinking o fyou guys!
    I tried posting earlier but apparently I put too many links in. So I’ll separate the 3 articles – 2 of which are mine.

    Here’s the first;

  368. 368
    new thread Says:

    new thread

  369. 369
    Passing Through Says:

    # 254 USA TODAY @ 02/17/2012 at 9:58 am
    Ticky and Squiggy will still be busy washing off the 200 pounds of spray on tan Squiggy was pimping last night to be worried about not being invited to the Oscars or even with watching them. Dude was straight up orange. Wait…he was looking kinda skinny so maybe Ticky has him on a pureed carrot baby food diet. Whatever the cause of the orangeness…it’s gonna take a few weeks to get rid of that shite…

  370. 370
    Golddustwoman Says:

    This is the 2nd – it’s very tongue in cheek!

    Some other tidbits:
    While we were waiting for the stars to arrive we got chatting to the PR people about various things including the big news of the day, Whitney Houston. I notice a photo of Angelina on the PR girl’s notes of expected attendees.
    I asked her about this and she said they had heard she just might accompany Brad so they were on alert.
    The news spread like wildfire. All the media people were very excited. I noticed 2 journalists in particular were happy at the prospect though I know they often write less than positive reports about Angelina but are always positive about Aniston.
    I asked them why they were so excited if they weren’t fans. They looked quite sheepish and admitted that their publications had a ‘policy’ to write good stuff about celebrities who their ‘middle aged female readers identify more with.’
    Ofcourse I was annoyed that they, like possibly many journalists are not allowed to write honestly about stars.
    but i was also amused that Aniston’s constant nakedness in magazines is wasted. She thinks she’ll grab the attention of the male audience she covets from Angelina. But it’s actually only middle aged women checking out her cellulite!

  371. 371
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    @Passing Through:
    Thank you for your response, Passing Through. Please hear me out this last time. I have not missed the point and I won’t belabor my response.
    I do not think the situation is as complex as you have described.
    Simply – Since an unnamed insider later added something to the statement that BBT had already said to GG, why did not GG just contact BBT for clarification, since BBT may have been unaware that his statement had been amplified w/o his knowledge.
    You have theorized and presented scenarios that are brilliantly logical, but neither of us knows what really took place.
    The road map of possibilities and questionabilities you laid out based on your suppositions, would naturally lead to the conclusion you have reached.
    I do not question your logic, your brilliance, or your conclusion, I question only the ethics on the part of the journalist in the entire matter.

  372. 372
    Golddustwoman Says:

    3rd article.

    Some other Brad tidbits:
    Daniel Radclife said he had just seen Money and declared ‘both it and Brad are brilliant. I was awed by it.’

    Steve McQueen talked warmly about how excited everyone in his team is about Brad coming on board for his new film.

    Jonah Hill said he was on ‘cloud 9 right now and sharing awards season with Brad was awesome.’

  373. 373
    Magnolia Says:


    That is so wonderfully hilarious and true. Thanks for posting the article.

  374. 374
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Thank you, Golddustwoman for keeping us updated. Your word is as good as gold. :)
    I will try and access the links.
    Thank you so much.

  375. 375
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    @Hollywood Insider:
    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah :)

  376. 376
    SueB Says:

    True colors show through…almost a week late with the continued delusion. Please stop with the fiction and just give your opinion. we’re fans here, no need to inflate yourself to contribute.

  377. 377
    CNN Says:

    she cant keep a man.
    bbt left her remember
    he said supermodels and hot actresses
    dont make good lovers. she only likes freaky
    things like hanging on the
    wall with bob. she is a blood sucker
    she is always lookin downward like
    a vampire. she is now with a classy
    man so she wants to come across like
    a good girl and tries
    to keep her head up in public.
    i put her in the kat von d
    category. the man is pulled
    by his nose all over
    the world he looks tired and old.
    angie always weras grandma clothes
    long sleeves and
    shapeless out of style dresses.
    remeber you old ladies brad and angie doesnt know you
    they dont care about you and never will.
    all the time u spend here is time wasted.
    get a life old women!

  378. 378
    Premalee Says:


    Thanks so much for the article.

  379. 379
    sullivan Says:

    What a beautiful couple. Why would anyone attempt to compare these two to Aniston and her little man (who resembles Adam Lambert with all that make-up on)?

  380. 380
    Golddustwoman Says:


    Thank you Magnolia. i meant to post earlier to say your big post was magnificent! Really well argued and very impressive.

  381. 381
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    “They looked quite sheepish and admitted that their publications had a ‘policy’ to write good stuff about celebrities who their ‘middle aged female readers identify more with.’”
    What an interesting statement. So this is how the old “middle aged” fraud stays relevant in some mags.

  382. 382
    Golddustwoman Says:

    @Love the JoliePitts:

    It seems so. Many ‘articles’ are just PR puff pieces written by the celeb’s publicist. The newspaper or magazine just tinkers with them to make it look like a story they’ve written themselves.
    Fortunately many people are smart enough to see through the PR but sadly an awful lot are not. They buy it completely as it’s written.
    Some years ago I read a great article predicting that ‘showbiz journalism’ would soon turn into one big PR exercise because of the rise in power of the publicist. I think we’re seeing it now.

  383. 383
    trt Says:

    Isn’t the strapless outfit X is wearing almost the same as the Angie was wearing for Inglorious Basterd premiere? The only difference is the color and that diff. colored piping or band on the bodice and the pockets. Even the pockets are the same. That was the dress where Angie wore the strappy shoes.

    HOwever, I don’t think she’ll attempt the rose on the shoulder or the orange gown. Her tan would clash with the color.

  384. 384
    Lenora Says:

    STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS!!!!. WOW what a beautiful face so photogenic and even more beautiful in person. Sharon Osbourne was star struck at the Golden Globe awards nite…and says Angelina is stunning and gorgeous. Mag interviewers have said…her beauty is astounding and she has a face that you just want to STARE, STARE and STARE

    Her style is so classy and her poise so regal. I think she can upstage Kate Middleton anytime, even though Kate is 6 years younger.

    Haters & trolls eat your heart out! Please leave planet earth.

  385. 385
    Lenora Says:


  386. 386
    Lenora Says:


  387. 387
    Riley Says:

    ummm..she does not look pregnant with twins as the OK magazine said.

    Anyone know ?

  388. 388
    tish Says:


    Riley anything NOT OK MAG writes is NOT OK. Not worth reading let alone asking a question about its garbash.

  389. 389
    tish Says:

    Pls vote for Angie for this weeks best dressed in her lovely dress with the bow… Gosh i honestly believe if i had of looked at Angies dress off the hanger with no Angie around i would think No Way too Gawdy but on Angie it was so classy , just perfect.

    Looks like others think so too as Rhianna is a little higher but Angie very close to best dressed for this particular premier dress.

  390. 390
    annie Says:

    Angelina so elegant, with Brad gorgeous couple, done a great job as a director,lots of applause for her!!!

  391. 391
    Faye Says:

    Can someone please explain to me, like a two year old, why Angie isn’t nominated for anything at the Writers Guild or is that an invited membership only kind of thing? Angie definitely deserves to be there after her writing and directing of ITLOBAH. Thanks.

  392. 392
    Desperately seeking Money Says:

    ALL the nationalit­ies in former Yugoslavia suffered from the war, not just the Muslims. ALL sides committed atrocities against each other. Serb women were raped, too. Croat women were raped, too. The Muslims were not angels, either. Angelina’s movie is horribly one-sided, incompeten­t and damaging to the interests of Christians in Europe and around the world. Why didn’t she mention that the war in Yugoslavia saw the arrival of many Taliban-tr­ained terrorists from the Muslim world? The things they did to the innocent Christian population in Yugoslavia were despicable and defy words.

    As a Christian woman from the Balkan Peninsula (not a Serb), I am outraged that another Christian woman from America should present things in such a biased light. She’s short-sigh­ted, lives for the moment and cares about nothing but the accolades she is getting now. And where was she during the Balkan conflict exactly? Shooting heroin, spending time in Jenny Shimizu’s arms or setting her sights on somebody in a long-term relationsh­ip? She should stick to what she knows best and what she knows best is how to trample on others to get what she wants. Actually, with this movie, she is doing just that.
    I don’t know who wrote this bizarre script but I bet he suffers from mental issues. Now I see why the critics SLAMMED the movie because Jolie is basically glorifying the Muslim Bosnian vicims while being disrespect­ful towards Serbian (Christian­) victims!!! if you ask me, victim is a victim no matter of what religion, nationalit­y, colour…. so what is it about this woman?

    p.s. I’m not sure if Angelina’s Christian or an atheist… BUT I’m sure she’s a Hollywood celebrity and their only God is Dollar!!!

  393. 393
    Jo Says:

    WTF that dress is awfull!!!

  394. 394
    tazzy Says:

    @Desperately seeking Money:

    YIs that you, Jen? Get a grip.

  395. 395
    tazzy Says:


    The board is acting weird again. My post disappeared before I could correct my spelling mistake. I hate that!

  396. 396
    tazzy Says:


    Just wondering how much you were paid to write this diatribe?

  397. 397
    ugh Says:

    Honestly they need to go away. Sick of seeing her face, sick of seeing his face. no one cares about either one of them.

    He is past his prime, and in the last few interviews seems like he has no idea what he is talking about. Seems like a jerk imo.

    She is fake, and weird. Would love to never hear about them again.

  398. 398
    tazzy Says:


    That’s OK, they don’t want to hear about you either.

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