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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: 'Blood & Honey' Paris Premiere!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: 'Blood & Honey' Paris Premiere!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt arrive at the premiere of In the Land of Blood and Honey on Thursday (February 16) in Paris, France.

The 36-year-old actress stepped out in a Ralph & Russo dress with Lorraine Schwartz earrings and Jimmy Choo shoes, while Brad, 48, suited up in Gucci.

“I wanted people across the world to watch this movie and say, ‘That is a family like mine, that is a mother like me.’ So when they see a headline that says a bomb went off in Aleppo [in Syria] they think of the characters in this film and they think they are related to them and they maybe feel that much more invested,” Angelina recently told the Associated Press about the drama.

“This film has taught me to love film again because I see what film can do … and I am re-inspired because I was not feeling very inspired as an actress. I was feeling very disheartened,” she added.

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at the Blood and Honey Paris premiere…

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Credit: Bertrand Langlois/AFP, Francois Durand; Photos: Getty
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  • lylian

    BTW, I’d like to add, Angelina looks amazing in that dress in paris. The colour, the hair, the make up, everything except the rose which I can’t say really appeals to me very much but hey!! I’m not haute couture!!

  • lylian

    OK, OK, I just checked out ticky in her premiere in her dress.
    One word for the dress: NO.
    There’s just too much going on in that outfit of hers. Lots of zig-zags and checks AND a peplum type detailing right around the tummy area AND the curve cut of the panel in front widening just at the tummy area AND the bare shoulders.
    To be fair, it’s not ticky’s figure. I doubt it that dress would look good even on Gisele bundchen on the runway. It’s just not a good dress.

  • Indeed

    Just look at them. Could they be more perfect?

  • From Paris

    New interview whith Angie for 50min inside with Sandrine Quetier !
    She will talk about five moments that have marked her life or her Career.

  • lylian

    One more point about ticky. have anyone notice that in Fox 411 section of the news below that ticky is on the 3 news item listed there? Not even Whitney Houston’s death or anything managed to knock Ticky off from being on the list, for days after it was first placed on the list. Me thinks it’s paid placement on Fox news.
    Incidentally, Fox news is owned by news corp, controlled by the Murdoch family and y’all should know that New corp’s papers, even the TIMES have been engaged in widespread phone tapping and other illegal activities of people. Evidence is showing up that all the illegality was known to and approved and paid for by Murdoch. We aren’t just talking: turning a blind eye here but actual knowledge.

  • BH

    Perhaps you would like to know that Jean-Jacques Annaud (director of Seven Years in Tibet) was yesterday at the Paris premiere. He is one of the best French directors, in my opinion.

  • sweet JPs

    BH- that’s VERY cool- Loved 7 Years in Tibet- yellow hair!!

  • aww
  • aww
  • tazzy


    Why are you still harping on a marriage that ended a hundred years ago? Give it up already.

  • Next Stop
  • a fan

    The X and her paid trolls are still piggy back riding on Brad/Angie. They are trying to get some of Angie’s spotlight re-directed to the X. So all this talk on here about the X and the ancient divorce is so obvious and pathetic. Angie is getting a lot of media attention for her ground breaking movie – X wants that attention. So her PR team rehashes old/faulty story. Just to remind people that Angie did the X wrong. But the truth is Angie did not do her wrong and the media needs to stop associating X with Brad and Angie. The media is stuck is a time warp when it comes to Angie. Angie is meant to soar above others; the other one is stuck on the ground. Cut the strings!

  • Not Pitt

    Pitt is not in Croatia

    troubles in the paradise?


    Come on now..we know that the troll is a name-changing loser. We really don’t need to respond to an id.iot. That is why her posts are hidden because we don’t have to read her garbage and respond to it. So please fans. Just IGNORE. We know that there is only one or two PAID TROLLS here. Let us just CELEBRATE the BEAUTY OF ANGIE AND BRAD.


    cr Maria @JPS

    Angelina landed at the Zagreb airport, accompanied by Brad Pitt, but no children, to present her directorial debut.

    Nice try LOSER! BWAHAHAHAHAH Now go change your name back to Guest. HAHAHAHA WHAT AN I.DIOT.

  • Not Pitt

    In Paris he was bored and angry
    Very bad for him, a very important release for her and will not be

  • Not Pitt

    @Not Pitt:

    In the pictures Brad does not appear on any site
    I said that he was not in Berlin, and he did not arrive until Friday

    I won again

  • Not Pitt


    Finally something fun

  • Not Pitt

    Their fake relationship ended after the Oscar circus

  • Not Pitt

    Apparently it’s true.She arrived alone. Brad must have stayed with the kiddies in Paris.smiley: happy

    13:58: Angelina Jolie (36) in a private plane landed at Zagreb’s Pleso Airport. While in Sarajevo, she was accompanied by Brad Pitt, Jolie to the premiere of his directorial debut, ‘In the Land of Blood and Honey’ arrived alone.

  • Emily

    Wow Jen directed a short film and did not get this much attention. You people are so predictable. Give credit where it’s due. Jen directed an amazing movie and all she got was a mention on a gossip website. Her film was more artistic than this movie Angie’s directed.

  • Skankelina Ugly

    Money cannot buy class, charisma and character. That’s a cheap looking dress (though I’m sure it costs a fortune) on a cheap woman with dead eyes. Brad Pitt looks like a poor man’s Johnny Depp wannabe. Can we stop featuring these two please? Looks like their PR team is going overboard as usual.

  • Not Pitt

    @Skankelina Ugly:
    Pitt is much worse, he went to Berlin, Sarajevo and Paris by relations public

  • ugh

    Granny Manny is leathery, orange,dusted and busted per usual- stolen troll boy looks like a badly drawn cartoon- ridiculous hair & eyebrows, tiny feet- creepy to the max!!

  • So What?

    @POOR TROLL: Looks like Brad was not with her. Is Zagreb a safe place? I mean I really want Angie to be safe, that is all.

  • love

    Charlie Rose will moderate a panel conversation between former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Angelina Jolie on the opening night of Tina Brown’s Women in the World summit on March 8 at David Koch Theater, Lincoln Center.
    The panel will focus on how women pick up the pieces after war and rebuild their families, their communities and their lives. They will discuss conflict situations like Congo, Bosnia and Kosovo.
    Other participants include Christine Lagarde, Sheryl Sandberg, Valerie Jarrett, Chelsea Clinton, Leymah Gbowee, Jane Harman, Meryl Streep, Andrew Sullivan, Barbara Walters, Andrea Mitchell, Christiane Amanpour and Gloria Steinem.
    Tickets on sale here.


    My bad…So Brad didn’t accompany Angie to Croatia. I saw an interview that the kiddos were with them at Paris. Brad must be babysitting them since Angie won’t be gone too long. Its just a day affair. So for the troll, stop gloating you id.iot. Was it you who said that BRAD WAS NOT IN BERLIN? LOL. Such a LOSER just like MANISTON.

  • Not Pitt

    @So What?:
    Don’t worry, she has a good number of hot bodyguard

  • Skankelina Ugly

    Her own team looks like they hate her. Not only does her plastic surgeried mouth look like a fish, guess she stinks like one too…or her personality is just so horrible that her own team looked so unhappy to be with her. Or maybe the married men and women were scared she would try to seduce their partners – since she goes both ways and does not have any morals. Skankiness like hers will always show.

  • Not Pitt


    He was not in Berlin, came on Thursday night, after a holiday with his true lover


    Paid trolls are a hoot. I really don’t understand why Huvane has to pay these id.iots to post on blogs. I mean really. To have stupid trolls posting as fans for Granny Maniston, that’s gotta be embarrassing right? But I guess when you don’t have so many, she’ll take whatever she could get even if they are i.diots. LOL

  • tess

    Angie is intelligent, a woman of substance with a heart of gold. Brad is one very lucky man

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    @Skankelina Ugly:

    You are idiot. Go back to MANiston’s thread.

  • Not Pitt

    I hope that Huvane send me the check soon

    What a party there in Zagred after the premiere.Angelina and her bones will be more happy than ever

    Pitt was confirmed that would be at the premiere
    I suppose not to be there, explains his bad mood yesterday

  • Jennifer Aniston FTW!

    The fact that Brad and Angelina look so worn out and emaciated in their pics and so unhappy, shows that adulterers always get their comeuppance at last!

  • Media Wh@re MANiston


    That’s great. Angie is not only intelligent she is well respect.

    And what does MANiston focus on. The superficial stuff. Her panel include Nutjob, yoga teacher, her stylist, her dermatologist……

  • yes

    granny manny is the best adulterer- poor Vince Vaughn, poor Heidi Bivens!!

  • From France

    In a French channel, say that last night was a big fight between the couple, and he left this morning without saying goodbye to her

  • sissysissy

    Angie looks great!!!

  • bdj

    BELGRADE, Serbia — Angelina Jolie debuts ‘In the Land of Blood and Honey’ at the foreign ministry in Berlin on February 10, 2012 Caption The distributor in Serbia of Angelina Jolie’s directorial debut — a love story set in the Bosnian war — says the movie will start showing here next week, but without the red-carpet premiere it had in Bosnia.

    Zoran Savic of Millennium Film says “the movie will be shown normally, so whoever wants to see it will have a chance to do so.”

    Jolie’s “In the Land of Blood and Honey” has triggered outrage among Serbs, who claim it depicts them as the only villains of the 1992-95 Bosnian war.

    The drama about a Serb soldier who finds his ex-lover, a Muslim Bosnian woman, among sex slaves in a camp, received a standing ovation at the Sarajevo screening Tuesday.

    Jolie also will attend the premiere in Croatia on Friday.

  • From U.S.A

    In a U.S.A. channel, say that last night was a beautiful night between the couple. Brad accompanied his wife of 7 years to support her directorial debut. They looked beautiful. They were very much in love and happy together.

  • bdj

    Academy Awards: Cirque du Soleil to perform; Angelina Jolie to present

    Angelina Jolie will present at the Oscars on Feb. 26. Photo credit: Francois Durand/Getty Images
    Cirque du Soleil has been invited to perform at the Oscars.

    What to expect? “Telecast producers Brian Grazer and Don Mischer have invited Cirque du Soleil to present a wholly unique and exclusive performance,” the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences said in a release. “The one-time-only event will feature the largest Cirque cast ever assembled for a single act.”

    More than 50 Cirquel du Soleil artists from around the world will perform to music by composer Danny Elfman, the academy said.

    The 84th annual awards will be presented Feb. 26 on ABC. Cirque du Soleil also performed at the 74th Academy Awards.

    The announced presenters for the Oscar telecast include Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, Tom Cruise and the cast of “Bridesmaids,” whose star Melissa McCarthy (“Mike & Molly”) is a supporting actress nominee.

  • bdj

    Hmm let’s hope Baby Jane with her lop sided braid, hypnotic pattern dress and her little Candy man do not crash the Oscars.

  • bdj

    Entire article at link
    My week with Angelina Jolie

    By Paul Anticoni, February 17, 2012
    Follow The JC on Twitter

    Many years ago, I was working in the field with the Red Cross when Angelina Jolie flew in as a UN Human Rights Council ambassador.

    The world’s cameras, normally focused on the red carpets and the Hollywood hangouts, turned their lenses towards some of the most desperate people on the planet and, for a little while at least, the world heard of the tragic situation we were dealing with.

    Jolie is currently using her influence to raise awareness of the Bosnian conflict, which began almost exactly 20 years ago.

    When celebrities get involved in charity work, two worlds collide. Having worked in international development for nearly 25 years, I can vouch for the fact that it is not particularly glamorous. Dealing with the aftermath of disasters and devising programmes to lift people out of extreme poverty is an enormous challenge. It’s about as far removed from Hollywood as it is possible to get.

    The media leaves and the suffering goes on

    Despite this, there are strong arguments for celebrities and charities to work together. If the aim is to grab attention, getting a celebrity involved is a sure route to success. Jolie is not the only star to support charitable causes. Comic Relief alone sees half the celebrities in Britain distributed to various impoverished nations and it pays off: huge amounts are raised every year.

    Of course, while celebrities can bring much needed attention to an issue, in some cases their interest is inevitably short-lived. After their photo opportunity, the media leaves with them, and the suffering goes on.

    The idealist in me wishes that society would stand up and pay attention to suffering without the need for celebrity endorsement, but I’ve come to accept the fact that we must play by the rules of the modern world and use these opportunities.

    Take Jolie and Bosnia. She’s hit the headlines with her directorial debut, The Land of Blood and Honey, a film that focuses on the conflict in Bosnia in the early 1990s. Over the course of four years, the former Yugoslavia was torn apart by violence; thousands were killed and tens of thousands more fled.

    This is a region close to my heart – indeed, I worked in Bosnia during the war. There is a small but resilient Jewish community there, and World Jewish Relief has been involved in the area for years.

    These communities were devastated by the conflict, yet despite the fact that it is startlingly recent, there is a real lack of awareness of the issues that led to these tragic events. Jolie’s new film is bringing far more attention to the 20th anniversary of the conflict than there would otherwise have been. If it shines a light on the suffering of the region – if just a tiny proportion of those who watch it learn from the events of the past – it is all for the good.

    In the course of my career, I have travelled to some of the most desperate places in the world, and I have seen enough tragedy to last several lifetimes.

    Celebrities have the power to bring the world’s attention to incredibly important causes, and charities have a responsibility to their beneficiaries to harness every opportunity to save lives and raise awareness.

  • bdj
    Angelina Jolie Wows In White

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt hit the red carpet for the Parisian premiere of her film In The Land Of Blood And Honey written and directed by Angelina herself, seriously where does she get the time? She wore a white one shoulder Ralph and Russo dress with a large flower corsage on the shoulder, while Brad wore a Gucci suit teamed with specs – very geek chic! Angelina teamed her dress with a vintage waved hairstyle and a rouge lip stain, looking beyond perfect from head-to-toe. All that, and Brad Pitt on her arm, you’re one lucky lady, Ange! RS


    Gee maniston not presenting at the oscars,whew at least her stench won’t smell the place up,lol

  • Not Pitt


    Always talking about Jen
    Do because do not speak about the anorexia of Jolie? because do not speak of her emaciated face? because do not speak that she is most happy when she goes to the events alone?
    Today, surely will be smiling


  • bdj

    Entire article at link

    Feb. 17, 2012

    LivingHomes Unveils the C6: The First Lower-Cost, Zero Energy, Zero Carbon, and LEED Platinum® Level Production Home
    The C6, in Collaboration with Make It Right and William McDonough, Debuts Today at Modernism Week & the Upcoming TED 2012 Conference

    LivingHomes®, a premier developer of modern, sustainably designed, prefabricated homes, announces the launch and national availability of the new LivingHome C6. The C6 is the first LivingHome that is affordably priced and comfortably sized for a small family or couple.

    “It has always been our most important goal to develop an affordable LivingHome,” said Steve Glenn, CEO of LivingHomes. “The C6 is not only our lowest cost LivingHome – it’s half the cost of current models – but it’s also the first to achieve our most important Z6 Environmental Goals, and, we believe it’s the first production home to feature Cradle to Cradle® inspired materials and a LEED Platinum level environmental program. It’s also the easiest and fastest LivingHome to build.”

    The C6 was designed as part of a new partnership with Make It Right, a nonprofit founded by Brad Pitt and renowned architect William McDonough to build 150 Cradle to Cradle inspired LEED Platinum homes in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward, the neighborhood hardest hit by Hurricane Katrina. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each C6 will help support the efforts of Make It Right.

    “We’re excited to partner with LivingHomes to help make well-designed, sustainable houses more affordable and available in other parts of the country,” said Tom Darden, Make It Right’s Executive Director.

  • Just asking

    No Pitt #232 …… of what brad Pitt “true lover” are you talking about???

  • Not Pitt

    @Just asking:
    Everyone knows