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Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: 'Wanderlust' Premiere Pair!

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: 'Wanderlust' Premiere Pair!

Jennifer Aniston flashes her gorgeous smile at the premiere of her film Wanderlust held at the Mann Village Theatre on Thursday (February 16) in Westwood, Calif.

The 43-year-old actress, in head-to-toe Tom Ford, was joined by her beau and co-star Justin Theroux!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Aniston

It was recently announced that Jen will be receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame next week on Wednesday (February 22). Congrats, Jen!

Also pictured inside: Jen and Justin‘s Wanderlust co-stars Malin Ackerman and Paul Rudd.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux at the premiere of Wanderlust

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jennifer aniston justin theroux wanderlust premiere 01
jennifer aniston justin theroux wanderlust premiere 02
jennifer aniston justin theroux wanderlust premiere 03
jennifer aniston justin theroux wanderlust premiere 04
jennifer aniston justin theroux wanderlust premiere 05
jennifer aniston justin theroux wanderlust premiere 06
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jennifer aniston justin theroux wanderlust premiere 08
jennifer aniston justin theroux wanderlust premiere 09
jennifer aniston justin theroux wanderlust premiere 10
jennifer aniston justin theroux wanderlust premiere 11
jennifer aniston justin theroux wanderlust premiere 12
jennifer aniston justin theroux wanderlust premiere 13
jennifer aniston justin theroux wanderlust premiere 14
jennifer aniston justin theroux wanderlust premiere 15

Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
Posted to: Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux, Paul Rudd

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232 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: 'Wanderlust' Premiere Pair!”

  1. 1
    Slits for eyes Says:

    Bahahaha and people have said he’s cuter than Brad Pitt?? OK! Hahaha. Someone needs to tell his eyebrows to take a vacation

  2. 2
    alexanderina Says:

    LOL!!!! That dress is making me dizzy and all of them look bad

  3. 3
    Justin Aniston Says:

    Oh my God, I just LOVE Jennifer! So beautiful! Can’t wait til the movie premieres here in Norway!

  4. 4
    pregnant Says:

    She is so pregnant.

  5. 5
    nyob Says:

    Love that dress!

  6. 6
    Jess Says:

    The dress is awful and yes she is hiding a bump.

  7. 7
    CJLOVE23 Says:

    That’s one scary looking dude– when he smiles all big like that

  8. 8
    Jess Says:

    Or some serious period or gas bloat. I guess it would be tacky to get knocked up right after moving in on someone’s bf of 14 years then be happy she got knocked up.

  9. 9
    megan Says:

    He found him a rich sugar momma, looks don’t matter when she has money.

  10. 10
    TexasLovin Says:

    I’m very sorry to say that Jennifer really doesn’t look that good in the trailer to this movie. She photographs well, even here, but her face is very puffy or swollen in the trailer– has anyone else noticed that or is it just me?

  11. 11
    4 or 5months pregnant Says:

    Her hips and mid section are bigger than normal.

  12. 12
    Jordan Says:

    @pregnant: For heaven’s sake.. when are the women going to realize she does NOT want kids and won’t have them? She will cry & play the victim by saying “It just didn’t happen for me” but it’s clear she does NOT want them! She just doesn’t want to lose her sympathy card by all the moms that can’t identify with a woman who doesn’t want kids!

  13. 13
    Guest Says:

    how can she be pregnant if she was spotted last week drinking and smoking..not to mention she is about to film a movie

  14. 14
    Courtney Says:

    *Sigh*– Malin Akerman gets no love and she is a GORGEOUS AND TALENTED actress and she is left with one small picture. I’d love to see the front of her dress but nooooo.. everyone has to talk about the repetitious Aniston and her boy of the month. Both are wayyy less talented than Malin!

  15. 15
    Heidi Says:

    please stop posting things on this trashy ho! No body cares anymore

  16. 16
    Roxy Clothing Says:

    individuals have said he’s more adorable than Kaira Pitt?? OK! Hahaha. Someone needs to tell his eye brows to take a vacation

  17. 17
    cats and rats Says:

    She looks so purty even thou she has gain much weight. Not liking the dress cause it make me dizzy. Love you Jen, back to making my 5 cents a post on u know who threads. xoxoxo

  18. 18
    So true Says:


    And she has now signed on for a 2nd film with Dennis Q to film after she completes the first film beginning in a month or 2 in London.


    GET REAL!!!!!!! She told GQ that kids were messy, LOL.

  19. 19
    hair Says:

    Angelina HO’lie is. Stupid fcuk.

  20. 20
    hmm Says:

    For people that claim to hate her/ think that nobody cares about her, you sure keep tabs on her schedule… you secretly love her don’t you? it’s okay. she’s adorable and golden beautiful and sweet! we understand. you don’t have to beat yourself for secretly liking her…. ;))

  21. 21
    hmm Says:

    *beat yourself up

  22. 22
    they don't match... Says:

    On the surface, they don’t match. Somehow, I think she matched with Vince Vaughn because they are both similar in personality… silly, light-hearted… this guy seems intense, dark, sexy. She is not like that at all. Honestly, whenever she talks, she is too tongue in cheek to be sexy. It’s like she is talking to one of her girlfriends at an all-girls outing. She does seem like a lot of fun hang out with or be friend with though. Unless opposites attract… I could be wrong.

  23. 23
    Kaki Says:

    ODD. They were in the same movie and are supposed to be a couple, but not one pic of them standing together at the premier. Pretty weird.

  24. 24
    Mediocrity Gets a Job Says:

    She’s too short for this dress. I do like the shoes and glad to see she’s lowered her hemline so she doesn’t look like her usual hoochy mama self.
    Hasn’t his movie been done to death?

  25. 25
    reeven Says:


  26. 26
    an opinion Says:
    She should always were a short short dress or let her boobs show because she doesn’t have a pretty face.

  27. 27
    Shauna Says:

    Whoa! Is it me or did Justin go a little overboard on the bronzer/spray tan?

  28. 28
    gigi Says:

    very classy dress

  29. 29
    hilda Says:

    Let’s see? He looks like a cartoon in that suit. Too much spray tan yikes
    She got her lips injected, they are actually uneven, left side is higher than the right side.
    Same old hairstyle and looking uptight as usual. What hair do people rave about, all I see is straw.

  30. 30
    allie Says:

    Jennifer Aniston is a beautiful woman!! Gorgeous and Sexy!!

  31. 31

    Another bomb movie from this bad actress.

  32. 32
    allie Says:

    Jen and Justin make a beautiful couple! Can’t wait to see this one.

  33. 33
    hilda Says:

    common, they both look bad. Marlin looks hot and fresh

  34. 34
    just that Says:

    He tries to cover his balding hairline. And she is still trying to cover her masculine face.

  35. 35
    duh Says:


    because they don’t want them as a couple to be the focus of the movie…even tho the media has already made it out to be that way

  36. 36

    THAT’ S IT

  37. 37
    @Kevin Says:

    His tux is unbuttoned…poor guy..

  38. 38
    WanderSLUT Says:

    EWWW! When you zoom Old Granny Ticky’s face, you can tell she put too much foundation in it to cover those big pores and wrinkles in her face and still it didn’t work. She should just accept the fact that she will be a Senior Citizen soon. Good luck, Gandma Ticky!

  39. 39
    Tays Says:

    He is totally trying to cover that balding area in the front. So glad Jen pull her dress out of her behind down to her knees. Guess she remembered she was to act classy instead of her usual hooker mode.

  40. 40
    Ina Says:

    She is beautiful!

  41. 41
    roxanne Says:

    Westwood is a neighborhood in the city of Los Angeles. There is no such place as Westwood, California.

  42. 42
    roxanne Says:

    Also, WTF is Malin wearing? Horrible! And Justin… uh… I don’t know where to start.

  43. 43
    WanderSLUT Says:

    Admit it Old Granny Ticky fans that Malin Ackerman is way hotter than your idol that she is suppose to be the hottest woman alive. What a joke. Ticky is not even half of Malin’s hotness. By the way, love Malin’s dress. Good job Malin for putting Old Granny Ticky where she belong, in the hall of shame. Malin stole Ticky’s thunder. Yay!

  44. 44
    Jen the HAG Says:

    justin therox looks like an AGING GAY pretending to be straight bwahahhahahahh!!

  45. 45
    WanderSLUT Says:

    To Old Granny Ticky, hideous hair, hideous face and hideous feet. What a shame.

  46. 46
    Jen the HAG Says:

    heheheh i mean a HOMO pretending to be straight bwahahhahah

  47. 47
    Jen the HAG Says:

    Jen please comb your hair.. the hair blown look does not fit your face you look like a homeless person !!

  48. 48
    FFer Says:

    All things considered, they are a very nice looking couple.

  49. 49
    Are her 2 fans blind? Says:

    This “relationship” is a trainwreck waiting to happen and I have my movie popcorn ready!

  50. 50
    Too funny Says:

    “Justin Theroux is hotter than Brad Pitt” – funniest quote in the history of printed media!!

  51. 51
    Too funny Says:

    I’m supried Jennifer wore clothed didn’t arrive naked…

  52. 52
    Tina Says:

    “It was recently announced that Jen will be receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame next week on Wednesday” – what an insult to Holywood! Huvane is working overtime on this Pity Party!! So it doesnt matter how many movie flops, how many times she says “re-tard” on tv, how many men dumps her, you the moral is you can still buy your way in hollywood, without dignity!

  53. 53
    kel Says:


    wow, looks like someone really has a crush on jen….pretty obvious since you always seem to comment about her

  54. 54
    Mike Says:

    She has best body ever

  55. 55
    LooseLipz Says:

    What a hunk of burnin love..he makes Pitt look like a farmer…

  56. 56
    sue Says:

    @Jess: you mean like Angelina did with Brad?

  57. 57
    Kriss Says:

    Beautiful,relexed, nice, warm nice girl-women

  58. 58
    giuseppe sallo Says:

    Hate her whatever you want, but she’s a hot milf. Her douche BF looks like a metro sexual though. I just want to see her in better films, she keeps picking dumb roles.

  59. 59
    Pinkrose Says:

    I can’t figure how the plastic surgeon shortened Jen’s chin. I understand the surgery to her nose, that was tapering and reducing. That is pretty straightforward. But seriously how does one reduce a chin? I look back at ther early photos and I can figure the blue eyes are contact lenses, the nose has been reduced, but by golly, a chin is a hard bone. You can’t just saw it off. That has bugged me for years. That is one good plastic surgeon.

  60. 60
    Boo Says:

    Does her midget boyfriend even brush his teeth? Yuck!

  61. 61
    Sugar Says:

    Both Jennifer and her paid piece look older than their ages. Yes, I do give her credit this time for putting on actual clothes. I don’t understand though why some of her fans still insist she is pregnant. She shot down that rumor with the GQ interview. It’s like they have a need or something to see her pregnant, then all will be well in their world or something. This woman will just keep making more boring romcoms, hope that’s OK with her fans. Don’t expect more and you’ll be OK.

  62. 62
    Mike Says:

    She looks great

  63. 63
    Rarri Says:

    Jen team

  64. 64
    Rarri Says:

    Jen stuns

    Ange looklike ruler

  65. 65
    Rarri Says:


  66. 66
    Rarri Says:

    Jen the sexest woman on earth

  67. 67
    Rarri Says:


  68. 68
    Mike Says:

    Love her

  69. 69
    Rina Says:

    Justin is hot

  70. 70
    Two Orange Clown. Says:

    Wow, her thin lips looks all lop sided to the left, from Fillers and Botox gone wrong, I thought you Manni fans think she is all that….. Why the need to look puffy for??

  71. 71
    Moira Says:

    Bizarre not a photo together? WTF? Justin looks like he fell asleep on the tanning bed. LOL!

  72. 72
    hag Says:

    is it just me or did ticky bought a new set of teeth to match her new lips, OMG! she really wont stop LOL!!

  73. 73
    jfuuu Says:

    wow–she looks amazing!incredible

  74. 74
    jennifer looks great Says:


    well..not everybody is a mediawh@re like other celebs…they don´t need to sell..and pose to show how “happy”they are.
    they really are happy..not like skankelina and stupitt

  75. 75
    ck_always Says:

    Lol damn you women on here are insanely stupid sometimes. They all look great.

  76. 76
    Thelma Says:

    Hope the pay is good

    Her hair loooks s**ty and as for Justin, don’t know where to start…the scary hair/ hairline, the weird body shape, the over tanning…on the othe hand I think they’ve each found the appropriate level partner. Heidi is too pretty and seems way too nice for Justin and w all know Jen was too insecure and looks wise didn’t match Brad.

    The hottest person in the pictures above s the one in the red and pink dress…yowza!

  77. 77
    deb Says:

    Horse-face Maniston.

  78. 78
    deb Says:

    What is wrong with his body, it looks odd. The weirdest body I have seen on a man.

  79. 79
    Debbie Says:

    Maybe you are a little slow, but Jennifer got pregnant when married to the loser Brad Pitt, but miscarried. So yes she does want children.

  80. 80
    Debbie Says:

    @Slits for eyes: He is so much hotter than Brad Pitt, but then that doesn’t take much. Jennifer is happy with Justin, and I think they both great! Meanwhile Brad who is looking bad is happy with “Skeletor”.

  81. 81
    Debbie Says:

    @Too funny: MUCH HOTTER!!!!!!!!! Can’t stand weinie Brad Pitt’s looks and he got what he deserved a skeleton. Love Justin and Jennifer.

  82. 82
    Tobi Says:

    I would love to see this guy in person so I can stop saying “gosh, he looks weird”.

  83. 83
    Debbie Says:

    @hag: What is wrong with you? Jennifer looks great and Justin is hot. I wonder why all those men voted her “Sexiest Woman of all time”? Certainly don’t agree with you, do they?

  84. 84
    Debbie Says:

    @deb: Hey Deb at least she isn’t with a horse like Angelina Jolie.

  85. 85
    hahahaha Says:


    WHO accused Brad/Angie of an affair? Jen did not.
    In her recent interview Jene says there is no bad blood between Angie, Brad and her. Jen has never said that had an affair and she has had many opportunities to say so. She has yet to say it …even till THIS day.
    She was embarassed and humiliated by how quickly Brad got into a serious, commited relationship with the beautiful Anige. It became clear to the WORLD that the “golden couple” was a fake relationship that really did not mean much at all to Brad. He walked away from “sexy” Aniston…and never looked back- even congratulaetd Vince Vaughn, his costar, when Aniston began him in 2005. Funny thing though…Aniston could not congratulate Brad for finally finding his happiness. All she could do was throw pity parties and and scream at the ocean… and let another woman, an outsider, take the blame for the failure of her marriage.
    It should be clear to you by now that Aniston did not love Brad but their lifestyle, the image, and the prestige of being Brad’s wife. She loved it so much, hell she still oves it that SHE IS STILL COATTAILING TO THIS VERY anything and everything that Brad and Angie.
    Can you imagine if you had a friend, who was in a marriage where her Circle of Friends had as much clout and say as the spouse? Your friend and her husband are in therapy by the second year of the marraige, and they both like to stay in, watch the Sopranos and get high all the time. Then one day, the husband gets sick of the deadend lifestyle and wants more. Yet the wife is too happy with the beach party life PLUS she fancies herself to be a big ole movie star. The wife is making lots of money and se feels she has plenty of time to have children…much later. Husband turns 40, realizes life really is short and wants more responsibility in his life. Dizzy ass wife is too self absorbed to see the pink elephant in the room. She thinks her husband’s silence is because he is in awe of her beauty, intelligence and wonderful direction in life instead of the truth: Brad ain’t’ that high anymore.
    Where has the time gone? Brad lost the pep in his step and Aniston was too self-centered to notice. He realizes he is getting older, has not accomplished HALF of the things he said he would accomplish as an actor, and he still wants a big family, but not with Aniston. Enter Jolie at 28 years old, single mother of a 3 year old , who is happy being a mom. She’s gorgeous, challenging, sexy AND a humanitarian.
    But, love and time waits for no one. The Angie train had left the station and Brad did a “Water For Elephants” move in order to catch up to her. Now they have a big happy family and are so in live with each other.
    Meanwhile, back at tthe circus, Aniston picks up a new monkey. She’s gone through several but they all run away because they don’t wanna be trained by her. the monkey’s name is Theroux and he prefers to keep his fur thick below the belly.

  86. 86
    jentheho Says:

    Why does he look orange? I guess Jen brought him a certificate for spray tan.

  87. 87
    Debbie Says:

    @Thelma: No her looks don’t match Brad Pitt’s. She is much too good for him. Love her and Justin. I’m glad she is happy now.

  88. 88
    jentheho Says:


    Speaking of being with a horse. Here is something for you.

  89. 89
    jentheho Says:


    Of course Jen is too good for him. After she got dump. I’ll bet you wouldn’t have said that if she and Brad are still together. She is so good she got dump from every guys she ever dated. One of them dumped her twice.

  90. 90
    Bobjustbob Says:

    Funny she looks better when she smiles with her mouth open (because of her extra-long mannish chin) and Justin looks better when he smiles with his mouth closed, he has a weird smile. Looks like Jennifer let her BF use her spray tan machine, WOAH, his orange face!!!

  91. 91
    jentheho Says:


    Yeah, little Eddie Munster is so hot some people haven’t even heard of him until he hooked up with this horse face.

    Where was Eddie Munster when Brad was the Sexiest Man Alive? That’s right sweet. A nobody.

  92. 92
    sorella Says:

    Her hair looks awful, if you’re going to wear an edgy looking dressing like that, do something with the hair!! At least her boobs or legs aren’t on display though!!

    I find she looks unsure and insecure here, like she knows her movie is a stinker. And it being shown at the same week as the Oscar is playing (where her EX and his partner are applauded), OUCH, she likely knows her career is lukewarm. Pretty girl Jennier Aniston, not WOW, but pretty, always been better suited to TV I think and not movies.

  93. 93

    now this is how a sexy healthy woman should look like.
    great body

  94. 94
    @ Says:

    @pregnant: you cant get pregnant at 45!

  95. 95
    yes! Says:

    @they don’t match…: yeah she’s one of those annoying girls who only girls like..gossipy, jealous, unsexy, and obnoxious. Men hate those type of girls. They like confident, sexy, independent, intelligent women..such as Angelina Jolie.

  96. 96
    drunk jen Says:

    clearly maniston is drunk in the access HW RC interview, she slurs her words.

  97. 97
    Skankelina Ugly Says:

    Just Jared is SO predictable…Pro-Skankelina comments get a thumbs up and Pro-Jen ones are shot down. I just do my bit and go straight to the low rated ones – like “hmm” on the first page, and rate it up, ’cause I am confident it will be a comment that tells the TRUTH about the gorgeous Jennifer and the TRUTH abut the moral-less, husband stealer, plastic surgeried mess Jolie, with her fish lips and the dead eyes.

  98. 98
    Jennifer Aniston FTW! Says:

    Jennifer looks absolutely stunning. What a gorgeous face and smashing body…not to mention the great hair and most important the sunny, attractive personality. She is the golden child of hollywood for sure – gorgeous, stunning, warm, kind, generous, sexy…wowee! And Justin…man this man looks hot. Hubba hubba!

  99. 99
    Jennifer Aniston FTW! Says:

    Justin’s gorgeousness just shows what an old, faded man Brad is…Brad Pitt looks like a unclean hobo trying to look like Johnny Depp…but Justin is a handsome, sexy, intelligent, virile man…yummmmmmmmmy!

  100. 100
    JOANN Says:

    Her lip injections are lopsided. The right side of her top lip is bigger than the left side. ….HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  101. 101
    jentheho Says:

    @Jennifer Aniston FTW!:

    Since Jen is so this and that, I hope you continue to stay on her thread to prove how much you love her. Stay here and support your gorgeous Jen. Don’t go back to the JP thread. But I am 100% sure you name changing troll will go back to the JP thread because you love the JP much much more than you love Jen.

  102. 102
    Annie Says:

    Has hell frozen over? Aniston wore something other than a boring little black dress/black blazer. She wore….wait for it…a boring little BEIGE dress. Takin’ big risks Jen.

  103. 103
    Two orange Clown Says:

    If Justin is so yuuuummmmyy … Woweeee… Where was he all these YEARS????? these two Clowns better send a THANK YOU note to the queen and the king of the World, Angie and Brad, the most Glorious, Flawless, wonderful, beautiful, stunning, Perfect couple in the Universe.. Without these Two, it would be….. Justin who??????

  104. 104
    Oy Says:

    Orange wanna be & his fake “love” didn’t even pose together, though they pose & say they are a happy couple LMAO
    This too shall pass after this Oscar film is out. LOL

    He gives me the creeps & she is just trying so hard to stay Rachel.
    Woman, you are 43 & have accomplished NOTHING unselfish.
    sit on your $ like the greedy rich.

  105. 105
    2 wanna be's that take up spac Says:

    OMG..what a forced RC.
    A star she bought? What’s next?
    Jen , you are SO see through.

  106. 106
    Manny Says:

    LMAO… She once woke up to Brad Pitt every morning and now she gets to wake up to Fuglyguy. Seems her personal life is tanking just like her acting does…
    This dude puts the f*cking ugly in fugly…
    Maybe she doesn’t notice looking through her blue contact lenses. Maybe her contacts have Brad painted on the inside so when she looks at Fuglyguy she thinks she is seeing Brad. How sweet…
    If she breeds with Fuglyguy their offspring will look like this I’m sure…
    Oh my God make it stop…

  107. 107
    about Pitt and Jolie in France Says:

    In a French channel, say that last night was a big fight between the couple, and he left this morning without saying goodbye to her

  108. 108
    jentheho Says:

    @Two orange Clown:

    Exactly. Where was Woweeee…when Brad was the Sexiest Man Alive? Eddie Munster didn’t even make it in the most beautiful list until he got together with this woman last year. Is not like Woweeee just started in this business. He was in Charlies’s Angles and SATC. If Woweee is so hot, should have been on the list back then. Eddie Munster has been in the entertainment business for over 10 years. Most people haven’t even heard of Woweeee until late last year.

  109. 109
    Manny Says:

    @about Pitt and Jolie in France:
    You are week late. That tab story went the rounds in the States last week. I always knew France was a step behind on everything. Thanks for confirming that. :)

  110. 110
    Manny Says:

    Eddie Munster??? I can’t stop laughing… thanks for that. :)

  111. 111
    jentheho Says:

    Even if Jen is dating a 200lb ugly man her fans still think he is hotter than Brad because they are just happy and thrill that she has a man.

  112. 112
    From Paris with Love Says:

    @about Pitt and Jolie in France:
    quelle chaîne, quelle émission stp?
    which french channel please? which show?
    lol BS

  113. 113
    Zak Says:

    If she’s hiding a bump, good. it’s about time! isn’t she mid-forties?

  114. 114
    honeybunn Says:

    If you have nothing nice to say why are you commenting on this website. You’ll are just plain and simple mean,jealous and satanic.
    By the way Jen was 43on febuary 11th. but she looks 23. Don’t you wish you could turn back the hands of time.

  115. 115
    T Says:

    Justin needs a tailor or something. The pants are a little short, a little too tight in the thigh-crot-ch area, and the jacket is way obviously too tight around the middle. Plus the entire suit, shirt, tie etc looks like it was made of cheap material and cheaply made.

  116. 116
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:


    Correction. Jen’s body looks 30 but Jen’s face looks like she is 50.

  117. 117
    Annie Says:

    @Pinkrose: I don’t think Jen got her chin shaved down. It looks as big as ever to me. I think it’s just that people’s jawlines soften/lose definition with age and that’s what you’re seeing. She’s also always wearing this boring hairstyle to minimize her jawline.

  118. 118
    Derek Says:

    They make such a CUTe couple!!!

  119. 119
    Debbie Says:


  120. 120
    Dooley Love Says:

    Happy for Jen!

  121. 121
    Derek Says:

    Wondering…how they met

  122. 122
    Carbon Copy Says:

    OMG! I just noticed how botox’d his forehead is. AND his eyebrows are more shaped than her but they are still horrible.

    They are both talentless too.

  123. 123
    Lisa Says:

    Like her dress, but her hair is shite (gasp! Not Jen Aniston!) … and can Justin put more make up on? He’s orange! What’s up with his eyebrows? He looks awful I kinda feel sorry for him.

  124. 124
    Chelsea HOndler Says:

    Exactly… Maniston have been dating almost EVERY SINGLE one of her co star, since BP dump her sorry @ss, each and every single one of them are much better than BP … next, is Dennis ….wha3… I guest, living in a La La Land is the only way to keep up with their disappointment !!! He3

  125. 125
    Classy Jen Says:

    You can buy a dress similar to what she’s wearing in a thrift store, about $20. It’s the highest price, though. Real classy!

  126. 126
    dd Says:

    what is up with that hair?

  127. 127
    dd Says:

    @CJLOVE23: he looks like a pedophile

  128. 128
    Volunteers Says:

    Yup….he looks orange alright

  129. 129
    DDDL Says:

    They should stay together

  130. 130
    Classy Jen Says:


    Excuse me! Justin is not a pedophile. He’s a grandmother molester!

  131. 131
    Vegas Says:

    Wanna see Wanderlust

  132. 132
    Jennifer Aniston FTW! Says:

    I wonder how much Jolie and Pitt pay the low life, bottom dwellers here to praise them…but I guess these trolls would consider it enough reward just to see these yuck pics of greasy looking, haggard slime ball Pitt, who committed adultery with the trout lipped, plastic surgeried ho Jolie.

  133. 133
    Two orange Clown Says:

    No one even blink an eye lid when Eddie Munster was on Charlie Angels, and now even if his Orange tan and his ugly eye brow is twice as dark, he will still be the most sexiest Man alive in their dreams… as long as Manni has a Man… Wha3…

  134. 134
    GrandmaJenSTOLEtinyHotdog Says:

    i miss you Heidi!

  135. 135
    JOLIE IS A WH#RE Says:

    The two adulterers Jolie and Pitt should be thankful they live in the US and not in places where you know what is the punishment for adultery…unfortunately these two no-talent hags are pelting the audience with stones with their pathetic, overacting onscreen and their nauseating overexposure in the media, parading their faux “home” life when the WHOLE WORLD knows that these two are not home makers they are home BREAKERS!

  136. 136
    ann Says:

    For once, she’s not dressing like a hooker and I like the dress, although spaghetti straps would have been nice. As for the hair, yuk. A homeless person has a better style. As for Justin, his suit looks too small. He can barely button it up and he’s looking more and more like Mr. Bean every day.

  137. 137
    Two orange Clown Says:

    And yet… Manni kills to have that juicy lushes sexy the most wanted sexy lips .. As you can see, all her millions only can buy a fake ones that lops sided to the left… Wha3…

  138. 138
    Two orange Clown Says:

    7 years and counting…. Why dont you screams at the ocean some more .. I can see, manni pity party will continue until The Kingdom come!!!!

  139. 139
    jentheho Says:


    Just you. Not the whole.

    Their overacting got them recognitions & nomination. Jen’s under and overacting got her zil, zero, nada.

    Btw, Jen is a home breaker too.

  140. 140
    jentheho Says:

    Not the whole world.

  141. 141
    Sami Says:

    @honeybunn, c’mon now. Jen looks 23? Puhleeze. Get that you’re a fan, but that’s a big fat lie that’s laughable. She looks 38 at best and I’m being nice cause it’s Friday.

  142. 142
    browser Says:

    The ridiculously shaped eyebrows are killing me. Dude, Aniston killed what was left of your career and those brows are the final nail in the coffin.

  143. 143
    SoNo Says:

    I don’t know who’s creepier looking, Theroux and Scarho’s new pimp. I’ll give it to Scarho’s lay. He has a skeevy ***** personality to match is fugly.

  144. 144
    [~Fug Face Man!ston~] Says:

    @Slits for eyes: …You’re insulting his eyebrows?! ahahahahahahaha …You can really do better than that.

  145. 145
    Salvation Army Says:

    Jennifer Aniston’s beautiful dress in the photo above still available for sale. Only 3 items left. Hurry!

  146. 146
    mike Says:


  147. 147
    mike Says:


  148. 148
    mike Says:

    great pic

  149. 149
    yep Says:

    Jen you look amazing! Beautiful lady inside and out! I will be at Wanderlust on 24th! Justin is looking fine too! Hottest couple!

  150. 150
    sullivan Says:

    I had no idea Aniston is dating Adam Lambert. Did she do his make-up for him? Why do they both wear their clothes two sizes too small?

  151. 151
    yep Says:

    Just saw the dress up close! Love it! styling!

  152. 152
    nope Says:

    Forget the eyebrows. Yeah they’re cray cray all plucked and dyed like that, but at least they’re still there. What happened to his HAIR?! Last I saw him he had a respectable hairline. Now hes got this little flap of bangs over a massive bald patch right in front. Weird.

  153. 153
    nope Says:

    He’s a nice looking man a nice suit, but the grooming is horrible, with those overplucked brows, funky haircut,and inky dye job. Who told him that looks good?

  154. 154
    nope Says:

    Ack I looked at his close ups. Mascara on the lower lashes! Nooooooo!

  155. 155
    T Says:

    I’d like to know what legitimate publication has confirmed these so called miscarriages. Neither Brad nor Jen have ever confirmed them. And don’t quote Halperin–he is hardly what one would call a credible journalist.

  156. 156
    Fan Says:

    you should go to the daily mail online to see the comments they made abt the “ring”. lol

  157. 157
    Fan Says:

  158. 158
    ha ha Says:

    I’m sorry, this justin is just ugly as sin

  159. 159
    Lila Says:

    Man, Justin is fug. Some of you think he’s hot? Ya’ll need glasses. Jen thinks this guy has great style? If that was true he wouldn’t have over done the fake tanner, eyebrow plucking and botox. Jen should be embarrassed by how he looks for their premiere.

  160. 160
    Toria Says:

    Does he have either eyeliner on or tattooed eyeliner?

  161. 161

    Aniston biggest w#ore ever
    JA toxic waste
    use gas mask
    use thickest rubber
    all disease

  162. 162
    ellie' Says:

    Wow finally Jennifer & Justin the hottest couple in HW..Love the both look great..nice cast , so looking forward to the 24th..can’t wait..

  163. 163
    yep Says:

    hottest couple! i am so glad they are FINALLY promoting! everyone was having a great time at the premier and you could tell they really enjoyed working together! i am so excited that the 24th is getting closer! lol! i will see the movie on friday the 24th before 5:00 and the evening double dating with my sister and her spouse! JEN,PAUL,and JUSTIN!

  164. 164
    ellie' Says:

    Jennifer thank God that you have a perfect face and body..Your fascinating star to look up to, never to be a skeleton and show how healthy you eating habits and exercise is so good for you..and for all of look amazing.!!!

  165. 165
    ellie' Says:

    your right now the #1 dress on the rc….and I agree…also Justin is #1 as being easy on the eyes..He really looks great..

  166. 166
    ellie' Says:

    Hey Jade a long time..Just wanted to know how ya doing? Hope life is treating you well.. My life is so busy lately..The sites are still so nasty I don’t think that will ever change..I was reading something the other day..from awhile ago Jared flipped names and Jill is a phony..Didn’t want to ask the other nasty one..
    well anyway Jen looks so happy with Justin ..Looking forward to seeing the movie..
    Miss you girl..Just check in if you can…

  167. 167
    yep Says:

    awesome article on jen – the sun!

  168. 168
    ellie' Says:

    Jennifer your smile always makes me have a beautiful natural in every way..

  169. 169
    cs Says:

    The dress is little too tight and the hair doesn’t match the outfit. But I like it .much better than her usual attire. She doesn’t look like a hoochie Mama. So it’s an upgrade..But he looks as though he’s in full make-up with the mascara, eyeliner, Bronzer/tan , manicured eyebrows. He’s just weird looking.

  170. 170
    ellie' Says:

    I meant Jen is natural beauty in every way..

  171. 171
    daniella Says:

    He’s really ugly but ticcky and Huvie need him for something.

    The ugly goofy guy is laughing his head off longer then anyone else b/c

    he is making huge green just for being in the right place at the right time.

    I asm cracking up too.. How sad to call this. thing .. a cute guy BWHAHAHAHA

    Weirdo and creepy looking and this is squiggy at his best lol. OMG!

    he needs a hot shower with lots of soap, His hands are filthy. greaszzzy mofker, enough greeezze on his face and flap of hair to make a couple plates of chips. Teeth are yellow in closeups. ticcy can afford to have his teef fixed. asap.

    not worth talking about..

  172. 172
    squiggy is pretty Says:

    ^giggle^ that pic is hilarious. # 12 LMFAOPMP.:):):)

  173. 173
    ha ha Says:


    hehe, derp

  174. 174
    goopiness Says:

    Funny that the Jen Hens all latched on to these “miscarriages”. And of course they were all Angie’s fault don’t you know.


    When did Jen ever quit smoking and drinking in the last 20 years? Brad said having kids didn’t feel right until Angie so apparently he didn’t impregnate her. Who was responsible for these pregnancies that ended in such tragic circumstances.

  175. 175
    cs Says:

    They know she never had a miscarriage or several while she was with Brad. Just like I know Brad didn’t leave her because she didn’t want kids.
    He’s repeated in several interviews over the years, that having kids didn’t feel right until he met Angie. The hens fail to forget that and sometimes the JP fans.
    He left her because of many issues but it wasn’t about kids.. I think he loved her at one time but in comforting kind of way, but not madly in love.. Then he met a young, adventuous, sexy, independent, smart, beautiful woman in Angie, who was also charitable and became smittened.
    He realized he didn’t want to continue leading that same ole boring life. And never looked back. Her fans need to get over it. The JP’s have been together longer than that marriage.

  176. 176
    Gen Says:

    horse faced Jen’s new man is not only ugly but he is also unknown I never heard of him until he start dating her, he want fame than he will dump her like rest of men who used her for fame.

  177. 177
    Gen Says:

    Jennifer ****-ton is so ugly old nasty woman with fat body and gaunt wrinkly face her chin is hideously big and new boyfriend is also a no prize,a unknown ugly short loser who is getting limelight because of her and I don’t blame any A list celebrity to not to date her she is a dried up horse.

  178. 178
    reeven Says:





  179. 179
    anuston Says:

    Jennifer “Anuston” boyfriend is also very short and ugly he is same hieght as Jen and Jen is no more than 5 4″ or 5 5″

  180. 180
    Jennifer anus-ton Says:

    Jen never gets a difficult role in movies she is always plays dumb Rachel in every movie and she never gets the lead role in movie it is always a multi-starred movie. she can’t act period.

  181. 181
    pair of birds!!!! Says:

    Jen is,health,beauty,sexy and hot…Justin too,i love the couple!

  182. 182
    jane Says:

    wow..people commenting here..get a life

  183. 183
    anna Says:

    @Gen: JE IS FAT?!?! ok a picture of yourself right now please and show how skinnier you are..u can’t get much skinnier than that and still be healthy..if you really are skinnier than her which I DOUBT, you’re probably an anorexic skeletor like jolie

  184. 184
    yep Says:

    jen is awesomeness! lovely person! paul is a nice looking, kind man and jen and paul have amazing chemistry! justin is hot! the man is built, talented and worth over 8 million! i could live on that – lol! justin has an amazing voice too along with writing, acting the man is gifted! i am enjoying the promote and looking forward to seeing them all out next week!!!!

  185. 185
    yep Says:

    @Fan: i can’t believe what dirty laundry wrote about Brangelina! tabloids should stop that stuff! these are real people with real lives!

  186. 186
    yep Says:

    i just loved all the happiness at the premier! EVERYONE was on the same page! 24th! JEN, PAUL and JUSTIN time!!!!!!!

  187. 187
    Jennifer anus-ton Says:

    @Ollie! J
    Jen and natural? there is nothing natural about her she is fake and plastic, her hair bleach blond, her eyes blue contacts, her nose done twice, filler on cheek and lips, face frozen with botox and hideous fake tan but somehow she still is painfully ugly.

  188. 188
    yep Says:

    Jen is awesome! I love that she gets to do what she enjoys, comedy! Laughter is a wonderful medicine and beauty treatment! The scenery in Wanderlust shows how beautiful the state of Georgia is! Makes me miss my home state!!!!! Notice the turning of leaves in the lake scene. (red and golden leaves) I am glad Jen and the cast enjoyed their time in rural Atlanta area. 24th —- oh yes! WANDERLUST!

  189. 189
    Heidi is a beauty. Says:

    uglyston should hide a face with hair curtain and it is necessary to show a leg.

  190. 190
    Jen fugly horse Says:

    Jen is not a good comedian her acting sucks she try hard but can’t people laugh friends was funny because Jeoy and Lisa kurdow.

  191. 191
    yep Says:

    Observation: Brangelina fans love to bash/hate:
    Chelsea (which she was wrong and went to far) joke and apologized
    Reese because she is a friend of Chelsea
    Charlize because she has friendship with Chelsea
    The ex because – don’t know as she has moved on
    Brangelina’s fans do not want peace as they have harden their hearts.

    More observation: Jen fans do not hate on Jolie as Brangelina fans hate Jen and noticed Maniston, several others change their name to hate on their own star! (I am sorry Angelina)
    Therefore, I will not be responding any longer to Brangelina’s fans hate/bashing however I wish you all happiness and a good life! I will continue to comment on my stars!

  192. 192
    Two orange Clown Says:

    Brad Pitt always and forever will be, the most Beautiful, Wonderful, Gorgeous, Hunkiest spunk, sexiest man alive and a Gentleman…… Manni is to SELFISH to see, that BP is Gods send, how sad …
    only the blind can’t see, that this unknown boyfriend of hers, that she STOLE from gorgeous beautiful Heidi, is the UGLIEST man alive, with the UGLIEST Freddie Wig, with the UGLIEST smile I have ever seen, the UGLIEST orange Tan, the UGLIEST eyebrows, not to mentions … then he had to show that hideous pube smelly hair, with that shortest UGLIEST torso……
    Karma is indeed a B1tch!!!!!!!

  193. 193
    can't blame her... Says:

    She is 43 now. You can’t blame her for getting all she can out of this moment right now. Unfortunately, for women, the movie business is not the same as it is for men. Her credibility in the young woman roles will be diminish. It is a cruel business for women in their late 40s and beyond. There are few that persevere but they have to find a different niche. On the other hand, men can still remain in the handsome leading man role into their 50s. Sad. Whose fault is it? Ours. The way we tear women apart and pick apart every wrinkle and flaw. We should celebrate our age, no matter what age it is.

  194. 194
    JL Says:

    “There are few”… And who they are? The Legends! Maryl Streep, Helen Mirren, Dayen Keaton, Barbra Straisand…
    Jennifer has a distance about 20 years to their state – anyway she looks better than 5-7 years ago. She has character, Charisma, and beauty from God – the time is not a matter.

  195. 195
    AGA Says:

    @yep: I wonder what will happen with this “in love”couple when the movie bombs?? I have seen this movie before in different eras,times and actors—stressed out city people go to the country,discover new way of life and live happily ever after. Sorry but its been done before!

    Oh and YEP at #191 Thanks for the laugh about JA fans not bashing Angelina!! You must not read many sites b/c JA fans hate on AJ,BP and most discustingly their children(very vicious and cruel posts)so just check some stuff before assuming that JA fans are saints!!

    I wonder if Squizzy is given an allowance by the woman who stole him away from a 14yr relationship-he prob thought great no more money worries got me a sugar mumma!!

  196. 196
    JL Says:

    Jolie loves to use her children for PR. Her “HUMANITARIAN” ‘activity’ is so pitiful comparing to her heroin addict pervert past. Just ridiculous!

  197. 197
    Jen is plastic horse face Says:

    horse face jen have no beauty or charisma she is just a D list actress doing D list movies, she is not even famous outside of US, comparing that fug to goddess Jolie is a sin

  198. 198
    JL Says:

    1. A “horse” face is a N1 for the magazine covers!
    2. All the questions about the horse face to Sara Jessica
    3. Jolie is a goddess of pervert sex because of her well working lips and ass. No more.

  199. 199
    nina Says:

    @Guest: Hope she doesn’t make the worst mistake of having a baby with that caveman. No matter how much she is flaunting him with new houses every minute, Just like the rest including Jon mayer, will fly away! All men know she is desperate-Grow Jen

  200. 200
    JL Says:

    No reason to be desperate. Not one.

  201. 201
    cs Says:


    Chelsea- don’t like, not funny and she ddn’t apologized. She went on Joy Behar’s show (CNN) immediately after the hoopla calling angie and her kids names and said she didn’t like Angie because she stoled babies. Wow what an apology!

    Reese- Always thought she was a B**ch. although I thought she was great in” Election Day”. Never thought she was attractive or sexy and was lucky to catch both her ex-husband and Jake.

    Charlize Theron- Never had a problem with her until the Newsweek oscar roundtable with Viola Davis who voiced her concerns about limited roles for African-American women in HW. and dumb blond Charlize response is “you need to stop, you’re hot as Sh*t”. Totally clueless. So I see her hanging out with that group .It was obvious to me and everyone who saw this thought Charlize believes women can succeed in life as long as they are” hot”. .BTW she was trashed by critics for that response
    JA- I don’t want to comment why I dislike her. It would take 2 or more pages.

  202. 202
    JL Says:

    Jolie’s children are innocent, but thanks to the MOMMY’S efforts everybody can call them ********. That’s why they are out of school.

  203. 203
    me Says:

    umm.. I dont think she cries about it, she said she won’t mind/wants, but she’s not chasing it

    I don’t get why everyone wants to give her children – children don’t define you as a person

    the world is overpopulated as it is already

  204. 204
    JL Says:

    I’d like to see Oprah with children. Or Helen Mirren. 20 nannies, the best schools and alienation in the look transforming in to the hate… Let we see the result of Jolie’s experiment. For now – no school, no constant home, and status of the most well known B&STARDS in the world.

  205. 205
    JL Says:

    Justin’s eyebrows become bigger. In a 5 years he will look like Saddam.

  206. 206
    flowerpower Says:

    brangelina fans are so jealous and miserable

  207. 207
    JL Says:

    As their idol.

  208. 208
    AGA Says:

    J-L loads of celeb kids have private home schooling! Paltrows kids for instance,do you have a prob with other celeb kids/richkids having tutors at home or is it only the J-P’s where you get all santimonious? Even Micheal Jackson’s kids travelled the world with tutors and wearing masks until he died and by all accounts they are nice,giving young kids.

    Yes,we will see how educated and well rounded they become in life,but I’m sure they will add more to the world than You or I!!

    P.S Most people besides tabliods have reported that the kids are polite and well-behaved. Did you see the upper pic of Violet poking her tongue out as has the Rossdale kids–Wow Just Terrible!!

  209. 209
    JL Says:

    Sure, at the age of 9-10 all the children are polite. Let’s wait 15-16!

  210. 210
    AGA Says:

    J-L just a short list of some celebs who have also given birth to “********” as you call them,I’m sure i will miss many,but with your closed mind you won’t get it any-way.

    Berry,K.Hudson,McConauhey(2),K.Kardashashian(2),Tom & Katie,Michelle Williams,Nicole Ritchie and of course the impending arrival of Jessica’s Simpson baby!
    So are all these women/men teririble people or just the J-p’s??Are there kids lesser humans b/c there parents are not married?NO-of course not
    So get out of the 50′s and beyond,because i’m sure lots of posters of many sites also have kids without a piece of paper

    What will you do if(??) if JA goes ahead with a baby without a bit of paper-have a breakdown or come up with excuses for this child/woman??

  211. 211
    JL Says:

    AGA, JP’s are DEMONSTRATING their kindergarten! Children asked them to marry! They had transformed this question in one more show. A boring show for today. Kids are innocent. But the atmosphere they are growing is not healthy with Jolie’s heroin past and Brad’s smoking different sh*t and their PARTNERSHIP. Why not to marry just for one year? For one day? Kids look at Brad every day and see: he DOESN’T WANT to marry. What are they thinking? He doesn’t want to be a real father – they are a kind of his toy.

  212. 212
    JL Says:

    Jolie thinks the fact of adoption makes her saint automatically! NO!!!
    Even adopting a dog you are responsible for his health, his future and so on. She took them from VietNam and Africa – it’s just a good step. When we will see they are good educated morally healthy people without any addiction, we will say – A GOOD GIRL JOLIE.
    About Jennifer – I don’t think she wants now. She sow A LOT about the FAMILY VALUES to decide: “NO, THANKS! Not in that life”. Who knows. But I’m sure she will NEVER use a kid for self-PR.

  213. 213
    yep Says:

    Jen, thanks for the shout out for Clarksville, Ga! (Looked it up on the map- knew it was in the Atlanta area, awesome!) Loved the morning show! Wanderlust!

  214. 214
    JentheCray! Says:

    Wow,Dolly’s friends working hard huh ? JL(DL+100names)
    Tell Jen ” Once Kaaput Always Kaaput ”
    Jen is a LOSER with her Dogs !
    ” I DID I DO AND I WILL ” (00-12++ )
    Do not get angry at Mr.Brad that he doesn’t wanted to wait for Jen’s baby,
    Jen said every year that she’ll have baby and babies,but nothing happens,

  215. 215
    ellie' Says:

    Jen u were just great on the morning looking forward to the 24th ..Wanderlust!!!

  216. 216
    JentheCray! Says:

    Wow,ellie is back after stopped to use this name for a few days huh ?
    ellie can be 100 names in 1 person,
    DL and JL gone ellie the old girl is back.
    ellie can be all in one right ?

  217. 217
    JL Says:

    ‘theCray’, I’m here! There is no nick DL at all. Are you under drugs? Cmon its cool for Jolie’s lover! Don’t forget to kiss your sister! So you call Jennifer a “loser”? Can you make 1 per cent from the money she makes for the year ($ 30 M)? Her dog lives better than you. WHO IS LOSER?

  218. 218
    Two orange Clown Says:

    JL … Take one to know one .. I guest…
    As far as I am concerned, my dog have a better life than dolly …do you think all that millions can buy happiness?? Even for a dog??
    Dolly has a better lives than Nancy … Your idol neglected mother!!! That for sure!!!!!
    Kissing sister, brother, drugs… For Fu@k sake, get a life … Only the sick jealous heart broken hatefull loser can keep steaming the way you do!! LOL..
    Yes Indeed, we all can wait and see how the JPs kids is going to turned out to be, while your idol are having more fillers .. Plastic.. being dumped.. and used all Her Millions to stay Relevant.. Continuing, hanging by the JPs coat tails!!!

  219. 219
    Two orange Clown Says:

    Thanks for “holding” me together man…. Literally!!!!

  220. 220
    ellie' Says:

    No my dear I have a life..

  221. 221
    ellie' Says:

    Only 4 more days…Wanderlust!!!

  222. 222
    JL Says:

    orange Clown Too, after your comment I can imagine the “happiness’ of your and your dog’s life. A HAPPY COUPLE! Or you call it the “PARTNERSHIP” like JP’s? Who care…
    You must know: it’s not normal if mother hates an own daughter. Don’t forget, JA never slept with her mother’s boyfriend (unlike Jolie). But she had spend a lot of money on mother’s treatment and she had visited her after the insult. WHAT ELSE CAN SHE DO?
    “Plastic”? So what? She is an actress, and model, and looks better than Jolie (N10 in Hotness Award list :)). She builds her life – mansion here, penthouse there – why not? Did you smell just 1 million dollars? I’m not sure. You smell just your poor dog. Stop fantasizing about “coat tails” – she is a worldwide symbol of style and class. Wake up, he end of the doze…

  223. 223
    JL Says:

    typo: Wake up, THE end of the doze. Nobody is “holding” you. Just a dog.

  224. 224
    Two orange Clown Says:

    Model?? Beady eyes .. Thin lips and that short legs??

    Indeed…. That what your idol have stated over and over, in many of her interview. .. That she is in most HAPPY… AND ALWAYS and forever in “PARTNERSHIP” as a HAPPY COUPLE with her dog!!!

  225. 225
    Two orange Clown Says:

    I have said it once, so stop repeating what your idol said about her Dog:
    Thanks for “holding” me together man…. Literally!!!!!

  226. 226
    AGA Says:

    Wow—So F/ing ignorant JL…..So you actually think that if a young person uses drugs they should never,ever be forgiven??? At least Ange had the guts to admit her past and grow from it. I can tell that you or your family have no experience of addicition b/c non-forgiveness is just cruel. In any case Ange admitted to using diifferent things never having an addiction.
    Also JA herself and many of her BFF’s smokes or did smoke weed so should she give up rights to there kids??? Try to be sensible now- I know it’s hard.

    Also many actors and actresses have admitted d rug use and gone on to success–Robert Downey Jnr??Should he give his new son back??

  227. 227
    JL Says:

    Oh, Too orange Clown, she is not in your taste! That’s why you are on this site and can’t stop… It’s fanny.
    Yes, her eyes are beautiful no matter what is the color of contacts. A “shirt” legs? In the jeans on the high heels her legs are the most sexual in the world! The lips are very sexy too. She looks great, but she is a great person – that is much more important!. Millions of people are able to see that, but you cant. Big deal…

  228. 228
    charlie Says:

    Love them together … Jen you’re looking good and healthy

  229. 229
    charlie Says:


    Clearly you wear rags and have no fashion sense – catch a wake up sunshine – its 2012

  230. 230
    charlie Says:

    Angelina get off the strap – you hater!

  231. 231
    MADONNA Says:


  232. 232
    erin obrien Says:

    She paid for john Mayer,and now she is paying for this dude.He was quoted as saying he likes a rich girlfriend that pays for everything.He got himself a sugar ma ma.She wanted Gerard Butler so bad,but he was interested in another woman,Laurie Chowela.That must of hurt when he dumped her for Laurie.Well i hope everything works out for her.

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