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Michael Urie & Sophia Bush: 'Partners' in New CBS Pilot!

Michael Urie & Sophia Bush: 'Partners' in New CBS Pilot!

Michael Urie has joined the cast of CBS’ new comedy pilot Partners!

The 31-year-old actor will join Sophia Bush in the new pilot, which tells the story of two male architects whose relationship itself resembles a marriage.

The multicamera comedy is from Max Mutchnick and David Kohan, who created Will & Grace.

Michael, probably best known for his run on Ugly Betty, currently stars on Broadway in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

WILL YOU WATCH Sophia Bush and Michael Urie in CBS’ new show Partners?

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  • heybe

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  • bobbyweiner

    is he gay?

  • Duh

    He considers himself as being neither gay, neither hetero…Apparently, as for 2011, he was in a long-term relationship with a guy, but he also enjoys dating girls. At least, that what I read on Internet! :)

  • Misha

    I would DEFINITELY watch this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lucky

    lucky guy hes probably going to get laid soon

  • kinkos

    That would be NEXT beard – boyfriend!


    slam dunk…….

  • Duh

    Nah, she’ll probably end up sleeping with the guy that’ll play Charlie…not Michael…

  • ANA

    OTH haters gonna hate. Step aside and shutup. I love the casting for this show so far. Congrats CBS on picking these two actors. We know you had the cream of the crop to chose from.Well done! I am definitely watching this. Hope all goes well with the rest of the process. Congrats to all.

  • lexy hates bilson

    I love him. Can’t wait for him to come back on TV.

  • Urie

    I adore him as well. This cast is shaping up nicely I can’t wait to hear who the male lead will be. So excited.

  • Julie

    YES! I love Sophia. It will be fun to see her play someone new. She’s funny on One Tree Hill. Joy Galeotti seems funny too. She should do a sitcom also.

  • Kelsa

    I am SOOOOOO excited for Sophia!
    She’ll be beyond amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kelsey

    Well any male co-stars of this show will be her next boyfriend. On OTH she did date 3 that we know of.

  • emmaa

    Omg I miss Michael being on television! Exciting :)

  • Sarah

    Awww, are you sad that none of them wanted to date you instead???
    Sophia Bush is beautiful and amazing in every way.
    And anyone who thinks differently can go screw themselves.
    I’m proud of Sophia for landing this pilot and I know that she will continue to find success in everything she does.

  • Kristi

    Exciting news! I love both of them. Can’t wait to see it.

  • Dasha

    Not a chance, the plot seems lame, and Sophia Bush, well i used to looove her now she annoys me to no end, i’ll never see a tv show or a movie with her ever again.

  • Dasha

    Boo hoo you will be missed.

  • Jenny

    Let’s see if any of us care about whether or not you’ll see anything by Sophia Bush ever again…….ummmmmm, how about NO?? Boo hoo, no one cares about you. ;-)
    I find it hilarious when haters spend so much time b*tching about celebs they claim to not like yet spend plenty of time reading up on them and then actually waste their time by actually leaving comments when they could really be using that time for something good or something positive.
    No wonder this world is going straight to hell.
    Any ways, this pilot seems AWESOME. Every website I look at all have really great and really positive things to say about Sophia’s latest pilot and everyone seems to be really looking forward to it.
    Can’t wait to see Sophia’s latest venture and I, along with her endless fans wish her tons of success!!!

  • Dasha

    And i find it even more hilarious when people like you defend celebrities that don’t even know that you exist or care about you…pathetic

  • Jenny

    Lol. If that little motto supposedly makes you feel better about your own pathetic and desperate actions, then keep feeling the need to tell others that they’re supposedly “pathetic” instead.
    At least fans spend their time talking about celebrities that they actually care about and love and who they want to see succeed…..regardless of whether celebrities know whether they exist or not.
    But what’s your lame excuse?? If you really want to use that logic, then celebrities don’t know that you exist either, yet you idiots still sit in front of your computers like lardasses and talk sh$t.
    Hypocrite much??
    Maybe you should take you own advice and use all of that negativity for something good… may actually get you somewhere.

  • martha stewart

    i love sophia bush i will watch her on anything oth and her was my lifeline after my husbands death

  • tititi

    Good for Sophia! It’s good to see she’s already found something to shine in!

    @Jenny: “Let’s see if any of us care about whether or not you’ll see anything by Sophia Bush ever again…….ummmmmm, how about NO??”

    And yet you posted a long ass post bitching at her just because she said she wouldn’t watch anything Sophia would be in. I love Sophia but please all the stans and people who can’t take one single criticism (and in this case she wasn’t even criticizing Sophia, she has a right to state she won’t watch the show) have to stop. There are people in the world who don’t like Sophia and they’re allowed to voice that as long as they’re respectful (which she was). It’s because of people like you who defend Sophia like looneys that me and other healthy Sophia fans are known for being wacko. Please respect others and be mature.

  • Jenny

    Thanks but NO thanks for the little lecture. When you sit there and call someone annoying and then say things like “boo hoo,” thats far from being respectful. I have NO problem when it comes to someone stating their opinion. I have my fair share of people that I don’t like but I don’t sit there being rude about it. I refrain from say anything at all and if I did happen to say something along the lines of “I won’t be watching this show,” then I would’ve just left at that instead of posting twice and being disrespecful.
    I fully understand that NOT everyone is going to like everyone. Furthermore, every celebrity has fans and haters at the same time. But there are times when haters go out of their way to be rude. I’ve seen it happen far too often and who are we kidding…..every actor on OTH has their looney fans and these are the people who have been going high and low to create rumors and vicious lies about them from day 1. Now they’re the ones who are crazy. Select Joy fans, James fans, Sophia fans, etc. (to name a few) take it too far….it’s a fact.

  • tititi


    But even if you think people are being rude (there have been times where people are way awful and way out of line towards Sophia and other cast members) I think the best way is to just ignore them. If we don’t say a thing and pretend no one even said a thing they’ll stop. These people do this because they want attention and want to piss other people off. If no one reacts to them, they’ll eventually stop because it’s like talking to the walls. The problem is that there are fans (from every actor/actress) who are super sensitive and can’t see the slightest comment about their favourite that they fire back immediatle. This encourages those people to go on and on and on and they’ll never stop doing what they do. As I said before, I know it can be annoying and hard to ignore but if we all made an effort and ignored them, we’d see just how different things would be. Just my opinion. I wasn’t and I’m not lecturing you, I was just trying to give some friendly advise. I’m sorry if you got it differently but that was really my intention.

  • Jenny

    I see your point and I agree.
    I still think it sucks when people bash actors/actresses and then proceed to create rumors that couldn’t be farthest from the truth.
    And while it’s always best to ignore those lunatics who spew hate, there’s only so much fans can take before they react. It happens all the time and it doesn’t seem like this ongoing cycle will end anytime soon either. It’s probably always going to go back and forth….no matter who it is.

  • token

    i hate sophia


    And I’m sure Sophia hates you.
    Haha at another loser talking sh$t.