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Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes: Thai Lovebirds!

Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes: Thai Lovebirds!

Ryan Gosling shows off his bulging bicep while carrying his backpack out of his hotel on Wednesday (February 15) in Bangkok, Thailand.

The 31-year-old actor was heading to the set of his new movie, Only God Forgives, which is being helmed by his Drive director, Nicolas Winding Refn.

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Ryan‘s girlfriend, Eva Mendes, is also in town and enjoyed a day of pampering as she sat at a local salon to get her hair done.

FYI: Ryan is wearing Red Wing Heritage boots.

10+ pictures inside of Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes in Thailand…

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ryan gosling eva mendes thai lovebirds 01
ryan gosling eva mendes thai lovebirds 02
ryan gosling eva mendes thai lovebirds 03
ryan gosling eva mendes thai lovebirds 04
ryan gosling eva mendes thai lovebirds 05
ryan gosling eva mendes thai lovebirds 06
ryan gosling eva mendes thai lovebirds 07
ryan gosling eva mendes thai lovebirds 08
ryan gosling eva mendes thai lovebirds 09
ryan gosling eva mendes thai lovebirds 10
ryan gosling eva mendes thai lovebirds 11

Photos: GSI Media
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  • Robsten_Fan

    Love those two together… <3
    haters to the left… ;)

  • chiara

    He loves these shoes.

  • Laurel

    This whole relationship is so fascinating to me. She’s been in Thailand for going on three wks now. Now, that’s a devoted girlfriend if I ever saw one.


    These two people couldn’t be more polar opposite! I guess he likes her mo-jo ;p

  • working?

    Not that she is much of an actress, but doesn’t Eva Mendes have any films to shoot? Or is she quitting altogether. Well I guess we can at least thank Ryan Gosling for that, until she milks this stunt she has with him completely dry and start taking some lame blockbuster roles again.

  • BEAN

    @working?: She’s acted in more films than he has. What is with the Eva hate? I think celebrities know how to pick their own girlfriends and don’t need your approval/opinion/suggestion. Jesus.

  • lima

    @working? Well, if you can believe it, she has NOTHING lined up now. Funny how the only thing she has going for her is the movie she is doing with Ryan. Who in fact, was NEVER photographed like he is now, that Eva is with him. Fail PR from the beginning.

  • working?

    @BEAN: Oh please give me a break. She hardly has any ambition as an actress and rarely ever takes non pay cheque roles. I don’t really give a crap who this guy dates but you must be blind if you don’t think publicity is a large part of this relationship. She doesn’t land magazine covers sitting her ass on saloon chairs all day.

  • anna

    Did someone get a hold of their calender? Is it just me or do their photos always surface at the same time, even when they aren’t together. We have the airport photos, the first Thailand photos and now these, and they aren’t even in the same place!

  • BEAN

    @working?: “I must be blind” – no, I just don’t care that much and the fact that you do is pretty disturbing.

  • working?

    @BEAN: yes thanks for pointing that out apparently Ryan Gosling and I are both blind :)

  • Mila

    Whether it’s the PR or not, Ryan accepted it. They are birds of a feather to me.

  • sorella

    They bore me as a couple, they are just blah together I find. Didn’t she go to rehab a couple of years ago? And she is not a great actress (yet he is so ambitious), all things that make me wonder what he is doing with her. Of course she is pretty, but she’s not interesting, pretty like the bow on an empty package, after the initial sexual attraction, I can’t see how he finds her interesting (in her interviews she is so bland).

  • Mike

    Yes she did go to rehab apparently after a cocaine bender that caused a miscarriage. Lots of stories of her being rude and bat shit crazy floating around, its a bit hard to dismiss all of them. Plus she definitely does not appear to be the brightens girl in the room. I hope he or his people have done a background check on her.

  • meme

    preggers or bloated? Not judging just saying!! lol

    great actors, not a fan of them as a couple but I don’t know them personally soo…

  • LizardGorgeous

    Pls, tell me he’s HAWT.

  • BEAN

    @working?: Super comeback, and besides if this is a PR stunt, would that not mean your precious Ryan is in on it too? Or does he get a pass? Lame

  • Scarlett

    She’s certainly seems ambitious when it comes to keeping up her profile but has nothing to back it up with, she’s a mediocre actress at best, you can’t blame her for riding on Ryans wave of success really. She’s not my brand of pretty but clearly Ryans, meh.

  • Catarina

    Gosling looks like Witherspoon. They both have a jutting chin..

  • ren

    you can do so much better Ryan.. !!!

  • lickman

    Ryan loves Eva because she is inferior to him in all respects. Men Love Bitc*es.

  • working?

    @BEAN: I would like to think he gets more of a pass because he’s actually a good actor, one of the most dedicated? Or that he is a genuinely nice guy and doesn’t shove his sex appeal in your face? Or maybe he’s just in this to promote his movie which, let be honest, nobody will see. People go see Bradley Cooper in the Hangover and Limitless, or Eva Mendes in… nevermind that second part. People generally don’t go see these independent films in cinema.

  • The Vow

    He can do so much better Rachel McAdams was perfect for him but I guess he likes trannies more.

  • julie

    Such nice couple!

  • Mila

    she is getting older in a ugly way.

  • hubbaloopa

    i don´t care that she is with ryan gosling..but the truth is 1-she is a mediocre actress(if not really bad)and 2-she looks awful without make up…like a zombie.
    that is the ugly truth

  • Sara

    @The Vow: She found he was a bimboy! Rachel is a smart girl.

  • http://website david ouellette

    In that get-up she’s wearing and her overall appearance, Eva looks like a peasant girl. Could it be that she’s actually Ryan’s servant and not his girlfriend? Food for thought.

  • Clay

    lot’s of petty jealous little girls here

  • Joe

    “i don´t care that she is with ryan gosling”
    Ha! you’re a liar. you can’t help thinking of them!

  • mélissa

    Come on guys, Eva is great for him ! They are both hot and theur carrer are going great in Hollywood.. I like them !
    So pretty together !

  • Pee-Pee

    @david ouellette: No, she’s OFFICIALlY his GF. You are in the grip of envy, give it up!

  • hubbaloopa


    lol—i don´t like ryan gosling..he is maybe a good actor(lars and the real girl–its the only film i have seen with him)…but i really don´t like blonde me he is not attractive at all…so yes..i really don´t care about eva and ryan.
    what i said is true..can you name me one movie where she is truely good in?not mediocre..i mean really good?–
    and it is also true,that she doesn´t look god in these pics at all..

  • Imzadi

    I don’t think I would have said this 5 years ago, But damn, he looks hot.

  • lora

    Judging by the many stories of her being nuts, maybe Ryan’s just as nuts as she is. He just hides it better? Otherwise why would he be with someone like that?

  • woot

    cute couple!

  • andie

    Is she pregnant? She looks rough.

  • mara

    Apparently he’s sooo obsessed with her and wants to marry her, and have children with her and all that stuff. I hope thats all exaggerated. I’m looking at her pictures, and she’s ok looking, but nothing special. She cannot act, and there are too many accounts of her being rude to people who she thinks are beneath her. Sorry Ryan, you slipped down a few notches on this one.

  • olive

    Oh my god, Ryan looks really angry. Well, he should have thought about that before getting into a serious relationship with Ms. Mendes. I don’t ever want to hear him say he likes to be private and stay low key. He stopped doing that over the last year, and it’s kind of sad. I miss the old Ryan. Not liking this new one so much. He’s a great actor, but it’s how he’s been acting lately and what he’s been saying that really irks me.
    He said showbusiness is what killed his past relationships, and then he turns around and dates Eva Mendes. Not that I should care. But why say one thing and do the opposite?

  • LMAO

    Man she has absolutely no life and career anymore. Good though, she’s a talentless, aging bimbo. One of the most useless women in Hollywood. I support this relationship if it means her career is over. She always looked like a lesbian too.

  • Fake


    I think she IS a lesbian. He is SOOO bearding for her for their movie. This is hilarious. These two couldn’t couldn’t have less chemistry if they tried.

  • HG543

    Of all the women in Hollywood, he chooses aging Manface Mendes? hahaha. Either he’s deep in the closet or has a really small penis. Both perhaps. He’s gotten plastic surgery done on his face too.

  • olive

    So is her job just being Ryan Gosling’s girlfriend now?

  • Meem

    LOL why are people asking if she’s pregnant? She doesn’t look bloated at all, she actually looks WAY too skinny. She’s lost too much weight. Those bags under her eyes aren’t cute either, she just isn’t pretty to me. Her face is busted. Her hair looks nice though.

  • Alais

    @LMAO: @Fake: If she’s a lesbian, Gosling is gay. They help each other.

  • Ash

    She isn’t pretty at all to me. Not with that HUGE nose (and that manjaw….). Her nose is even bigger than his (bet her p3nis is too..)

  • thinkaboutit

    Appearance shouldn’t be important, it’s how she treats people that makes me angry. Ryan must be aware of this and is ok with it, otherwise he wouldn’t have kept her around. Maybe he’s not as sweet and nice as we all think either?

  • kara

    For Ryan’s sake, I hope she’s not pregnant. He said he would quit acting when he has a child. His career is at it’s peak right now.

  • Elisia

    I don’t get it, she is so stunning yet she dresses like a 70 year old!

  • Jen

    Ryan really has no ass at ALL and sort of chickenlegs. That’s his big flaw, he needs to work on his lower body.