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Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes: Thai Lovebirds!

Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes: Thai Lovebirds!

Ryan Gosling shows off his bulging bicep while carrying his backpack out of his hotel on Wednesday (February 15) in Bangkok, Thailand.

The 31-year-old actor was heading to the set of his new movie, Only God Forgives, which is being helmed by his Drive director, Nicolas Winding Refn.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Ryan Gosling

Ryan‘s girlfriend, Eva Mendes, is also in town and enjoyed a day of pampering as she sat at a local salon to get her hair done.

FYI: Ryan is wearing Red Wing Heritage boots.

10+ pictures inside of Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes in Thailand…

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204 Responses to “Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes: Thai Lovebirds!”

  1. 1
    Robsten_Fan Says:

    Love those two together… <3
    haters to the left… ;)

  2. 2
    chiara Says:

    He loves these shoes.

  3. 3
    Laurel Says:

    This whole relationship is so fascinating to me. She’s been in Thailand for going on three wks now. Now, that’s a devoted girlfriend if I ever saw one.

  4. 4
    HULLO Says:

    These two people couldn’t be more polar opposite! I guess he likes her mo-jo ;p

  5. 5
    working? Says:

    Not that she is much of an actress, but doesn’t Eva Mendes have any films to shoot? Or is she quitting altogether. Well I guess we can at least thank Ryan Gosling for that, until she milks this stunt she has with him completely dry and start taking some lame blockbuster roles again.

  6. 6
    BEAN Says:

    @working?: She’s acted in more films than he has. What is with the Eva hate? I think celebrities know how to pick their own girlfriends and don’t need your approval/opinion/suggestion. Jesus.

  7. 7
    lima Says:

    @working? Well, if you can believe it, she has NOTHING lined up now. Funny how the only thing she has going for her is the movie she is doing with Ryan. Who in fact, was NEVER photographed like he is now, that Eva is with him. Fail PR from the beginning.

  8. 8
    working? Says:

    @BEAN: Oh please give me a break. She hardly has any ambition as an actress and rarely ever takes non pay cheque roles. I don’t really give a crap who this guy dates but you must be blind if you don’t think publicity is a large part of this relationship. She doesn’t land magazine covers sitting her ass on saloon chairs all day.

  9. 9
    anna Says:

    Did someone get a hold of their calender? Is it just me or do their photos always surface at the same time, even when they aren’t together. We have the airport photos, the first Thailand photos and now these, and they aren’t even in the same place!

  10. 10
    BEAN Says:

    @working?: “I must be blind” – no, I just don’t care that much and the fact that you do is pretty disturbing.

  11. 11
    working? Says:

    @BEAN: yes thanks for pointing that out apparently Ryan Gosling and I are both blind :)

  12. 12
    Mila Says:

    Whether it’s the PR or not, Ryan accepted it. They are birds of a feather to me.

  13. 13
    sorella Says:

    They bore me as a couple, they are just blah together I find. Didn’t she go to rehab a couple of years ago? And she is not a great actress (yet he is so ambitious), all things that make me wonder what he is doing with her. Of course she is pretty, but she’s not interesting, pretty like the bow on an empty package, after the initial sexual attraction, I can’t see how he finds her interesting (in her interviews she is so bland).

  14. 14
    Mike Says:

    Yes she did go to rehab apparently after a cocaine bender that caused a miscarriage. Lots of stories of her being rude and bat **** crazy floating around, its a bit hard to dismiss all of them. Plus she definitely does not appear to be the brightens girl in the room. I hope he or his people have done a background check on her.

  15. 15
    meme Says:

    preggers or bloated? Not judging just saying!! lol

    great actors, not a fan of them as a couple but I don’t know them personally soo…

  16. 16
    LizardGorgeous Says:

    Pls, tell me he’s HAWT.

  17. 17
    BEAN Says:

    @working?: Super comeback, and besides if this is a PR stunt, would that not mean your precious Ryan is in on it too? Or does he get a pass? Lame

  18. 18
    Scarlett Says:

    She’s certainly seems ambitious when it comes to keeping up her profile but has nothing to back it up with, she’s a mediocre actress at best, you can’t blame her for riding on Ryans wave of success really. She’s not my brand of pretty but clearly Ryans, meh.

  19. 19
    Catarina Says:

    Gosling looks like Witherspoon. They both have a jutting chin..

  20. 20
    ren Says:

    you can do so much better Ryan.. !!!

  21. 21
    lickman Says:

    Ryan loves Eva because she is inferior to him in all respects. Men Love Bitc*es.

  22. 22
    working? Says:

    @BEAN: I would like to think he gets more of a pass because he’s actually a good actor, one of the most dedicated? Or that he is a genuinely nice guy and doesn’t shove his sex appeal in your face? Or maybe he’s just in this to promote his movie which, let be honest, nobody will see. People go see Bradley Cooper in the Hangover and Limitless, or Eva Mendes in… nevermind that second part. People generally don’t go see these independent films in cinema.

  23. 23
    The Vow Says:

    He can do so much better Rachel McAdams was perfect for him but I guess he likes trannies more.

  24. 24
    julie Says:

    Such nice couple!

  25. 25
    Mila Says:

    she is getting older in a ugly way.

  26. 26
    hubbaloopa Says:

    i don´t care that she is with ryan gosling..but the truth is 1-she is a mediocre actress(if not really bad)and 2-she looks awful without make up…like a zombie.
    that is the ugly truth

  27. 27
    Sara Says:

    @The Vow: She found he was a bimboy! Rachel is a smart girl.

  28. 28
    david ouellette Says:

    In that get-up she’s wearing and her overall appearance, Eva looks like a peasant girl. Could it be that she’s actually Ryan’s servant and not his girlfriend? Food for thought.

  29. 29
    Clay Says:

    lot’s of petty jealous little girls here

  30. 30
    Joe Says:

    “i don´t care that she is with ryan gosling”
    Ha! you’re a liar. you can’t help thinking of them!

  31. 31
    mélissa Says:

    Come on guys, Eva is great for him ! They are both hot and theur carrer are going great in Hollywood.. I like them !
    So pretty together !

  32. 32
    Pee-Pee Says:

    @david ouellette: No, she’s OFFICIALlY his GF. You are in the grip of envy, give it up!

  33. 33
    hubbaloopa Says:


    lol—i don´t like ryan gosling..he is maybe a good actor(lars and the real girl–its the only film i have seen with him)…but i really don´t like blonde me he is not attractive at all…so yes..i really don´t care about eva and ryan.
    what i said is true..can you name me one movie where she is truely good in?not mediocre..i mean really good?–
    and it is also true,that she doesn´t look god in these pics at all..

  34. 34
    Imzadi Says:

    I don’t think I would have said this 5 years ago, But damn, he looks hot.

  35. 35
    lora Says:

    Judging by the many stories of her being nuts, maybe Ryan’s just as nuts as she is. He just hides it better? Otherwise why would he be with someone like that?

  36. 36
    woot Says:

    cute couple!

  37. 37
    andie Says:

    Is she pregnant? She looks rough.

  38. 38
    mara Says:

    Apparently he’s sooo obsessed with her and wants to marry her, and have children with her and all that stuff. I hope thats all exaggerated. I’m looking at her pictures, and she’s ok looking, but nothing special. She cannot act, and there are too many accounts of her being rude to people who she thinks are beneath her. Sorry Ryan, you slipped down a few notches on this one.

  39. 39
    olive Says:

    Oh my god, Ryan looks really angry. Well, he should have thought about that before getting into a serious relationship with Ms. Mendes. I don’t ever want to hear him say he likes to be private and stay low key. He stopped doing that over the last year, and it’s kind of sad. I miss the old Ryan. Not liking this new one so much. He’s a great actor, but it’s how he’s been acting lately and what he’s been saying that really irks me.
    He said showbusiness is what killed his past relationships, and then he turns around and dates Eva Mendes. Not that I should care. But why say one thing and do the opposite?

  40. 40
    LMAO Says:

    Man she has absolutely no life and career anymore. Good though, she’s a talentless, aging bimbo. One of the most useless women in Hollywood. I support this relationship if it means her career is over. She always looked like a lesbian too.

  41. 41
    Fake Says:


    I think she IS a lesbian. He is SOOO bearding for her for their movie. This is hilarious. These two couldn’t couldn’t have less chemistry if they tried.

  42. 42
    HG543 Says:

    Of all the women in Hollywood, he chooses aging Manface Mendes? hahaha. Either he’s deep in the closet or has a really small *****. Both perhaps. He’s gotten plastic surgery done on his face too.

  43. 43
    olive Says:

    So is her job just being Ryan Gosling’s girlfriend now?

  44. 44
    Meem Says:

    LOL why are people asking if she’s pregnant? She doesn’t look bloated at all, she actually looks WAY too skinny. She’s lost too much weight. Those bags under her eyes aren’t cute either, she just isn’t pretty to me. Her face is busted. Her hair looks nice though.

  45. 45
    Alais Says:

    @LMAO: @Fake: If she’s a lesbian, Gosling is gay. They help each other.

  46. 46
    Ash Says:

    She isn’t pretty at all to me. Not with that HUGE nose (and that manjaw….). Her nose is even bigger than his (bet her p3nis is too..)

  47. 47
    thinkaboutit Says:

    Appearance shouldn’t be important, it’s how she treats people that makes me angry. Ryan must be aware of this and is ok with it, otherwise he wouldn’t have kept her around. Maybe he’s not as sweet and nice as we all think either?

  48. 48
    kara Says:

    For Ryan’s sake, I hope she’s not pregnant. He said he would quit acting when he has a child. His career is at it’s peak right now.

  49. 49
    Elisia Says:

    I don’t get it, she is so stunning yet she dresses like a 70 year old!

  50. 50
    Jen Says:

    Ryan really has no ass at ALL and sort of chickenlegs. That’s his big flaw, he needs to work on his lower body.

  51. 51
    Danielle Says:

    You are totally wrong!!!! Eva and Ryan has 3 movies for these year and Ryan has just 1 for the next year AND Everybody knows that Ryan and Rachel McAdams had a very public relationship with A LOT of pics everywhere…

  52. 52
    Kate Says:


    Duh. Anyone with half a brain can tell how contrived and fake his “nice guy” PR image is. He’s a total phony.

  53. 53
    VCN Says:


    Eva has, as always nothing but small,supporting roles in all of them and that new one she has coming out looks hilariously awful. Her flop ass has NEVER been and will never be the lead. And Ryan and Rachel were never photographed this much, and Rachel is much more famous than Eva, especially when she was with Ryan she was THE it-girl of Hollywood.

    I think it’s hilarious how desperate Eva so clearly is. It’s all over for her soon, and I couldn’t be happier :).

  54. 54
    jane Says:

    I’ve never seen him look so miserable.

  55. 55
    Kyle Says:

    I can’t understand why everyone always finds fault with his taste in women. Even if you think Eva is fugly, Gosling thinks she’s beautiful enough.

  56. 56
    jane Says:

    Don’t get me wrong. I mean he looks hot, but he looks like he’s miserable.

  57. 57
    mickey Says:

    Is she with child?

  58. 58
    Hannah Says:


    Uh, no? She doesn’t look remotely pregnant. I don’t think she wants to have kids. Her and Cameron Diaz are basically the spokeswomen for women who don’t want to get married nor have kids. I agree with a previous poster, she loks way too skinny and frail. She has no curves anymore.

  59. 59
    arlene Says:

    She was so much more beautiful when she was younger. All curvy and healthy. What happened to her? Is she back on the coke?

  60. 60
    Trish Says:

    I agree she’s gotten too thin. She has naturally masculine,harsh facial features but it actually went well with her voluptuous body. But now that she’s stick thin and has no curves anymore, she really does look like a man in drag.

  61. 61
    Ann Says:

    but you must agree that sh looks awful here,and anyway she kinda too old and unfresh for him

  62. 62
    lola Says:

    Lot of bitter, petty people on here. Don’t you have anything better to spend your time on? You obviously don’t care for Eva(and some of you don’t care for Ryan) so why are you spending time on her?

  63. 63
    Laurel Says:

    All these girls talking about how “harsh” and “manly” looking Eva Mendes is never fail to amuse me. A year ago, every photoset that was posted on JustJared dedicated to Eva Mendes was always filled with people saying how gorgeous she is. Now that she’s dating one of the most eligible bachelors in the world, she’s suddenly an ugly old *****.

  64. 64
    bc Says:

    What? They are a couple now? LOL. I worked on the Place Beyond the Pines. Neither were there for long. Ryan was one of the nicest celebrities I have worked with, and Eva was 10x the celebrity he is. Interesting, they must have hooked up after filming.

  65. 65
    Ann Says:

    Oh please stop posting pictures of Eva Mendes. No one really cares. From the look of it, Ryan Gosling doesn’t either. When was the last time she was in a watchable movie? She is not even working anymore…

    Just give us more photos of Ryan Gosling thanks in advance!

  66. 66
    Anonymous Says:


    Go to her IMDb board. Tons of straight men think she looks like a man as well. Wanna know why? Because she looks like a man! So you think big noses and manjaws are gorgeous? Her looks are utterly mediiocre and basic, hence why she’s always been strictly C-List. You’re an Eva Mendes fan, yet she’s a terrible actress, and there are MANY documented stories about what a scumbag she is. You’re a dumbass.

    Gosling is incredibly effeminate, so he doesn’t suprise me that he likes manly looking women. (I love Sandy Bullock but she had a bit of a manjaw as well).

  67. 67
    KLZ45 Says:


    Stop being a generalizing moron. Not everyone here are girls. I’m a guy and she looks old and haggard as hell. She’s always looked like John Leguizamo in drag. All the women in Hollywood, and Gosling goes for this pushing 40, aging hasbeen? I knew he was a bit of a pansyboy but damn.

  68. 68
    Sara Says:


    Interesting. You didn’t notice anything between them? I’ve read other accounts from people on the set and it doesn’t look like there was much between them, which is why so many people think this is a fake PR relationship, most likely to promote the film. Someone even said Ryan had a girlfriend on set.

  69. 69
    Please Says:


    What posts are you reading? People still thought she was ugly, manly looking,and overrated for years. Idgaf about Gosling, he’s mediocre and overrated, and Eva’s face is BUSTED.

  70. 70
    Val Says:

    Eva is not that pretty and nothing special I agree, but Ryan really isn’t all that good looking himself IMO. And neither was Sandra and Rachel (and Michelle and Emma and Blake whom he was strongly rumored to have all hooked up with). Rachel is the prettiest but even she is still just cute. So at least Ryan seems to realize he’s not that good looking and only dates women in his league (well not talent-wise, in Eva’s case) and doesn’t try to get women out of his league.

  71. 71
    kim Says:

    I guess Ryan likes them talentless and brainless. She even admitted she wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, and that she likes to date men who are smarter than her, so they can teach her things. What a moron.

  72. 72
    marie Says:

    Rachel is so much better without him. She’s thriving now, and in a healthy supportive relationship. I’m happy she’s moved on. I don’t know what to think about Ryan anymore. He seems very dark and moody. It’s just a feeling I get about him.

  73. 73
    zone Says:

    Ditto girl! I’ve cant help but to lol reading all these comments. What a bunch of jealous bitter hags come out in full force on every thread of these two,

  74. 74
    Nell Says:


    Well Ryan seems very pretentious. He fancies himself smarter than he really is, so this doesn’t suprise me. Being with a bimbo like her probably makes himself feel smarter.

  75. 75
    AmICynical? Says:

    I think they are gorgeous and together make a great couple. People need to simmer down…sheesh!

  76. 76
    Geez Says:


    Exactly. Neither of them are that good looking. They’re both boring as hell too. I’m shocked people care so much about this. Ryan’s PR team deserves a huge raise. They’ve totally fooled all the women in the world that he’s some gorgeous adonis, when he’s completely, utterly avergage, bodering on ugly. Eva is indeed utterly useless and irrelevant, but again Ryan is nothing special, so why are you all so jealous of her? Go stan for someone who deserves it.

  77. 77
    kim Says:

    Maybe he feels threatened by smart women? I think you are right, he wants to feel smarter than he is. He does seem to come off very impressed with himself.

  78. 78
    bc Says:

    @Sara: Nothing out of the ordinary on set. Ryan was on set more and hung out quite a bit with us the crew when we are not filming. Didn’t notice anyone with him during the shoot. Eva just comes and go most of the time. She rarely stuck around.

  79. 79
    natalie Says:

    I also heard accounts of how sweet Ryan was to extras and crew, and accounts of how Eva was the opposite. It boggles my mind why he’s in this serious relationship with her. They couldn’t be more different.

  80. 80
    billionairefriends Says:

    Yes, it is. You know what. I think BillionaireFriends*C’O'Mit’s a good pla’ce to me’et sweet friend even rich sin’gles. I am certain I can me;et a ri;ch man there, b’ecause I am at the begin;ning of my car;eer and I would like someone’s sup;port.

  81. 81
    sceptic Says:

    Can we stop with the “jealous, bitter, girl’ lame a** excuse? Go to other websites, and you’ll see the same comments there. Celebitchy calls her “drunk face”. No one is buying this fake relationship.

  82. 82
    showmance Says:

    Beards. I don’t care what nobody says.

  83. 83
    Well Says:

    I’ve heard many lesbian rumors about Eva for years and I’m not convinced at all that she isn’t one, especially since she and Ryan have NO chemistry. Her “boyfriend” looked very gay (there are pictures of them surrounded by nothing but male models in speedos and in one picture you can see him checking out one of the guy’s asses) and looked like he was her beard, the 3 or 4 times that she was seen with him during a supposedly 10 year relationship. I’ve never really suspected Ryan of being gay (though he can be a bit effeminate), but he can still be straight and beard for her for their movie. I’m getting a feeling that their movie sucks, if it couldn’t attract better actors than Bradley Cooper (who’s mediocre) and Eva (who’s awful), then it probably isn’t good.

  84. 84
    Reese's Pieces Says:


    This “couple” reminds me way too much of Jake and Reese. But Jake and Reese actually made the effort to look happy together when they were photographed.

  85. 85
    Sarah Says:

    It is a thing not to think that they make a hot couple (even though it is awfully judgmental and none of your business) and it is another to be that mean to a person you freaking don’t know anything about.
    Some reports have apparently said that she is crazy and rude but 1/maybe she was having a really bad day, doesn’t it happen to you perfect people?
    2/those reports are fake! it’s really easy to write things on the internet and you all know about,that right?!
    Do you realize the violence of your words? Show a little respect for a fellow human being.

  86. 86
    QLD Says:


    There are TONS of stories of her being rude and disrespectful. Yeah, I’m sure they’re ALL made up *sarcasm*. Why make up something about someone so irrelevant as Eva? She doesn’t deserve respect unless she starts giving it. Those last pictures of her,she was yelling at somebody and causing a scene. She’s a b!tch, period.

  87. 87
    RyEva = Shameless Showmancers Says:

    What a couple of poseurs Gosling and his latest tramp are. She’s there so long because she’s got nothing better than suck his d—, get her hair done, and be papped.

    This is showmancing in the extreme. Photogs from Vancouver going all the way to Thailand for exclusive shots. No one calls them on it because they have deals with the photographers. If they dare reference their blatant showmancing or anything else that upsets RyEva’s tender egos, they won’t get the shots. Greedy famehos all of them.

  88. 88
    RyEva = Shameless Showmancers Says:


    PUNKD Images has their itinerary and is being tipped off by Gosling’s people. These are staged shots. PUNKD gets access and Lainey Gossip gets exclusive pics first as long as she doesn’t talk isht about Ryan or Eva any more. This is how it works.

  89. 89
    RyEva = Shameless Showmancers Says:

    Ryan’s not a bad guy, but he is a major poseur.

  90. 90
    RyEva = Shameless Showmancers Says:

    Eva’s done plenty of isht to deserve her bad rep, but she is more real than he is in some respects. But that’s not saying much.

  91. 91
    Risa Says:

    He’s too good for her.

  92. 92
    strange Says:

    He’s keeping her around for the s*x. But I’m sure there’s many beautiful women in thailand he could get with. Why is he settling for Eva? I guess she’s got skills. Or she lacks confidence and thinks he’ll cheat, so she had to fly to thailand to keep an eye on him.

  93. 93
    Li Says:

    PUNKD called her the biggest celebrity a-whole on their twitter account.
    Funny he……………

  94. 94
    TRUTH Says:

    @RyEva = Shameless Showmancers:

    THANK YOU. And I specifically know the person Ryan and Eva’s people called to follow them at Disneyland all night and take pictures of them when they went. Their first staged photo-op. They sold those pictures to UsWeekly and made a LOT of money off them. Anybody who thinks Ryan is a private person is a MORON. Yes, he’s generally a polite person, but he’s a complete phony and fake and absolutely LOVES all the attention he’s gotten recently. He and his PR team made sure he got shoved down out throats, but he also wants to keep his nice guy,humble act.

  95. 95
    Gina Says:

    The magazine articles written about him recently don’t put him in a very good light. They make him sound all pathetic and lovesick for Eva. And he’s ok with this? This can’t help his career at all. Not that it needs help.

  96. 96
    WPA Says:

    Good to see Ryan with a beard!!!

  97. 97
    Arden Says:

    If he is in on the whole PR game he made a bad decision. He is where he is now because he kept a low profile and focussed on being a serious actor in interesting movies. Skipping the Golden Globes probably was part of him having enough of all the exposure. And I seriously doubt being on the cover of a cheap gossip magazine next to Kardashian is what he ever wanted out of his career.

  98. 98
    RyEva = Shameless Showmancers Says:


    People are catching on to what they’re doing. They more people figure it out, the more they will try to distance themselves. Name calling is a good start. That’s all they do, unless you cooperate with them.

    I wouldn’t care if tipping if it served a legit purpose, but the main purpose this serves is lining the pockets of some low life stalkerazzi and their favourite gossip blogger.

    Blogger takes massive pride in calling out this kind of behaviour by celebs who aren’t powerful enough to hurt her and when she’s not getting a cut, but turns a blind eye when she’s getting something out of it.

  99. 99
    .......... Says:


    He wants his cake and eat it too. He needs a hit movie. Nothing wrong with that, but he needs to stop being disingenuous about it. And fer fks sake, stop cooperating with shady Vancouver stalkerazzi and their favourite blogger. No one should be that desperate or foolish. Use one of the agencies that has a no stalking policy and isn’t in bed with a lazy, hypocritical blogger who thinks she’s God’s gift to gossip.

  100. 100
    Gina Says:

    I agree. He’s made a very bad decision if this is the case. I never thought I’d see Ryan’s face on a gossip rag, but a few weeks ago, low and behold, there he was, staring back at me while I waited to pay for my groceries.

  101. 101
    .......... Says:


    Better a lovesick puppy than a womaniser. But those magazines usually make it up on the fly. They need to come up with new stories every week and stories to go with photos..

  102. 102
    Stacy Says:

    There’s something about Ryan I’ve never liked. He really does seem very fake to me. IDK, he seems exactly like the type of person who’s nice to your face then when you leave the room, he starts making fun of you and talking crap about you. He comes off as very two-faced. Fame always brings out people’s true colors IMO and Ryan’s been exposed as an insecure, media pandering phony. I just don’t buy his act.

    And just because people don’t think Eva is pretty does NOT mean they’re “jealous”. I don’t like Ryan and I think Eva is mediocre/ugly. Her nose is HUGE. She’s pushing 40 and her career is in the toilet, what exactly is there to be jealous of?

  103. 103
    jess Says:

    I’ve heard both good and bad accounts on this guy. I just think he’s very moody. I don’t know him, but that’s my impression. He’s super nice when we wants to be, and an arrogant douchebag when he wants to be. I don’t know which one he is more of though.

  104. 104
    mike Says:


    WTF you don’t even know him

  105. 105
    Noon Says:


    So what? You don’t know him either to say that he isn’t. He’s a hypocrite based off his interviews and he clearly puts on a contrived act. I agree with Stacy, I think he’s very fake and phony as well.

  106. 106
    yolo Says:

    ..I’m telling you… she’s pregnant… you watch.

  107. 107
    Kris Says:

    I don’t like Eva either, but can anyone tell why they think Ryan’s such a good person? What has ever done with his life to make people think that? Hasn’t he been arrested before for drunk driving? Hasn’t he gotten a nose job (meaning he’s vain and superficial)? And he was once included on a list of the MEANEST celebrities people have met, so clearly he isn’t all that nice. Why exactly is he a good person and too good for her? They both seem like douchebags to me. It’s mindboggling that people worship this guy and he’s never done a single thing to deserve it.

  108. 108
    nat Says:

    I remember reading about that a year or two ago. I guess everybody chose to ignore it. Some journalist was interviewing Ryan’s sister about this bar she worked at, and Ryan was there, so his sister asked Ryan to say something to help promote the bar, and he just rolled his eyes and walked away.

  109. 109
    sango Says:

    Oh brother, here come the pregnancy rumours. I thought she didn’t want any kids?

  110. 110
    bc Says:

    @Kris: I am very surprised to hear this. I worked with him for a few weeks, and part of our crew worked with him in Blue Valentine a couple of years back as well. He is very sweet. I can get why people may think he is a poser, since he seem to be in character most of the time and can be a bit odd. He is very friendly but a bit shy. I talked with him on several occasions and he does give you full attention.

  111. 111
    passingby Says:

    Eva Mendes has been around longer than Ryan Gosling, she is a known name. She might not be winning academy awards, but she has been working steady in the business for well over a decade and with pretty respected names as well. It’s clear that neither of them care what the public thinks about whom or why they date who they do. There is no reason for him to be faking a relationship with anyone, he had two really respected movies this past year. I doubt she cares what anyone thinks of her either, I’m sure she is happy to be working. Wasn’t Ryan Gosling visiting her in France while she was working on a move just a few short months ago. It must be nice to take some time off and go hang in Thailand, a place very few of us will ever be. It’s likely she has made more money from advertisments for products than her salary for movies.
    But they both seem happy and well suited. Hollywood is a crazy business and I bet it’s nice to have someone you care about with you.

    He and Rachael M are over and Ava Mendes has nothing to do with why, so why shouldn’t he be happy.

  112. 112
    yam Says:

    Right. She’s made more money selling beauty products than acting.
    She’s eye candy. Nothing more.
    As for Ryan, he’s a good actor, but I don’t get all the worship over this guy.
    He seems ok, but he’s not a god.

  113. 113
    fake Says:


    Um, no she hasn’t. Ryan has been in this business since he was a little kid. She’s a C-Lister and a terrible actress who has never gotten one good memorable role her whole career and is no longer getting roles anymore. She desperately needs publicity to save her fading career and they have a movie to promote, one with a very weak cast (Eva being one of them) that’s most likely going to flop. There are a LOT of reasons to fake a relationship.

  114. 114
    Paula Says:

    I miss how Ryan used to be. We only saw him in movies and rarely heard or saw anything of his personal life. He was cool and mysterious back then. Over the last one or two years, he’s changed so much. So many pap pics, details about his relationships in gossip mags, doing Funny or Die videos with his rumoured gf, etc. He’s become so contrived. The more famous he gets, the less I seem to like him. He’s a talented actor, but all this other stuff going on around him is spoiling it. It’s too bad.

  115. 115
    Heather aka Miss Microbiology Says:

    Don’t see the two together. Not being a hater or anything, but they don’t match. Ryan needs to be with a Christy Turlington, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Audrey Hepburn or Ava Gardner look-a-like. All of these women have class, elegance, grace and beauty. Eva doesn’t go together with him, but if they’re happy, than good luck to them.

  116. 116
    SS Says:

    Boring actress. The only thing she has going for her is the Cindy Crawford look-alike-ness. Try topping Rachel MacAdams and Sandra Bullock, and you get this. Ha.

  117. 117
    Himm Says:

    I have never understood why people find Eva beautiful. To me she is ugly as sin. She has a wonderful body, but her face is so manly. Overbite, huge man jaw, rat faced…uck. I like feminine looking women thank you.

  118. 118
    @Heather Says:

    Um, are you like 70?

  119. 119
    lucy Says:

    To all who think Ryan is a poser, do you really think he needs all this bad comments since he is dating her ? Ryan is a great and serious actor, he has had great movies this year and there are more to come next year with Sean Penn, Terrence Malick and the one he is filming right now with Nicolas Widing Refn. What is sure is that till now he had a good reputation and image and HER bad rep is begining to have an impact on his.

  120. 120
    rutep Says:

    is just me or a see a baby bump ????

  121. 121
    Passingby Says:

    I am not saying that Ava is an a-list or b-list actress, just that she has been hired to practice her craft for well over a decade, which is more than can be said for 90% of those in the business. You think it’s a crime for a-list actors & actresses to make money selling products or renting out their image to do so? Wake up, George clooney, Matt Damon, Tom hanks, Denzel Washington, Julia Roberts, Tom cruise, haley berry, agelina Jolie, russel Crowe, Julianne Moore and hundreds more have been selling there image to make money pushing products for ages, especially overseas! Clearly many people on this forum do not pick up fashion or international magazines which happen to be loaded with a-listers images with a product name right below them.
    Ava mendes Aldo had her own line of home products which was carried in macy’s at one time. I’ m sure she has lots of money (most likely more than he), she doesn’t need to act, but enjoys the craft and wishes to grow as an actor. I bet she could care one way or the other what some of his crazy fans think and she is enjoying her time with, as is he. You don’t meet the mother if it doesn’t rank.

  122. 122
    Barbie Kate Says:

    Is Gosling now a world star?

    This is a joke

  123. 123
    Raff Says:

    The one think that irks her the most is that she does not have a legit career as a respected actress. In pretty much every interview she is whining about only being seen as a sexy body but not as someone who gets good roles. Of course she forgets to realise that this entails pushing yourself and having … well talent. U know the thing Julianne Moore and
    Denzel Washington Do have.

  124. 124
    nelly Says:

    How come they don’t pose together? Why are they hiding? It’s not like the world doesn’t know they are a couple now.

  125. 125
    jane Says:

    can’t stand her face, why she looks so angry all the time? judging by these she doesn’t seem nice at all.

  126. 126
    leslie Says:

    They both have been looking very unfriendly these days. Ryan used to look friendly. Now he has a constant scowl like his girlfriend.

  127. 127
    ken Says:

    She’s an awful actress so I’m happy her career is fading away. Sofia Vergara has basically stolen her career. There’s absolutely no use for Eva anymore, she looks old and a bit haggard.

  128. 128
    lucy Says:

    do you really think they want to look friendly if they read all this comments ? lol I don’t like her especially and think she’s really talentless but she needs more all that buzz around them than he needs. Blue Valentine was such a good movie with great actors, I don’t understand Derek Cianfrance cast. Did Ryan influence him for the choice of Eva ?

  129. 129
    googie Says:


    It’s part of his act. He vants to be alone. He is serious acteur.

  130. 130
    jane Says:

    she probably doesn’t realize how lucky she is. Having her hair done not by one,but two hairdresses,that’s what I call a luxury and she looks miserable. Some ppl lost their homes,families,jobs etc. struggling every day, What you think, How they must feel???? that’s a pure misery!!!so please Ms.Mendes put that “miserable” face far away!!!

  131. 131
    teresa Says:

    She seems very vain and superficial to me. She gotten by just on her looks alone. She has no talent, substance, class, intelligence or even common courtesy. When her looks fade over time, she’ll have nothing.
    What Ryan sees in her is beyond me.

  132. 132
    Passingby Says:

    Has either spoke directly to any of us? Have they even spoke to the press all that much? In eva’s recent interview the said that she was very nice & polite but just refused to cross a certain line when it came to her relationship with him. He also did an interview after the Disney photos and he was friendly, yet changed the direction of the conversation by making a joke that he is in love with Disneyland. Perhaps the seem angry because the are being followed by annoying, rude paps. Then to top if off common folk are taking videos on their cameras & selling them to the gossip folks. That doesn’t mean that the are acting closed off or rude to fans or other folks. Actually most accounts of them have been that the were kind, down to earth & when approached by fans kind.

    It’s called good sex & I am sure neither will cry if things & I bet both are having a great time. Eva just came out of a 10th relationship, if she was that needy she would still be with her ex. I consider ryan’s relationship with her a ton better than his with Sandra bullock.

  133. 133
    dan Says:

    she looks like she is going to have a baby.

  134. 134
    amy Says:

    If that’s true, Gosling’s career is over. This is the stupidest thing he’s done.
    Oh well. It’s his life.

  135. 135
    ned Says:

    I don’t really care about these two. But I had no idea Ryan was so famous overseas. I’m surprised the paparazzi are all over him there.

  136. 136
    you are all ridiculous. Says:

    ha ha. you are all so jealous. these comments are pathetic. get a life, fangirls.

  137. 137
    .................. Says:

    They called them the paparazzi. I wouldn’t care if they didn’t act like they’re above all that, and they could have used an agency that doesn’t stalk and hurl abuse at their subjects unless they cooperate with them.

  138. 138
    lucy Says:

    you are ridiculous ! I don’t think all the fangirls here are jealous. I am not a MC Gosling addict and I haven’t seen the notebook ! And I think that if he was dating any other actress he’s worked with such as Carey , Michelle, Kirsten or Emma, there won’t be such bad comments. I think people are disappointed and perplexed and would like him to date someone else !

  139. 139
    teresa Says:

    I agree. I am not a McGosling nor a jealous fangirl. I’m just surprised Ryan has chosen this woman as his serious girlfriend. I have a hard time believing she “tops” Sandra Bullock or Rachel McAdams in the best girlfriends of all time department. Sure she’s beautiful, but her reputation and attitude is not that great.

  140. 140
    jane Says:

    @lucy> you couldn’t say it better. We want for him a girlfriend Who’s lovely,humble,charismatic and most importantly “positive”in any way. Eva has a bad influence on him, she’s not a good person. Even blind can see!!! period.

  141. 141
    rosa Says:

    Is she staying with him in thailand the whole time? Clingy much?

  142. 142
    dane Says:

    can somebody PLEASE tell me wtf is so beautiful about Eva? everytime new pictures of her are posted she looks old and manly looking as hell. you can find prettier women at your local mall.

  143. 143
    vic44 Says:

    wtf? she doesn’t look pregnant at all. i’m sure you’re the same morons who thought aniston was pregnant too.

  144. 144
    owen Says:

    Wasn’t it reported that Gosling thinks Eva is the “female version of himself?” Now what does that say about him? He must really be a douchebag in real life then. The niceness must all be an act.

  145. 145
    lucy Says:

    @jane: I finally know the perfect actress for him, she’s talented, very discreet, lovely, humble, she ‘s not very talkative , she’s a little monoexpressive but I have never seen her making ridiculous poses in red carpets, she has worked with Ryan and I ‘ve heard that there was really chemistry between them … the lovely and perfect Bianca !!

  146. 146
    jane Says:

    @lucy, Who’s Bianca? do you know her surname? I think Kirsten Dunst was a great match for him lol,at least they looked great on set and in the movie.I would love to see him with beautiful Eva Green,but it’s impossible:( hoping one day they’ll make a movie together.

  147. 147
    jane Says:

    @lucy,please don’t tell me that you meant that “sex doll” Bianca?? haha!!!

  148. 148
    lucy Says:

    @jane: yyeehhh it was a joke Jane !!!

  149. 149
    hateress Says:

    @sorella Inteligent and successfull men LOVE stupid but pretty women. I know many cases like that. It’s sad but this is true.

  150. 150
    anita Says:

    Exactly! Here’s a guy who has his pick of any beautiful, intelligent, classy woman his wants, and he goes for the bimbo. He’s a typical man. Go figure.

  151. 151
    Seriously Says:

    Many people are perplexed about this because he truly doesn’t look happy when he’s with her. Look back at pictures of him with other co-stars and even when he and Rachel were together. And I’m not trying to say that he and Rachel should get back together, because it’s over and she has moved on, and I’m sure so has he. But either way he’s not afraid to show affection. The pictures look like he tolerates her, and which makes the fact that he’s still hanging out with her even more perplexing. And please don’t bring up grainy dark pictures and the one picture of her kissing him doesn’t count, as it appears that she is putting way more effort into her ambush for the cameras than he is.

    But what I see when I see pics is this, she knows where the camera is, and she makes sure that her face is seen. And one thing that sticks with me most is on their “romantic” Paris sightseeing trip. There is a video of them walking with what appears to be a tour guide. He moves his hand to put it in his pocket and she assumed he was reaching for her hand, even after she tried his hand ended up in his pocket and not holding hers.

    And even when I tried to figure out what may be so appealing to him, I googled her and I found that at her last three red carpets she’s had or nearly had a wardrobe malfunction. She posed nude for PETA, but then puts a “behavior modification collar” on her dog. A photographer conveniently claimed nude photos of her were “stolen” , but stated he had the originals. She’s so contrived and fake, every one of these things are a desperate attempt to stay in magazine and have people talk about her. She says what she wants and when it backfires, she changes her “thoughts and feelings” on the subject. Not to mention, the way people have said that she has acted on set it sounds like she thinks she’s a bigger celebrity than she is, and these “look at me, look at me” tactics are her ways of staying relevant, when in fact she really isn’t. What she needs to realize is that talented actresses like Annette Bening and Julianne Moore don’t need to act this way to get the roles. Honestly, before all this, to me, she was that chick from Ghost Rider and Stuck on You who read her lines like she was reading a queue card. The “relationship” is the only reason for her to have landed any magazine covers recently. I mean really when is the last time she was on the cover of a magazine?

    My gut says she or someone who works for her is calling the paparazzi and the pics of her yelling at one was to keep up this charade a little longer, because God forbid anyone find out it’s a desperate attempt to stay relevant, when unfortunately she is not. Or he wanted to know where the money shot was he was promised and after being there as long as she has she hasn’t been able to deliver.

    Don’t forget he was there almost a month without any pictures except a few fan ones on Twitter.

  152. 152
    Paula Says:

    I totally agree with everything you’ve said. There’s something really off about these two. And it’s especially out of character for Ryan, who until now, never really allowed his personal life to be put on display.

  153. 153
    OMD Says:

    im starting to think they are legit when ryan left to thailand and he left his dog george with eva… i mean that’s legit gf behaviour

  154. 154
    Con RAD Says:

    If she called the paps they are sure not doing a good job in showing her in the best light. Hmmmm…………

  155. 155
    Seriously Says:

    @Paula: it really is out of character for Ryan, who, when you look at his face in these pictures, especially the ones of them in New York, still wants to keep it that way. For some reason, he is choosing to put up with it. After the pictures of them on New Years, I really thought he was on to her, after all, they didn’t look much like love birds to me, when he looked like he’d rather shield himself and get away from the photographers than have anything to do with her. And I refuse to believe any of these “witness” accounts as they are way too contrived.

    After that it seems she’s trying to be a lot more sneaky about it, I mean, seriously, they just happen to find him at a personal residence where he was working on a directorial project, (same company that so happen to “catch” them at the stop sign by the way. Note she was in the driver’s seat that day) but there she was with her arm around him making sure her face was visible. And I think that’s why the photographer that is getting the pics in Thailand is unhappy with her, she can’t get him the shot he wants without being busted.

    Which makes me think, there’s more to this “relationship” than we think. As in, maybe he’s doing as a favor for the director, which, judging by the majority of the comments in regards to these two together, is backfiring. I think it’s an obligation to be seen with each other, that one is very happy about (Eva) and the other is not (Ryan)

    As far as her taking George, the only thing I have to say about that is she took the first opportunity to take him out so people could see she had him, and if you ask me, he looked miserable with her as well. She obviously doesn’t know how to handle dogs, judging by her use of the behavior modification collar on her own dog.

    Every account I’ve have seen is that he’s really nice (and I read the one spoken of earlier in this thread and I call BS on it), and I’ve heard more that she is not which puts another check in the “he’s putting up with her antics as a favor to someone” category.

    And before any of you say it, I have tried to find reasons not to dislike her, and the more I read and the more I see, the more I dislike.

  156. 156
    Passingby Says:

    It’s possible that Eva Mendes is known more internationally than Ryan gosling? I doubt anyone on this board would consider it, but it’s most likely true. She has been a face for revlon & patene, to name a few all over the world. Her face is in international magazines & has been for sometime, not to mention some of the movies she was in have had bigger international appeal than his. It’s amazing how everyone is so critical on this board & how everyone thinks rachael mcadams is all that. I suppose folks haven’t been following her recently or her relationship with Michael sheen. I would say that Ryan has faired better & he still seems to guard the personal side.

  157. 157
    LOL Says:


    Give it up Eva. Nobody gives a crap about you anymore. You’ve always been a flop. Michael Sheen is one of the most talented, classy , and cool actors in this world. Eva is one of the worst, least talented actresses in the world and all these stories point to her being a scumbag. I’d say Rachel fared MUCH better than Ryan.

  158. 158
    Marie Says:

    wait, she uses a shock collar on her dog? That’s animal abuse! Wow, I didn’t like her before but she truly is a piece of sh!t. And you know what? So is Ryan too. He clearly sat back and watched her shock/abuse her dog and did nothing. You’re only good as the company you keep. I’ve lost a LOT of respect for him. He really always was a phony.

  159. 159
    Seriously Says:

    @Marie: for some reason I don’t think she used it in front of him, judging by the pics of him with her dog jumping on him, he may have no idea because I can’t imagine as much as he loves George he would stand for it. Again, she is very fake and is probably very good at hiding things from people, and she comes across as better at being a fake than being an actress

  160. 160
    lucy Says:

    @Passingby: I think you’re wrong about her international fame, I’am from Europe and I have never seen a film with eva mendes I hardly known her before she dates him. I only knew she was a kind of latin bimbo. He is a famous and very talented actor and everyone talks about him and that he’s going to be even bigger. I have only seen trailers of Eva mendes films and it’s really very bad ! The fact that she ‘s dating him puts her into the light and unfortunately shows even more that she is talentless compared with him ! If their relation is fake and if it was only to restart her “career”, it has failed, she has really a very bad image and rep, and if it is a serious relationship, it’s very sad for him because he begins to suffer from her bad image .

  161. 161
    Bonnie Says:

    As mentioned before, Ryan claims Eva’s the “female version of himself.”
    What the heck does that mean? Mind you, the magazine that printed that story (Life and Style) is not the most reliable source. Here’s my take on the situation. I think Eva had a crush on Ryan from before, she asked him out or “seduced” him while they filmed together. He blindly fell for it, and started dating her, while also agreeing to do all this PR stuff with her. Now he might be regretting it big time. Or, it might be legit and they aren’t doing any PR, and paps just keep finding them. But I think the first theory I have seems more plausible.

  162. 162
    Alex Says:

    Why did you decide that they have in common? There are no photos of them in Thailand as a couple. He does not look happy in love. I think they just friendship. They are both extraordinary personality, so they can be fun with each other. Anyway, Ryan is a choice, we do not advise him to be with anyone!

  163. 163
    Bonnie Says:

    If this is a PR set up, they will probably have to keep this going until their movie comes out in the fall. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of her.
    She’ll be around for a while. I bet she’s loving the attention and career boost it gives her.

  164. 164
    jane Says:

    @seriously> totally agree with everything you just said. In the past she posed for Peta and was claiming she’s vegeterian,but I’ve noticed she wears a lot of designers clothes and mostly expensive bags and shoes what don’t look like fake leather at all. She’s fake in all aspects and leaving his dog in her hands was possibly a huuge mistake!!!!she even uses his dog to ger attention,holy crap.

  165. 165
    jane Says:

    @lucy, really a good one!!!! haha:)

  166. 166
    lucy Says:

    @jane: I really agree with you ! poor george ! Have you noticed that Ryan’s dog has the same name of Eva’s ex ????lol

  167. 167
    passingby Says:

    According to box office mojo Ryan Goslings’s avg lifetime gross for the movies he has been in is $$26,685,000 with a total of $373,589,500 (Adjusted for Ticket Price Inflation) These numbers date back to 2000 and continue on to his latest movie to be released “The Idels of March”

    Eva Mendes avg lifetime gross for the movies she has been in is Average: $64,168,900 with a total of $1,026,702,300, her movies start at 98 and then jump to 2001.

    My point is that just because certain websites and critics adore an actor of actress it doesn’t always prepresent the popular opinion. Everyone on this board assumes that Gosling is the name & yet Mendes has been in movies who have clearly been watched by way more people (even if her roles were supporting) and at the same time she has also been in ads for Calvin Klein, Pantene, Revlon & VW.

    So the idea that he is trading down or she is trading up, simply doesn’t stand, each are popular in their own way, in their own niche and with their own fanbase. But if you base success simply by award nominations theny you are correct, but if you take economics and the idea of what the general public enjoys more than the critics than she is more succesful than he is. I bet she is also worth more money than he is as well.

  168. 168
    passingby Says:

    I stand corrected about one thing, Gosling’s networth is said to be above 36million, while she is said to be around 16million. Either way, neither of them is hurting and she doesn’t seem to need his money.

  169. 169
    Bonnie Says:

    But she needs his image and his popularity. She’s not the most talented actress and does mostly small parts. She’s eye candy. He’s the hottest actor in hollywood right now. He could get her the recognition and roles she wouldn’t be able to get on her own.

  170. 170
    ulla Says:

    Maybe they just love each other? But I really find that hard to believe, if Ryan’s as sweet and nice as everyone says. Especially also the fact that Eva has such an unpleasant attitude and is so narcissistic. Maybe Ryan is more like her? You never know. He could be a complete jerk for all I know.

  171. 171
    lucy Says:

    @passingby: we don’t really mind what they have in their bank account (great mentality !) .But if you want to go that way, I think that she has earn all this money making bad and worthless commercial films and the ads she has made only proove that she’s a superficial women. She has done that only for money and to be famous. She has absolutely no artistic ambition otherwise she would have done better films and worked more for independant cinema. Her only aim is to be famous. She has a longer “career” (big word ) than ryan , and she doesn’t have one good film !! She’s talentless !! bad actress, she’s only good for ads , red carpets and photos !! She’s superficial ! in her interview for Marie Claire she says she would like to have the same career as Julianne Moore and Annette Bening after their 40, but they are talented, and tell me why doesn’t any director have given her a good role ???? because she’s a bad actress !!! Ryan has made good films , he can be PROUD of his young career ! And everyone wants to work with him !! EVEN EVA MENDES ! He has had a lot of awards nominations . And she has got only one : a razzy award !!! And I think that people like to see interesting and intelligent films !!

  172. 172
    passingby Says:

    Not everyone comes to fame the same way and with the same ambition at first. Ryan Gosling was a member of the mickey mouse club along with Brittany Spears and Justin Timberlake, should we judge him because of that? Clearly his sights were set on being a big star at a very very young age or he wouldn’t have been part of that scene.

    As for Eva Mendes, if you take the time to read her articles and interviews and how she got in the business she clearly understands what got her to where she is. She took jobs for the paychecks and she never once denies that, she saw it as a means to have a better life for herself and for her family. She also understands that art is in the eyes of all those who see it and not always in the critics or the masses. A recent interview she did, she made it clear that she is making an effort to take different roles, roles that are more respected and have more substance. She was cast in a role with Ryan, who happens to be on a role himself. Are we to say he has zero value as an actor because he is working with her? Clearly the person who did the casting saw something in her that they liked. She still takes acting classes and works on her craft and I think she understands that she still has much to learn and at the same time she is setting a higher standard of goals for herself. Not everyone walks into the business and becomes a great actor or actress or understands what that means all at once. What’s worse, somebody like Reese Witherspoon winning an oscar and then after that taking roles that are bankable and not respectable? You think George Clooney got up one day and he was who he is, he was on er and many pilots for many years and he wasn’t all that great of an actor.

    It’s hard enough to get a role, not every serious role is offered to a curvy Cuban actress, sometimes you just need to get your foot in the door and go from there. Finances make a difference because they afford people creative freedoms that they don’t have when they start out.

    She is sexy and she didn’t shy away from that, but she also wasn’t out and about sleeping with every man she thought could better her career either. She had been living with a little known supposed director from peru for nearly 10yrs, hardly the action of a woman who needs a man to lift her career. I’m sure when she became known she had the chance to latch on to some handsome actor who was way higher on the gravy train than she was and she didn’t. It’s pretty odd to see people claiming she she is using the much younger Gosling to boost her career. Especially when he might be respected and recognized for his craft but he isn’t a box office big man. Also if anything this is more Gosling’s MO than hers.
    She doesn’t have a history of dating her co-stars and he does, he has also dated older women as well. He dated RM, SB and was rumored to have date Michelle Williams as well, all co-stars and now EM.

    How has he changed, I’m not seeing it, just that perhaps the media seems much more interested in the woman he has hooked up with, because she is more interesting to them.

  173. 173
    lucy Says:

    @passingby: don’t try to sell us Eva Mendes as a good actress, you don’t seem to know what it is. If you want to see a good latin actress, I suggest you to see Penelope Cruz in Pedro Almodovar films ! but maybe it’s not the kind of cinema you like to see !!

  174. 174
    jane Says:

    @lucy> yeah poor doggie:( exactly like you said Who the hell cares about their lifetime grosses??? it’s not about the money(of course they don’t work for free???),but about “charizma” and personality. He’s an amazing actor, hard working,easy going and charismatic!!!! can’t say the same about her. She keeps saying that all the time,last year was Kate Winslet’s roles she would kill for, nowadays Julianne Moore is on her radar.Pathetic!!!! she only can keep dreaming about those roles seriously,because she’s zero actress.

  175. 175
    Paula Says:

    Wow, somebody is really going to bat for Eva here. Maybe she earns more money, but it’s superficial, it’s not profound or important. Sure she’s beautiful, she’s had a long career selling beauty products, having small roles in films, doing sexy photo shoot, etc. But a serious respected actress, she is not. And she’s pushing 40, so the probability of her getting a career like Annette Benning is highly unlikely. Now that she has Ryan, she will hold on for dear life. As someone mentioned before, Ryan does not look like a man in love, so that’s why it’s so strange. Maybe he is. I don’t know. But something here is not right.

  176. 176
    inhumane Says:

    Eva Mendes is a superficial celebrity. She posed for PETA but openly admit to using a shock collar to her own dog in a magazine interview. Attention is what she wants. She is not getting it from her acting career but she is getting it from this romance of theirs. It’s a shame. Ryan Gosling seems like such a nice, dog-loving guy.

  177. 177
    lucy Says:

    @passingby: When an actor or actess is talented, success and good films come very fast , like for Kirsten dunst, michelle w, emma stone , audrey mara … and ryan who is only 30. It’s true that some actors come to success later like george clooney ( I don’t think he’s a great actor) but they aren’t a lot. And tell me the reason why she has never had a good role till now ? The fact that she has bilt all her “career” only with her latin “beauty” makes her look superficial . She thinks she looks sexy, I think she’s vulgar. And I have seen many interviews with her, she always uses words sex and sexy in everyone , even Rome is a “sexy ” town ?? Isn’t it pathetic ??

  178. 178
    marley Says:

    I’m sorry, but anyone who gives their dog electric shocks as a means to train them is an utter jerk. I don’t care what anyone says. That is abuse and it’s not ok. That is all.

  179. 179
    yolo Says:

    All I keep thinking of is the first article on this little trip, when they went out to dinner and how a person was quoted saying “she’s even more beautiful in person”.. really?? With that luggage on her face, I find that very hard to believe. Do you think they will make it to the Academy Awards together??

  180. 180
    Passingby Says:

    Kristen dunst has been 2 rehab & would hardly be considered living unto her potential as an actress & she also hooks up with co-stars. Audrey MARA is loaded & from the ny giants owner’s Mara family. She doesn’t & never has had to worry about money & her family connections get her in the door. As for Michelle Williams (super talented), but much of her career direction has been helped by the fact that she married hot Heath ledger, bore his child, split from him & hiis tragic death. Again, all these stars are not just about the craft, many endorse products, especially award winning ones. Michelle Williams has been a face for polAroid & pixieforever to name a few.

    Makes zero sense tha Eva mendes is being painted as the user. Girl isn’t known for hooking up with co-stars, while gosling is.

    What is worse, a model crossing over to become an actress and slowly making your way upbthe talent ladder OR a talented actress turning model. I see no difference between Nicole Kidman, Haley berry, Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon, Hillary swank, brad Pitt, George clooney, Tom hanks, Clint Eastwood and so many others who have been paid by companies to be the face of their ad campaigns.

  181. 181
    jane Says:

    @passingby> sorry hun, but you have a wrong info about Michelle Williams. She was never married to Heather Leather. They’ve been partners for a few years but never married.

  182. 182
    ohcomeon Says:

    Funny how there were no paparazzi photos of Ryan when we has in thailand alone. Now when Eva shows up, guess who also pops up, that’s right, the paps! It’s not a coincidence. Don’t even bother trying to convince me it is.

  183. 183
    lucy Says:

    @Passingby: Kristen dunst won cannes 2011 best actress, carey mulligan one nomination oscars and bafta, michelle williams 2 nominations oscars and won golden globes , emma stone named bafta and golden globes, rachel mc adams named bafta, rooney mara named oscars and the very talented eva mendes got only one nomination and price : A RAZZIE AWARD in 2009 !! I ‘m absolutly not interested in her private life and in how many mans she’s lived with, you can see it in all my comments. And she’s not the only actress who came to Hollywood without money, michelle williams has left her familly when she was 15 years old ! and I have never seen naked pics of her ! the point is what an actress is willing to do to earn money and which way she wants to take . Eva Mendes has done only bad blockbusters . Do you think she can be proud of her “career” ??? why is she always dying to have julianne moore, annette bening and kate winslet’s roles and career ??? I’m not going to cry on eva’s poor life to become famous in hollywood ! One thing is sure she’s not talented !! And the fact that ryan has dated a lot of his partners, I’m not sure of that but if it is the case, he will not stay for long with eva !

  184. 184
    wow Says:

    @Passingby: Oh wow did you really compare Eva Mendes to the likes Michelle Williams, Kristen Dunst, Nicole Kidman, Haley Berry, Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon, Hillary Swank, Brad Pitt, George clooney, Tom Hanks, Clint Eastwood!? Even Rooney Mara had shown more acting talent in two movies she was in than Eva Mendes had in her whole career. Eva got to where she is today by her sex appeal and how far she’s willing to go with it.

  185. 185
    lilly Says:

    Eva is a bland, C-List bimbo actress. I don’t care how many beauty ads she’s done or how much perfume she’s sold. She is not highly respected in the acting world. She’s probably milking this relationship with Ryan for as much as she can. The sad thing is, I don’t even think Ryan’s aware of how much she’s trying to get from him.

  186. 186
    Melle Says:

    Didn’t she boast a few years ago that she had sex in 50 different states.
    Now that’s a thing to be really proud of as a respected actress …..LOL.
    I wonder when they start doing skits on her at SNL.

  187. 187
    spoton Says:

    @Seriously: I think you are pretty much spot on! I just watched that Paris video. She looked so vulnerable and fake compared to any other video and interviews she has given. She is trying to play the gf role to the paps’ camera.

  188. 188
    beard Says:

    He could have at least find a beard who looks less like a man…

  189. 189
    lilly Says:

    The trashy always comes out one way or another. One day her trashiness will come out and he will see it. He will learn.

  190. 190
    Passingby Says:

    Such hate & assumptions for somebody no one on this board knows, just because she is dating Ryan gosling & is not rachael mcadams! Ryan & rachael split 5 yes ago, it’s time to move on .

  191. 191
    lucy Says:

    @Passingby: you’re absolutly wrong, as I have already said I’m not a MC Gosling addict, I haven’t seen the notebook, and I don’t mind about their relationship 5 years ago and I ‘m sure there’s here a lot of people who think like me. The truth is that most of people here think she has absolutly no talent as an actress. That’s the cruel truth ! But let’s be positive and a little objective. She has earn a lot of money and has built a “career” because she must be a good business women. She could not count on her talent so she ‘s counted on her latin sex appeal to make money . But now that she ‘s getting older it’s becoming harder, she’s almost 38 years old and she has to move on this image and it’s gonna be hard for her, so maybe she has asked ryan to help her to get the role in the place beyond the pines. I really hope she did a good job because a film with the name of Eva Mendes is not synonym of good quality (it’s cruel but so true !). I have just been reading the paper in The Sun, it seems like she and her crew have noticed she has a bad image because this article shows her as a “saint”. That’s funny because she didn’t forget to say her favorite word “sexy” it’s so pathetic !

  192. 192
    al Says:

    the comments are more interesting than the article. XD

    @ Passingby no one is really talking about gosling and mcadams. The majority are discussing about the amount of critical success other actresses have with the comparison to Mendes’ :)

    But I do agree. Mendes has used her looks in the industry. Not saying its a bad thing but she has played the girlfriend kind of roles. She has kind of type casted.

  193. 193
    Bibi Says:

    @Passingby: We do know her because she keeps yapping on about herself and how sexy she is in any given interviews. The word humbleness is not in her vocabulary.

    She is being type casted because she chose to. There are plenty of actresses who regularly challenge themselves despite being labeled sexy. Look at Penelope Cruz. Ryan could have done the same after the Notebook, but he didn’t. It is just so odd to have a couple in the opposite spectrum of a serious actor and an attention seeking celebrity.

  194. 194
    Seriously Says:

    Honestly, I have a feeling her people are reading through comments like these-possibly at her request- to see what her next move is or what quote she needs to change and pretend she didn’t say. Or more “insider” or “friends” will come out of the woodwork. Or “witnesses” will tell magazines or tweet something to attempt to make us all wrong.

  195. 195
    whocares Says:

    She is C-list ghetto trash. Good job Ryan *rolls eyes*
    Maybe nobody classier will go out with him? He is said to be quite the weirdo anyways.

  196. 196
    nina Says:


    Her PR team is definitely reading our comments

    “My mom also taught me to be polite. I remember it every time I go on a film set and see someone behaving badly or being rude. Too many actors are spoiled. It would have helped them if they had been brought up by my mother! ” LOL. Who Do They Think They’re Fooling ?

  197. 197
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