Taylor Momsen: Pretty Reckless' 'You' Video Debut!

Taylor Momsen: Pretty Reckless' 'You' Video Debut!

Taylor Momsen gets melancholy in the video for The Pretty Reckless‘ newest song, “You”!

The 18-year-old singer, who plays acoustic guitar in the video, stepped out in a lacy number for the Marchesa presentation during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on Wednesday!

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Taylor and The Pretty Reckless recently announced that they will hit the road next month for a six week tour! “[B]een rehearsing new songs for tour,” Taylor teased on Twitter earlier in the week.

The Pretty Reckless – ‘You’
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34 Responses to “Taylor Momsen: Pretty Reckless' 'You' Video Debut!”

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  1. 26
    Ohplease193 Says:


    We’re not “conservative” in America. People hate her not just because she dresses like gutter trash, but because she’s a poser. Maybe in Europe you believe and follow every manufactured gimmick that come down the road, but we don’t.

    Everyone here see’s through her fake “shock rocker” image. Everyone here knows this girl is a model/child actress who is now trying to be something she isn’t because her record label tells her to. Yet every 4 seconds this girl keeps going on and on about how real she is.

    The fact is, she is a joke. She isn’t a real musician. She isn’t some girl who joined a rock band and played gigs trying to make a name for herself until she got signed. She is a spoiled rich model/ actress who got a record deal handed to her because she was on Gossip Girl. Maybe in the UK that is “cool”, but in America we only respect REAL rockers and not posers with a gimmick,

  2. 27
    Ohplease193 Says:

    ^^Keep in mind, I know people here and in Europe make gimmicks like layd gaga and katy perry popular. But the difference is, they’re pop acts and they know it. They embrace it. It’s just pop music.

    ROCK music is supposed to be about authenticity, no gimmicks, just rawness and realness. Taylor has none of those things. Plus her music is anything but real rock music.

  3. 28
    cindy Says:

    Her looks reminds of Christina Aguilera Dirrty era in 2002.

  4. 29
    MeganP Says:

    She definitely needs to stick to the fast stuff she normally produces. She needs to stay away from soft music, this is too melancholy, flat and just plain boring! The best thing about the song was the music…

  5. 30
    MeganP Says:


    Beautifully stated! She is as fake as fake gets! She used to say, “Oh I was never understood as a child, I was a loner that just listened to Abbey Road, I never had any friends, yadda, yadda, yadda!” Dude, watch ANY of her old interviews, read what she used to tell people while she was on Gossip Girl. She NEVER acted like that! She’s just saying all that **** so people with think she’s cool and awesome and will want people to be like her. If people like her and actually want to be like her, they’re just as diluted and she is…

  6. 31
    haha Says:


    COMPLETELY agree!

    Or better yet, go on her website and click “personal photos”. In it you’ll find DOZENS of photos of Taylor throughout her life, at parties with huge groups of people, hanging out with tons of friends, and boyfriends. Yet she claim she was a “loner”….really? Then why are there 1000′s of photos of you all through your life where you were hanging out with tons of friends? She was bubbly and friendly and the typical “bubbly blonde” before she became a poser.

    She’s a liar. She says that crap to make herself seem dark, cool and deep. Yeah, I’m so sure a tall, thin, blonde MODEL was such a dark outcast “loner” in school. Such a crock.

  7. 32
    Anya Says:

    so much envy, sorry 4 u guys.
    “go to her page”
    “watch her old interviews”
    I think you are paying wayyy too much attention to someone who is a poser detectives.
    She cant play the guitar LOL, but she cannn sing and she got stuff very easy ….wow burn the witch!!!!!!!!!!
    i’d rather listen to her than gaga or justin bieber.
    and by the way her fans around the world are not just 12.
    and she’s no longer jenny! so many wounds in this comments.
    ohhh and i Love Xtina but this has nothing to do with the video beautiful

  8. 33
    NO Says:

    ^^Yes her fans are 12. Look at all of the people who tweet about taylor, look at all of the people on her fan site, look at all peoples youtube profiles who comment and upload her videos. 99% of her fans, are pre teen and teen girls. The internet is living proof of this. Every single time I click on a youtubers page who defends taylor, they are young girls.

    Her fanbase are the girls who have followed her from gossip girl. You cannot even deny that. Not to mention, I have seen her live on 2 occasions (not because of her, she went on warped tour with 200 other people) and EVERY PERSON who screamed for her when she came on were 15 year old girls.They were dressed in heavy racoon makeup and wearing ****** clothes like her.

    Taylor may try to be hardcore, but in all reality the FACT is, her audience’s age group is 13-18. Of course, every so often once in a while someone out of that range will be the exception. But this is the case 99% of the time.

  9. 34
    Nora xo Says:


    she knos how to rock, she has an awesome voice and her lyrics are original and “hauntingly beautiful” ,, as for her age, acting career, raccoon eyes, fake personality .. etc. we simply don’t care ’bout that :) cz it’s her music wt we r interested in ..
    a Taylor Momsen’s not 13 years old fan <3<3

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